Top 18 Climate Change Charities in Australia

Food security, human health, freshwater resources, economic sectors, and natural ecosystems are all anticipated to suffer severe disruptions as a result of climate change.

The United Nations is pleading with nations to take swift action to address the climate issue and its effects.

Through research, advocacy, legislation, education, environmental management, and the creation of community partnerships, not-for-profit organizations are significantly advancing the solution to this complicated issue.

Top 18 Climate Change Charities in Australia

This list offers a variety of nonprofit organizations fighting the climate catastrophe.

  • Australian Conservation Foundation
  • Australian Youth Climate Coalition
  • Beyond Zero Emissions
  • Climate Action Network
  • Climate Council Australia
  • Climate Works
  • Cool Australia
  • Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA)
  • Environmental Defenders Office
  • Farmers for Climate Action
  • Friends of the Earth
  • Groundswell Giving
  • Lock the Gate
  • Regen Studios
  • Sweltering Cities
  • Take 3 Ltd
  • Total Environment Center
  • Tomorrow Movement

1. Australian Conservation Foundation

Australia’s unique biodiversity is protected, and the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) promotes action to combat climate change.

Since its founding as than 50 years ago, ACF has worked to safeguard a variety of locations, including the Kimberley, Franklin River, Kakadu, Daintree, Antarctica, and many more.

The Murray Darling Basin Plan, Landcare, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, and the greatest network of marine parks in the world were also made possible in major part by ACF.

Protecting the environment and combating climate change by moving Australia away from mining and burning polluting fossil fuels are two major advocacy movements (such as the Stop Adani campaign).

ACF investigates the root causes of environmental deterioration and works to find remedies.

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2. Australian Youth Climate Coalition

The goal of the largest youth-run organization in Australia, AYCC, is to create a movement of young people who will take the lead in finding solutions to the climate issue.

The organization’s programs are designed to inform, motivate, and empower young people to win campaigns for a safe climate, keep fossil fuels in the ground, and create a future powered by sustainable energy.

They also oversee Seed Mob, Australia’s first Indigenous youth climate network.

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3. Beyond Zero Emissions

An internationally renowned think tank called Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) demonstrates how Australia may thrive in a zero-emissions economy through impartial research and creative ideas.

They publish studies on technical solutions that unleash enormous economic potential for industries, regions, and communities in order to motivate political leadership and hasten policy change.

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4. Climate Action Network

Nearly 100 organizations that are members of the Climate Action Network collaborate with one another to take more effective climate change action. It organizes a national campaign for climate activism and offers a platform for ongoing communication among its participants.

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5. Climate Council Australia

The leading climate change communications group Climate Council works to educate the public on issues related to the environment, health, renewable energy, and policy.

The organization works to amplify the voices of those in related fields in order to get stories into the media, raise awareness of climate-related issues, expose false information, and promote workable climate solutions.

When the government disbanded the Australian Climate Commission in 2013, the Climate Council was established with community backing.

The Emergency Executives for Climate Action, an organization made up of former senior emergency service executives, was just recently established. Its goal is to promote good leadership for combating climate change.

To reach a larger audience, it still solely relies on philanthropic contributions from the local community.

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6. Climate Works

The Myer Foundation and Monash University founded Climate Works (working inside the Monash Sustainable Development Institute) in 2009 to bridge the gap between research and climate action.

It offers impartial guidance on how to transition to a low-carbon future while taking into account the needs of businesses, the government, and investors.

They have achieved some significant victories by deploying covert, undercover diplomacy and a concentration on “low-hanging fruit,” or industries with significant climate consequences (such as construction) but without the same political influence as certain other climate initiatives.

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7. Cool Australia

With a reach into 89% of Australian schools, Cool Australia develops top-notch educational materials and online courses for professional development regarding current topics, such as climate change.

Partner organizations offer real-world content like documentaries, entertaining activities, studies, movies, or campaigns.

These resources—including the film 2040—are used by the Cool Australia team of educational and technological specialists to produce top-notch resources for early childhood, primary, and secondary educators. The completed material is available for free download online.

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8. Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA)

DEA seeks to aid in the social and political transformation required to address climate change and other environmental problems that harm human health. It accomplishes this by influencing the general public and decision-makers through lobbying, campaigning, and education.

For better impact, DEA combines important interventions. It informs and sways policymakers, both as a respected member of the public and as a participant in larger change efforts. It accomplishes this by:

  1. Raising awareness of climate change among medical professionals and institutions, enlisting their support for activism and campaigns, and encouraging sustainability within the healthcare industry.
  2. Creating advocacy, educational, and messaging materials based on sound scientific evidence.
  3. Producing documents for government reviews.
  4. Using traditional and social media.
  5. Awareness-building and campaigning.

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9. Environmental Defenders Office

A community legal center specializing in environmental law of public interest is called the Environmental Defenders Office.

By offering: legal and scientific advice and litigation, policy and law reform, community participation and education, and environmental protection through the legal system, they assist those who desire to do so.

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10. Farmers for Climate Action

Agricultural leaders, farmers, and residents of rural Australia have formed a campaign called Farmers for Climate Action to guarantee that farmers play a significant role in the fight against climate change.

They assist farmers in increasing their energy and climate knowledge and promote climate solutions both on and off the farm. To help farmers participate in the national conversation about climate change, they host events and offer support.

They accomplish this by focusing on four main areas: farmer education and training, political and industrial advocacy, farmer network development, and forming collaborations with businesses and research.

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11. Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth Australia is a member of a global movement promoting climate justice, water security, food sustainability, a sustainable economy, and acknowledgment of Indigenous land rights.

Friends of the Earth Australia is affiliated with Australia, a movement of individuals calling for decisive action on climate change and a shift away from fossil fuels, and donates its DGR-1 designation to Australia.

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12. Groundswell Giving

Groundswell Giving was established in late 2019 to finance and hasten climate action in Australia.

Groundswell is a giving circle established in response to the climate crisis that funds targeted, high-impact climate campaigning in Australia, accelerating action and supporting solutions.

Building the movement, altering the narrative, moving the money, and altering the political landscape are the four areas of impact that Groundswell’s funding is focused on to advocate for keeping fossil fuels in the ground and accelerating a swift and just transition to a zero-carbon economy.

Members of Groundswell get to vote on which strategic climate advocacy initiatives to fund in each grant cycle, participate in the rotating shortlisting committee, and learn about the climate crisis and its solutions.

In recognition of reparations, Groundswell provides free memberships to First Nations changemakers.

In order to ensure that First Nations people are prioritized in decision-making processes regarding grant-making strategy and funding distribution, they also give honoraria to First Nations members who participate in their shortlisting process.

Indigenous-focused climate change initiatives like Seed, Our Islands, Our Home, the Martuwarra Fitzroy River Council, Common Ground, and First Nations Futures have already received support from Groundswell.

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13. Lock the Gate

Farmers, traditional custodians, conservationists, and regular Australians who are worried about dangerous coal mining, coal seam gas production, and fracking are part of the alliance known as Lock the Gate.

The Alliance intends to support these organizations in protecting Australia’s natural resources and enabling Australians to demand environmentally friendly approaches to the nation’s food and energy needs. There are coal and petroleum licenses and applications associated with about 40% of Australia’s landmass.

By providing communities with useful tools and case studies, information about their rights, and templates to help them organize and stand up for themselves, Lock The Gate strives to support those communities that are attempting to confront some of the less honorable, large mining and extraction businesses.

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14. Regen Studios

A film and impact production company, Regen Studios is committed to creating and promoting screen material that educates, enthuses, and engages viewers.

Their emphasis is on the ability of storytelling to inspire and sustain the expanding global movement of individuals who are committed to learning about regeneration and incorporating regenerative practices into their daily lives in order to jointly better our ecological and biological systems.

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15. Sweltering Cities

Sweltering Cities advocates and campaigns for more livable, sustainable, and egalitarian cities by working directly with those who are impacted by excessive heat and rising temperatures.

At the confluence of health, economic injustice, and climate change, they work to win local campaigns for resilient, sustainable cities. Campaigns that offer answers and tactics that can be used repeatedly and nationally:

  1. Put the voices of those in our cities who are most affected by extreme heat (and who have the fewest resources to keep themselves and their families cool and safe) front and center in media coverage.
  2. Create strong networks of diverse individuals and organizations that collaborate to reduce the impact of catastrophic global warming and increase resilience.

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16. Take 3 Ltd

Take 3, also known as Take 3 for the Sea, was founded in 2009 on the tenet that a small deed might have a big impact. The goal of Take 3 is to decrease global plastic pollution through participation and education.

The organization’s foundation is the straightforward instruction to take 3 pieces of trash with you whenever you leave the beach, a river, or anywhere else.

Take 3 offers educational initiatives to raise awareness of plastic pollution, encourage participation in efforts to reduce it, and mitigate its effects in schools, surf clubs, communities, and online.

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17. Total Environment Center

The Save the National Parks and Rainforests movement in the 1970s gave birth to TEC, which has been working with Australians for more than 40 years to protect the ecosystems that sustain Australia’s communities. They now have over 100 pieces of ecological evidence of their victory.

They continue to support communities fighting to protect priceless parks and bushland, care about trees, and seek to protect clean air while also putting an end to coastal sand mining.

They support the use of renewable energy by fostering innovation, creating a more adaptable energy market, and providing financial incentives through government spending. They also support stronger recycling laws to protect the environment’s waterways and oceans from plastic pollution.

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18. Tomorrow Movement

Young people are brought together by the Tomorrow Movement to fight the influence of big business on Australian politics and to create great jobs, outstanding community services, and a secure environment for everyone.

The Climate Jobs Guarantee is an agenda for public policy that will ensure economic stability and community renewal while assisting in delivering the action required to address the climate problem.

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The efforts of nonprofit organizations battling climate change have benefited from collaboration with local communities, activists, corporate partners, and governments. These groups educate the public on the effects of climate change and how it can actually alter the world.


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