Top 14 Climate Change Charities in UK

The world is plagued with a lot of environmental issues, and it is also evident that the issues will worsen unless something significant is done. Because of this, charity workers and the entire charity industry need to become knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and involved.

The appropriate ethical decisions must be made by charities. The correct course of action is to combat climate change. not only for this generation but for many more in the future. We all share responsibility for the globe, so as people, it is up to us to rise to the occasion and safeguard the planet.

Because charities frequently take the lead, whether we like it or not, they must get involved. They are paving the path, making significant decisions, and providing examples for us to follow.

Top 14 Climate Change Charities in UK

Here is a list of some of the organizations fighting climate change right now:

  • The Climate Consent Foundation
  • Rainforest Trust UK
  • The Climate Coalition
  • Action For Conservation
  • Rewilding Britain
  • Friends Of The Earth
  • UK Youth Climate Coalition
  • Climate Outreach
  • Greenpeace
  • Protect Our Winters
  • Coalition for Rainforest Nations
  • Cool Earth
  • The LEAF Charity
  • TerraPraxis

1. The Climate Consent Foundation

The Climate Foundation, which was established in 2007, is committed to halting global warming within our lifetimes. Engineers at the Foundation aim to develop solutions that resemble those found in nature. The nonprofit organization seeks to lessen and stop the consequences of climate change on vital ecosystems.

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2. Rainforest Trust UK

One of the most reputable and effective conservation organizations in the world, Rainforest Trust UK has been defending rainforests for more than 30 years.

Over 33 million acres of vulnerable habitat have already received long-term protection as a result. Since their entire operating budget is paid by their board of directors and Gift Aid, any donations received from businesses will go entirely toward conservation initiatives.

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3. The Climate Coalition

The Climate Coalition is the largest organization in the UK committed to combating climate change as an environmental charity.

The Climate Coalition, an association of over 100 organizations, including the National Trust, the Women’s Institute, and Oxfam, forge a powerful and unifying voice that policymakers cannot avoid hearing.

Additionally, by banding together, The Climate Coalition ensures that those who can influence the development of a cleaner, more secure future hear the concerns of the general population.

The Climate Coalition has so far helped the UK Government make significant decisions, such as creating a legally binding net zero emissions objective, by tipping the scales in their favor.

The Climate Coalition is now concentrated on maintaining pressure on politicians to implement the laws and investments necessary to reduce carbon emissions and create a cleaner, greener future.

The Climate Coalition is a nonprofit organization that works to protect the environment and the people and places that matter to them from the worst impacts of climate change.

Through continued pressure on the UK government and the execution of climate change awareness programs like Great Big Green Week, this support enables the nonprofit.

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4. Action For Conservation

Action For Conservation collaborates with secondary schools to encourage and equip students of all backgrounds to take on leadership roles in the environmental movement and become the next generation of conservationists.

The organization organizes environmental work placements, residential camps, school-based courses, online youth networks, and environmental internships. All of these contribute to the environmental education of young people and the growth of a proactive youth conservation movement in the UK.

Action For Conservation, which considers every job to be a climate job, holds that a love of the outdoors can permeate anyone’s life, regardless of their day job.

As a result, they encourage young people of today to have a lifelong appreciation for nature, which will influence their aspirations and choices no matter how their lives end out.

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5. Rewilding Britain

Rewilding Britain aspires to address the extinction catastrophe and climate emergency by re-engaging people with nature and fostering thriving local communities.

This environmental charity, which was established in 2015, is the first and only national organization in Britain devoted to rewilding and the advantages it may have for people, the environment, and the climate.

Its rewilding initiatives aid in the regeneration and restoration of woods. This lessens the effects of climate change, wildlife extinction, localized flooding, and soil degradation.

Of course, trees aren’t the only issue. Other carbon-rich environments, including peat bogs, grasslands, and seabeds, are revitalized as a result of rewilding Britain. The nonprofit organization helps those who are looking for specific assistance with rewilding.

Ranging from individuals with a tiny plot of land to large farms, estates, or projects with numerous owners. Additionally, it promotes legislation that will allow for the systemic adjustment required to support rewilding. By the end of the century, Rewilding Britain hopes to have rewilded 30% of the country.

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6. Friends Of The Earth

Friends of the Earth is an environmental advocacy group that has been working to protect and promote the health of the environment and all living things since 1971.

This nonprofit organization works to advance important environmental causes, with the help of its supporters and local action groups as well as its lawyers and campaigners.

  • Giving locals the tools, they need to improve their neighborhoods for everyone.
  • Fighting for environmental and social justice on a global scale;
  • Pressing for government action on the energy crisis using existing solutions.

The Friends of the Earth campaign helped pass the Climate Change Act in 2006, which required the government to reduce CO2 emissions by 3% annually. And it’s also because of Friends of the Earth’s advocacy that recycling is now picked up at our doorsteps.

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7. UK Youth Climate Coalition

The UK Youth Climate Coalition was established in 2008 to mobilize and empower young people (aged 18 to 29) to take effective action for international climate justice.

This nonprofit volunteer organization seeks to build a just society where young people’s voices are prominent while also combating the causes of social and environmental inequality.

To encourage more young people to take action for climate justice, the foundation provides free workshops to youth organizations and schools. Along with its work in education, it also conducts crucial efforts to enact the institutional and political changes required to tackle climate change.

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8. Climate Outreach

A nonprofit organization called Climate Outreach works to educate the public about the complexity of the topic of climate change in ways that are consistent with their own identities, moral convictions, and worldviews.

The nonprofit organization holds the view that genuine change can only occur when critical issues are understood by individuals from all walks of life. As a result, their willing participation and backing provide what Climate Outreach refers to as a societal mandate for climate action.

The team has increased public awareness of climate change by putting people at the center of the issue.

Driving climate talks throughout society, creating ways to discuss climate change across the political spectrum, altering how millions of people view climate change, and advancing understanding of how to mainstream low-carbon lifestyles are some of Climate Outreach’s notable accomplishments.

At the core of their journey to net zero is their commitment to ensuring a just transition.

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9. Greenpeace

Greenpeace is an international organization that was founded in 1971 by people who are fervent about protecting the environment. Its goal is to create a planet that can support life for many generations while also being greener, healthier, and more peaceful.

The charity does not receive any financial support from political parties, corporations, or government entities. Instead, regular people pay for its labor. who means Greenpeace is free to confront authorities and businesses who are wreaking havoc on the environment and demand substantive change.

To do this, Greenpeace investigates, records, and publicly discloses the causes of environmental degradation.

Through lobbying, using consumer pressure, and mobilizing people, it attempts to bring about change. To save the planet and advance ideas for a peaceful and environmentally friendly future, nonviolent direct action is necessary.

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10. Protect Our Winters

Professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones founded Protect Our Winters after he was forced to stop ignoring the climate problem and its obvious effects on snowfall.

He formed his organization after failing to discover any that were explicitly dedicated to inspiring the outdoor community to take action against climate change.

POW assists outdoor enthusiasts who are enthusiastic about the environment, such as skiers and snowboarders, hikers, surfers, climbers, and other types of outdoor adventurers, in advocating for systemic change. POW lobby MPs and exert pressure on government officials to implement structural change.

In collaboration with academic organizations and outdoor societies, they run community involvement and educational initiatives and provide business advice on how to achieve net zero. Their website contains excellent tools, including email templates, on how to raise urgent issues with your local council, MP, or workplace.

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11. Coalition for Rainforest Nations

The Coalition for Rainforest Nations represents 50 rainforest nations that daily deal with the repercussions of climate change. They are a significant business since they developed the REDD+ global rainforest conservation method, which safeguards 90% of the world’s tropical forests.

They assist governments, communities, and individuals in the tropics in reversing deforestation, managing rainforests sustainably, and lowering emissions. They negotiate at international climate agreement talks and assist in training government agencies and forestry commission workers (either with full or light support).

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12. Cool Earth

A nonprofit organization whose mission is to prevent global warming and keep the planet cold. This organization places a strong emphasis on halting deforestation because trees are the most effective natural carbon storage technique.

48 million metric tons of carbon have been stored by Cool Earth in the Amazon, Congo, and New Guinea. Every one of their initiatives is driven by volunteers, and your gift addresses the main cause of deforestation: poverty.

To encourage local communities to leave trees in the ground, they finance infrastructure, healthcare, food security, education, livelihoods, and other necessities of life.

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13. The LEAF Charity

University friends who were botanists, biologists, and conservationists decided to collaborate with East African universities.

They seek to establish native forests on land that is effectively going to waste, keeping an eye on biodiversity hotspots with extra space. By planting on college campuses, they seek to accomplish the twin objectives of studying native species and reforestation.

Over 7,000 mangrove seedlings are being planted by The LEAF in partnership with Pwani University in Kenya at the moment. Mangroves assist in maintaining a huge variety of aquatic animals in addition to storing carbon. Their roots help to clean the water and provide spawning places for fish.

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14. TerraPraxis

With a particular focus on advanced nuclear power, which is underfunded in the climate financing landscape, TerraPraxis is a young nonprofit organization with roots in the UK that seeks to discover creative solutions to address the world’s expanding energy needs.

According to the research, nuclear power is safer than you might imagine. In the future, it might contribute to ensuring that people in poor nations have access to adequate energy to meet their needs. It is a clean energy source that has already been rapidly scaled up to decarbonize electrical grids in nations like Sweden and France.

Since TerraPraxis is a small, new company, it doesn’t yet have a long history. Founders Pledge, however, suggests it and makes the case that extra money would help it realize its full potential.

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Combating climate change in the world of today is a big deal, as there are challenges to achieving this feat, but these climate change charities list above have been able to make a difference in their sphere. They also call out to the general public, both in the UK and beyond to jin this fight.

You can do so by volunteering or supporting them through publicity and donations. Let’s make Earth better. it’s our responsiblity.


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