10 Major Environmental Organizations in New Jersey

The Environment is the biophysical environment or the natural environment, which needs to be taken care of. This is practically possible as a result of several organizations around the world. However, in this article, we have taken a survey of the major Environmental Organizations in New Jersey.

An environmental organization is an organization born out of conservation or environmental movements that seeks to protect, analyze, or monitor the environment against misuse or degradation by human forces.

It is a public benefit organization whose objective is to conserve the environment and natural resources and is duly registered as a community-based organization, or a public benefit organization. Also, it is a non-profit body engaged in advocacy or action related to conservation, stewardship of natural resources, or pollution reduction.

The organization may be a charity, a trust, a non-governmental organization, a governmental organization, or an intergovernmental organization.

Environmental organizations can be global, national, regional, or local. Some environmental issues that environmental organizations focus on include pollution, plastic pollution, waste, resource depletion, human overpopulation, and climate change.

Major Environmental Organizations in New Jersey

10 Major Environmental Organizations in New Jersey

Environmental Organizations are found all over the cities and countries of the world. However, this article is a survey on Environmental Organizations in New Jersey.

  • Atlantic Audubon Society
  • Alliance for New Jersey Environmental Education
  • Go Green Galloway  
  • Greater Newark Conservancy 
  • Rancocas Conservancy 
  • Greenwood Gardens
  • City Green
  • Bergen County Audubon
  • New Jersey Conservation Foundation
  • The Land Conservancy of New Jersey

1. Atlantic Audubon Society

The Atlantic Audubon Society (AAS) is an official local chapter of the National Audubon Society, established in 1974 and located in South Jersey. AAS is dedicated to educating its members and the public about the natural world.

Her mission is aimed at accomplishing ten programs annually that cover a variety of topics, including wildlife conservation, birding travel, prevalent environmental issues, etc.

AAS holds its meeting every fourth Wednesday of each month except November and December in Galloway. AAS also offers bird walks at Edwin B. Forsy at the National Wildlife Refuge every Saturday in April, May, September, and October, as well as some field trips all year round.

2.  Alliance for New Jersey Environmental Education    

This organization was established in 1985 to provide a networking forum for New Jersey’s environmental educators. Alliance for New Jersey Environmental Education is a group of dedicated individuals who devote their time, energy, and resources to facilitate the advancement of environmental education in local, state, and global communities.

ANJEE is focused on realizing human participation in restoring the natural world through its interaction with the environment. ANJEE supports and advances environmental education efforts in New Jersey for all people to cultivate an environmentally literate population.

3. Go Green Galloway

Go Green Galloway is an environmental group of dedicated volunteers who are committed to educating communities on living a more sustainable life for a sustainable future.  Go Green Galloway focuses on native plant gardening, energy conservation, wildlife habitats, litter reduction, and reducing plastics. 

Being a member of Go Green Galloway requires passion and commitment to contribute to environmental sustainability

4. Greater Newark Conservancy

The Greater Newark Conservancy is dedicated to collaborating with the community at the intersection of environmental, food, and racial justice to promote the health and well-being of Newark residents.

They promote environmental stewardship in New Jersey’s urban communities through environmental education, community gardening, beautification of neighborhoods, job training opportunities, and environmental justice advocacy.

The Greater Newark program focuses on reversing the long history of systemic racism to improve social determinants of health by expanding access to green spaces, nutritious food, wellness education, and youth development.

Its vision is to see that Newark and its surrounding communities have access to universal and equitable nutritious food and a green, resilient, sustainable, and healthy urban environment for living, work, and recreation.

Greater Newark Conservancy made the very first appearance at an urban environmental center in New Jersey during the opening of Judith L. Shipley Urban Environmental Center in 2004. Greater Newark Conservancy was formed in 1987.

5. Rancocas Conservancy

The Rancocas Conservancy is focused on preserving, protecting, and enhancing the ecological and cultural integrity of the Rancocas Creek watershed and its environs.

The Rancocas Conservancy is recognized as the leading land trust in the Watershed, responsible for the permanent preservation of over 2,000 acres of land and 12 preserves.

6. Greenwood Gardens

Greenwood Gardens seeks to connect people with nature through guided tours and programs in horticulture, history, conservation and the arts, and special events. This garden was formed in 2002.

It is a subordinate organization under The Garden Conservancy. Greenwood’s goal is to preserve, restore, and enhance its historic Gardens, architecture, and landscape for the education and enjoyment of the public.

Since 2013, thousands of visitors have accessed the region to take advantage of the site’s unique features and to learn about the two families that made an impact on the site over a century.

After a year’s break with the aim of renovation, Greenwood reopened in September 2020 with a new rain garden, a renovated main axis with working fountains, restored historic views, a 50-space parking lot, extensive new landscaping, and increased seating throughout the garden. All  these have greatly increased the visitor experience

After the Covid era, in 2021, with the ability to be open for the full season and the introduction of vaccinations, they gradually added back group garden tours on plants, history, beekeeping, nature journaling, painting, photography, tai chi, and tree identification.

In addition to providing education and entertainment, these programs help foster an appreciation of the importance of garden preservation, respect for the environment, and an opportunity to explore the timeless relationship between people and nature.

7. City Green

This is an environmental organization in New Jersey dedicated to facilitating the establishment of urban community, youth, and school gardens in northern New Jersey’s cities to enrich the lives of inner-city residents while cultivating education in public health, nutrition, and the environment. City Green was formed in 2005.

8. Bergen County Audubon

Bergen County Audubon Society is a Chapter of the National Audubon Society and a member of The Nature Program Cooperative, Founded in 1941. Bergen County Audubon’s mission is to promote and protect wildlife in its natural habitat by providing opportunities for observation and conservation.

It is a charity organization committed to continuous education, and with sizable efforts towards conservation all these are made possible with the funds they can raise from individuals, organizations, and government.

9.  New Jersey Conservation Foundation

The New Jersey Conservation Foundation is also known as Bamboo Brooks. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving land and natural resources throughout New Jersey for the benefit of all.

They have been working towards their goal of land preservation, advocacy for its appropriate use, and empowering others to do the same for over sixty years with a comprehensive program of statewide land acquisition based in Far Hills, NJ.

10. The Land Conservancy of New Jersey

The Land Conservancy of New Jersey preserves land and water resources, conserves open space, and inspires and empowers individuals and communities to protect the natural land and environment.

For the organization, the Land acquisition program is done to acquire Land for open space preservation, both independently and in partnership with government agencies.

The Land is acquired to expand the Conservancy’s preserves, and federal, state, country, and local parkland, protect watersheds, river corridors, ecologically significant wetland areas, and habitats, and retain agricultural lands.

The Land Conservancy of New Jersey completes open space and recreation plans, comprehensive farmland preservation plans, trails, and greenway plans that identify Land for recreation, conservation, and agricultural preservation.

Throughout New Jersey, these planning efforts represent a partnership of state, county, and local agencies each dedicated to ensuring our landscape remains green, our water resources are pure, and our local food supply plentiful.


Environmental Conservation and management is the essential we must continue to look out for as well as advocate for.

All these Organizations and many more have been doing their very best to see that the environment is conserved and preserved locally, at the state level, and in the country at large.


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