14 Lawn Mowing Service in Jacksonville

Need your lawn cut? In this article, I present to you the 14 best lawn mowing service in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville is a city in Florida, United States. Located at the mouth of the St James River, Jacksonville, Florida is the state’s largest city and the country’s largest southeastern metropolitan area by area.

Jacksonville prides itself on having the largest United States urban park system, with just less than 400 locations covering an area of 80,000 acres throughout the city. Many famous state parks are found in Jacksonville, which includes Big Talbot Island State Park, Amelia Island State Park, and Yellow Bluff Historic State Park.

The Atlantic Ocean and St. James River serves as a great source of water for the city, providing lush grass, healthy trees, and large populations of beautiful flowers and crops.

In the last 2010 census, Jacksonville was the most populous city in Florida, with 821,784 people living in it.

Jacksonville has a humid subtropical climate, with hot and humid summers but hardly any winters.

In Jacksonville, Many yard maintenance companies in Jacksonville are skilled in all kinds of lawn care services, from customized hedging to gardening.

There’s no shortage of lawn care professionals in your area, we can assure you of that. Even if you want a full-scale, yard beautification and garden installation.

No matter how inventive you want your yard, you can always be sure the companies we have put up for you got you covered

Lawn Mowing Service in Jacksonville

14 Best Lawn Mowing Service in Jacksonville

These are the best lawn care services in Jacksonville.

  • Southside Lawn Care in Jacksonville, FL
  • Michael Strasser Lawn Care in Jacksonville FL
  • 4 Seasons Lawn Services in Jacksonville, FL
  • JJ’s Lawn Care Services in Jacksonville, FL
  • Mr. Green Acres
  • Antones Lawn Maintenance
  • SmartScape Lawn & Landscape
  • Orwhat Lawn Care
  • McDaniel’s Lawn Care and Landscaping
  • Beaches Lawn Care
  • ProGreen Property Services
  • Pyramid Lawn Services
  • C & L Landscape, Inc
  • Turf Masters

1. Southside Lawn Care in Jacksonville, FL

This is a smaller lawn mowing outfit that services more of the northern parts of Jacksonville, but there isn’t an area of the city that we won’t go to. Depending on the length of your grass, Southside lawn care does a preliminary cut before another lawn mowing that gives it that balanced cut look.

2. Michael Strasser Lawn Care in Jacksonville FL

 This is a new lawn mowing service that just moved to Jacksonville, with an excellent service delivery in mowing the lawn.

After cutting the lawn, the individual who did the work will walk through the yard to identify all the maintenance you might need in the next few years.” Michael Stressed Lawn Care is an affordable-lawn-cutting-companies-in-Jacksonville

3. 4 Seasons Lawn Services in Jacksonville, FL

This is more than just a lawn-cutting service in Jacksonville. They offer other yard maintenance services, from trimming your shrubs and adding mulch to your beds to reseeding your turf and picking up the leaves in the fall.

Her biggest concern is that you’re happy with the job they deliver to you. With the knowledge of how it feels to have a well-manicured lawn,

4. JJ’s Lawn Care Services in Jacksonville, FL

This is a cheap lawn-mowing business in Jacksonville that has been in Jacksonville for about 15 years now, cutting grass for about 10. This service has grown from two maintenance customers a month to almost 30 a week, with customers on either side of the St. Johns River.

Aside from lawn service, this company can deliver and install mulch, palm tree trimming, sod installation, and fall leaf cleanups. As long as you talk about the lawn care service, JJ’s lawn care services are one of the best to look out for.

5. Mr. Green Acres

Mr. Green Acres is located at 984 North Lilac Loop, Jacksonville, FL 32259. Mr. Green Acres is a lawn service company in Jacksonville that has been providing professional lawn care and landscaping services since 2012.

Its team shares the same goal of delivering honest and reliable service for both commercial and residential clients. This company also offers grass-cutting and edging.

Furthermore, it provides clean-up services, including gutter and downspout cleaning. Due to its commitment to quality service, Mr. Green Acres has received great testimonials from satisfied customers

6. Antones Lawn Maintenance

Antones Lawn Maintenance helps beautify and maintain outdoor spaces for customers based in the Jacksonville area. It comprises lawn care professionals who have the skills and tools to keep turf healthy and robust throughout the year.

The team uses mulching mowers to keep grass clippings out of surrounding beds, eliminating weeds and unwanted bed debris. They mow in a rotational pattern, eliminating tire tracks that are harmful to the turf.

Hedge trimming, edging, and flowerbed mulching and maintenance services are also available. Antones Lawn Maintenance is located at 4105 Hillwood Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32223

7. SmartScape Lawn and Landscape

SmartScape Lawn and Landscape is located in Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250. SmartScape Lawn and Landscape provides landscape and grounds management services for residential customers, homeowners associations, and commercial clients in the Jacksonville, Florida, area.

Their lawn care options include mowing, edging, weeding and weed control, mulch, and sod installation. Additionally, the company does hedge and shrub trimming, tree trimming, leaf and debris removal, gutter cleaning, sprinkler repair, and property staging.

SmartScape Lawn and Landscape also offers the design and installation of landscapes and hardscapes.

8. Orwhat Lawn Care

Orwhat Lawn Care is a locally owned and operated lawn care company that has been serving residential and commercial clients in Jacksonville, Florida, and the surrounding area since 2007.

Its lawn care services include mowing, edging, trimming, and leaf blowing, and clients can request seasonal services such as mulching, lawn and garden cleanup, and debris removal.

Orwhat Lawn Care provides storm cleanup and minor tree trimming services and weekly, monthly, and annual lawn care plans are available. Orwhat Lawn Care is located at Saint Augustine, FL 32092

9. McDaniel’s Lawn Care and Landscaping

McDaniel’s Lawn Care and Landscaping offers a full line of lawn care services for residential and commercial customers in the Jacksonville, Florida, area. Lawn care services include mowing, trimming, edging, leaf blowing, hedge trimming, tree trimming, and removing weeds from beds and walkways.

The company also provides regular irrigation system inspections, repair, and installation. It offers sod installation, removal, replacement, and patching. McDaniel’s Lawn Care and Landscaping is fully licensed and insured.

10. Beaches Lawn Care

Beaches Lawn Care serves the lawn maintenance needs of residential and commercial establishments in Jacksonville and the surrounding locations.

The lawn care business comprises a team of yard care professionals who are available to perform lawn care services on a weekly and bi-weekly basis.

Some of the services are complete tree removal, weed control, tree and shrub care, irrigation repair, sod installation, and landscape design and installation.

Beaches Lawn Care also handles storm or natural disaster cleanups and pressure washing. Beaches Lawn Care is located at P.O. Box 51084, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32240

11. ProGreen Property Services

ProGreen Property Services has provided lawn care and property maintenance services for commercial and industrial clients in the Jacksonville, Florida, area for over a decade.

Services include mowing, mulching, storm cleanup, and weed control. It also offers landscaping services that include rejuvenation of the existing design or a complete redesign and installation.

The company offers rock and plant installation. ProGreen Property Services also designs and installs hardscaping and offers a range of irrigation installation and repair services.

12. Pyramid Lawn Services

Pyramid Lawn Services is a garden service company located in Jacksonville, Florida. It has been offering lawn care maintenance services to residential and commercial properties since 2005.

The company specializes in general lawn care services as well as sod replacement, tree trimming, landscaping, and irrigation repair services, and they also provide related services such as pressure washing, property cleanup, and tree removal.

The Pyramid Lawn Services team consists of experienced technicians and is headed by an agronomic professional.

13. C & L Landscape, Inc.

C & L Landscape Inc. is a lawn care and landscape business that has provided service for residential, commercial, and government clients in the Jacksonville, Florida, area for over 30 years.

Their lawn maintenance includes general lawn care services, such as mulching and mowing, and the company provides sprinkler system installation, maintenance, and repair.

The company also offers landscape design, installation, and maintenance for parks and streetscapes, as well as marine construction and brick paving.

14. Turf-masters

For more than 40 years, Turf-masters has been helping property managers, homeowners, and commercial clients throughout the Jacksonville metro take care of their landscapes and lawns.

The business offers a wide range of services, such as plant bed weeding, landscape design and installation, string line trimming, mowing, irrigation repairs and installation, and blowing. Its staff performs thorough lawn inspection, repair, maintenance, and diagnosis.

Turf-masters also handle turf and shrub treatment, lawn fertilization, and pest control. Turf-masters is located at 7727 Alton Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32211


We do hope that you found this article intriguing and that it answers your question concerning the lawn service you will hire in Jacksonville, in case you’ll need to keep your yard tidy.

All these companies will deliver to your satisfaction and will leave you with a worthy attestation and the vibes to refer them to your friends.


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