Top 11 Renewable Energy Companies in Nigeria

Nigeria has the largest population of any country in Africa, with a population of over 200 million. It shouldn’t be a surprise that a country with such a large population will have a high need for electricity.

The renewable energy companies in Nigeria are expanding quickly and have enormous promise. It is regarded as a crucial part of the nation’s energy mix and is anticipated to be crucial in supplying the majority of the country’s energy requirements.

Solar, wind, hydropower, and geothermal energy are all abundant sources of renewable energy in Nigeria. In Nigeria, solar energy is the most accessible renewable energy source and can provide up to 2,000 MW of electricity.

With the capacity to produce up to 1,000 MW of electricity, wind energy is another significant potential source of renewable energy in Nigeria. Another possible source of renewable energy in Nigeria is hydropower, which can produce up to 3,000 MW of electricity.

In Nigeria, geothermal energy has the potential to provide up to 1,000 MW of power, making it another viable source of renewable energy.

Nigeria’s energy mix includes a significant amount of renewable energy, which is anticipated to play a significant part in addressing the country’s energy needs.

With the correct legislation and investment, renewable energy can help decrease the nation’s reliance on fossil fuels and provide a more reliable and sustainable source of energy for the future.

Electricity connectivity should become more widely available, and environmental harm should be curbed as a result of foreign companies that specialize in renewable energy entering the market. In this post, we examine Nigeria’s top renewable energy companies.

Top Renewable Energy Companies in Nigeria

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One of Nigeria’s most prosperous renewable energy businesses is Wavetra Energy. The company’s area of competence is the installation of solar power systems. Nigeria’s top solar training facility is now thought to be its Wavetra Energy Academy.

The company has established strategic partnerships with provincial government organizations as well as with private organizations and enterprises to conduct training programs for the development of employable skills and to empower young people.

All of the company’s operations are conducted with a high level of environmental consciousness, and an Environmental Management System has been put in place that meets the requirements of International Standard ISO 14001.

In 2018, Wavetra Energy won the Nigerian award for the most effective renewable energy brand.

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One of Nigeria’s more prosperous renewable energy businesses is Unitronix Global. The company offers domestic renewable energy technology and alternative power solutions.

The business was founded to improve the quality of life of its clients by offering a selection of premium products and services that are tailored to their unique demands.

World Class Solar Energy, a business with the technological know-how and production power to make a sizeable number of contemporary solar components, works with Unitronix Global Co. Limited.

The company has shifted its emphasis to the development of products that use the most cutting-edge technology and environmentally friendly materials as a result of its unwavering commitment to the idea that all of its products should give the highest degree of customer satisfaction possible.

This is done to satisfy the public’s and customers’ constantly rising expectations in Nigeria about performance.

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To take advantage of the market opportunity, former executives who oversaw renewable energy at key international energy and technology companies, such as Tesla USA and SolarCity USA, founded Solarwox Renewable Energy Ltd.

The business argues that by showcasing its extensive knowledge of solar renewable energy and technology, it is exhibiting its commitment to excellence in its interactions with the people and government of Nigeria. This is what the business means when it claims to be demonstrating its commitment to excellence.

They assert that by offering the highest caliber design, construction, installation, and maintenance services for solar projects, they hope to become market leaders.

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Ecozar Technologies has grown to become one of Nigeria’s most prosperous solar energy businesses since its founding more than ten years ago. In homes and businesses all around the country, the company has installed solar power systems and inverters.

The business specializes in inverter battery backup solutions as well as the design, installation, and maintenance of premium solar energy systems. It provides dependable power solutions that are both economically viable and adaptable to each customer’s unique demands and preferences.

The company is made up of enthusiastic engineers and specialists working in the field of renewable energy who make sure that the energy needs of our customers are met as affordably as possible. Additionally, they provide infrastructure support whenever it is needed, around the clock, every day of the week.

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One of the largest renewable energy firms in Nigeria is Astrum Energy. It is one of the biggest solar energy service providers in the country. Not just in Nigeria but also in other countries, the company is considered a pioneer in the development of solar energy.

Since Astrum Energy has been in operation for more than 20 years, they have built a reputation for providing clients with unmatched customer service while constructing specialized renewable energy projects.

The business provides a wide range of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy solutions to meet the requirements of any home or business.

Astrum Energy offers design, installation, testing, and commissioning services for renewable and sustainable energy efficiency solutions to residential, business, and rural off-grid energy users. High-quality renewable and sustainable energy technology is supported by these services.

When possible, the renewable energy company collaborates with important industry players and governmental organizations to offer alternative energy sources and encourage environmentally friendly behavior.

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Decentralized energy systems are designed, created, distributed, and financed by the British company BBOXX. They work in the renewable energy sector. It runs across several African nations, including Kenya and Nigeria among others.

Off-grid communities in underdeveloped countries can gain from BBOXX’s innovative, economical, and sustainable energy solutions.

BBOX is a vertically integrated company that specializes in providing technology. They also run a business that offers services connected to distributed energy.

BBOXX is unwaveringly dedicated to the promotion of fresh concepts within the company. Their cutting-edge, next-generation hardware and software are created with a speedy route to market in mind.

Additionally, the engineering and quality assurance teams get direct input from the operations department of the company.

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Leading provider of renewable energy in Nigeria, Power Tech Solar Energy strives to outperform rivals by offering the highest caliber power goods for use in domestic, commercial, and industrial settings.

Power backup, the purchase of heavy machinery and equipment, the sale and installation of power storage, and alternative energy solutions like solar, wind, and thermal are the company’s areas of expertise.

Powertech Solar was established in 2010 and provides portable hybrid rooftop systems, smart grid power plants, off-grid and on-grid solar solutions, and wind energy systems.

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An engineering project firm called GreenPower Overseas Ltd. specializes in renewable energy, power electronics, HVAC, and electrical services, and it offers customized solutions to a variety of industries in Nigeria and the West African sub-region.

Telecommunications, hospitality, transportation, real estate, agriculture, oil and gas, healthcare, and public infrastructure are a few of these sectors.

A dedicated team of management staff, engineers, and other specialists who are dedicated to the research and development of renewable energy sources lead the firm. They place a strong emphasis on providing top-notch service and ensuring customer happiness.

The company’s engineering services cover all aspects of design, procurement, installation, operation, maintenance, and consulting.

To create a workable solution to Nigeria’s power and energy issues, GreenPower GP collaborates with the world’s top businesses that specialize in the production of electricity and the use of renewable energy sources.

Among their various services are power protection systems, power system solutions, MEP contractor services, and power PV solutions.

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Since its founding in 2007, Solar Force Energy has grown to become one of Nigeria’s most renowned renewable energy companies. The business is committed to utilizing sustainable energy sources and is concentrated on making solar technology available to Nigerians.

This is an essential step in aiding the country’s switch to solar energy.

A division of the American-based Solar Force Corporation is Solar Force Nigeria (SFN). Solar Force Nigeria offers a variety of products, including micro and mini-grids, home systems, solar streetlights, solar boreholes, and commercial systems.

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Since its founding in August 2011, Leks Environmental Limited has established a strong reputation for the reliability and effectiveness of its solutions in the fields of scientific research, environmental protection, and public health.

In Nigeria, Leks Environmental Limited is a full-service provider of renewable energy, specializing in alternative energy sources and building facilities for energy production and environmental protection.

The company offers performance-improving solutions across various industries, including waste transportation, waste recycling equipment, medical emergency transportation and equipment, environmental instrumentation, and health and safety items.

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Several awards have been given to Infinite Solar Solutions Nigeria Limited, a solar energy business that conducts business in Nigeria, for the excellence of its work. Along with the importation of those products, they are knowledgeable about the wholesale and retail distribution of solar goods.

They set up LEDs, solar panels, hybrid and standalone inverters, solar street lights, solar refrigerators, and solar lighting. They also install solar panels (lamps), among other things. Additionally, Infinite Solar Solutions is well known for its excellent customer service staff and timely product delivery.

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As we have seen, there has been a increase in solar energy companies in Nigeria and though Nigeria’s major source of electricity still remains hydroelectricity as renewable energy and petroleum gas as non-renewable energy.

Solar energy is gradually reducing the use of petroleum gas and this has been majorly driven by these companies listed above both in training and installation of solar energy.


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