Scholarship In Environmental Engineering Abroad

Hey dear environment lover, I will be talking about Scholarship In Environmental Engineering Abroad and how to apply and get them.

I believe people are now building interest on environmental management, safety and sustenance so I have been researching on Scholarships In Environmental Engineering Abroad to help interested environment lovers who cannot afford study fees hit their dream course.

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Scholarship In Environmental Engineering

Scholarship In Environmental Engineering

  1. The Dr. W. Wesley Eckenfelder Jr. Scholarship. This program offers yearly scholarships to students majoring in environmental engineering with a focus on wastewater management. Awards are based on merit, and applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0. Award amounts vary, and are determined by course of study and college of attendance.
  2. The National Environmental Health Association Scholarship offers a maximum of $1000 and is available for students purshuing degrees and careers in environmental engineering. For degree program higher than bachelors degree, applicant is expected to have obtained a bachelor degree in a course related to environmental engineering. Scholarships are open to students enrolled at an EHAC accredited college or university. Applicants must be student members of the NEHA to be considered for an award.
  3. The Switzer Fellowship is offered to exceptional environmental engineering majors who are pursuing careers in land and water conservation, environmental justice, public health, or environmental journalism. The award is highly competitive, and applicants will be judged on their academic performance and commitment to environmental problem solving. The annual award is $15,000. This is a more reason to devote your time in what you love most, as an environmentalist you are to devote time to environmental problem solving.
  4. The Annie’s Sustainable Agriculture Scholarship to students majoring in environmental engineering with a focus on promoting sustainable farming techniques. This Scholarship In Environmental Engineering is available to both undergraduate and graduate students. The annual award is $1000.
There are also a couple of Scholarship In Environmental Engineering programs from colleges and governments which are trending, take a look at them below.

Civil and environmental engineering scholarship by Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Texas.
WORTH: $8000
 Henry Samueli School of Engineering at the University of California offers Henry Samueli Endowed Scholarship
Udall Scholarship for students pursuing degrees in fields related to the environment. Student is to select college of choice by self.
WORTH: $5000

AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellowship for post-graduate students pursuing research into environmental management and environmental science. Applicants are two provide atleast three referees.
WORTH: Vary.

Ernest F. Hollings Scholarship for students pursuing degrees and careers related to the stewardship of our oceans and atmosphere. The scholarship is accompanied by a 10 week paid internship with NOAA or one of its affiliated organizations.
Applicant must be enrolled into an approved environmental science program.
WORTH: $8000.

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