35 Best Colorado Environmental Nonprofits

Environmental organizations are becoming a backbone in our pursuit of sustainability. But for us to secure our future, all hands have to be on deck.

In Colorado, some environmental organizations have dedicated both time and resources to achieving this feat. In this article, we are going to discuss some of these organizations.

Best Colorado Environmental Nonprofits

  • Water for People
  • Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association
  • Denver Metro Clean Cities Coalition
  • Groundwork Denver
  • Big City Mountaineers
  • Conservation Colorado 
  • The Golden Civic Foundation
  • Colorado Open Lands
  • Volunteers For Outdoor Colorado
  • The Conservation Alliance 
  • Earthjustice
  • Natural Resources Defense Council
  • One Percent For the Planet
  • American Forests
  • Conservation International
  • One Tree Planted
  • WeForest
  • Rainforest Alliance
  • Jane Goodall Institute
  • National Audubon Society
  • Nature Conservancy
  • Sierra Club
  • Wildlife Conservation Society
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • 5 Gyres Institute
  • Blue Sphere Foundation
  • Lonely Whale Foundation
  • Oceana
  • SeaLegacy
  • 350.org
  • Cool Effect
  • Earth Guardians
  • Greenpeace
  • Project Drawdown

1. Water for People

A world where every person has access to dependable and clean water, sanitation, and hygiene services is the goal of the international non-profit organization Water For People, which has its headquarters in Denver.

Water For People encourages the creation of superior drinking water and sanitation services that are available to everyone and supported by robust local, state, and federal governments.

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2. Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association

Since its founding as the Rocky Mountain Sewage Works Association in 1936, RMWEA has given its members access to the most recent information on problems with water quality, technology, legislative changes, and new research findings.

The Water Environment Federation (WEF), a global association with approximately 40,000 members, includes RMWEA as a Member Association.

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3. Denver Metro Clean Cities Coalition

One of the oldest, busiest, and largest coalitions in the nation is the Denver Metro Clean Cities Coalition (DMCCC). It was established in 1993, making it the second-oldest coalition in the country.

The American Lung Association in Colorado serves as the home of the Denver Metro Coalition. The solutions backed by Clean Cities all result in cleaner air and improve lung health.

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4. Groundwork Denver

We collaborate with locals in lower-income Denver neighborhoods to enhance the physical environment.

  • Building Sustainable Communities, which includes employment training and the development of environmental leadership, is one of our three core program areas.
  • Brownfields and land redevelopment, which includes repurposing vacant land to create new parks, trails, and other public facilities.

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5. Big City Mountaineers

Big City Mountaineers offers adolescents with limited resources the chance to have life-changing outdoor experiences.

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6. Conservation Colorado 

The next phase in preserving Colorado’s environment is represented by Conservation Colorado. We will continue to fight to safeguard Colorado’s air, land, water, and citizens with your help.

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7. The Golden Civic Foundation

It would be challenging to identify a family in Golden that has not been benefited in some way by the humanitarian activity of the Golden Civic Foundation. Since the GCF first got involved in community life in 1970, it has helped more than two generations of Golden residents.

The Foundation has committed more than $500,000 to the downtown streetscape, public art that adorns city streets and pedestrian routes, sponsorship of community events, and support for downtown redevelopment projects.

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8. Colorado Open Lands

To safeguard Colorado’s water and land resources, the 501(c)3 nonprofit organization Colorado Open Lands was founded. Our main focus is working with private landowners to voluntarily establish conservation easements on their properties.

Their farm remains a farm, and their ranch is a ranch. The procedure is led by the landowner’s desire to permanently safeguard open space, water, and wildlife habitat.

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9. Volunteers For Outdoor Colorado

Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) have been inspiring and empowering individuals to take an active role in protecting Colorado’s natural resources since 1984.

They work with land agencies, nonprofits, and neighborhood organizations to recruit thousands of volunteers each year to help with recreation and habitat enhancement projects.

These volunteer projects take place all around Colorado, and over the years, they have expanded outside their projects and their borders to support others in starting and improving their volunteer stewardship programs and motivate us all to discover our position in protecting the environment.

Their goal is to create a Colorado where everyone enjoys and cares for the outdoors.

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10. The Conservation Alliance 

The purpose of the Conservation Alliance is to encourage corporations to support and collaborate with organizations that maintain natural areas for their habitat and recreational value.

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11. Earthjustice

Because “the earth needs a good lawyer,” Earthjustice is the largest environmental law organization in the United States. Since their establishment in the 1960s, Earthjustice lawyers have backed numerous significant victories for the environment, such as the Endangered Species Act and the Clean Air Act.

For the sake of people and a healthy world, the group collaborates with activists, national lawmakers, international officials, and individuals to defend and strengthen legislation.

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12. Natural Resources Defense Council

A nonprofit organization called the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) works to protect the environment and all of its inhabitants, including its plants, animals, and “the natural systems on which all life depends. ” It was established in the 1970s by a group of lawyers and law students.

Today, it operates as a membership-based organization that works with other professionals to determine the causes of issues and develop workable solutions. It works on a global scale to guarantee that everyone has the right to clean air, clean water, and wholesome natural areas.

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13. One Percent For the Planet

A global network of companies, charities, and people working together for a healthy planet is known as One Percent For the Planet. The organization was founded on the principle that change may be sparked by bringing “dollars and doers” together, according to founder Yvon Chouinard (also the founder of Patagonia).

The association makes sure that the money goes to reputable NGOs involved in reforestation, ocean cleanups, wildlife and natural protection, and other environmental initiatives. Member brands pledge one percent of their profits towards environmental action.

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14. American Forests

A nationwide conservation group called American Forests works to promote the preservation of forests in both the United States and Canada.

It collaborates with businesses and governments to enhance forest policy, promote and grow urban forests, and restore native forests. Over 50 million trees have been successfully planted by American Forests in over 140 years of forest restoration initiatives across North America.

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15. Conservation International

A worldwide nonprofit organization called Conservation International (CI) is devoted to safeguarding the most essential things that nature provides for us, including food, fresh water, our livelihoods, and a stable climate.

It collaborates with governments, business executives, and residents to find effective solutions to challenges caused by climate change.

Over 601 hectares of land, water, and coastal habitats, including parts of the Amazon and Indonesian rainforests, have been successfully conserved by CI throughout its 30 years of existence.

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16. One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted is a Vermont-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a straightforward rule: one cash = one tree.

One Tree Planted, an organization founded in 2014 to make it simple for people to protect the environment, collaborates with reforestation groups all over the world to sponsor the planting of trees that contribute to climate stability, biodiversity habitat, and sustainable employment.

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17. WeForest

WeForest is an NGO that was established as a straightforward response to global warming. The organization seeks to develop scalable, high-quality, and sustainable forestry efforts.

It has established business and academic alliances to support tree-planting projects all over the world because it thinks that healthy forests are the most effective technology for absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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18. Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that forges partnerships to improve the futures of people and the environment.

To promote good social, environmental, and economic change throughout forest landscapes, they collaborate with activists, businesses, small farmers, and forest communities and offer a certification scheme for brands selling items that are friendly to the rainforest.

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19. Jane Goodall Institute

The renowned scientist established the nonprofit Jane Goodall Institute to further her goal of protecting chimpanzees from habitat degradation and trafficking. The activity of the institute is now more broadly focused on wildlife conservation in nature.

The Jane Goodall Institute collaborates with the international community to inform and motivate people to act as a group. It also works with local populations that live near natural areas to enhance their quality of life through conservation activities.

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21. National Audubon Society

The National Audubon Society is an American nonprofit conservation group that works to safeguard birds and the natural environments that are essential for their survival.

The Audubon Society, which was first established in the 1890s as a response to the killing of waterbirds for fine hats, now has more than 500 national chapters. The group engages with scientists, policymakers, educators, and neighborhood activists to develop its conservation initiatives as it attempts to identify critical bird habitats.

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22. Nature Conservancy

A nonprofit organization called The Nature Conservancy works to save the lands and waters that are essential to all life.

The organization, which was established in 1951, works with researchers, decision-makers, farmers, communities, and others to address climate change in a variety of ways. Their top aims are promoting regenerative farming, greening urban areas, and protecting clean waterways.

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23. Sierra Club

A grassroots environmental group with American roots called Sierra Club is committed to preserving, exploring, and enjoying the planet for all.

With over 3.5 million members, the organization was founded by the eminent environmentalist John Miur and now actively promotes the rights of everyone to visit national parks as well as clean air, water, and wildlife conservation.

The Sierra Club also supports the organization. Notably, the organization contributed to the protection of more than 400 national monuments and the enactment of the Clean Air Act and Endangered Species Act in the United States.

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24. Wildlife Conservation Society

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization devoted to protecting wild animals and ecosystems throughout the world. The group was initially established in New York as the New York Zoological Society to advance zoology and animal protection.

Since then, it has changed its name and mission statement, but it has kept its original goal of promoting healthy natural environments and communities that love animals.

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25. World Wildlife Fund

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is a nonprofit organization devoted to protecting the environment and lowering risks to the variety of life on Earth.

Although it is best known for its work with endangered species, WWF has broadened the scope of its work to include both individual creatures and landscapes as well as the more general problems that affect them.

The group collaborates with corporations, governments, and local organizations to put policies and practices in place that will benefit animals, the environment, and the climate.

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26. 5 Gyres Institute

A nonprofit organization called 5 Gyres Institute is committed to strengthening both individual and group efforts to combat the worldwide plastic pollution challenge.

In addition to its practical work in the oceans and on beaches, the 5 Gyres Institute is a founding member of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, where it collaborates with leading organizations and thinkers to find long-term solutions to the many issues brought on by plastic pollution.

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27. Blue Sphere Foundation

A nonprofit organization called Blue Sphere Foundation uses action, advocacy, and the arts to protect the oceans around the world.

The group, which was founded by a global team of specialists and activists, searches out the front lines of ocean conservation where they can gather data to turn into narratives and visual assets they can utilize to motivate action.

Currently, it focuses on investing, exposing the overfishing of tuna worldwide, and safeguarding variety in West Papua.

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28. Lonely Whale Foundation

The charity Lonely Whale Foundation was established by SEE (Social & Environmental Entrepreneurs), and it acts as an incubator for concepts that promote improvement for our oceans. The foundation is motivated by the strength of the community and uses radical collaboration and collective action to help ocean conservation.

The Lonely Whale Foundation engages in communities to better educate the next generation, develops environmental business models with enterprises and entrepreneurs, and spearheads international movements like the #StopSucking campaign to combat plastic pollution of our oceans.

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29. Oceana

Oceana is a global organization dedicated to preserving and rehabilitating the oceans. Oceana was established in 1999 by a group of renowned charitable foundations, and it has been effective in preserving more than 4.5 million square miles of ocean.

The nonprofit’s main goal is to collaborate with national and international policymakers to develop regulations for the preservation of marine biodiversity. Its focus areas include sustainable fishing methods, science-based fishery management, and the safe disposal of hazardous waste.

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30. SeaLegacy

Photographers, filmmakers, and storytellers who make up the SeaLegacy Collective are dedicated to preserving the world’s oceans for future generations.

The company, which was founded by National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen and pioneering conservation photographer Cristina Mittermeier, takes visual storytellers on underwater excursions and harnesses the influence of images to effect change.

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31. 350.org

A world that is just, affluent, and equitable can be created with the help of regular people, according to 350, a 501(3)(c) nonprofit organization.

Having members in more than 180 countries, including activists, students, entrepreneurs, members of labor unions, teachers, and more, To oppose new coal, oil, and gas projects, encourage sustainable energy options, and drain funds from the pockets of corporations that are contributing to global warming.

350.org uses social media campaigns, grassroots organizations, and collective public action. Its main goals are to hold governments responsible for reducing their emissions, assist in creating a fairer zero-carbon economy, and keep carbon in the ground.

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32. Cool Effect

The 501(3)(c) charity organization Cool Effect has a straightforward goal: to lower carbon emissions. It creates communities that are invested in lowering carbon emissions by fusing science, knowledge, and transparency.

For instance, its first project was aimed at assisting communities in switching to clean-burning cookstoves. By funding diverse carbon-reduction initiatives, Cool Effect strives to protect natural ecosystems, put in place renewable energy initiatives, and enhance the lives of rural communities.

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33. Earth Guardians

A nonprofit organization called Earth Guardians gives young people the tools they need to solve the most urgent environmental problems facing the planet.

The group, which is currently run by hip-hop musician and indigenous youth activist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, 18, focuses on putting effective, doable solutions to climate change into action.

The organization, which is based in Colorado, has mobilized neighborhood kids to call for banning plastic bags, stopping the spraying of pesticides in public spaces, and opposing fracking there.

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34. Greenpeace

A green, peaceful, environmentally diversified, and healthy planet is the goal of the global organization Greenpeace.

The nonprofit organization, which was established in the 1970s and is currently present in more than 40 countries, depends on its membership of activists, students, educators, scientists, and environmentalists to research problems and solutions, lobby governments, and act for the climate.

Greenpeace is well known for its Detox anti-consumption movement as well as for its fleet of boats that are used to physically block oil tankers from departing ports.

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35. Project Drawdown

An international coalition of academics, researchers, businesspeople, and activists known as Project Drawdown is working to develop a detailed strategy to stop global warming.

The analysis’s findings indicate that we already have the means to combat climate change. As a result, the organization now concentrates on educating people all around the world and supporting initiatives that use the efficient tools found through its research.

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The number of environmental nonprofits listed in this article might look large, but there are more. This shows the ways people are willing to make up for the losses Earth has gone through over the years.

Don’t be left out you can join any of the environmental nonprofits in Colorado listed here or you can create yours. The main aim is to bring justice to Earth’s problems to the best of our capability.


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