What Is Environmental Pollution ? See All You Need To Know

November 27, 2017 0 By Environment Go!

What Is Environmental Pollution ?

Environmental pollution is generally know as the introduction of harmful materials into the environment but this definition is shallow and not concise.
If you want to answer the question ” what is environmental pollution ” you have to take note and include these three major points in environmental pollution below.
  1.  Introduction of harmful material into the environment
  2.  Causation of harm to human, plant or animal live.
  3.  Degradation or damage to the environment.
The above points are a must-add in defining environmental pollution, skipping any of the points may not define environmental pollution properly.
With the listed points above, you can define environmental pollution in your own words and it would be better you craft your own definition so you can pjut yourself in a situation that would let you feel the harm done to the environment by pollution and polluters.
These pollutants introduced into the environment are mostly from human activities so environmental pollution can also be said to be harm done onto humans by humans.
Environmental Pollution is the introduction of toxic harmful materials into the environment which may cause harm to human health, plant or animal life or result to a significant damage on the environment(Water, Land, Air).
Environmental pollution has been on the increase for lack of awareness and interest on environmental related issues as people put more interest in developing modern facilities and erecting structure while ignoring the environmental effects of their activities.
To foster environmental awareness and care, universities have introduced environmental related courses.
If you are an environmental lover, you can take a look at some scholarship programs available in environmental related courses.
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