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The 4 Levels of Organization in an Ecosystem

The 4 Levels of Organization in an Ecosystem

The levels of organization in an ecosystem are defined as the different organizational hierarchies and sizes that make up an ecosystem. There are four major levels of organization in an ecosystem and they are individual, population, community, and the ecosystem itself. The 4 Levels of Organization in an Ecosystem Individual Population Community Ecosystem Individual An individual is the lowest of […]

10 Importance of Natural Resources

10 Importance of Natural Resources

There is numerous importance of natural resources and we’ve carefully listed a number of them here with clear explanation. We had said earlier in another article; that natural resources are necessary for the survival and sustenance of life on earth. Imagine the earth bare. Or rather coming into our planet and finding nothing. No air, water, soil, rocks, plants, animals, […]

List Of Projects That Require EIA

List Of Projects That Require EIA

This a prepared list of projects that require EIA before execution and it is instituted under the law that whoever wants to carry out any of these projects must conduct an EIA and present a certificate of completion and approval. Environment lovers don’t joke with the health of the environment, EnvironmentGo! loves the Environment more. EIA simply means Environmental Impact […]

Proper Land Cultivation is Environmetal Friendly

What qualifies as cultivated land In farming, there are certain things that are absolutely necessary in order to run and maintain a successful business. And having an area of land is rather important when wanting to start a farm. Then again, it’s not always as simple as just having a large plot of any old land. Is it? What’s the […]

Best ways to purify water and make it drinkable

Best ways to purify water and make it drinkable Water is a basic need to which all people have the right to have access to it. But, unfortunately, that is not the case for many countries and areas in this world. Besides it being a fundamental right, you may also find yourself in a situation where you’re forced to turn […]

Climate Justice Scholarship For Only Environmental Students

The Sargent Firm’s injury attorneys are strongly dedicated to helping people and advocating for them through difficult times. We are passionate in our commitment to our community and do our best to support many civic, philanthropic, and artistic causes. Our legal team feels one of the best ways to serve our community is by empowering young people by assisting them whenever possible […]

Go Green: Tips For An Eco-friendly Small Farm

If you have a small farm, it is easy to implement eco-friendly practices. You will be able to save yourself money and the environment by using techniques such as no-till farming and natural animal grazing. While you should still use the feed mixers South Africa has to offer to keep your animals fed and healthy, you can eliminate the need […]

Free Scholarships For Nigerians to study in the UK

Dear Environment lovers, we’ve got a good package for those of you in Africa and in Nigeria mostly. You can apply for these opportunities to study abroad but while you are there, remember to live the life of an environmentalist! Free Scholarships For Nigerians to study in the UK 1) The University of Sheffield offers a large variety of scholarships in different […]

Effects Of Poor Sanitation On The Environment

You want to know about the effects of poor sanitation on the environment ? That way the armpit smells when you dodge taking your birth, that’s the effect of poor body hygiene or poor body management so relate it same way to the environment. When we fail to sanitize the environment properly, it fires back and we suffer the consequences. […]

Waste To Energy Process and Importance

Have you ever thought about converting wastes to energy ? Have you though about creating any waste-to-energy facility or technique ? Have you imagined how a waste-to-energy plant or technology will reduce the amount of waste being deposited into the environment on a daily basis ?  If you have imagined or thought of any of these, then you are welcome […]