10 Lawn Mowing Services for Pensioners

Lawn and gardening service owners maintain the lawns of residential and commercial properties, putting your yard in good shape. And this is what everyone in society would like to see in his yard.

Hence, in this article, we’ll take a quick look at lawn mowing services for pensioners. These are services available for senior citizens, the challenged, and people living with different disabilities.

It is important to note that lawn service is done by fully trained and experienced mowing professionals to have a garden that will be in good shape after mowing the grass, especially for lawn services rendered to this class of people in society

Furthermore, some lawn care experts can also look at what additional services might benefit your lawn and garden, such as edging, hedge trimming and pruning, detaching, slashing, and fertilizing, and perhaps some new garden beds and planting.

Therefore, let’s take a quick survey on lawn services available for senior citizens in society.

Best Lawn Mowing Service for Pensioners

10 Best Lawn Mowing Services for Pensioners

Our list below, which is in no particular order, covers the best lawn service providers for the elderly in Australia, Canada, and the United States. We have selected these based on their history of longstanding service, location, and other necessary data.

  • Jim’s Mowing
  • Gecko Lawns
  • CleanMe
  • Blitz Home and Garden Service
  • Entire Property Solutions
  • A & A Lawn Care and Landscaping
  • Wright Lawn Care
  • Ace Outdoors Ltd
  • My Mower Man
  • FirstCare Lawn Mowing and Basic Gardening Services

1. Jim’s Mowing

Jim’s Mowing is a professional and friendly lawn mowing service provider. It is a franchise business with services offered in the Christchurch area of Australia.

They provide lawn mowing, landscaping, gardening, rubbish removal, and gutter cleaning services.

Jim’s friendly lawn mowing team provides exceptional lawn mowing services at the best prices. Having a dedicated franchisee with many years of experience in the business, they are committed to providing top-quality services to clients.

With a network of more than 1500 professional gardening franchisees, you can be assured that your local Jim’s Mowing Pensioners Bush franchisee has nearby resources to call on if they need a second opinion or assistance to get the job done.

Jim’s mowing can also assist with seasonal tasks such as pruning, weeding, and pest control to ensure your lawn is in perfect condition year-round.

Its gardening services extend to the installation of irrigation and watering solutions and rainwater tanks, as well as garden design and landscaping services.

Jim’s Mowing Lawn Service is Australia’s largest and most trusted lawn mowing and gardening service.

2. Gecko Lawns

Gecko Lawn is located in Nawton, Hamilton. Gecko Lawns has been mowing residential and commercial lawns in Hamilton since 1987.

They focus on providing high customer satisfaction through their quality lawn mowing and edge trimming service.

They offer an affordable weekly payment, and lawns and edges are done to a high standard.

They are trustworthy, easygoing, and reliable people. Gecko Lawn has highly experienced gardeners who finish the job on time

3. CleanMe

CleanMe is located in Hamilton Lake, Hamilton. CleanMe is a general cleaning service provider in Hamilton that covers outdoor services such as lawn mowing, garden maintenance, garden cleanup, rubbish removal, weed maintenance, and plant pruning.

They carry out even the smallest lawn care tasks and large commercial gardening services. They provide excellent and professional service with good client communication. They are a one-stop cleaning service with liability insurance. You can access them for your elderly loved one

4. Blitz Home and Garden Services

Blitz Home and Garden Services is located in Hamilton, Waikato. It is a one-stop home care service provider with a wide range of indoor and outdoor maintenance services including lawn mowing, lawn care services, landscape design, and handyman works. 

They do it all with great knowledge and superior skills, from lawn mowing and painting to repairs and paving. They have a highly skilled and professional worker who knows the job well. They are organized and highly reliable for indoor and outdoor cleaning.

5. Entire Property Solutions

Entire Property Solutions offers standard lawn mowing and gardening services in Christchurch.  Their services include lawn mowing, gardening, soft landscaping, and commercial property maintenance.

They also cater to the west of Barrington St., Halswell, Aidenfield, Hoonhay, Taitapu, Broadfields, and Prebbleton. Entire Property Solutions offers well-priced services that are highly competitive.

They have excellent communication and are prompt in replying. And also, make sure the job is done to a high standard. They have fully insured operations and are operational even on weekends.

6. A & A Lawn Care and Landscaping

If you are looking for honesty, integrity, and quality workmanship in a lawn mowing service for your senior citizens, then look no further. A&A Lawn Care and Landscaping takes pride in providing the finest lawn mowing services available in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati.

They have earned a reputation as a hard-working, team-oriented contractor with high standards for providing lawn mowing services.

Attention to detail, an eye for cost control, and regular communication with our clients are the keys to A&A Lawn Care and Landscaping’s lawn mowing services’ continued success. Commercial lawn mowing is covered in the commercial services offering.

7. Wright Lawn Care

Wright Lawn Care is a lawn mowing specialist covering areas between Christchurch and Canterbury. They provide services for residential, commercial, and lifestyle properties.

They are known to be experts in lawn and garden maintenance They offer lawn mowing, ride-on mowing, scarification, hedge trimming, leaf blowing, etc. ​

They are highly reliable and knowledgeable about the service they provide and they always turn up when they say they will.

8. Ace Outdoors Ltd

Ace Outdoors Ltd. started operation in 2010 and has been providing landscaping services to Christchurch and surrounding areas. They offer maintenance programs for residential and commercial properties.

Ace Outdoors Ltd. provides services for lawn mowing, landscaping, garden maintenance, planting, water blasting, and rubbish removal. They make the garden and driveway look well-maintained, creating excellent standard gardens.

They are easy to communicate with and respond promptly to queries. Most importantly, they have a very reasonable price rate, especially when working for the elderly.

9. My Mower Man

My Mower Man is located in Parklands, Australia. They provide both residential and commercial properties with garden and lawn management services.

My Mower Man offers water blasting, pruning, gardening, weed spraying, and hedge trimming. They take a professional approach to work by making the property clean and refreshed. They are helpful, reliable, friendly, and do a tidy job.

10. FirstCare Lawn Mowing and Basic Gardening Services

FirstCare offers free lawn mowing and basic gardening services for seniors and people living with disabilities in their own homes to take the hassle out of keeping lawns and gardens maintained.

For seniors in the Macarthur region in the south-west of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, who are frail and aged, financially disadvantaged living in their own homes, or people living with disabilities with no support, FirstCare, in partnership with our team of volunteers, would get out there and assist them.

This program is open to all eligible service users’ residents in the Macarthur region, and basic lawn mowing and gardening can be requested.

The team in first care will also be able to link you to other services that may help you address any challenges you or your family might be facing during your emergency needs or family crisis.


In as much as we’re looking out for more and more lawn mowing services for the senior citizens.

I hope you’ve found this article helpful in guiding your choice of the best lawn mowing service that will help you tidy up your yard or help your elderly friend or relative tidy up their yield.

These services are reliable, affordable, and trusted lawn mowing services within Australia, the United States, and Canada


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