19 Environmental Startups in Boston

Numerous conditions in our world are detrimental to the environment, but there are environmental startups in Boston that are making every effort to improve the environment and lessen these situations as best they can.

Although technology frequently increases individual productivity, it can also increase efficiency in almost everything. Several of the businesses on this list have solved these issues by utilizing straightforward yet cutting-edge technology.

We must consume less energy and switch to greener options as climate change begins to affect the earth and the population grows. These environmental startups in Boston are having an impact.

Environmental Startups in Boston

  • Ekotrope
  • Uplight
  • Bevi
  • LineVision
  • Superpedestrian
  • Sync computing
  • Indigo
  • PVcase
  • Activate
  • CloudSolar
  • OffGridBox
  • Commonwealth Fusion Systems
  • CDM Smith
  • Titan Advanced Energy Solutions
  • Citrine Informatics
  • ALC Strategic Consulting Services
  • Planet Alpha
  • Lotic Labs
  • Karen Clark & Company

1. Ekotrope

Their program assists builders in designing and constructing more energy-efficient homes by forecasting how much energy a home would consume. Additionally, this software is utilized to communicate with homeowners and confirm compliance with numerous energy codes and programs.

One out of every four newly constructed homes in the US uses their Home Energy Rating Software, making it the most popular. Their journey is just getting started. In a sustainable future, every decision made in our built environment will be influenced by energy and environmental considerations.

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2. Uplight

Uplight is the industry leader in complete, customer-focused technology solutions that are only used to support the energy sector. Uplight technologies power the customer energy experience for over 80 utilities worldwide.

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3. Bevi

Bevi wants to upend the beverage supply chain by introducing smart water dispensers in favor of single-use water bottles. Thousands of companies use Bevi, a sustainable workplace water solution, to provide their employees with flavored, sparkling, and pure water.

Having secured over $160 million in venture funding, they are the industry leader in IoT-enabled beverage machines and have shown phenomenal annual growth since inception. Bevi is making significant investments in the creation of new products in addition to continuing to grow rapidly with its present product line.

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4. LineVision

The LineVision team has developed a cutting-edge non-contact sensor platform that safely unlocks up to 40% more capacity on our antiquated and clogged power lines with the aid of dynamic line ratings.

This will facilitate utilities’ transition to a modern grid that runs on renewable energy. The platform continuously monitors the behavior of the transmission system, detects anomalies, and issues real-time alerts on risks.

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5. Superpedestrian

A transportation robotics business called Superpedestrian has a vehicle intelligence (VI) system that is patented. VI is a patented control system that significantly reduces fleet running costs for micromobility. Venture capitalists Spark Capital, General Catalyst, and Edison Partners are among the investors in the company.

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6. Sync Computing

Sync Computing is a startup firm established at MIT to create the next big thing in distributed computing. The core technology of Sync Computing can rapidly solve complex scheduling optimization issues, leading to previously unheard-of improvements in the coordination of massive computing systems.

Businesses everywhere will be able to save billions of dollars and countless hours on the cloud by utilizing cloud resources as efficiently as possible. They are aimed at high-performance computing, machine learning, and data analytics applications.

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7. Indigo

By utilizing natural microbiology and digital technologies, indigo enhances consumer health, environmental sustainability, and producer profitability.

They are committed to helping farmers become more profitable while developing strategies for the agriculture sector to lessen its carbon footprint and absorb carbon emissions from other sectors of the economy

Working throughout the supply chain, using agronomic insights and helpful plant microorganisms, Indigo is advancing its goal of utilizing nature to assist farmers in feeding the world sustainably.

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8. PVcase

Their goal is to hasten the switch to clean energy on a worldwide scale. By the end of 2024, renewable energy is expected to surpass gas and coal, with solar energy playing a major role in this shift.

Further solar PV technology innovation along the entire value chain is required to fulfill the increasing demand, even if it is evolving faster than wind and hydro due to declining development costs. While much money has already been poured into the solar market, the solar engineering sector has not kept up and has not digitized enough.

PVcase is committed to being a key player in this change. Their products enable businesses to confidently make data-driven decisions when optimizing designs and determining the profitability of commercial and utility-scale power plants by linking the whole solar planning workflow.

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9. Activate

Activate Global Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that was founded in 2015 and collaborates with academic institutions and donors in the United States to support its fellows.

Cyclotron Road, a founding partner of Activate and a subsidiary of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, is where the organization’s entrepreneurial fellowship program got its start.

They currently assist an expanding nationwide network of Activate Fellows and alumni. They intend to grow to 100 new fellows annually around the United States by 2025.

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10. CloudSolar

To offer sustainable solar energy to everyone, regardless of where they live or how much roof space they have, CloudSolar is a groundbreaking new startup.

Thousands of solar farms will be built, and investors will be able to purchase individual panels, split the profits from the electricity produced, or use the electricity to offset their energy use.

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11. OffGridBox

Whether by choice or as a result of natural calamities, the OffGridBox is an all-in-one, self-contained utility system that provides clean water and renewable electricity to enable independent living in any setting.

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12. Commonwealth Fusion Systems

The quickest route to uncontaminated, infinite fusion energy in time to change things. Although using energy is a crucial component of improving people’s quality of life everywhere, traditionally, it has come at a high cost to the environment. The fusion energy can change that. Their goal is to introduce fusion energy to the global community on a timeline that will have an impact.

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13. CDM Smith

For public and private clients globally, CDM Smith offers long-lasting and comprehensive solutions in the areas of water, environment, transportation, energy, and facilities.

Throughout the whole project life cycle, they provide outstanding client service, high-quality outcomes, and long-lasting value as a full-service engineering and construction company.

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14. Titan Advanced Energy Solutions

TITAN was established to utilize battery energy storage to maximize global electrification and decarbonization in the direction of a sustainable, safe, and clean future. They work on difficulties ranging from the macro-issues of the biggest energy systems in the world to the micro-scale issues in the lab.

Their approach applies sophisticated computation and the first principles of physics to study the molecular interaction of batteries through ultrasound. They create cutting-edge electronics in-house that are capable of precisely and affordably measuring minute variations in the ultrasonic signal.

They design, develop, and implement scalable battery management systems (BMS) for consumer devices, energy storage systems, and electric vehicles in collaboration with industry partners.

Consequently, their technique lowers the cost of energy storage and makes it possible for a safe and distributed supply of energy by enhancing the capacity, lifespan, and safety of Li-ion batteries.

By incorporating the values of openness, accountability, and cooperation, they are also establishing the Circular Economy for Li-ion batteries, facilitating quick battery diagnostics for used electric vehicle batteries and creating Battago, the world’s first battery marketplace with an emphasis on recycling, repurposing, and second-life batteries.

They assist and have an impact on the energy industry at all scales by disseminating information and offering opportunities for proper battery management.

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15. Citrine Informatics

Through a simple interface, product development executives, scientists, and data managers can use Citrine’s scalable, secure online platform to use state-of-the-art machine learning and data management technologies to speed materials and chemical research.

From project selection and early training to autonomy, Citrine’s skilled data team assists customers in scaling the technology.

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16. ALC Strategic Consulting Services

In addition to managing and resolving stress, depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, communication in the workplace, conflict prevention and resolution, revenue growth, optimization, revenue stream maximization, systems, and protocols, they also provide strategy-based consulting, training, advisory, mentoring, and personal individual services.

The company’s guiding philosophy, “people come first,” dictates that all business decisions and interactions, both inside and outside the organization, must take people’s needs into account. People are the source of knowledge for them, and they can successfully comprehend what, when, where, why, and other details needed to create a business.

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17. Planet Alpha

Planet Alpha Corp. (“PαC”), a carbon measurement infrastructure, carbon securities, and carbon products company, integrates Earth, economic, and social interactions to reduce CO2 and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for the benefit of investors, landowners, and the environment.

They contribute positively by directly assisting landowners in lowering their carbon footprints through forest growth and management, which creates a performance-linked greenhouse gas economy that is well-positioned for investment return and business expansion.

Throughout the project’s lifetime, which spans decadal periods up to 100 years, PκC establishes a new forest carbon business paradigm that pays landowners and Indigenous people upfront and regularly for sustainably managed forests and directly measured carbon sequestration.

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18. Lotic Labs

Lotic Labs creates tools to facilitate innovative environmental finance and effective water markets. Modern financial simulations and environmental science models are integrated with fragmented data sets using Lotic.

This makes it possible to thoroughly examine how actions taken in the heavy industrial and water utility sectors relate to one another in terms of finances, operations, and the environment.

Innovative financial products for risk management, conservation, and green infrastructure investment are designed with the use of Lotic Labs technology.

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19. Karen Clark & Company

Karen Clark & Company (KCC) is the leader in catastrophic risk modeling innovation and technology. Professionals from KCC are acknowledged as world leaders in risk management and disaster modeling.

They offer cutting-edge models, cutting-edge software, and extensive consulting services to (re)insurance company executives nationally from their headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. The financial outcomes give their clients a competitive edge, and these services improve business plans.

At present, KCC catastrophe models cover tropical and extratropical cyclones, severe convective storms, floods, earthquakes, winter storms, and wildfires for about fifty countries.

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We can see here that there are quite a number of environmental startups in Boston; this article just scratches the surface. We can also see here that these startups are making major impacts, especially through the use of technology.


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