10 Best Renewable Energy Companies in UK

In a bid to help you in your search for a better energy option, we have discovered for you the 10 best renewable energy companies in UK.

The United Kingdom or UK has one of the largest economies in the world with a 2021 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $3.19 trillion. In the same year, only the United States, China, Japan, and Germany had higher nominal GDP. By GDP, the United Kingdom’s economy also ranks 10 in the world.

As one of the biggest economies, the UK uses a lot of energy. With a population of around 67.33 million, total energy consumption in the UK was 134 million tonnes of oil equivalent for 2021, up 4.6% from pandemic-affected 2020 according to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy for the UK.

With more focus on building energy-efficient homes, energy consumption might not rise very much shortly. The high-growth clean technology and green energy sectors are a diverse ecosystem of startups and scale-ups working to protect our planet.

From electric vehicles (EVs) and renewable energy companies to insect-based protein for your pets, the UK is home to a whole host of exciting companies developing innovative clean technologies to combat climate change.

In this article, we will take a look at 10 of the biggest renewable energy companies in the UK. In a bid for the government to achieve their Net-Zero Emission by 2030 and investment trends in the UK clean technology sector.

Renewable Energy Companies in UK

10 Best Renewable Energy Companies in UK

The following are the best renewable energy companies in UK:

  • Bramble Energy
  • Octopus Energy
  • Tokamak
  • Zeigo
  • Ecotricity 
  • OVO Energy
  • Green Energy UK
  • ContourGlobal
  • Iberdrola
  • E.ON

1. Bramble Energy

Bramble Energy designs and manufactures low-cost hydrogen fuel cells using printed circuit board (PCB) materials. The company was spun out of University College London and Imperial College London in 2015 and set out to supply businesses with cost-effective and scalable renewable energy sources.

Across three rounds so far in equity fundraising, it has raised £5.89 million, with an add-on of at least seven innovation grants. The renewable energy company secured its latest £5 million deal in August 2020, at a pre-money valuation of £3 million.

The round saw involvement from BGF Growth Capital, alongside several follow-on investors, including IP Group, Parkwalk Opportunities EIS Fund, and UCL Technology Fund.

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2. Octopus Energy 

Octopus Energy is a British renewable energy company founded by Greg Jackson. It is a 100% renewable energy company that invests in sustainable technology. They are doing better for humans and the environment.

This energy company in Britain is ruled by a handful of complacent dinosaurs peddling fossil fuels, pricing trickery, and poor customer service.  They’ve also branched out into electric vehicles, devising a system called the Powerloop whereby drivers can run their homes off of their car’s power during peak energy times, thus relieving the national grid of vital pressure.

A field of wind turbines producing renewable energy for the UK against the background of an orange and pink sunset

It’s this kind of innovation that will help propel the UK into a more sustainable future. Alongside their investments in green technology, Octopus is known for its transparent pricing and lack of exit tariffs. They also achieved first place in 2019.

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3. Tokamak

Tokamak Energy was a product of the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE) in Oxford. It is making deliberate efforts to advance the development of clean energy production through the joining together of hydrogen atoms through the use of devices that combine plasma in a magnetic field with superconductors.

Recently, Tokamak Energy has secured £123 million in equity fundraising across 10 rounds and at least £11.4m in innovation grants. The green energy company’s January 2020 raise, totaling £67 million, is being used to increase its plans to build a fusion reactor by 2030.

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4. Zeigo

Zeigo is a climate-tech platform that is located in London. It enables businesses to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively source impactful energy.

Since 2019, Zeigo has reduced the complexities surrounding renewable energy procurement as well as democratized access to truly renewable energy by making the process of connecting generators with large companies more efficient, more digital, and more accessible. Zeigo is Founded by Juan Pablo Cerda.

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5. Ecotricity

Ecotricity founded in 1996 by Dale Vinve Has been providing UK homes and businesses with 100% renewable energy and frack-free gas. Its electricity is certified green, and also certified vegan

If you do a lot of motorway driving, you may have seen their electric vehicle charging points. Ecotricity has been a huge player in green energy, so much so, that it’s now possible to drive up and down the UK without burning fossil fuels. 

A field of solar panels producing renewable energy for the UK amongst some sunny skies with light clouds What’s even better than selling green energy to homeowners is their eye on building a sustainable future.

The company invests its profits into building renewable infrastructure, from solar farms to new windmills and even the UK’s first grass-fed green gas mill. As of September 2019, Ecotricity had been declared one of Britain’s greenest energy companies.

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6. OVO Energy 

At OVO, you get a 100% renewable energy community with 100% access to electricity as standard and access to their carbon-kicking green tech. They’ll also plant a tree in your name every year with the help of their friends at the Woodland Trust.

This means that just by joining them, you’ll be restoring nature and cutting carbon about 792kg of it a year! Ovo Energy was founded by Stephen Fitzpatrick.

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7. Green Energy UK

Located in Hertfordshire, UK, is Green Energy UK, which is the UK’s only domestic supplier of 100% green gas.

Unlike other suppliers, they do not carbon offset any of their gas because it is already completely green. No gimmicks, no carbon offsetting. Just 100% green energy for people who genuinely care about our environment.

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8. ContourGlobal

ContourGlobal is a leading multinational power generation company committed to providing reliable and sustainable energy solutions across the globe. With a strong presence in over 20 countries, including the UK, ContourGlobal specializes in developing, owning, and operating thermal and renewable power plants.

The company leverages its expertise in project development, engineering, and operations to deliver innovative energy solutions tailored to meet the needs of diverse markets.

Through its dedication to environmental stewardship and social responsibility, ContourGlobal aims to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future. With a focus on operational excellence and cutting-edge technologies, ContourGlobal continues to be at the forefront of the global energy transition.

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9. Iberdrola

Iberdrola is a leading global energy company headquartered in Spain. Iberdrola has operations in multiple countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, and Brazil, Iberdrola is recognized for its expertise in renewable energy.

The company is a major player in wind power, operating numerous onshore and offshore wind farms worldwide. Additionally, Iberdrola is involved in hydroelectric power, solar energy, and nuclear power generation.

Committed to sustainability, Iberdrola has set ambitious goals to reduce carbon emissions and promote clean energy. The company’s dedication to innovation and its extensive renewable energy portfolio position Iberdrola at the forefront of the energy transition.

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10. E.ON

E.ON Energy is a prominent energy company operating in multiple countries, including the United Kingdom. As one of the UK’s largest energy suppliers, E.ON provides electricity and gas to millions of customers, both residential and commercial.

The company focuses on offering sustainable and renewable energy solutions to reduce carbon emissions and promote a cleaner future.

E.ON is involved in various initiatives, such as developing wind farms and investing in solar energy projects. With a commitment to customer service and innovation, E.ON Energy aims to meet the energy needs of its customers while prioritizing environmental sustainability.

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I do hope, this article has informed you on taking responsible decisions about where our energy comes from. It’s important to note the difference. Buying your energy from the best 10 energy companies on our list means you are directly purchasing renewable energy.

Using the best Renewable energy companies or even a smaller company that offers energy services means you are helping to protect the environment.


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