8 Water Treatment Companies in Dubai

Water Treatment Companies in Dubai are helping in turning Dubai and the whole of UAE from becoming a dry land to become a land to a green hub overwhelming benefits.

Imagine if you are left in a desert where there is no water. According to scientists, almost half of the world’s population will be at risk from water shortages by 2030.

Did you know that 33% of the world is covered by desert and 99% of the world’s water is undrinkable because it’s too salty or frozen? One-sixth of the world’s population live in desert regions and as we know, water is very scarce in deserts.

The United Arab Emirates has no rivers and there is very little water as it is surrounded by salty water and it rains just 10 days a year. But still, they restructure desert into a green paradise and few major cities like Dubai and Saudi Arabia are the gem of the desert.

How is this possible?

They collect salty ocean water, build giant factories which specialise in removing salt from ocean water, and produce clean and drinkable water. This process is called Desalination. In simple words, salty water goes from one side and freshwater goes from the other side and it’s distributed to the cities.

Some billion liters of water is desalinated every day but with a fast-growing population, the countries are under pressure to come up with cost-effective alternatives.

As desalination, one cubic meter of water from sea cost about $60 whereas, the same amount of water extracted through cloud seeding costs just $1.

Well, what is cloud seeding?

To explain what cloud seeding is, we need to talk about a bunch of water droplets or ice crystals floating into the sky. These droplets are below freezing but they remain liquid.

The water droplet condenses into one another causing these water droplets to grow. When these water droplets get too heavy as they are suspended in the cloud, they fall as rain.

Cloud seeding is an artificial enhancement technique that is used to encourage rainfall. It’s a scientifically proven method. Cloud seeding is a booster shot given to the cloud to produce rain.

The airplanes loaded with absorbent chemicals like salt, dry ice, or Silver Iodine fly over cloud layers releasing the chemicals and the winds behind the plane help distribute the chemicals.

Releasing these chemicals make the cloud more dense and heavy and enhances the formation of rain leaving gravity to do the rest. Then, the rainwater is collected in a huge reservoir and saved for supply.

The United Arab Emirates is one of the first countries in the Persian Gulf region to use cloud seeding technology. The cloud seeding in the United Arab Emirates started in the 1990s. it adopted the latest technologies available on a global level.

It starts in the national centre of meteorology where a team is constantly monitoring forecasts looking for the potential cloud to seed by using sophisticated weather radar the atmosphere of the country around the clock.

The operation only works with cumulus clouds which are vertical in shape. Once they have spotted the cloud, they radio pilots to perform the cloud seeding process.

In the United Arab Emirates, cloud seeding is mainly used for meeting the growing population’s needs with regards to water and supporting emerging industries such as farming and in creating rainstorms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi deserts.

In 2017, United Arab Emirates performed 242 cloud seeding operations and the United Arab Emirates government is confident that the operation is increasing the amount of rainfall.

The purpose of cloud seeding is not only to encourage rainfall but to encourage rain removal. On August 8, 2008, during the opening ceremony of the summer Olympics in Beijing, the Chinese government used to prevent rain and even guaranteed clear skies for the event.

The cloud seeding operation only took the launch of 1,104 rain dispersion rockets from 21 sides in the city to pull off. The largest cloud seeding system is in the peoples’ republic of China.

The processes of cloud seeding and ocean water desalination has been what Dubai, UAE uses to tackle the problem of no rivers coupled with very little rainfall in a year which had caused a water problem.

With this, we look at the 8 water treatment companies in Dubai, UAE.

8 Water Treatment Companies in Dubai, UAE

Below are 8 water treatment companies in Dubai, UAE

  • Aqua Prince
  • Soft Water Technical Service L.L.C
  • Al Kafaah
  • ARTEC Water System LLC
  • Water Bird
  • Clean Water Solutions
  • Ultra Tec Water Treatment Equipment LLC
  • Culligan Middle East

1. Aqua Prince

Aqua Prince is one of the top water treatment companies in Dubai (UAE).

Aqua Prince is a big player in the water industry as they are involved in giving water channels and purifiers to homegrown and business use. They are one of the best water sanitisation administrations in the UAE in general.

They have water channels that are intended to kill destructive synthetics from the water that influences our wellbeing as well as harms Hair and Skin giving water the best quality possible for drinking, cooking, planting and disinfection.

These processes are made possible through specially sourced machines and equipment which have been reviewed, tried, and affirmed by exceptionally prepared QC engineers.

They are ranked on top in water treatment companies in Dubai.

The following are some of the products they provide:

  • Big Blue Whole House Water Filter Systems
  • Water Softener
  • Aqua Prince Life 6 Stages Water Purifier
  • Commercial RO System
  • Aqua Prince Rain 8 Stages Water Purifier
  • 4 & 5 Stage Water Filtration System
  • Aqua Prince 7 Stages Water Purifier
  • RO Water Dispenser
  • Multi-Media Sand Carbon Filters
  • Commercial Water Softener
  • Ultra Filtration Water
  • Aqua Prince Shower Filter Pure Bath MK-808
  • The Mighty 8 Plate Anti Oxidizer
  • The Ultimate Home Use Model Platinum
  • The Ultimate Home Use Model
  • The Junoir Model

Aqua Prince which is one of the water treatment companies in Dubai is located at Office 107, M Floor, Hilal Bank Bldg – Al Qusais 3 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

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2. Soft Water Technical Service L.L.C

Soft Water Technical Service L.L.C is one of the top water treatment companies in Dubai.

They are a big player in providing comprehensive design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, start-up, operation and maintenance and after-sales support of industrial and commercial water, wastewater treatment and recycling plants.

This is made possible through a team of competent and extensively experienced engineers. They proffer all chemicals which can be used for water treatment and meet the highest quality standards while keeping competitive prices.

Soft Water is involved in various aspects of water purification including microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis as core design membrane separation techniques.

Soft Water has been able to pull off commissioned state of the art projects both nationally and internationally.

Some of the products they offer include:

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Domestic RO Systems
  • Industrial RO Systems
  • Domestic U.V. Purifier
  • Industrial U.V. Purifier
  • Water Filtration System
  • Water Circulation Chiller
  • Water Softener and much more.

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3. Al Kafaah

Al Kafaah is one of the top water treatment companies in Dubai. They are a company that specialises in the use of diverse technologies in the field of Desalination, Water Treatment,  Waste Water Treatment and Odor Control.

The company was established by incorporating an array of in-depth theoretical know-how vast experience of the process and specialised engineering advancement. Al Kafaah is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company.

Al Kafaah has three fundamental characteristics they use to serve the water treatment and reuse industry which are innovation, efficiency and cost reduction.

The company with the use of advanced technologies commits to bringing an encompassing solution to various aspects of the water treatment and reuse industry.

Al Kafaah provides turnkey solutions from conceptual designing to the method of commissioning, Al Kafaah provides innovative turnkey results to all corridors of the industry.

Al Kafaah brings into its business the most qualified and experienced personnel to handle the complex nature of water operation systems, therefore assuring every project, satisfactory completion on time and budget.

With vast experience in the aridest regions, Al Kafaah has developed into a leading organization in the field of design, supply and operation.

Al Kafaah has become a big player in the water treatment field not just because of its decades of experience but, also because it has been providing technical and logistical support to numerous organizations in the Middle East since its inception.

Al Kafaah has been able to start up and complete projects regarding design and commissioning water processing of both high and medium productivity in the most inhospitable conditions and per stringent government guidelines of the Gulf.

Some of the products the Al Kafaah provide include:

  • Reverse Osmosis Desalination
  • Mobile Desalination
  • Water Filter & Softeners
  • Surface Water Treatment & Ultrafiltration UF
  • Utility Investment – BOO, PPP BOOT, BOT etc.
  • Rental Water Desalination
  • Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Fire Pump-sets
  • Odor Control Systems
  • Pressure, Booster, Fire Pump Set
  • Oil Water Separator, Grease Interceptor
  • Marine Sewage Treatment
  • Marine & Ballast Water Treatment
  • Marine Watermaker RO
  • Laundry Wastewater Recycle
  • Chemical Dosing, UV Systems

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4. ARTEC Water System LLC

ARTEC Water System LLC is one of the water treatment companies in Dubai. They specialise in the provision of technical expertise in all sorts of water treatment technologies be it desalination plants or wastewater recycling plants.

They handle his projects from the development of specialised concepts to the commissioning of industrial and domestic wastewater. For this to happen, there must be a combination of agricultural chemistry, with the industrial abilities to make the highest quality purification plants and filters.

They have been able of time to deliver various projects not only in Dubai (UAE) or the Middle East but also in Africa, Europe and even America.

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5. Water Bird

Water Bird is one of the water treatment companies in Dubai. They are a water treatment chemicals L.L.C, water treatment industry L.L.C and chemical and biological laboratory.

Having been established in the 1980s and a vast array of experiences, Water Bird has grown to become a big player in the water and wastewater treatment industry as they deliver one-stop solutions to any need brought to their table.

Their vast experience combined with the technical support of all the company’s principles has time and again reiterated the commitment to answering Industrial, Commercial, and Domestic water treatment needs.

Water Bird focuses on providing quality service to their client and the public in general.

Some of the products and services being offered by Water Bird include:

Water Treatment Solutions

  • Cooling Water Treatment
  • Boiler Water Treatment
  • Chiller Water Treatment
  • Swimming Pool Water Treatment
  • Potable Water Treatment
  • Dosing Systems & Controllers
  • Water Quality Monitors & Controllers

Waste Water Recycling Solutions

  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Effluent Treatment Plants
  • Tse Recycling Plants
  • Grey Water Treatment Plants
  • Customised Recycling Plants
  • Speciality Chemicals

Water Treatment Plants

  • Filters
  • Softeners
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Rental Ro
  • Dm Plants
  • Disinfection Units
  • Food Grade Minerals For Bottled Water

Speciality Chemicals

Our Speciality Chemicals Supply Include:

  • Ro Antiscalant
  • Ro Coagulants (Organic/Inorganic)
  • RO & UF membrane Cleaners (Acid /Alkali)
  • Flocculants (anionic/cationic/neutral)
  • Antifoams/Defoamers
  • Odour Control Chemical
  • Minerals For Bottling/Food Industries
  • Enzymes & Bio-Products For Waste Water Treatment Application


  • O & M
  • Consultancy
  • HVAC Flushing
  • Membrane Cleaning And Biopsy

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6. Clean Water Solutions

Clean Water Solutions is one of the water treatment companies in Dubai. They focus on providing solutions that grow societies sustainably and help build a better future. They are a subsidiary of the Oasis Investment Co. LLC.

Since its inception in 2008, Clean Water Solutions have been providing state-of-the-art solutions for water and wastewater in the UAE and the region. And these solutions include design, integration, supply, installation, and maintenance for the entire water cycle.

Their objective is to aid their clients in conscientiously making environmentally sustainable decisions that bring balance with the environment and promote sustainable growth.

This is being made possible through the use of designs that utilize cutting-edge technologies & innovative water solutions ensuring that their client meets their economic and environmental aims.

Clean Water Solutions values may include:

  • Trustworthy: They deliver on what they promise
  • Professionalism: They ensure the quality of communication that cultivates transparency and collaboration
  • Reliability: Their design solutions operate optimally, deliver continuously and perform consistently
  • Innovation: They welcome challenges that require them to think outside the box and make it work for their client
  • Sustainability: They enable businesses to move towards sustainability while supporting their growth

The company’s approach involves providing their clients with water and wastewater treatment solutions that can be applied in the operations without any stress.

Their process and practices reflect this philosophy of making the solution work for the customer/client.

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7. Ultra Tec Water Treatment Equipment LLC

Ultra Tec Water Treatment Equipment LLC is one of the water treatment companies in Dubai.

Being a renowned diversified water treatment company and having decades of excellent products and services experience in the water treatment industry,

They feel immense successfully providing their best quality products and services to the distinguished organisations located all over the MENA (the Middle East and North Africa).

Besides, provision of best quality products and services to high profile corporate sectors, organisations to UAE Armed Forces, Oil and Gas Industry, Schools and Colleges, and Universities, Manufacturing Industries, Contracting Companies, Food Beverages Processing, Public Kitchen, Hotels and Restaurant Industry.

Their specialty is to design cost-effective Water Filtration systems that will meet the Client’s requirements. The company aims to build a sustainable and effective Water Purification System based on the end-user needs and within budget.

The sources of various parts came from different countries (USA, Japan, Germany, UK, Turkey, Taiwan) with high standard quality and certification are assembled locally and by seasoned professional technicians and engineers.

Their Water Treatment Solutions include all kinds of water filters, domestic, commercial and industrial R.O plants, containerised R.O plants, services and maintenance.

Their industrial water treatment include a 5000 GPD to 100000GPD or as required by each client, seawater, brackish water R.O plants, De Ionisation plant, containerized R.O plant

Their commercial water treatment products include an UltraTec RO with or without ultraviolet, 200-1000 PD RO system, multimedia water filtration, water softener fully automatic and aquarium RO De Ioniser.

Their domestic water filtration includes a shower filter, faucet filter, vitamin C shower head, 5-8 stages RO system, UltraTec water purifier, water chiller, stainless steel multi-cartridge water filtration system.

The company’s services and maintenance include consumables such as cartridges, filters, membranes, antiscalant chemicals, filter media, activated carbon, sand media, softener salt and resin.

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8. Culligan Middle East

Culligan Middle East is one of the water treatment companies in Dubai. The company is part of a multinational water treatment company Culligan which has about 80 years of experience in the field of water treatment.

Culligan Middle East is now one of the largest and the most diversified water treatment companies in Dubai and also in the Gulf region since its establishment over 20 years ago where is have integrated modular equipment systems and an extensive range of chemicals, with the highest standards of service to offer a Total Water Management package to commerce and industry.

All sectors are supported by a full line of services including water testing, product design assistance and installation, ongoing repair and maintenance after-sales service, technical support, spare parts and consumables supply.

Culligan Middle East now operates through facilities in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Qatar.

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