3 Best Solar Chargers for Laptops

Are you working remotely? Are you living in a developing country with an interrupted power supply? Do you love hiking or camping and want a reliable and safe power supply for your laptop? If you are any of these, I got news for you.

After thorough research, I have hand-picked 3 attested best solar chargers for laptops for you.

You like being prepared for emergencies, you live off-grid, you are constantly on road trips, or you’re preparing for one. These best solar chargers for laptops will keep your PC powered by utilizing the constantly available energy in nature and not a penny more!

One very special reason why you should go for solar chargers for laptops is that most of them function as mini power stations and have the capacity to charge various other electronics apart from your laptops such as cell phones, Macbooks, rechargeable headlamps, cameras, mini-fridges, air pumps, drones, and tablets—and many times, at the same time. 

Without further ado, let’s plunge into the solution you seek today.

Best Solar Chargers for Laptops

These are the 3 best solar chargers for laptops

  • Jackery Explorer 1000W
  • Offgrid Solar Backpack Charger
  • Goal Zero Yeti 200X Lithium Portable Power Station

1. Jackery Explorer 1000W

3 Best Solar Chargers for Laptops
credit: YuenX

The fact that it was built with durability in mind is a plus, making it our top overall choice among the best solar chargers for laptops. It has a 1000-watt continuous power supply with a surge of up to 2000 watts. This means that if you plug in a device or devices and they surge above 1000, it doesn’t trip but surge up and returns without a scratch.

Another stand-out feature is the built-in MPPT module that monitors the voltage and output of the solar panel, adding up to 23% more solar recharging efficiency, and an excellent LCD display that you can use to monitor the input power, output power, and the remaining battery capacity.

The Jackery Explorer 1000 has 3 ways to recharge: a solar panel, an AC outlet, and a car outlet.

Apart from laptops, the Jackery Explorer 1000 can also power a very wide range of devices such as TV, drone, CPAP, rice cooker, construction tools, mini-fridges, cameras, led lights, phones, coffee makers, all sorts of entertainment devices even gaming, sound systems such as speakers and microphone, and pads, etc.

Its dimension is 13.1 x 9.1 x 11.1 and it weighs 22 pounds.

It is a lithium-iron battery station. It has 3 sine-wave AC ports, one DC power input, an Anderson power input, and one DC power output. One cooling fan and a light to illuminate the dark.

It is perfect for directly charging up to 8 devices at one time as it has:

  • 3 110V AC ports
  • 2 USB-A ports
  • 2 USB-C ports
  • 1 DC 12V carport

It also comes with a DC charging cable. An Anderson dual power cable connects two solar panels to the device.

The Jackery can power your laptop over ten times, TV over 14 hours, the average phone over a hundred times, dozens of batteries for your camera, and all sorts of electronics.

You can charge it with 2 solar panels 100 watts each- that charge for roughly eight hours each. However, note that it won’t charge with rain or cloud.

To determine how long it will take to charge your laptop, divide 1000w by the number of wattages your laptop has. If your laptop is 60 watts, it can charge your laptop for up to 16 hours.

It has a 24-month warranty and accessible customer service.

A con of this is that it is expensive. However, I think I can call it an expensive investment.

Another downside is the Jackery 1000 is a hefty box to lug around if you’re hiking or camping. You may not be able to go far from your van. But is more efficient when you are overlanding, RVing, or boating.

The Jackery Explorer 1000 can be the basic electrical setup for your camping van.

If you are looking for a strong power dispenser, with durability, and efficiency among the best solar chargers for laptops, I strongly recommend the Jackery.

Price at the time of publication: $1,000.

2. Voltaic Solar Backpack Charger

3 Best Solar Chargers for Laptops
source: solar backpacking

For you hikers, you may like the option of charging your laptop while hiking or jogging. The Voltaic Solar Backpack Charger for Laptops may also help you when you are engaged in outdoor activities.

As solar continues to grow, you can expect it anywhere, even as we learn more about solar.

It has solar panels connected to the exterior part of the backpack which collects energy from the sun. When sunlight hits the solar panels of a Voltaic solar backpack, the collected solar power is converted to electricity that will be stored in its batteries. These batteries can be used to charge your laptop while on the go.

You have the option to charge the battery (a lithium polymer battery) and your laptop at the same time.

This backpack unit can charge the average laptop in roughly six hours.

It is primarily designed to charge laptops on the move, this unit also features a built-in battery pack capable of charging any USB-compatible device, including smartphones, and batteries for mirrorless cameras.

Among the best solar chargers for laptops, hikers love this because not only is it a strong power source, it comes with a backpack for your hike. Very high-quality built for the outdoors and material that can withstand the elements.

It includes a padded pocket for your laptop or tablet, a storage space of 1,500 cubic inches, a secure mobile phone pocket, and more pockets of different sizes which you can use for storing other smaller devices.

It is UV-resistant, lightweight, and waterproof. And the fabric is made from recycled soda bottles, or PET.

The batteries themselves charge very fast under the sun.

The stand-out feature of this device is that the output is very high for portable batteries- about as good as a wall socket.

The compartment or pocket that houses the battery is connected to the solar panel. There is internal wiring from the solar panel to an output that charges the batteries.

It has three monocrystalline solar panels that are removable and can be washed and fitted back with 10.5 watts and an 18-volt output, and a 24,000 mAh battery.

It comes with different extension cords and a charging cable.

If you want flexibility and efficiency among If you are looking for a strong power dispenser, with durability, and efficiency among the best solar chargers for laptops, here you have it.

Price at the time of publication:

3. Goal Zero Yeti 200X Lithium Portable Power Station

3 Best Solar Chargers for Laptops
Source: Goal Zero

This is the smallest of the Yeti series from Goal Zero. It is powered by a 187-watt lithium battery. I think I’m allowed to call it a ‘high-capacity power tool in a very small package’.

The stand-out feature of this device is the more modern option for power delivery. That is the 60-watt USB Type-C PD (Power Delivery) input/output port. This port can be used to charge the Goal Zero Yeti 200X Lithium Portable Power Station and can also be used to charge your laptop. It is a rare one.

Its dimensions are 5.1 x 7.1 x 5.1 inches and as lightweight as 5 lbs. It is really light and small if you compare it to the height of your android phone or even a box of tissue. That’s how much compact it is.

You can charge this portable power station 3 ways- a wall charger, solar panels, and a 12-volt car charger.

For the solar panel, try the Nomad 50. It will take about 5- 10 hours for a full charge.

With a solar charger of this capacity- any brand, you should be expecting it to power your laptops, rechargeable headlamps, tablet, and smartphones, DSLR camera, can run a CPAP machine, mini fridge, fan, and drone but not a hair dryer, construction tools, or Air Conditioner.

It can charge your 50 Watts laptop 4 times.

The glory of this device is that first, it offers an incredible range of charging options and second, it has a very simple interface – an output of 120 watts modified AC sine-wave inverter, LCD display of charge level. 2 USB A ports, 2 USB c ports, a 12-volt car port output, 6 mm output port of 120 watts.

The charging port input is located on the back of the device and is an 8mm input port with a maximum power rating of 100 watts.

It comes with 3 types of wall socket chargers – Type I, Type G, and Type C.

A friendly warning here: it is important to check the surge power of any device you want to charge using the Goal Zero Yeti 200X before you plug it into the inverter so the inverter doesn’t get damaged. Make sure that the capacity is not greater than what is instructed.

If you want surprising portability and efficiency at the same time, If you are looking for a strong power dispenser, with durability, and efficiency among the best solar chargers for laptops, this is it.

Price at the time of publication: $299.95


The best solar chargers for laptops must consider such factors as weight and number and types of output ports and batteries. If they tick your boxes on these points, you may have just gotten your tailored option among the best solar chargers for laptops.

3 Best Solar Chargers for Laptops – FAQs

How long will it take to charge my laptop from solar?

The duration of charge can be determined by the clearness of the weather, the number of watts in your solar charger, and the size of your laptop battery. I can’t speak generally but when the watts are known, I can estimate.


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