16 Best Water Treatment Companies in Canada

This article gives a review of the 16 best water treatment companies in Canada. 

Canada is a country with a large economy. Its economy is the night-largest economy in the world with a total population of  36,991,981 and so many industries. The presence of water treatment companies in Canada is very paramount for domestic, industrial, and commercial use.

16 Best Water Treatment Companies in Canada

The following are 16 water treatment companies in Canada

  1. EMAGIN Clean Technologies Inc.
  2. Lystek International
  3. Mantech
  4. Trojan Technologies
  5. Fibracast
  6. Pure Technologies
  7. Real Tech
  8. ChemTreat
  9. Nelson Water
  10. Simran Canada-Water Treatment I
  11. . Canadian Water Treatment Systems Inc
  12. BI Pure Water
  13. Nalco Water
  14. Pürcan Water Filtration
  15. Kent Water Purification Systems
  16. Saltworks

1. EMAGIN Clean Technologies Inc.

Their vision is for a future in which the essential services that support our societies – water, energy, food – are affordable, safe, and accessible for everyone, everywhere.

Image is now part of Innovyze, the global leader in water infrastructure data analytics with design, modelling, asset management, and operational analytics software. They are accelerating the widespread adoption of AI to transform the water industry at a global enterprise scale.

Emagin was recognized in the international water sector by BlueTech and Global Water Intelligence. By leveraging advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), EMAGIN of Kitchener-Waterloo aspires to create intelligent water infrastructure that is deeply connected to the natural and built environment.

EMAGIN has announced that United Utilities will deploy its AI technology across the North West of the United Kingdom. Serving more than 7 million residents, this is known to be the largest deployment of AI technology in the region and the first of its kind in the industry.

Website: https://www.innovyze.com/en-us/products/emagin

2. Lystek International

Lystek International is a Canadian waste treatment technology company founded in 2000 at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada to commercialize treatment technologies for biosolids and other non-hazardous, organic waste materials. Lystek is headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, and is owned by its management and R.W. Tomlinson Ltd.

Lystek’s technology uses thermal hydrolysis involving high-speed shearing, alkali addition, and low-temperature steam to produce biofertilizers. The product can be sold as a commercial biofertilizer called LysteGro or recycled to anaerobic digesters and biological nutrient removal (BNR) systems for optimization of the wastewater treatment plant operation. The Lystek process condition disintegrates microbial cell walls/membranes and hydrolyzes complex macromolecules into simpler compounds.

Recycling up to 25% of the product to the digester increases biogas yields by greater than 30% and enhances biodegradation, reducing the output of biosolids by at least 20%

Website: https://lystek.com/


Based in Guelph, Ont., Canada, MANTECH manufactures innovative water quality analysis systems that help industrial facilities, laboratories and utilities deliver clean, safe water and protect the environment.

MANTECH’s portable, online, and laboratory systems are easy to use and deliver fast, accurate results without the use of harmful chemicals, providing sustainable water quality solutions that are trusted in more than 52 countries. MANTECH systems analyze thousands of samples every day in industrial and municipal wastewater facilities, pulp and paper mills, food and beverage manufacturing plants, laboratories, and municipal drinking water treatment plants.

This Guelph, Ontario-based company manufactures a water quality monitoring system that is being used in water-testing laboratories and plants in 45 countries.

Website: https://mantech-inc.com/

4. Trojan Technologies

This London, Ontario-based company has developed water treatment products that use UV light to make the water treatment process more effective, efficient, and sustainable. The company’s technologies are involved in more than 10,000 municipal installations on six continents in over 100 countries.

Trojan Technologies enables customers to meet their water quality objectives by providing eco-efficient solutions that reduce and recover costs, energy, resources, and space. The company serves a wide range of industries, including municipal wastewater, drinking water, environmental contaminant treatment, residential water treatment, and ultra purification of water used in food and beverage manufacturing, pharmaceutical processing, and semiconductor applications.

Trojan’s success is evident in thousands of installations in more than 102 countries, including the world’s largest ultraviolet disinfection facility. TrojanUV treats 2.24 billion gallons a day of drinking water for New York City alone.

Trojan dates back to 1976 when a young entrepreneur bought Trojan Metal Products for its patent rights on a UV treatment unit that purified drinking water. Since then, Trojan Technologies has accelerated investment in research and development around UV systems for an expanding range of applications.

The company joined Danaher in 2004 and has continued to collaborate with its customers to deliver innovative, sustainable, effective solutions. In 2016 Trojan received the Outstanding Private Sector Achievement Award from the Reduce Risks from Invasive Species Coalition for its Trojan Marinex ballast water treatment technology, which helps preserve the delicate balance of our marine ecosystems.

Website: https://www.trojantechnologies.com/en/

5. Fibracast

Fibracast Inc. is the global leader in the research, development, and manufacturing of advanced membrane technologies for water and wastewater treatment. Founded in Ancaster, Ontario, in 2010, by an expert team of water-technology veterans, Fibracast created the next generation of membrane filtration technology that improves the robustness, performance, and operational flexibility of existing membrane designs.

This Hamilton, Ontario-based company is a global leader in the research, development, and manufacturing of advanced membrane technologies for wastewater treatment. The company’s revolutionary patented hybrid immersed ultrafiltration membrane technology is sold and serviced throughout the globe.

Website: https://www.fibracast.com/

6. Pure Technologies

Based in Mississauga, Pure Technologies aims to help municipal water and wastewater service providers address their ageing pipeline infrastructure. The company’s proactive infrastructure management solutions, which include a suite of inspection tools and engineering analysis practices, help utility operators around the world maximize budgets for rehabilitation and replacement programs by assessing municipal pipe networks to determine their condition and remaining useful life.

Pure Technologies is a world leader in the development and application of innovative technologies for critical infrastructure. In January 2018, Pure was acquired by Xylem, a leading global water technology company committed to developing innovative technology solutions to the world’s water challenges.

Pure’s clients are located throughout the world and include owners and managers of water, wastewater, and hydrocarbon pipelines, bridges, and buildings. Pure Technologies is a world leader in providing a systematic approach to pipeline assessment by identifying failure risks and assisting in prioritizing repair and replacement efforts, thereby extending the useful life of assets through leak detection and condition assessment.

Utility asset managers are maximizing their budgets by trusting our Assess & Address™ program to identify pipeline risk and provide informed options on selective rehabilitation.

Pure Technologies is a world leader in the development and application of innovative technologies for critical infrastructure. In January 2018, Pure was acquired by Xylem, a leading global water technology company committed to developing innovative technology solutions to the world’s water challenges.

Website: https://puretechltd.com

7. Real Tech

This Whitby, Ontario-based company designs and manufactures a line of patented and innovative optical sensors to monitor water quality in such applications as municipal drinking water and wastewater, as well as industrial process water and wastewater.

Real Tech markets a variety of spectrophotometric analyzers which provide real-time, continuous scanning for contaminants and compounds across a wide range of complex applications.

Real Tech Inc. provides water quality monitoring solutions for real-time detection of many critical water quality parameters and compounds including BOD, COD, TOC, TSS, UV254, UVT, nitrate, nitrite, algae, permanganate, ammonium, pH, ORP, DO, conductivity and so much more.

With continuous 24/7 information, their clients experience an array of benefits including; rapid detection of events, data-driven decision making, greater control, and optimization abilities, time and operational cost savings, ease for monitoring and evaluating efficiency, and improved water quality for effluent compliance assurance. From wastewater to high purity water applications, Real Tech’s innovative modular product platform enables them to package a solution that meets their client’s detection needs, environment, and budget.

Their focus is on advancing the management of water by providing monitoring solutions that are practical, accurate, and affordable allowing water quality monitoring to be more accessible for all. For over 15 years, thousands of clients in over 50 countries have trusted and relied on Real Tech’s solutions to meet their water quality monitoring needs.

Website: http://www.realtechwater.com/

8. ChemTreat

One of the largest and fastest-growing speciality chemical companies, ChemTreat is dedicated to industrial water treatment throughout North and South America. Its advanced water treatment programs are designed to maximize effectiveness through high-quality products, superior technical expertise, and outstanding service. ChemTreat’s leading-edge products help its customers eliminate microbial contamination and prevent scaling, corrosion, and mineral deposits across a wide range of industries, from steel and oil to power and transportation.

ChemTreat has been in the water treatment business for more than 40 years and has demonstrated strong sustained growth. After joining Danaher in 2007, the company embraced the Danaher Business System tools to unlock new growth areas, including rapid expansion in Latin America.

Website: https://www.chemtreat.com/

9. Nelson Water

Nelson Water, Canada’s Premier Problem Water Specialists has been in existence since the year 1985. As part of water treatment companies in Canada, their water treatment solutions include hard water treatment, removal of Iron, Rust, Arsenic, Lead, Tannins, Salt, Sulfur (Hydrogen Sulfide), Methane, Nitrates, Bacteria, and Radon.

They also render services such as water softening, conditioning and refining, and drinking water solutions such as bottled water, carbon filtration, de-chlorination, reverse osmosis, UV, sanitisers, chemical injection systems, and water purifiers for residential and commercial customers.

Website: visit https://nelsonwater.com/

10. Simran Canada-Water Treatment Inc

Simran Canada-Water Treatment Inc is among the water treatment companies in Canada offering complete water treatment solutions which include analysis, design, implementation, and monitoring activities. Their activities contribute to businesses and the environment positively by helping achieve system efficiency and by recycling water.

In delivering their unique services to customers, Simran Canada-Water Treatment Inc designs the system, procure equipment, commission the system, supply required treatment chemicals, provide ongoing training to new (& old) personnel and monitor the treatment system. To achieve maximum effectiveness and economy in the use of their products, operational and testing equipment – instructions and recommendations are provided with each service call.

Their products include Zero Blowdown which treats water for cooking towers; Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) system for total colour removal, and about 95% reduction in COD, BOD and, TOC; One Chemical for wastewater treatment and Gas-Water Mixing Pump for dissolved air flotation and ozonation.

Website: https://www.simrancanada.com/index.html

11. Canadian Water Treatment Systems Inc

Canadian Water Treatment Systems Inc provides a good online platform for the purchase of water treatment products within and outside Canada’s environs.

Their services cover free water testing, free technical phone support during the assembling and installation of their product.

Their products include water softeners; whole house sediment, iron, chlorine, and tannin filters; drinking water systems such as reverse osmosis systems; reverse osmosis membrane and UV disinfection systems.

Website: https://www.cwts.ca/

12. BI Pure Water

BI Pure Water, among other water treatment companies in Canada, is unique in the products and services they bring into the market. Their services are not limited to one manufacturer’s technology rather, their team of engineers has good knowledge of the newest and best products. With this knowledge, they design efficient applications that work with the technologies and clients’ needs.

In a nutshell, BI Pure Water services include building water and waste treatment systems and providing quality engineered and built solutions to their customers.

Website: https://bipurewater.com/

13. Nalco Water

Nalco Water is a subsidiary of Ecolab, under their Water and Process Services Division. Ecolab provides water, hygiene, and infection prevention solutions and services.

As part of water treatment companies in Canada, Nalco Water provides corrosion and foaming control programs to help refiners protect their amine units and Total Cost of Operation (TCO). They also offer automation, monitoring, and control solutions. Their brown stock wash aids improve the operational and recovery process of a chemical pulp mill.

Website:  https://www.ecolab.com/about/our-businesses/nalco-water-and-process-services

14. Pürcan Water Filtration

Pürcan Water Filtration has been part of the water treatment companies in Canada for over 25 years. Their services are available to households and commercial buildings. They have a research team that works together to develop healthy alkaline and ionized water, ideal for drinking and cooking.

Pürcan’s Whole Home installations are customized to meet its clients’ needs. Their first step in rendering their services is to understand the specific water quality needs of each customer and then provide the most suitable products and services.

Website:  https://purcanwater.com/

15. Kent Water Purification Systems

Kent Water Purification Systems is among the best water treatment companies in Canada. Their service base cuts across Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, North York, Vaughan, Caledon, Georgetown, and other cities, where they provide customers with fresh and clean water. Their residential water treatment solution removes chemicals, contaminants, and any impurities present in the water. They also sell and install water softener and water filtration systems.

Delivery and installation of water treatment systems within Canada is carried out in 3 Days
Website:  https://www.kentwater.ca/

16. Saltworks

Saltworks is a water treatment company in Canada whose mission is to provide industry-leading technologies that treat the toughest wastewaters at the lowest total cost and environmental footprint.

Saltworks provides cutting-edge products and solutions for industrial wastewater treatment and desalination. Their product range includes chemical, membrane, and thermal technologies, robust sensors, and smart process controls.

Their services also come with a mobile pilot plant fleet to prove performance at their sites or that of the customer. Saltworks also help customers recycle and reuse wastewater, remove contaminants, extract valuable resources, and concentrate brine for minimal and zero liquid discharge.

Website: https://www.saltworkstech.com/


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