Biggest Environmental Problems

Environmental problems simply refer to the environmental issues affecting the earth and the living beings inhabiting it; the biggest environmental problems the major problems amongst them, the earth acts as a gossamer that binds all forms of life together, and the environment is where we
all meet.
The environment molds the physical form habituating on the earth, and it is the very reason behind our existence; if the environment is made unsustainable, we will all die off.

The earth was once a beautiful place with all its forests, meadows, and rivulets. However, that was before human interference brought doom to their abode. Trust me when I say this – if we continue to inflict wounds on our environment like this, and if we do not take care of it, the world will experience its apocalypse even before Thanos comes flashing his gauntlet.

It is the duty of we humans to ensure the safety of the home planet; you and I may seem a modicum in this
mammoth world, but always remember, “It is the little drops of water that make an ocean.”

9 Biggest Environmental Problems The Earth faces Today


The earth is poised at the brink of a severe environmental crisis, and we have collectively abetted in
making our planet vulnerable to disasters and tragedies. Here are the biggest environmental
problems that we should be concerned about:

To Breathe or Not to Breathe

Thanks to the urban sprawl and technological evolution, the environment around us are getting poisonous by the minute; air pollution is now among the biggest environmental problems we are facing.

With vegetative covers being pushed back to make space for industrial units and urban lifestyle, the smoke emitting from the factories and fuel fumes are degrading the quality of the air as I write this. Industrial use of nitrates and plastic also adds to the issue of air pollution.


Water Pollution

The day is near when clean drinking water will soon be a luxury that only a few will be able to afford, as urban runoff, acids, plastics, and chemicals from pesticides seeping into water bodies pose a major threat to human health. Urban crawling has also led to land degradation, thus destroying floral and faunal ecosystems in the process.

Water pollution is one of the biggest environmental problems that the world is currently facing, it doesn’t pose danger to man’s existence only but also to wildlife( plants and animals). We, therefore, should help reduce this by practicing environmentally friendly farming; let’s go green!

Too Hot to Handle

Global warming is a more severe issue than all the lessons that you have learned in your
assignment, the average temperature of the earth keeps on rising every moment of the day.

Today, it has become one of the biggest environmental problems of the globe. As our planet warms up, the rising temperature and melting snowcaps keep on altering the environment. Owing to human practices like emissions of greenhouse gases, global warming has led to a considerable rise in the temperature of the earth’s surface and the sea level since the 20th century.


Although the repercussions of global warming have not been too alarming except for a few
ecosystems to go extinct, the day isn’t far when unnatural patterns of precipitation would cause a
total wipeout. It could lead to excessive snow, flash floods, or desertification… any of which isn’t supportive of life.

Filled to the Brim

If the earth was a person, the chances are likely that she would be suffering from
claustrophobia by now.

As the population reaches an unsustainable level, human beings should be ready to face a shortage of their primary needs like food, water, and shelter. Countries like China and India are already straining to feed every mouth and put a roof over every head due to a severe scourge of population explosion.


Due to overpopulation, we have resorted to pushing back the forest cover, making the wildlife lose their habitat. What was once filled with copses of oaks and ferns is now being replaced by factories and agricultural stretches.

Going against the course of nature, we are causing several biological races to wither with
nowhere to go. To feed every mouth, we are also overhunting and overfishing. This is how we
are actively participating in the decimation of several species and this is among the biggest environmental problems.

Water/Food Scarcity

The scarcity of water in the environment is becoming very alarming as global warming has increased the rate of evaporation globally, and this has become one of the biggest environmental problems we are facing today.



Overpopulation has also contributed in a tremendous way to the scarcity of water and food in the world, as about 30 percent of the earth slave themselves to make ends meet.

Deforestation and desert encroachment has also contributed to the scarcity of water and food as the number of trees is rapidly decreasing and the plants lose their natural habitat to desert encroachment.

Plastics – The Man-made Foe of Earth

What once was meant to make our lives easy has backfired and how! A few days back, I came
across this post about a turtle that had a plastic straw stuck up its nostril and how it had to bleed
while a human screwed it out.

The creation of plastics has escalated to a major global crisis of waste disposal, it is the number one source of environmental pollution; especially water pollution. which has emerged to become one of the biggest environmental problems.

Can you even imagine the amount of waste generated in total when you consider the number of households? Adding to that, the lack of a proper waste disposal method has made things worse. As a result, most plastic wastes are going into the oceans and clogging marine ecosystems.

Unsustainable Ecosystem

As the most intelligent form of life on earth, humans should be the ones protecting weaker
ecosystems. Sitting at the throne of the food chain, human exploitation has led to the extinction
of species and lead to the loss of biodiversity.

With no place to live and no food to eat, the population of several species is decimating. From mink fur coats to crocodile hide handbags, humans have weird tastes and preferences.



Their luxuries have cost mother earth to lose out on the survival of many ecosystems. And it is not just animals, the growing population has also claimed our forests, and this has proved to be among the biggest environmental problems in the world.

Did you know that every year the area of tree cover lost is equal to the area of the country Panama? You can very well imagine what could possibly happen if this continues for another ten years.

No Security Blanket

As I write, the holes in the ozone layer are increasing (thanks to our inseparable love for CFCs). With
the security blanket is gone, there will be nothing to protect us from the sun’s harmful rays in
another few years.



Did you know that the biggest hole in the Ozone layer is right above the Antarctic? Now imagine the polar caps melting (which has started, FYI) leading to an alarming increase in the sea level.

Moreover, with the UV rays now free to come in, we will be the first life form to be affected. No wonder why the World Cancer Research Fund has recorded a considerable increase in the number of people affected by skin cancer since the 1990s.

Rise of The Mutants

In the words of Stan Lee, “With great power comes great responsibility.” We humans have
always been arbitrary when it comes to using power, and defying nature has been our favorite
way of exercising power.

We have modified several species (most of them are plants and legumes) by using biotechnological engineering. As a result, the food we consume has increased levels of toxins and this is indisputably one of the biggest environmental problems.

Moreover, genetically modified produce has altered environmental patterns and has the potential to wreak havoc in the environment we live in.

Solutions to the Biggest Environmental Problems

The need for change is growing. If we fail to improve our actions, then there will be no future to
look forward to it.

It is time for us to understand that one day’s contribution to the degradation of the planet can take years for recuperation. We need to act like responsible earthlings.

We need to raise awareness at the lowest levels and contribute to achieving more environmentally conscious earth to live in. Let us all go organic. Let us start with banning plastics. Switch to pool cars and use CNG only.

Our continuous quest to make lives easier has taken a toll on the environment and it is time that
we stop the unhealthy practices.

We cannot risk melting ice caps, deforestation, and extinction of species; therefore we have to find a solution to the environmental problems, starting from the biggest environmental problems to the smallest of them.

The only way to atone for our sins would be to change our behavior, both individually and
globally. The earth is in a crisis. We need to consume less and conserve more. To avoid the
approaching apocalypse, we need to change our selfish ways to heal the world and make it a better place for every form of life.


Protection and sustainability of the environment is a collective duty, we all shouldn’t act like we don’t care, everyone has a role to play and EnvironmentGo is here to represent your voice online; let’s save the environment; let’s make the home more eco-friendly and also our environment.

Let’s put hands together to save the environment. 


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