Effect Of Erosion On The Environment

November 22, 2017 1 By Environment Go!

Lets look at the different effect of erosion on the environment and review their impacts on the environment.

At first, you have to know that there are different kinds of erosion and each has a different effect on the environment but we are going to list them one after the other.
First lets list the three main types of erosion;



These erosion types can be further divided especially in the case of water erosion. In water erosion we get Sheet Erosion, Splash Erosion, Gully Erosion and Rill Erosion.

Effect Of Erosion On The Environment

Effect Of Wind Erosion On The Environment – Wind erosion is the carrying away of top soil by wind, the rate at which the soil is carried away depends on the intensity of the wind. Wind erosion brings about its own Effect Of Erosion On The Environment and its severity is determined by the intensity and frequency of the wind.

Effect Of Water Erosion On The Environment – Water erosion is the washing away of top soil by water and this has different effects on the environment depending on the type of water erosion that is involved.

Under water Erosion, we have;
Sheet erosion – sheet erosion is the washing away of the thing layer of soil surface over a large area of land. The effect of sheet erosion on the environment is majorly that it washes away soil nutrients.
Rill Erosion – rill erosion creates small channels in a slope from which water flows down to a bigger channel, it also washes away the surface of the soil but do not cover a large area as sheet does yet digs dipper into the soil than sheet erosion thereby creating its own  Effect Of Erosion On The Environment and land surface.
Splash Erosion – this involves the splashing away of soil particles by rain drops.
Gully Erosion – this is the most dangerous of all erosion types, it digs many fts down into the soil with time and destroys a lot of natural and artificial resources on its way. It is the erosion type that draws most attention when ever it is about to take place or where ever it is located.
Gully erosion destroys a large area of land along its path.

Brown Mountain Pathway
example of path created by gully erosion

 Effect Of Gravity Erosion On The Environment – Gravity erosion is caused by the downward movement of rocks and some other hard materials due to the effect of gravity.

Having listed a number of effects of Gravity on the environment, lets anticipate another post. You air your view through the comment box below.