9 Best Environmental Charities in UK

Help support nature and tackle climate change with this guide to the best environmental charities in UK.

Charities that support environmental protection and conservation work to find solutions to reduce pollution and encourage conservation. Environmentally responsible resource management is encouraged by environmental NGOs. They create effective ways to use waste and energy. This guarantees environmental protection on the part of local and international communities.

Numerous environmental organizations are working to combat climate change and environmental deterioration in the UK alone. Many of these nonprofit organizations advocate for pro-environmental and pro-climate policies by mobilizing the collective voice.

Charities can use the voices of their members to demand climate action where one voice might not be effective. The powerful may find it challenging to disregard this.

In light of this, we have created a list of the few environmental organizations operating in the UK.

Best Environmental Charities in UK

  • Greenpeace
  • The Climate Coalition
  • Action for Conservation
  • Rewilding Britain
  • Friends of The Earth
  • The Woodland Trust
  • The World Land Trust
  • Surfers Against Sewage
  • Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)

1. Greenpeace

Greenpeace, an autonomous non-profit global advocacy group dedicated to protecting the environment from exploitation, was established in 1971. Its goal is to create a planet that can support life for many generations while also being greener, healthier, and more peaceful.

The issues they are currently dealing with include plastic pollution, climate change, preserving the Antarctic, air pollution, the destruction and replacement of enormous swaths of forest and natural habitats, and many others.

The charity does not take any financial support from political parties, corporations, or government entities. Instead, regular people pay for its labor. who means Greenpeace is free to confront authorities and businesses who are wreaking havoc on the environment and demand substantive change.

To do this, Greenpeace investigates, records, and publicly discloses the causes of environmental degradation.

By engaging in lobbying, using consumer pressure, and organizing the general public, it attempts to effect change. To save the planet and advance ideas for a peaceful and environmentally friendly future, nonviolent direct action is necessary.

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2. The Climate Coalition

The Climate Coalition is the largest organization in the UK committed to combating climate change as an environmental charity.

The Climate Coalition, an association of over 140 groups, including the National Trust, the Women’s Institute, and Oxfam, forges a powerful and unifying voice that policymakers cannot avoid hearing.

Additionally, by banding together, The Climate Coalition ensures that those who can influence the development of a cleaner, more secure future hear the concerns of the general population.

The Climate Coalition has so far managed to tip the scale in favor of significant UK Government decisions, such as the establishment of a legally binding net zero emissions objective.

The Climate Coalition is now concentrated on maintaining pressure on politicians to implement the laws and investments necessary to reduce carbon emissions and create a cleaner, greener future.

The Climate Coalition is a nonprofit organization that works to protect the environment and the people and places that matter to them from the worst impacts of climate change.

Through continued pressure on the UK government and the execution of climate change awareness programs like Great Big Green Week, this support enables the nonprofit.

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3. Action for Conservation

Since its founding in 2014, Action for Conservation has collaborated with secondary schools to encourage and equip students from all backgrounds to take on leadership roles in the environmental movement.

The nonprofit also hosts residential camps, arranges environmental internships, conducts school-based workshops, and operates online youth networks.

All of these contribute to the environmental education of young people and the growth of a proactive youth conservation movement in the UK, which aims to undo past environmental blunders.

Action for Conservation thinks that a passion for the environment can permeate anyone’s life, regardless of what their day job is, and that every career should be a climate job.

As a result, they encourage young people of today to have a lifelong appreciation for nature, which will influence their aspirations and choices no matter how their lives end.

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4. Rewilding Britain

Rewilding Britain aspires to address the extinction catastrophe and climate emergency by re-engaging people with nature and fostering thriving local communities.

This environmental charity, which was established in 2015, is the first and only national organization in Britain devoted to rewilding and the advantages it may have for people, the environment, and the climate.

Its rewilding initiatives aid in the regeneration and restoration of forests. This lessens the effects of climate change, wildlife extinction, localized flooding, and soil degradation.

Of course, trees aren’t the only issue. Bringing back to life other carbon-rich habitats like peat bogs, grasslands, and sea beds is another benefit of rewilding Britain.

The nonprofit organization helps those who are looking for specific assistance with rewilding. ranging from individuals with a tiny plot of land to large farms, estates, or projects with numerous owners.

They think there is room for both food production and rewilding, and that the latter can strengthen local economies and generate employment.

Additionally, it promotes legislation that will allow for the systemic adjustment required to support rewilding. Rewilding: By the turn of the century, Britain hopes to have rewilded 30% of its land.

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5. Friends of The Earth

Friends of the Earth is an environmental advocacy group that has been fighting for the preservation of the environment and the welfare of all living things since 1971.

This nonprofit organization works to advance important environmental causes with the help of its supporters and local action groups as well as its lawyers and campaigners. This includes:

  • Empowering locals to improve their neighborhoods for everyone;
  • Urging the government to act on the energy crisis using existing solutions;
  • Advocating for environmental and social justice on a global scale.

The Friends of the Earth campaign helped pass the Climate Change Act in 2006, which required the government to reduce CO2 emissions by 3% annually. And it’s also because of Friends of the Earth’s advocacy that recycling is now picked up at our doorsteps.

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6. The Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust is the largest organization dedicated to protecting woodlands in the UK. This environmental organization has so far planted more than 50 million trees since 1972 as part of its efforts to create, maintain, and restore the heritage of natural woodlands. That translates to over 1 million trees annually.

Ancient woodland restoration is another benefit. This increases the resilience of the landscape and creates habitats where plants and animals can flourish.

The Woodland Trust also promotes legislation that safeguards trees in addition to planting new trees and fighting to preserve existing woods and trees. This important work aids in halting the loss of irreplaceable habitats and carbon reserves that are necessary to combat climate change.

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7. The World Land Trust

A UK-based environmental nonprofit organization called The World Land Trust works to prevent the extinction of the planet’s most important and imperiled species as well as their natural ecosystems.

The Trust sponsors the establishment of reserves and offers long-term protection for habitats and species through a network of partner organizations throughout the globe. Partnerships are created with reputable, long-standing local organizations that have the support of the neighborhood.

The organization, which has received support from Steve Backshall, Chris Packham, Bill Oddie, and Sir David Attenborough, has so far helped to purchase and safeguard more than 2,222,247 acres of tropical forest and other threatened habitats.

Together with its partners, the Trust makes sure that more than 4 million acres of land are managed and actively protected around the world.

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8. Surfers Against Sewage

The UK-wide organization Surfers Against Sewage was founded in 1990 by a group of Cornish surfers. To safeguard oceans, waves, beaches, and marine life, this marine conservation charity now collaborates with local governments throughout the British Isles.

They mobilize, motivate, and empower localities to take action to safeguard the seas, beaches, waves, and wildlife. They have already had a significant influence on preserving our planet through beach clean-ups and the educational work they conduct in schools, including playing a key role in the introduction of the 5p plastic bag levy.

The community of nationwide Ocean Activists campaigns on important issues like sewage, plastic pollution, the climate emergency, and ocean recovery. They all fight for clean, safe recreational waters that are free from sewage effluents, harmful chemicals, and nuclear waste.

SAS challenges industry, lawmakers, and politicians to halt their “pump and dump” tactics by presenting feasible and sustainable alternatives as a remedy to the problems with current methods, attitudes, and regulations.

Surfers Against Sewage seeks to address the problems harming the seas head-on, from the shoreline to the front benches and everywhere in between, through advocacy and educational initiatives.

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9. Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)

One of the UK’s oldest environmental organizations, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), was established in 1888 to combat the effects of the feather trade.

They seek to preserve all of nature, with a particular emphasis on birds. Their work is centered on reserves, which are essential to conservation efforts. However, they also think that their effectiveness is enhanced when they interact with the wild areas and habitats of the surrounding landscape.

The RSPB is the largest nature conservation organization in the UK today, encouraging people to protect animal habitats and provide a home for nature.

The RSPB is active both in the UK and abroad. It performs essential conservation work, safeguards habitats, preserves species, and works to help put an end to the climate emergency.

It accomplishes this by focusing on five key areas of work: research, species, places, people, and policy. 90% of its net income is allocated to conservation, public outreach, and campaigning.

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You should be aware that you can join these environmental charities if you are inspired by the difference they are making.


You must first choose the cause you want to support right now. Consider your options for aiding after choosing the organization you want to support.

You can help these environmental charities in several ways, starting with

  1. Donating money to these organizations. It might be a weekly or monthly donation.
  2. If you don’t have any money, you can still assist your favorite organization by raising awareness of their environmental initiatives.
  3. Volunteering is a further approach you can assist your preferred charity.


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