15 Environmental Volunteer Opportunities in Toronto

Are you attempting to live sustainably? A fantastic place to start is through volunteering. There are various ways to promote the environment as a volunteer, regardless of your interests—whether you’re passionate about gardening or sustainability or you simply want an excuse to spend more time outside.

Volunteering has advantages for both you and your community. Volunteering can aid in the development of abilities that are essential for any job route, including leadership, cooperation, organization, problem-solving, and communication.

Success opportunities expand as empathy and knowledge of various cultures and points of view grow. These abilities are crucial when applying to graduate or undergraduate programs.

Environmental Volunteer Opportunities in Toronto

People of all ages and skill levels can find chances in Toronto to learn about environmental issues, connect with new people who share their interests, and contribute to making Toronto a greener city. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Evergreen Brickworks
  • Toronto Botanical Garden
  • Toronto Wildlife Centre
  • Farmer’s Markets and Community Gardens
  • Toronto Environmental Alliance
  • Toronto Green Community
  • Nature Reserve Stewardship
  • Riverkeeper
  • David Suzuki Foundation
  • Turtle Survival Alliance
  • Earth Day Canada
  • Trout Unlimited Canada
  • Waterkeepers Canada
  • Lake Ontario Waterkeeper
  • Lake Simcoe Protection Association

1. Evergreen Brickworks

Some of the coolest environmental efforts in the city are housed at Evergreen Brickworks, which is situated in Toronto’s picturesque Don Valley.

You can immerse yourself in nature as an Evergreen Brickworks volunteer by taking on an active outdoor role or by developing into a community-educating naturalist. There are chances to participate in special initiatives, festivals, and gardening.

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2. Toronto Botanical Garden

The Toronto Botanical Garden has something for everyone who loves gardening and the outdoors. Located in North York near Lawrence and Leslie, their volunteer opportunities range from organizing organic farmers’ markets and working in the gardens to leading tours of the area’s parks, gardens, and ravines.

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3. Toronto Wildlife Centre

Do you want to work with the wild animals in Toronto? Join the passionate team of volunteers at the Toronto Wildlife Centre next to Downsview Park. There are several ways to help, including teaching people about the species that live in Toronto and caring for orphaned animals in the Wildlife Nursery.

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4. Farmer’s Markets and Community Gardens

Community gardens and farmers’ markets are excellent venues to meet other eco-conscious individuals. Community gardens bring together those who are dedicated to establishing and maintaining green places in the city, whereas farmers markets draw those who are enthusiastic about sustainable agriculture. Look for a local farmers market or community garden!

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5. Toronto Environmental Alliance

1. TEA Data Management Support: Volunteer

The Toronto Environmental Alliance needs someone to help with data management. Data entry and cleanup are this position’s main responsibilities.

It also provides chances to learn firsthand about the operations of an environmental not-for-profit organization, get to know a terrific group of individuals, and learn the fundamentals of administration. In addition, you would be providing the company with invaluable assistance.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Assist the outreach team with data input
  • Assist with database cleanup
  • Answer the phone and route calls to staff when necessary
  • Aid the staff and perform additional tasks as needed
  • Enthusiastic and outgoing
  • Should have an interest in and some understanding of environmental issues; must reside in Toronto
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Ability to work well in a team.
  • Available between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm for one day per week for a minimum of 5–10 hours per week.

Wishing to learn administrative skills, observe the operations of an environmental group, and join their team.

Reasons to Volunteer with TEA
  • Meet new people and network with peers and professionals in the eNGO community
  • Develop administrative and organizational skills
  • Gain a deeper understanding of regional urban environmental issues in the City of Toronto
  • We need your assistance to improve our advocacy for a greener Toronto.
Application Procedure

You must complete their online volunteer form if you are a new volunteer.

Send an email with the subject line “Data Management Support” to Dusha Sritharan with your CV and a cover note explaining why you are qualified for the post. Only those chosen for an interview will receive contact information.

2. Waste Champion: Volunteer Position

Over the coming months, TEA will run a waste challenge and education program to educate Torontonians about waste reduction.

They require the assistance of committed and zealous garbage volunteers who will serve as “ambassadors” for the initiative. Waste Champions will act personally, support the initiative, and motivate Torontonians to do more.

Training on current trash and recycling concerns in Toronto, as well as training in public speaking and workshop-leading, will be provided by TEA employees and the trash Campaigner.

By attending seminars with other Waste Champions, you will get the chance to learn about environmental advocacy and education in Toronto, hone your leadership and communication abilities, and exchange experiences, advice, and ideas.

We’re looking for
  • Engaging volunteers who are eager to contribute, take on new challenges, and share their ideas.
  • Knowledge of waste and recycling concerns is a benefit but not required.
  • Speaking and educational experience are assets
  • The capacity for multilingualism is advantageous
Each Waste Champion is Required to
  • Participate in training on waste concerns, messages, tools, and actions (around 3 hours).
  • At least five of the TEA waste challenge actions must be completed, including an individual action, a community-based action, and a civic action. Online TEA waste challenge activities, such as questionnaires, must also be completed.
  • Co-host an event or workshop with TEA’s waste campaigner or another neighborhood partner.
Additional duties may include
  • Organize or host a neighborhood gathering.
  • Attend a meeting with other Champions to discuss progress, ideas, and cool acts.
  • Write about your experience with taking the waste challenge actions. These may be published on the TEA website, Facebook, local community papers, and ethnic media.
  • Five hours a week (or more) are required of you. March to May; if interested, can continue after that.
  • To contact Emily, a waste campaigner, send your CV and any questions to emily@torontoenvironment.org.

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6. Toronto Green Community

The general volunteer opportunities listed below may be of interest to you:


Here, you will contribute to spreading knowledge about their projects and how they affect the environment: join their committee to aid in promoting TGC’s activities and programs by:

  • Social media: update their Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  • Media Relations: broaden their audience by issuing news releases and directly appealing.
  • Public outreach: TGC displays at fairs, festivals, and educational institutions
  • Contributors to newsletters should write articles and/or design their e-newsletters.
  • Graphic designers should use their design expertise to develop and revise communication materials.

Event Coordination

They will require your skills to help them create unforgettable events, so plan and attend activities like numerous seminars, our yearly “Laugh for the Environment” Comedy Show, and their Annual General Meeting.


You will be needed if you have any fundraising expertise! Your skills in grant writing, donor relations, engaging businesses and employees, sponsorship, and events.

Program Assistants

Join a TGC program that you are enthusiastic about! If you are interested, fill out the Volunteer Application Form.

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7. Nature Reserve Stewardship

As a volunteer steward of a nature reserve, you must visit the area and keep an eye out for native and invasive species, as well as any dangers to the environment. Stewards serve as their team’s on-the-ground observers in the nature reserves. They aid workers in preserving these distinctive and varied natural ecosystems.

To monitor the land and notify employees of any activity, the duty requires three trips to the Nature Reserve annually. We customize the role to meet the demands of the steward because this opportunity is centered on their interests.

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8. Riverkeeper

The Riverkeeper program is a Great Lakes-focused environmental campaigning and monitoring organization managed entirely by volunteers.

The Riverkeeper team has been looking into water pollution issues, teaching people about safeguarding their waterways and collaborating with local governments to develop long-term fixes for a cleaner future for more than 40 years.

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9. David Suzuki Foundation

The David Suzuki Foundation is a national not-for-profit organization with offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Regina, and Toronto. The David Suzuki Foundation fights for endangered species and untamed areas to preserve the richness of nature.

Additionally, they collaborate with educators, communities, and schools to advance environmental education. There are some opportunities in your neighborhood.

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10. Turtle Survival Alliance

An international non-profit group called the Turtle Survival Alliance works to protect turtles and tortoises (also known as Chelonians) all over the world. The goal of TSU is to develop initiatives to save the lives of turtles and tortoises while also promoting conservation, rehabilitation, and education.

Creating captive breeding facilities across Asia, Africa, and North America as a means of protecting endangered species has been one of TSU’s most successful undertakings.

There are already more than 50 facilities across the world, one of which is close to Toronto. Additionally, they have established field facilities in Mexico and Costa Rica to reintroduce hatchlings to their original environments.

Volunteers can help with every stage of these initiatives, from feeding the animals at various facilities to leading educational tours for young visitors.

Although the staff at these facilities work long hours every day, they always make time to show volunteers how everything works so they may pass on their expertise to younger generations.

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11. Earth Day Canada

Earth Day Canada offers volunteer opportunities across North America so that the general public can gain practical experience in addition to our environmental activities. Their Nest Watch program, where volunteers assist in keeping an eye on sea turtle nests on beaches, is one of the most well-liked ways volunteers participate.

Before contacting a beach monitor for potential rescue, volunteers search for footprints and indications that a nest has been discovered. Additionally, if necessary, they are taught how to carefully move hatchlings from their nest into the ocean.

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12. Trout Unlimited Canada

Trout Unlimited is Canada’s largest coldwater fish conservation group, with over 1,000 members and 30 chapters. Trout Unlimited offers a variety of options for people to get involved, from serving on the board to assisting with neighborhood activities.

Joining them for one of their volunteer days is one way you can assist. They have something that will interest you, whether you want to spend your time assisting with educational programs or working on rehabilitating spawning habitats.

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13. Waterkeepers Canada

Additionally, Waterkeepers Canada engages in outreach activities and imparts knowledge about the value of clean water and the various ways that individuals may contribute to its preservation. This is a wonderful place to start if you want to get engaged but don’t know where to begin.

You can volunteer with them in a variety of ways. For instance, they hold hour- or two-long monthly beach and river clean-ups across Canada. You might also perform volunteer work on your own time by forming a team at your school or organization to pick up trash locally. Making a difference in our environment is never too late!

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14. Lake Ontario Waterkeeper

They are looking for people who are willing to participate in canal cleanups or spread the word about our initiatives to make the neighborhood cleaner and healthier.

The cleanups offer a chance to spend time outside, socialize with neighbors, and help the environment. You’ll be helping them with cleanup jobs, including removing tires from under bridges, collecting up trash along shorelines, and removing invasive species from creeks and rivers.

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15. Lake Simcoe Protection Association

LSPA is a philanthropic, non-profit organization that strives to preserve and improve Lake Simcoe’s environment and water quality. They organize beach clean-ups to enlist people in the effort to restore our watershed.

Come help LSPA clean up the beachfront each month! This is a great opportunity to learn about the watershed, connect with others who share your interests, spend time outside with loved ones, and get your hands dirty.

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Many individuals throughout the world have serious concerns about the environment. There are various ways to contribute to the preservation and restoration of the earth’s natural beauty, from planting trees to volunteering with animals.

Volunteering may be incredibly fulfilling for both you and others you are helping out. Additionally, it’s an excellent method to connect with new individuals who share your beliefs and desire to fight for a better tomorrow for all.

Visit one of these organizations right away if you want the chance to have an influence. They will make every effort to match your talents and interests with the ideal volunteer position.


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