9 Water Treatment Companies in Saudi Arabia

Water treatment companies in Saudi Arabia have helped the water problem of the country. In this blog post, you will learn about these companies and how they succeeded in solving the water problems of Saudi Arabia.

Our oceans, rivers lakes, and estuaries have been sustaining life on earth for more than a billion years, water is very much essential for the growth of our civilisation but with the ever-growing population in the rise of the industrial era, exploitation of water bodies around the world is now a threat to the entire world.

Utilising innovative equipment and latest technologies man has been able to profer solution to this water problem by the treatment of water and wastewater which can be used across a wide spectrum of applications. This in turn has helped in the contribution of sustainability to our ecosystem.

According to Wikipedia, “Water treatment is any process that improves the quality of water to make it appropriate for a specific end-use. The end use may be drinking, industrial water supply, irrigation, river flow maintenance, water recreation or many other uses, including being safely returned to the environment.”

Water treatment is an effective process in man’s quest to manage liquid waste appropriately. When this liquid waste is treated, the dangerous bacteria and materials are destroyed making the water used for our consumption.

For many people, Saudi Arabia is known for its oil, the pool of liquid that has brought wealth to the authoritarian-led absolute monarchy while most of the country has its location in the desert.

This prompted innovations championed by the Saudi government to bring sustainable water to its citizen through every means necessary hence the creation of water treatment companies in Saudi Arabia.

The technique of removing excess salts from seawater is crucial in making it safe and usable but this process of water desalination is energy-intensive.

Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest producer of desalinated water where researchers have patented several technologies to extract minerals from water while protecting marine ecosystems from wastewater.

Saudi Arabia is home to the world’s largest water desalinization facility known as the AL JUBAIL. This was made possible through a partnership with local (water treatment companies in Saudi Arabia) and foreign investors.

9 Water Treatment Companies in Saudi Arabia

There are a lot of water treatment companies in Saudi Arabia but we are going to look at 9 of the water treatment companies in Saudi Arabia and they include:

  • RAHA Water Treatment Corporation
  • Chemara Water Solution Ltd
  • Etch2o (Environmental Equipment Company Ltd)
  • Experts Water Technologies Co. Ltd. (EWTCO)
  • AES Arabia Ltd.
  • Rekaz Water Treatment Projects
  • SOROOF Aqua Solutions
  • Suido Kiko Middle East (“SKME”)
  • The Saudi Water Partnership Company (SWPC)-By the Saudi Government

1. RAHA Water Treatment Corporation

RAHA WATER TREATMENT CORPORATION (a division of RAHA GROUP OF COMPANIES) is one of the water treatment companies in Saudi Arabia.

They have established their name as a pioneer in the water and wastewater treatment industry in Saudi Arabia since 1976.

RAHA Water Treatment Corporation is a waste treatment company committed to providing pure water for domestic, commercial, and industrial enterprises and building, farming, and recreational purposes from waste.

Their products and services are the results of state-of-the-art technology and therefore the most appropriate economic alternatives within the water and wastewater industry.

They are also involved in engineering, designing, assembling, commissioning water treatment and sewage treatment plants.

They are established within the field of water treatment with their own “in-house” technical expertise for the planning of water and sewage treatment plants. They offer backup support and troubleshooting services for their clients.

RAHA Water Treatment Corporation has its laboratory for water testing and analysis for our clients’ needs. They are committed to providing clean and suitable water for household, commercial and industrial plants agricultural farms, construction, and or recreation.

Their products and services available are results of the latest appropriate technology and most economical alternatives. Raha Water Treatment Corporation is located in Central, Saudi Arabia.

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2. Chemara Water Solution Ltd

Chemara Water Solution Ltd is one of the water treatment companies in Saudi Arabia.

Chemara Water Solution Ltd is a packaged wastewater treatment company that strives to create value in wastewater through innovations and expertise.

As the necessity of wastewater treatment is broadly understood across the world, non-connected and decentralized wastewater treatment facilities are often economically advisable. Inadequate treatment affects populations and economies because the impact of pollution inhibits development and growth.

CHEMARA’S range of packaged wastewater units enables the establishment of amenities for a wide variety of residential and commercial uses where operation is remote from public water networks and cannot be reliant on attachment to them.

CHEMARA also supplies pre-engineered units that provide complete wastewater treatment services to larger facilities like truck stops, malls, hotels, holiday villages, labour camps, and other facilities whose commercial proposition depends on their remoteness.

Deploying CHEMARA’S packaged wastewater treatment plant assures that the simplest available technology is placed at the disposal of your site.

Compact CHEMARA systems offer reduced footprints and also manage water to maximise the eco-friendliness of wastewater treatment processes.

The ease with which they’ll be operated and maintained and therefore the robust, reliable treatment they supply are backed by the comprehensive system and process warranties.

CHEMARA’S systems are ideally suited to a good range of applications including housing developments, parks, transport rest areas, isolated communities, shopping malls, golf courses, resorts, sewer, and water districts.

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3. Etch2o (Environmental Equipment Company Ltd)

Etch2o (Environmental Equipment Company Ltd) is one of the water treatment companies in Saudi Arabia. They are a subsidiary of the SAF group of companies located in AlKhobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Etch2o provides environmental solutions including water and wastewater treatment equipment.

Etch2o is also an official licensee of EEC Global and draws its equity from the principal`s years of research and manufacturing. Etch2o offers the finest biotechnology in the region.

They provide biotechnological solutions which are suitable for both industrial and domestic wastewater treatment.
The organization provides services for a variety of industries including oil rigs, residential compounds, beverages and bottling plants, hospitals, remote locations, and other industries.

Scope Of Etch2o (Environmental Equipment Company Ltd) Activities

Etch2o (Environmental Equipment Company) which is one of the water treatment companies in Saudi Arabia is involved in the following activities ;

  • Design, fabrication, erection, and commissioning of package water and wastewater treatment plants.
  • Trading of water and wastewater Equipment — RO, BWRO, SWRO, UF, NF membranes, de-watering units, odour control units, etc.
  • Supplying biological wastewater treatment systems using MBBR, MBR, SBR, RBC technologies.
  • Supplying industrial and domestic containerized MBBR Bio-Plants.
  • Liquid/ Solid, oil and grease separation GEM/DAF systems de-watering and chemical dosing systems.
  • Operations and maintenance of domestic and industrial water and wastewater treatment plants.

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4. Experts Water Technologies Co. Ltd. (EWTCO)

Experts Water Technologies Co. Ltd. (EWTCO) is one of the water treatment companies in Saudi Arabia.

They are one of the fast-growing companies with technological innovation and solutions for the biological treatment of water and wastewater.

The Headquarters of Experts Water Technologies Co. Ltd. is strategically located in the Jubail Industrial Area, Saudi Arabia and this is because the company strives to ensure prompt services to its clients and associates.

Experts Water Technologies Co. Ltd. was established by as the name implies-experts in the treatment of water and wastewater field as combining their technical experiences in Water Treatment technologies and projects.

EWTCO is in Joint Venture Partnership with one of Europe’s best Water Treatment companies-AAT Engineering and Consultancy (Aktif Aritma Teknolojileri) with more than 20 years of successful project experience in various parts of the world.

The goal of this partnership is to accomplish more competitive strengths and have a prominent image in the market as a ‘solutions provider to Water Treatment Industry’. They have their equipment manufacturing units to fulfill the emerging industry demands.

“EWTCO” is a full-service vendor specializing in the treatment of water, wastewater, process water, boiling, cooling, and associated equipment, instruments, spares, and chemicals.

They have combined 25 years of experience in the provision of reliable and affordable water treatment services for industries, municipalities, hospitals, universities, airports, hotels, recreation centres, commercial and residential compounds, etc.

Due to this experience, EWTCO is capable of undertaking challenges in water treatment technologies of either in a smaller or large-sized project and they do this through the application of state of the art technologies which have enabled the company to deliver services that exceed customer expectations.

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5. AES Arabia Ltd.

AES Arabia Ltd. is one of the water treatment companies in Saudi Arabia. They have been involved in the provision of Water & Waste Water Treatment Systems & Services since its establishment in 1985.

Their mastery of the design and installation of membrane treatment and its related systems dates back to the 1960s when the technology became available.

They played a crucial role in the evolution of reverse osmosis through innovative designs, improved pre-treatment techniques and price-effective solutions having seen reverse osmosis and other membrane treatment technologies evolve to become Membrane applications for water and wastewater treatment with endless possibilities in our modern-day global community.

AES Arabia Ltd. is ahead in the development and provision of solutions needed to address the present conservation and operational problems.

They are located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where their fully equipped manufacturing and support facilities are situated and the company occupies an area of 11,000 sq.m making it one of the largest in the region.

This facility also provides design, engineering, production, installation, and maintenance support for the company’s operations in the Gulf, Middle East & North Africa.

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6. Rekaz Water Treatment Projects

Rekaz Water Treatment Projects is one of the water treatment companies in Saudi Arabia. They are into the design, supply, and installation of water and wastewater treatment plants.

Rekaz Water Treatment Projects are specialized in the following:

  • Water Distillation Technology
  • Deionization Technology
  • RO UF Membrane filtration
  • Electrodyalisis Technology
  • Iron Removal System
  • Water Softeners
  • Bore groundwater
  • Filters beverage
  • Filters Sewage
  • Treatment Plants – STP
  • Effluent Treatment Plant – ETP
  • Waste Water Re-use System
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Industrial Biogas Plant
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Sea Water Desalination
  • Plant Reverse Osmosis (R0) Plants
  • Swimming Pool & Filtration
  • Water Bottling factory Installation on a Turnkey basis
  • Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)
  • Packaging Machinery Division
  • Filters RO membranes spare
  • Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)
  • DM Plant Water Softeners
  • The effluent wastewater treatment plant
  • Ozonators for Ozone water purification
  • RO Membranes Filters high Pumps.

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7. SOROOF Aqua Solutions

SOROOF Aqua Solutions (SAS) is one of the water treatment companies in Saudi Arabia which has been in operation since 2002.

SOROOF Aqua Solutions (SAS) is a member of the SOROOF International group of companies that are involved in the development and commercialisation of state of the art technologies which can be used in tackling environmental issues specifically water and wastewater treatment issues.

Their activities include the design, engineering, and supply of equipment.

They specialise in the provision of water and wastewater treatment equipment and services and are capable of designing, engineering, manufacturing, installing, servicing, operating, and maintaining water and wastewater treatment plants and equipment for both municipal and industrial customers.

SAS does have the required experience, and resources, understanding the nature of projects within the area. This does include but is not limited to, applicable standards, specifications, inspection services, material logistics, project management..etc.

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8. Suido Kiko Middle East (“SKME”)

Suido Kiko Middle East (“SKME”) is one of the water treatment companies in Saudi Arabia.

Suido Kiko Middle East (“SKME”) is an engineering and construction company based in Jeddah that specializes in providing solutions in the water & wastewater sectors.

The company may be a venture between Saudi Brothers Commercial Company Group and Suido Kiko Kaisha of Japan.

SKME also prides itself because the first engineering company operating in KSA introduced MBR flat sheet technology to the municipality and government sectors.

Its activities include engineering and construction of Seawater & Brackish desalination plants, Sewage Treatment Systems, Industrial Water/Wastewater Treatment Systems, and Re-use from Sewage Wastewater.

Its parent company, Saudi Brothers Commercial Co., is one of the most important privately-held holding conglomerates within the Middle East.

They own a variety of companies (Water desalination, Hotels & Resorts, Precision Engineering, Aviation, Food manufacturing, Agriculture, Printing …etc).

Saudi Brothers draws its strength within the water sector through its wholly-owned subsidiary SAWACO Water Desalination which focuses on desalinated water production and distribution.

The other parent company Suido Kiko Kaisha, Ltd., is one of the most important engineering and construction companies in Japan specializing in the fields of potable water and wastewater treatment.

Suido Kiko Kaisha has worked for the water sector for around 70 years and introduced new water systems to the Japanese water sector.

Suido Kiko also has the largest installation record (ranked no. 1) of membrane plants for municipalities in Japan. Moreover Suido Kiko’s parent company TORAY is one of the largest membrane suppliers in the world.

Suido Kiko Middle East has the vast business and professional experience of Saudi Brothers Company in Saudi Arabia combined with the unrivaled state-of-the-art water treatment technology of Suido Kiko Japan.

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9. The Saudi Water Partnership Company (SWPC)-By the Saudi Government

The Saudi Water Partnership Company (SWPC) is one of the water treatment companies in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Government has also been involved in water treatment and through this has been involved in the supply and construction of wastewater treatment plants in major parts of the country and this is in a quest to extend its citizens’ social welfare and quality of life.

Though the Saudi Water Partnership Company (SWPC), the Saudi government plans to create a concession for the construction and operation of a total of 14 desalination plants and 12 wastewater treatment plants and this is to be undertaken through public-private partnerships as it seeks to draw in investors from all parts of the world.

SWPC has engaged TYPSA under a framework agreement with an estimated duration of 5 years, to deliver the required engineering services to manage and control the concession contracts. Services also include construction supervision.

The 14 desalination plants will produce a complete of just about 6 million m3 of beverage per day. Three of them will have a net capacity per unit of 600,000 m3 each day.

Wastewater treatment capacity will attain almost 1.5 million m3 per day, one among the treatment plants achieving 375,000 m3 on a day to day.

Modern and efficient state of the art of technology will achieve reduced consumption and increased production in both desalination and treatment.

Some of the desalination plants will combine reverse osmosis technology with photovoltaic plants to scale back specific energy consumption.

Innovative systems, such as Nereda technology or continuous flow SBR will be used for treatment, introducing cogeneration systems in some plants to obtain better energy efficiency and consumption.

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