17 Brands for Shoes made from Recycled Materials

16% to 32% of the total environmental pollution produced by the fashion sector is attributable to footwear.

The production of shoes has a variety of negative effects on the environment depending on the material.

For instance, the tanning process for leather frequently uses hazardous chemicals, not to mention the environmental effects of cow farms.

Conversely, synthetic-based footwear is composed of plastic, and textile-based footwear consumes a lot of water.

A pair of shoes typically ends up in a landfill after reaching the end of their useful life, where it may take more than a thousand years for it to degrade.

What then is an alternative?

That’s simple. Shoes manufactured from recycled and renewable materials.

Reasons why you should go for shoes made from recycled materials

Each year, how many billions of pairs of shoes are discarded around the world?

It is more difficult to recycle footwear since it typically comprises various elements including metals, plastics, and leather.

Some synthetic materials decompose in landfills over 1,000 years. Shoes are subject to seasonal trends, just like the majority of the fashion industry.

Sneakers are among the worst offenders.

The most recent releases from renowned labels are frequently thrown or burned because they are no longer the hottest fashion must-haves.

It’s time to start considering our shoe-buying habits as they relate to a planet that is being eaten by diminishing natural resources, an abundance of chemical waste, and plastics.

Can materials from our worn-out shoes be used in other products? Certainly, I say.

Could we choose shoes made by companies that fight pollution and innovate with natural resources?

These companies demonstrate that recycled shoes are unquestionably the future of footwear through cutting-edge design and inventive material use.

17 Brands for Shoes made from Recycled Materials

The following are the major brands that make shoes from recycled materials.

1. Clarks

Product image of Clarks Origin

The new Clarks Origin line emphasizes simplicity to produce a design that only employs five parts and cleverly snaps together without the use of glue.

The outcome? Less plastic means less waste and a better effect on the environment.

The collection is a part of their “Made to Last” philosophy, which ensures a well-made, comfortable shoe that stands the test of time.

Simple unlined leathers from a Gold-rated tannery that use less water and energy throughout the tanning process make up the components.

They are beautifully light and soft, as well as breathable.

There are three colors available for you to select from white, black, and light pink.

To reduce the amount of plastic waste, Clarks Origins are free of adhesive.


Image of woman wearing trainers taken from below

By introducing a brand-new recycling program, “Circle,” to close the loop, sustainable sneaker company Norm in Belgium is taking on the wasteful trend of throwing out old shoe head-on.

If you have an old pair of Norms that appear to have seen better days, you may send them free to the company and receive 15% off your subsequent purchase.

It makes no difference how worn out your sneakers are.

They will clean them up and donate them to a non-profit if the damage isn’t too severe.

If the sneakers are still in good condition after that, they will be crushed and made into outsoles. Whatever happens, your worn-out shoes will be given a fresh lease on life.

3. Vionic

Look no further than Vionic if you want a pair of summer shoes that are vegan and light.

Vionic’s Pismo sneakers are cozy, supportive, and earth-friendly, making them ideal for trips to the city or the beach.

The eco-friendly canvas used in the women’s lace-up styles is derived from cotton that has undergone ethical production.

Additionally, they have outsoles made of 80% rubber and 20% soybean base compound, as well as 50% post-consumer recycled polyester.

You can wash them if they get a little dirty to keep them looking fantastic for longer.

The fact that this shoe is available in various colors and styles is another reason why we adore it.

The ideal footwear for summer is Vionic.

4. Vivobarefoot

Green Vivobarefoot sneakers product image for recycled shoes

With their barefoot-like, fully supported soles, Vivobarefoot shoes are all about environmentally friendly, regenerative footwear that brings you close to nature.

ReVivo, a resale marketplace where you can purchase previously used and carefully reconditioned Vivobarefoot sneakers, has also been introduced by the B Corp-certified company.

This implies that every pair of Vivobarefoot shoes has an end-of-life option, keeping them out of landfills.

All reconditioned footwear is given a Good, Great, or Excellent rating. Any that are beyond repair and cannot be renewed by professionals are recycled.

Shop for recycled shoes for men, women, and children. Find vegan slip-on, pumps, walking boots, and court shoes.

Vivobarefoot is an authority on eco-friendly footwear.

5. Langbrett

Even skate shoes have undergone an ethical transformation.

The footwear from the German brand Langbrett is constructed with recycled cork soles, organic cotton fleece inside, and chrome-free leather.

All goods are produced in Europe, primarily in Portugal, following ethical labor practices.

Langbrett goes above and beyond when it comes to procuring materials; they have their flock of sheep for making wool, and their profits support the growth of their German skating community.

Recycled cork is among the ecological shoe options offered by Langbrett.

6. Astral

Take a trip with Astral’s minimalist off-road sneakers.

The Donner design is robust and permeable because it is made of recycled polyester and hemp (and thankfully we hear rot-resistant).

Astral, a company founded by a biodynamic farmer, makes high-tech shoes with minimal environmental impact for folks who like to spend their weekends in the outdoors.

Hemp and recycled polyester are used to make the Astral Donner.

7. Collection & Co

Red slipper shoe

Collection & Co., a new vegan shoe company in Britain, offers a line of stylish heels and boots that are PETA-approved and start at an affordable price.

Instead of using leather, they create the shoes in small, family-run firms in Portugal using recycled and waste materials.

Think graphic block heels, power courts, gorgeous brogues, and mustard ankle boots.

Additionally, a line for men is now available, including Chelsea boots, unisex Piatex® sneakers, and imitation leather boots.

Shoes by Collection & Co are made from natural and recycled materials.

8. Rens

Person climbing on a wall

Rens is diving headfirst into the next wave of vegan footwear.

They developed a ground-breaking process to produce their fashionable and environmentally friendly sneakers as part of a commitment to combat the waste caused by the fashion industry.

These caffeine-infused sneakers are waterproof, odor-free, and light on the feet thanks to the material, which is created from a mixture of used coffee grounds and recycled plastic.

In actuality, a single pair of Rens sneakers contains 150 kilos of coffee waste and six recycled plastic bottles.

addressing food and plastic waste to make the fashion industry more environmentally friendly? To us, it seems like a great concept.

Rens are made from coffee and plastic waste

9. Tropicfeel

pair of blue trainers with sole up on white background

The ideal travel shoe that has received complete PETA approval is Tropicfeel.

The last thing you need before embarking on an adventure that includes trekking, swimming, and sightseeing is a bag full of shoes!

The solution is in these adaptable vegan sneakers.

The footwear from Tropicfeel gives you the appearance of a daily shoe, the strength of a trekking shoe, and the comfort of a walking shoe.

They only cooperate with vendors who can be fully tracked across the entire supply chain.

To guarantee that their 100% plant-based shoes are made from recycled and eco-friendly materials, including plastic water bottles, they have also teamed with Cosmo and Bloom Foam.

The best vegan sneaker created for active people


VIVAIA strives to minimize its impact on the environmental catastrophe that the fashion industry has created.

Instead, they use eco-friendly materials to create basics for seasonless wardrobes.

They come in a variety of vibrant and attractive colors, and their style is ageless, classic, and elegant.

The footwear collection by VIVAIA is manufactured sustainably with a mix of natural and recyclable materials.

The shoes are stitched together using recycled plastic water bottles, and the extra cushioning comes from natural latex foam made from rubber resin.

The shoes also include flexible, fungus- and odor-resistant carbon-free rubber outsoles.

Shoes by VIVAIA are ageless, classy, and exquisite.

11. Ponto Footwear

feet wearing Ponto shoes

I present to you the perfect all-purpose shoe.

Ponto Footwear offers the benefits of a trainer in a typical dress shoe style. In Ponto, you can travel between the boardroom and the bar (and vice versa).

The shoe is constructed using scrap leather that has been collected from tannery floors. This is a substance that would have ended up in a landfill.

A biodegradable odor-suppressing Tencel fabric is used to line the recycled foam insole of the Pacific, which has an algae-based foam bottom.

It conforms to your feet and is flexible, breathable, sweat-resistant, and light.

Ponto produces the Pacific using recycled water and has eliminated numerous hazardous practices from its manufacturing processes.

The environment will now benefit from the purchase of one pair of 120 bottles of filtered water.

The Ponto shoe will enable you to go from day to night.

12. Allbirds


The incredibly comfortable trainers are made with superfine merino wool from New Zealand, where Allbirds originated. They also use 60% less energy during production, turn waste plastic from the ocean into laces, and are packaged in recyclable cardboard.

Each pair is incredibly light and free of logos; did we also mention that they are glove-fitting? We are fixated.

13. YY Nation

YY Nation Nimbo Bamboo sneaker in blue product image

Introducing one of the shoes with the lowest carbon footprint on the market. Nimbo Bamboo of the YY Nation.

born in New Zealand A sustainable shoe company called YY Nation is dedicated to producing footwear that is Zero Carbon certified.

Their OEKO-TEK-certified bamboo, ethically sourced merino wool and other bio-based materials like sugarcane and algae are used to make their Nimbo Bamboo sneakers.

Additionally, they have post-consumer plastic laces and recycled pineapple leather decorations. Additionally, the style is available in many colors!

Additionally, YY Nation is aiming to make it possible for customers to return used shoes so they can be recycled, sold again, or donated to people in need. Keep checking back!

The goal of YY Nation is to produce some of the least carbon-emitting footwear yet.

14. Tretorn

Tretorn 100% recycled shoes

Say welcome to the incredibly attractive Tretorn sneakers from Sweden.

These low-slung, casual trainers, which draw inspiration from the 1960s’ sleek tennis shoes, come with flashes of color if you don’t want to go with the all-white look and are constructed entirely of recyclable and recycled materials.

15. KUMI Sneakers

Pair of feet wearing sneakers

A brand-new line of sneakers from KUMI Sneakers, dubbed “sneakers for adventurous people,” is soon to be released and is ideal for ethical travelers.

The three guiding principles of KUMI are respect for animals, a sustainable fashion business, and encouragement of local manufacturing.

Their shoes blend vegan and sustainable materials with recycled materials, such as plastic bottles, to provide an ethically sound yet fashionable design.

There is presently only one prototype and six different sneaker designs available.

Vegan, environmentally friendly, and created from recycled materials, KUMI sneakers.

16. Cariuma

Blue shoe surrounded by plants

The reduction of carbon emissions is one of the main justifications for recycling.

Cariuma employs a preventative strategy by designing a shoe with a small carbon footprint from the start.

In actuality, their brand-new IBI Slip-on sneaker has the smallest carbon footprint in existence.

The hardworking team behind the low-emission shoe reduced the footprint to 5.48kg CO2e after 24 months of development.

The average pair is roughly 14kg CO2e, for reference.

The IBI Slip-on has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to wear, and it includes a one-piece lightweight bamboo-knit upper and sugar cane EVA outsole.

Additionally, these sneakers are built to last.

Low-carbon sneakers are made by Cariuma from the beginning.

17. Timberland

Product image of recycled shoes from Timberland

Say hello to your favorite new environmentally friendly sneakers created with recycled cotton and environmentally conscious tree wood pulp.

The minimalist TrueCloudTM women’s sneakers from Timberland are easy on your feet and the environment.

Each pair includes an Ortholite® comfort foam insole to keep your feet dry, odor-free, and cushioned for a long time.

To suit your style, select slip-on or lace-ups in pastel pink, grey, black, or white.

Does another quality Pebble appreciate? ReBOTLTM fabric liner from the TrueCloudTM line contains at least 50% recycled plastic. The laces also contain 50% PET plastic. 

List of Shoes made from Recycled Materials

Below is a list of some shoes that are made from recycled materials. There is more to this list certainly

  • Clarks Origin
  • NORM
  • Vionic
  • Vivobarefoot
  • Astral
  • Collection & Co
  • Rens
  • Tropicfeel
  • Ponto Footwear
  • Allbirds
  • YY Nation
  • Tretorn
  • KUMI Sneakers
  • Cariuma
  • Timberland
  • Rothy’s
  • Allbirds
  • Addidas x Parley
  • Icebug
  • Sperry
  • Giesswein
  • On Running
  • Casca
  • Chaco Footwear
  • Thousand Fell
  • 8000Kicks
  • Thesus
  • Eating The Goober
  • Converse Renew Recycled Chuck Taylors
  • Reebok
  • Stella McCartney
  • Indosole Recycled Tire Shoes
  • Nike Flyknit Recycled Running Shoes
  • Saolo Recycled and Vegan Shoes
  • The North Face Recycled Shoes
  • MOVMT Recycled and Organic Cotton Shoes
  • Nothing New Recycled Shoes


Recycling materials is the go-to now. We can still retain the beauty of the materials we recycle when done properly but also we help protect that environment and also reduce the cost of production.

I am sure more companies will still join this increasing market of recycled shoes which would be of benefit to the environment. You reading this can also take action. It would be climate positive I bet you.

17 Brands for Shoes made from Recycled Materials – FAQs

What are the recycled materials that can be used to make shoes?

Recycled plastic, pineapple, bamboo, cork, and recycled tires are the top six eco-friendly materials for shoes. All of these provide a more effective substitute for materials like leather, suede, and plastics, whose production requires a lot of resources.


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