19 Best Environmental Charities in Australia

Nonprofit organizations dedicated to protecting the planet’s natural systems are known as environmental charities. The fact that humans are but one species among many that coexist in a diverse ecosystem is acknowledged by these environmental charities.

However, human behavior has a disproportionately detrimental effect on the health of the environment because it destroys natural ecosystems, causes pollution to spread, and releases greenhouse gases. Environmental NGOs aim to stop this trend by promoting sustainable and renewable ways to protect Planet Earth.

Environmental charities come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes worldwide. Despite the fact that these organizations belong to a number of groups that are often grouped together, including charities that work to combat pollution, climate change, clean energy, and other related problems.

Numerous non-profit environmental organizations are significantly advancing the fight against climate change through research, legislation, community collaborations, advocacy, education, and environmental management.

Australian environmental nonprofits continue to play a role in this. Numerous of them have significantly aided in finding long-term solutions to a number of environmental issues, notably those that concern their native Australia. They have also made substantial efforts to solve the climate catastrophe.

19 Best Environmental Charities in Australia

Below is a list of the top environmental charities in Australia:

  • World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF)
  • Climate Action Network Australia
  • Climate Council Australia
  • Beyond Zero Emissions
  • Australian Youth Climate Coalition
  • Australian Conservation Foundation
  • Cool Australia
  • Lock the Gate
  • Tomorrow Movement
  • Animal Australia
  • Australian Koala Foundation
  • Waste Management Association of Australia
  • Farmers for Climate Action
  • One Tree Planted
  • Bush Heritage Australia
  • Australian Marine Conservation Society
  • The Wilderness Society
  • Planet Ark Environmental Foundation
  • Australian Wildlife Conservancy

1. World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF)

The goal of WWF Australia is to “halt the deterioration of the planet’s natural environment and to create a future in which people coexist peacefully with nature.”

The organization works in a number of areas, such as the preservation of marine life and threatened species as well as environmentally friendly food production and consumption. In Australia, WWF collaborates with organizations, institutions, and neighborhoods to advance climate solutions including being carbon neutral.

The largest conservation organization in Australia, WWF, aggressively collaborates with “businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs to promote creative solutions that will reduce carbon emissions.”

The WWF is quite honest about how donations are used and gives both current and historical financial data, in addition to having a fantastic environmental mission and a history of doing good work both in Australia and abroad.

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2. Climate Action Network Australia

For its efforts to ensure that the Australian continent is sustainable and free of unfavorable climatic conditions that could pose a major threat to human health and the health of other species, this organization is highly known across the world.

In addition to creating a structure for ongoing communication among its participants, it wants to launch a nationwide campaign to advocate against climate change.

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3. Climate Council Australia

This group is thought to be Australia’s top environmental organization. They want to make information on policy, health, renewable energy, and the environment available to the public.

The group works to raise the collective voices of people in related fields in order to get their stories published in the media, particularly social media.

This group also attracts attention to climate-related stories, exposes false information, and promotes workable climate solutions. Following the dissolution of the Australian Climate Commission, the Climate Council was established in 2013 with the help of the local community.

Emergency Leaders for Climate Action, a group made up of former senior emergency service leaders, was just recently established, and its members are vehemently supporting leadership on climate change action.

To spread its message to the broader public, this organization has remained exclusively dependent on philanthropic contributions from the Australian community over the years.

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4. Beyond Zero Emissions

This team is renowned for working together to develop a sustainable and useful environment for all Australians. A well-known worldwide think tank backs the proposition that achieving zero emissions is not only doable but also practical and affordable.

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5. Australian Youth Climate Coalition

This is the biggest youth-run organization with the goal of creating a youth movement to offer long-term answers to climate challenges.

The group’s efforts are designed to inform, motivate, and empower young people to speak out for a safe climate, keep fossil fuels in the ground, and create a future powered by renewable energy.

Additionally, they are responsible for Seed, the nation’s first indigenous youth climate network, which advocates for a greenhouse gas-free Australia.

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6. Australian Conservation Foundation

This nonprofit promotes policies to fight climate change and save Australia’s rich biodiversity. The organization has made a substantial contribution to the preservation of several places since its founding more than 50 years ago, including the Franklin River, Kakadu, Kimberly, Daintree, Antarctica, and many others.

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7. Cool Australia

This company develops top-notch training materials and online courses for professional growth on current concerns like climate change. 89% of Australian schools, particularly postsecondary institutions, have heard about climate change and related environmental themes.

Cool Australia collaborates with other non-governmental organizations to offer authentic content including videos, research, entertaining events, documentaries, and more.

Their team of educational and technological specialists leverages these resources to produce top-notch resources for early learning, primary and secondary educators, and other educators, including the documentary 2040. They post these resources online where anyone can access and download them for free.

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8. Lock the Gate

This group is an alliance of grassroots movements from all around Australia that are worried about dangerous coal mining, coal seam gas production, and fracking. Members of this group include farmers, environmentalists, traditional custodians, and regular people.

The alliance seeks to assist these agencies in safeguarding Australian natural resources and equipping Australians to demand environmentally friendly approaches to the nation’s food and energy needs.

There are coal and petroleum licenses and applications associated with about 40% of Australia’s landmass.

Lock the Gate has made it a goal to provide communities with useful tools and case study resources so they can resist some of the less honorable, large mining and extraction businesses.

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9. Tomorrow Movement

A group called Tomorrow Movement brings young people together to combat the impact of big business on Australian politics and to create jobs, community services, and a safe environment for all.

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10. Animal Australia

Animal Australia is an organization committed to defending animals and advancing compassion, decency, and a life devoid of violence. Their campaigns and investigations focus on animal testing, factory farming abuse, and the enslavement of animals for entertainment.

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11. Australian Koala Foundation

The sole focus of this organization is the effective management and conservation of the wild Koala and its environment.

Since its founding in 1986, the non-profit organization has expanded from a small group of individuals interested in studying koala diseases to a well-known global organization with a history in strategic Koala research, conservation management, and community education.

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12. Waste Management Association of Australia

The Waste Management Association of Australia, which represents waste management professionals countrywide, has more than 250 members in Western Australia.

These members include the local government, consultants, companies that treat wastewater and recyclable materials, landfill operators, and other parties involved in the waste industry.

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13. Farmers for Climate Action

To ensure that farmers play a substantial part in the battle against climate change, agricultural leaders, farmers, and citizens of rural Australia have launched a campaign called Farmers for Climate Action.

They help farmers become more knowledgeable about energy and the environment, and they advocate for climate solutions both on and off the farm. Farmers organize events and provide assistance to enable them to take part in the national dialogue about climate change.

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14. One Tree Planted

Deforestation, which is directly accountable for 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions and has already ravaged nearly half of the world’s forests, is one of the most urgent environmental issues of our day. Since 2014, One Tree Planted has doubled the number of trees planted each year.

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15. Bush Heritage Australia

In order to preserve Australia’s breathtaking landscapes and unique wildlife, Bush Heritage Australia, an independent organization, partners with Aboriginal people and purchases and manages the land.

They have preserved over 45 million tons of carbon stock while preventing the logging and plundering of over 11 million acres of Australian soil. The group also purchases and oversees the management of outstandingly valuable land for conservation through partnerships with landowners.

Since its founding in 1991, Bush Heritage Australia has made it a priority to safeguard not only the plants but also the animals that live on the vast majority of Australia’s biologically diverse landscapes.

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16. Australian Marine Conservation Society

AMCS was the first group in Australia to focus completely on the protection of our seas when it was established fifty years ago.

With marine reserves in Ningaloo and the Great Barrier Reef, it has worked to save important ocean ecosystems. It has also led the fight to ban whaling, stop the use of supertrawlers, and safeguard vulnerable species like the Australian Sea Lion.

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17. The Wilderness Society

This environmental organization has a significant impact on Australia’s environmental scene. They push for stricter environmental regulation and legal action on climate change.

They campaign for the creation of a National Environment Protection Authority and an impartial, apolitical National Environment Commission. Through thorough research and media features, The Wilderness Society has shed light on Australia’s environmental problems and lackluster government response.

They have produced powerful environmental activists who have joined the organization in their efforts in Australia as a result of their campaigns and agitations for environmental protection and climate action.

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18. Planet Ark Environmental Foundation

“Unite people, businesses, and governments through positive environmental actions” is the mission statement of Planet Ark.

The organization works in a number of areas, such as encouraging resource sustainability for a circular economy, assisting low-carbon lifestyles, and fostering a connection between people and nature. In order to effect real environmental change, Planet Ark collaborates with “a variety of businesses across a number of sectors.”

Planet Ark is not only well renowned for its environmental, ethical, and sustainable performance, but Kyocera has been working with them on the “Cartridges for Planet Ark” recycling program for a long time. The service offers a free, simple, and eco-friendly method of recycling spent printer cartridges.

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19. Australian Wildlife Conservancy

The largest private (not-for-profit) owner and/or manager of land for conservation in Australia is the Australian Wildlife Conservancy. Our goal as pioneers in the field is to effectively conserve all native animal species in Australia and the ecosystems in which they thrive.

In an effort to stop the extinction of native species in Australia, one man founded the Australian Wildlife Conservancy. Martin Copley started a journey that would eventually result in the founding of the Australian Wildlife Conservancy and the development of a new model for conservation by starting with one property in South Western Australia.

AWC today owns, manages, or collaborates on more than 12.9 million hectares alongside Indigenous organizations, governments, and landowners thanks to funding from donors and creative partnerships.

We protect some of the country’s most recognizable and endangered wildlife through this network of sizable wildlife sanctuaries in remote and iconic regions like the Kimberley, Cape York, central Australia, and the Top End, including:

  • 74% of native mammal species (215 species),
  • 88% of native bird species (546 species),
  • 54% of native reptile species (555 species).
  • 133 species, or 56% of all amphibian species

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With their generosity, philanthropy, and efforts to ensure a sustainable, healthy environment that is suitable for people, the habitation of species, and the safety of plants, Australian environmental organizations have undoubtedly played and continue to play important roles in society.

Therefore, it is imperative that everyone who values a safe and favorable environment join the many initiatives run by these collaborative organizations to stop climate change and ensure that our environment is preserved.


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