13 Environmental Volunteer Opportunities in Denver

You already know that Denver is a rather unique place. If you want to help us keep it that way while you’re wandering around it, we don’t mind informing you that you’re a really remarkable person.

You already know that when you’re out and about in the state, you can contribute to preserving these locations for future generations by staying on roads and trails, limiting your speed, leaving campgrounds and picnic areas in the same condition as when you found them, and paying attention to warning signs.

But if you want to go a little further, there are a number of methods you may take advantage of to help revive our old friend, Earth: You not only have a positive time while on vacation, but you also get to view some of Denver’s most breathtaking surroundings. You could sign up to volunteer.

Environmental Volunteer Opportunities in Denver

  • Groundwork Denver
  • Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado
  • Citizens’ Climate Lobby
  • Environmental Education
  • Environmental Learning for Kids (ELK)
  • Bluff Lake Nature Center
  • Colorado Natural Heritage Program (CNHP)
  • The Park People
  • Wildlands Restoration Volunteers
  • Colorado Fourteeners Initiative
  • Colorado Trail Foundation
  • Continental Divide Trail Coalition
  • Wildland’s Restoration Volunteers | Volunteer Opportunities

1. Groundwork Denver

A non-governmental group called Groundwork Denver collaborates with a number of beautiful communities in the Denver metro region to enhance the physical environment and advance health and wellbeing.

They work to enhance parks, clean the air and waterways, and grow trees. Additionally, they work with volunteers and local youngsters to insulate homes, promote biking, and cultivate food.

Through a Green Team youth employment and leadership program, they assist in the growth and development of local leaders. To accomplish the shared objective of positive environmental change, they create bridges between citizens, corporations, and the government.

Their work argues for equal access to a clean and healthy environment for everyone and encourages the participation of our communities’ varied populations in decision-making and action.

You would have a wonderful opportunity to network and contribute to the health and happiness of our local community by volunteering with our team.

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2. Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado

Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado assists in inspiring and empowering individuals to take an active role in protecting Colorado’s natural resources.

Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) have been inspiring and empowering individuals to take an active role in protecting Colorado’s natural resources since 1984.

For outdoor stewardship programs, VOC collaborates with conservation and land agencies and depends on hundreds of volunteers each year.

The following list contains ways for you to get involved with Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado.

  • Volunteer
  • Training
  • Partner resources
  • VOC membership

Nevertheless, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado offers both individual and corporate volunteer opportunities.

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3. Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a nonprofit, apolitical, grassroots advocacy group that gives individuals the tools to use their power, both personally and politically. One of hundreds of chapters trying to build political will for a livable planet, the Denver chapter is just one of them.

They strive to empower locals in the Denver metro region to actively lobby for sensible climate legislation like the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.

Additionally, they emphasize advocacy for:

  • Local laws that support the environment;
  • Development of our local chapter through volunteer and social activities;
  • Increasing individual education through a media club that includes discussions of books, documentaries, and articles about climate change.
  • Involving local businesses and community leaders in the support of carbon pricing legislation.

Getting involved with this volunteer opportunity:

  • Make sure to sign up for CCL and join.
  • Please fill out this CCL Denver New Member Survey so that they can learn more about you and your interests.
  • Join them on Zoom every third Monday at 6:30 p.m. for a general chapter meeting. As long as you have joined CCL and are associated with the chapter, meeting information will be delivered to your mailbox prior to the meeting.

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4. Environmental Education

Through volunteering with Environmental Education, you may play a vital role in the EE Community.

The motivation for CAEE’s efforts to develop an ecologically aware Colorado comes from its members and volunteers. All of CAEE’s initiatives are designed and carried out by volunteers.

They can maximize their efforts in establishing and maintaining a relationship with our members, the community, and Colorado as a whole by cooperating. There are several ways to get engaged and support the development of EE in Colorado.

To advance environmental education in Colorado and to expand your professional network and learning opportunities, you can join one of the several committees run by CAEE.

You can use your abilities to assess resources and Certification Portfolios, collaborate with decision-makers and leaders, or help plan events like the Advancing Environmental Education Conference and the Awards for Excellence in EE Celebration.

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5. Environmental Learning for Kids (ELK)

The organization Environmental Learning for Kids (ELK) offers certain volunteer opportunities that the general public can take advantage of in order to become change agents.

The following are some volunteer options that are accessible if you desire:

Community Stewardship and Cleanup Projects

Participate in a service project with ELK staff, the Board, and young people at a nearby park, pond, or along the South Platte. The opportunity to improve parks, neighborhoods, and communities that require it the most will be available to employees and their families.

Lunch ‘n Learn

Invite your team to lunch and a brief ELK presentation. We would like the chance to spread the word about your employee-giving initiatives and/or find volunteers who enjoy the great outdoors, wish to help young people, or just want to spend time outside.

Fishing Clinics

A great way to get your employees outside and involved with our youngsters is to send them to an ELK staff and youth fishing workshop. These clinics are run by ELK youngsters who instruct the neighborhood about fishing, aquatic ecology, and fish anatomy.

Facility Tours

ELK is constantly exploring new ways to help young people achieve their academic and professional career goals. Your company can collaborate with ELK by giving a tour of your facility and assisting us in enlightening young people about the variety of alternatives available to them.

Educational Presentations

Give your staff members the chance to speak with ELK youngsters at Leadership meetings about their educational and professional experiences.

Students at ELK started a Friday night leadership meeting that gives them a chance to connect with other students, hone their leadership abilities, learn about diversity, and plan how they would contribute positively to their community.

Guest speakers may address their job path, current events, college preparedness, or even their own goals and worries on a monthly basis.

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6. Bluff Lake Nature Center

In order to fulfill its objective of maintaining a natural space in the city, advancing fairness in outdoor access, and promoting the health and well-being of communities and ecosystems, Bluff Lake depends heavily on volunteers.

Without volunteers, they cannot conserve this priceless natural jewel in the center of the city while serving the large and diverse population.

Volunteer Areas

  • Community Engagement
  • Board Service
  • Court Ordered Community Service
  • Youth Volunteers
  • Corporate and Community Groups
  • Land Stewardship
  • Nature Education
  • Special Events

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7. Colorado Natural Heritage Program (CNHP)

The Colorado Natural Heritage Program offers volunteer and internship opportunities that are very competitive. These jobs are open all year long, and the time requirements range from a few weeks to several semesters.

Volunteers and interns collaborate with senior employees and offer vital assistance in the office and out in the field. They work hard to give volunteers/interns a worthwhile, practical learning experience.

Candidates with backgrounds in ecology, botany, zoology, web design, conservation data services, data administration, or environmental communication are especially welcome.

There are both paid and unpaid internships available, in addition to Colorado State University academic credits.

They provide several volunteer opportunities, such as:

Data Entry/Filing (ongoing)

There is a lot of data entry and database updating that needs to be done as the teams in the field start to return to the office. Similarly, there are a few simple office duties that you as a volunteer might assist with, such as filing and organizing.

Volunteer Application (Word Doc)

Field Biology Support

Field Season (May-August)

Every summer, CNHP travels around Colorado, and we offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities to assist us with certain projects.

When completing our volunteer application, please describe your interest, availability, and any prior fieldwork experience you may have. On expeditions lasting anywhere from a single day to over a week, we look for assistance, some in relatively accessible areas and others in the bush.

Volunteer Application (Word Doc)

You must download, complete, and email the Volunteer Application (Word Doc) to the Colorado Natural Heritage Program (CNHP) if you’re interested in volunteering there.

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8. The Park People

For a healthy, resilient future, this group works with communities to restore parks and plant trees. There are many ways to get involved. Additionally, planting trees is a good exercise.

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9. Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

They offer chances for people to join together, learn about their natural environment, and take immediate action to restore and care for the land. They are currently concentrating on repairing areas devastated by the fires.

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10. Colorado Fourteeners Initiative

58 mountains in Colorado have peaks that rise at least 14,000 feet above sea level.

For decades, adventurers have pushed themselves to conquer these titans, and the large volume of foot traffic on the high-altitude trails can be detrimental to the ecosystems.

The Colorado Fourteeners Initiative offers a variety of volunteer vacation opportunities, from collecting wildflower seeds to building trails over three days.

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11. Colorado Trail Foundation

From Denver to Durango, the Colorado Trail covers a distance of 500 miles. Hikers who desire to cover the bulk of the state on foot might choose this route, which crosses mountains, skirts lakes, and travels through several Colorado towns.

Volunteers from the Colorado Trail Foundation are always working to maintain its varied terrain. Visitors to Colorado are encouraged to join the weeklong trips that the foundation’s volunteer workers conduct to make improvements to the route.

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12. Continental Divide Trail Coalition

The Continental Divide Trail pursues the claim made by the United States to the Continental Divide from Montana to New Mexico. This long path consists of more than 3,000 miles of hiking routes.

Like the other trail stewardship initiatives, no prior expertise is necessary to participate. The projects range from building incomplete parts to restoring damaged sections and scouting missing trail connectors.

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13. Wildland’s Restoration Volunteers | Volunteer Opportunities

For the 2024 season, Wildlands Restoration Volunteers is looking for volunteers who are enthusiastic about WRV’s objective to repair the land and foster community. Have a good time repairing Colorado’s natural areas!

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We find ourselves racing against time as we try to redeem our world from the impending destruction we have caused through climate change and global warming. But, through volunteering, we can be able to make a significant change to our environment.


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