10 Best Renewable Energy Companies in Australia

In recent times, Australia has experienced a rapid increase in the availability of renewable energy from wind, solar, and hydro. Hence, we put up the article on the best renewable energy companies in Australia to help you in your search for the best whenever you decide to access a renewable source of energy for your household.

The need for a renewable energy source is on the rise daily in Australia due to the demand of consumers for products that are sourced and produced with sustainability and the environment in mind.

This has triggered the emergence of new, more renewable energy providers to satisfy consumer demand to reduce their household carbon footprint and help them play their role as we transit towards Net Zero carbon emissions.

In this article, we’ll consider the best companies of renewable energy and your access to green energy.

Renewable Energy Companies in Australia

10 Best Renewable Energy Companies in Australia

Are you in search of an energy provider that has proven it wants to do its part for the environment? This is a list of the greenest and most renewable energy companies in Australia.

Below, we make a summary of the best renewable energy company in Australia. The list helps consumers choose energy providers with the best environmental credentials that are helping Australia reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and showing a serious commitment to tackling climate change.

  • Sumo
  • Nectr
  • Diamond Energy
  • Cooperative Power (CoPower)
  • Momentum Energy
  • Energy Locals
  • Aurora Energy
  • OVO Energy
  • Indigo Power
  • Powershop

1. Sumo

This is a company owned and operated by the Australian government, with a good reputation for customer service. They also provide internet, so it may be an attractive option for people who like to bundle their services.

Choose from three residential plans and seven small business plans based on where you live or work. Sumo Energy offers electricity and gas plans in NSW and Victoria.

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2. Nectr

This is an Australian energy company offering Solar, Battery, and Solar + Battery energy bundles with no upfront costs, making your move to renewable energy more affordable.

Nectr Energy Offers some 100% renewable energy plans, solar tariff plans, and solar/battery bundles.  Nectr Energy is an active supporter of solar and other renewable investments through its parent company, Hanwha Group.

However, despite Nectr Energy’s strong commitment to solar energy and the 100% renewable electricity plans available, they still buy from and engage with the energy spot market, which is dominated by coal.

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3. Diamond Energy

Diamond Energy scores 100% across the board, particularly in the fact that it is a 100% renewable energy generator that deals mostly in solar as well as a green energy retailer.

Diamond Energy has moved up in the ranks as the greenest energy company in Australia since Enova Energy closed down.

Diamond Energy owns over 1,000 renewable electricity generator rooftop solar installations and is the first company in Australia to offer a solar feed-in tariff for battery storage.

In addition, Diamond Energy is more than 80% owned by employees and company directors, which makes it a socially sustainable company with a real human drive for change behind its operations. It is also the company with the fewest customer complaints in Australia.

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4. Cooperative Power (CoPower)

This is a renewable energy company with a member-based, not-for-profit energy cooperative. CoPower partners with Energy Locals and, through its partnership, invest heavily in the community.

While CoPower encourages renewable energy investments amongst its members with its not-for-profit model, it does not engage with energy-efficient demand-response measures and doesn’t have transparent marketing, which would give the company a higher score.

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5. Momentum Energy

Momentum Energy is a renewable energy company owned by Hydro Tasmania that generates mostly hydroelectric energy. Momentum Power is one of the largest hydropower stations in Australia, and the same generator still owns two large gas power stations.

However, Momentum Energy does offer active support for residential solar PV and invests in renewable energy. Momentum Energy scored well for renewable energy usage and the emissions intensity of its generation assets.

It also tended to score lower on the work it’s doing on clean energy promotion, with its submission providing limited details in these areas. All of that being said, Momentum is still a greener option than most energy retailers.

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6. Energy Locals

Energy Locals is mostly an Australian-owned renewable energy investment fund and has headquarters and call centers in Victoria, offering solar feed-in tariffs and smart meter installation and operation.

Energy Locals is not a huge player, only offering electricity to over 46,000 households in 2022, or just under 0.49% of Australia’s residential energy consumers, according to 2021–22 figures.

Energy Locals invests heavily in community-based renewable energy initiatives and actively supports solar solutions to help communities reduce dependency on the grid.

Energy Locals is available in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, the ACT, and Tasmania states of Australia. It claims to offer carbon offsets, solar feed-in tariffs, and smart meter installations.

Energy Locals is one of the few energy retailers still offering a fixed fee structure that claims to give you the cheapest usage rates.

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7. Aurora Energy

Aurora Energy is a renewable company owned by the Tasmania Government which also runs the predominantly-renewable Hydro Tasmania generator.

Despite getting most of its energy generated through hydropower, Aurora Energy still gets some of its electricity generation from gas thanks to Hydro Tasmania’s two gas power stations. However, Aurora Energy does not operate, or contract any coal power stations.

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8. OVO Energy

This is a foreign-owned renewable energy company founded in the UK in 2009 that only established an Australian presence in 2019. Though its operations are still run through the Bristol headquarters in the UK, OVO has a local call center in Melbourne.

OVO is a renewable energy company that offers renewable energy services and 10% GreenPower energy by default. Customers can choose to upgrade to 100% GreenPower as well.

For electric vehicle drivers, there are also benefits called OVO Drive, which include savings of $0.05/kWh off your standard power bill when you charge your car between 00:00 and 05:00. OVO is available in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia States of Australia

OVO also predicts your annual energy usage and then divides this by 12, so you pay the same rate every month by default (a process called bill smoothing). If this leads to your account being in credit, then OVO will pay 3% interest on the balance.

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9. Indigo Power

This is a white-label renewable energy company that trades through its partner, Energy Locals. It is a community-owned renewable energy company that supports local renewable projects.

Despite their strong stance against fossil fuels and their push for community-based renewable energy, particularly in rural and regional Australia, Indigo Power still buys from the coal-dominated open market. However, Indigo Power has committed to ending its use of coal by 2030.

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10. Powershop

Those who have followed along closely will know that Powershop was also a winner in our prior Finder Green Awards. Powershop Australia is currently owned by Meridian, a major renewable energy company, that is soon going to be acquired by Shell.

Powershop itself is still being run with climate action as a top priority. All power is sourced from 100% renewable energy, all plans are carbon neutral, and it offers the cheapest GreenPower pricing that we saw.

It also still has some of Australia’s leading clean energy initiatives, including a plan that lets electric vehicle owners charge their cars on the cheap at night.

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These are the best ten renewable energy providers in Australia with the highest green electricity.

It is of utmost importance for you to access these companies for your energy options if you advocate for a Sustainable Future and have the environment in mind. We have to reduce our carbon footprint, hence the need to consider renewable sources of energy generation.


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