8 Water Treatment Companies in Egypt

Water treatment companies in Egypt have a task at hand and that is to meet the ever-growing demand for potable water. 

Throughout human history, we have been in a constant struggle for fresh potable water.

We can’t survive without it, our bodies require it to function, we also need it to grow crops and attract animals. Our ancestors fought, died, migrated and adapted for and because of it as local supplies as water supply carrying capacity was reached or compromised.

Due to the combinations of populations rising, weather, climate change and pollution. The situations our communities face across the planet today have a little different than those of our past. This struggle for water has and will continue to shape where and how we live.

No better country highlights humans dependency on water, how it influences where we live and our continuous need to adapt to ensure access within Egypt both in its history and today.

95% of Egypt population lives within just a few kilometres from the Nile River and its Delta. But, this hasn’t always been the case for the inhabitants of this land.

Around 8,500BC, the Sahara was abruptly met with monsoons. This turned the hyper-arid desert into a savannah that was swiftly inhabited by prehistoric settlers.

The region received so much rain that archaeological evidence suggests that the Nile was too humid and hazardous for large settlements during this time.

But by 5,300BC, the arid climate was returning and by 3.500BC, the Sahara was back to its old arid state and the populations migrated to the water supply heading back to the only source in the region, the Nile river.

Where people live in Egypt has changed little since. The great pyramid of Giza which is typically in the middle of the desert is just outside the largest metro area in Africa and the Arab world.

This is made up of Cairo and the city of Giza together housing around 20 million people.

The Egyptians have always recognised the importance of the Nile river never taking their main water source for granted 97% of the country’s freshwater comes from it.

The ancient Egyptians over time had ten different deities of water and five of them specifically for the Nile.

The entire Nile river use to flow annually, the Egyptians developed canals and later dams to control the flooding.

In 1970, the Oswan high dam was complete which put a stop to the annual flooding. These dams are more than two miles across the Nile. It is the world’s largest embankment dam. But the Nile is reaching a new limit.

In 2019, Egyptian officials said they had around 570cm3per person per year hydrologists. Hydrologists consider a country to be facing water scarcity if supplies drop below 1000cm3 per person annually

Egypt’s figure is expected to drop to 500cm3 by 2025. this is considered absolute water scarcity. The United Nations defines this as insufficiency of supply to satisfy the total demand after all feasible options to enhance the supply and management have been implemented.

A large reason for this is Egypt population is rising and rising fast. In less than 35 years, the population has doubled from 50 million to 100 million.

While the fertility rate has started to decline in recent years, it is still at around 3.3 children per woman and it’s ranked 36th in the world in population growth rate at 2.17% as of 2021.

A significant number for a population of over 100 million people. The high fertility rate is deeply rooted in traditions.

But, some view children as a future source of financial support and parents who have only girls keep having more until they get a boy who can carry on the family name.

This population rise has brought to light inefficiencies in agriculture water use. More than 80% of Egypt’s water supply is used.

Many farmers continue to use irrigation canals which can lose much of the water through evaporation, seepage through the canal walls or by overfilling and Egypt’s agricultural industry is already lagging behind Egypt’s demand.

Egypt is forced to import about half of its food consumed and is the world largest wheat importer. This dependency on wheat import was a contributor to the unrest experienced in Egypt in 2011 as part of the Arab spring.

Drought and fires experienced across Asia resulted in lower production causing prices to rise. Egyptians were already spending about 40% of the salary on food with one-fourth of it being on bread.

Egypt’s dependency could worsen rising sea levels threaten agriculture production in the Nile River Delta.

Salty waters are moving further inland making the water brackish which can infiltrate the soil from below making the land unsuitable for growing crops.

But Egypt’s problems aren’t just having enough freshwater, but fresh potable water. Overpopulation combined with the Egyptian government struggling to enforce their environmental laws has led to severe pollution.

Around 350 factories are thought to be throwing waste into the Nile river, agricultural chemicals are flowing into the Nile from farms and many individuals are not disposing of their trash appropriately.

Tens of thousands of deaths are attributed to water pollution in Egypt every year. Assuming Egypt is not having enough problems internally, Ethiopia completed a massive dam in July 2020 that could harm Egypt’s water supply.

For significant progress to be made regarding the consumption of potable water in Egypt, there have been several water treatment companies in Egypt.

Though more is still needed in this sector especially in desalinating seawater. It is necessary that some of the water treatment companies in Egypt are to be mentioned.

8 Water Treatment Companies in Egypt.

Below are 8 water treatment companies in Egypt:

  • Arab Environmental Engineering ”ECOTECH”
  • PureLife Filters
  • EnviroTech International
  • BS Egypt
  • System and Technology
  • Environmental Services and Water Treatment (ESWTCO)
  • EnvironMental engineering Group (EMG)


GREEN is a company that offer specialised consulting and management services for the environment and sustainable development through professional partnership.

Its clients include governments, local and regional authorities, donor agencies, international organizations, civil and non-governmental bodies, multi-national corporations and the business/private sector community.

GREEN work to improve the quality of life on our planet for the present as well as for future generations.

The company follows through with their philosophy by committing to the company objective, associated principles, adhering to professionalism and integrity standards without losing focus on achieving and exceeding the expectations of its clients.

This results in an improvement and positive change known as the “GREEN Touch”.

In addition, GREEN partners with several reputable companies and firms in most regions of the world that together offer cutting edge services, technologies and solutions.

The company is also closely linked to the academic and research community, as well as several universities around the globe, expanding its valuable research and development resources.

They have the vision to be the most qualified and respected company in the environmental industry. And they hope to achieve this by promoting and creating a better, safe and healthy environmentally based culture.

This will be achieved by the company’s integrity and work ethics.

The diversity of the company includes water and wastewater treatment to its focus as it strives for environmental and sustainable development making it one of the water treatment companies in Egypt.

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2. Arab Environmental Engineering ”ECOTECH”

ECOTECH is one of the water treatment companies in Egypt. The company was established in 2003 as a limited partnership between experienced and highly qualified chemical engineers and businessmen to become one of the engineering companies that leads the world in the area of processing technology of drinking water, wastewater and industrial treatment.

The company’s activities the construction of:

  • Drinking water treatment plants projects
  • Sewage treatment projects
  • Industrial wastewater treatment projects
  • Projects liquid waste treatment plants
  • Projects, treatment plants industrial waste liquid (an industrial exchange)
  • Projects, drinking water pumping stations
  • Projects sewage pumping stations
  • Work of General Supplies
  • Work of combinations of mechanical and electrical plants

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3. PureLife Filters

PureLife Filters is one of the water treatment companies in Egypt. They specialise in manufacturing and supplying filters and RO Systems around the world.

They are a company whose main focus is productivity as they strive to become a big player in the water treatment field. Through productive learning, this company which comprises high achievers, big dreamers, and passionate leaders strive to give offer value for money.

This they hope to achieve with the aid of the latest technologies as they deliver high-quality filters that operate optimally with water of diverse degrees of salinity, consequently reducing operational costs.

Some of their top filters include Activated Carbon, PP melt blown, PP Yarn Filters (PPW), pleated filters, High Flow Pleated Filter, Activated Carbon Filters (CTO) and String wound.

They are also in search of international distributors to expand their growing coverage of the global market.

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4. EnviroTech International

EnviroTech International is one of the water treatment companies in Egypt. The company is a construction company having presence in the UK, Middle East and North Africa regions since 1974.

They are involved in a range of infrastructure, construction and MEP projects including Construction, Energy, Oil and Gas Services, Power, Sea Water Desalination, Water and Wastewater Treatment.

They started construction in the UK, Saudi Arabia and Yemen in the ’70s and ’80s, later adding Egypt, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

EnviroTech currently has its main corporate entities in London UK, Abu Dhabi UAE, Cairo Egypt with operational support offices in Muscat Oman, Michigan USA, Denver USA and Riyadh KSA.

Some of their Desalination, Brackish Water, Wastewater Treatment, Wastewater Filtration, DeWatering, Energy Management Systems, Waste to Energy and Environmental Services product range includes:

  • Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plants
  • Sea Water Intake Construction
  • Bore Well Water Purification Plants
  • Superflux WasteWater Filters
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Catalytic Carbon and Multi-Media Filtration
  • Nutshell Filters
  • WasteWater Dewatering
  • Energy Management Controls
  • Waste to Energy Plants
  • Power Generation and Renewables
  • BOT, BOOT, BOO and DBOOM Services

EnviroTech puts its major interest in Customized Full Design Engineering and Build Solutions focusing on Brackish Water, Desalination, Industrial WasteWater, Municipal Water, Produced Wastewater Treatment, WasteWater Filtration and Waste to Energy Plants.

Some of their Engineering Design Solutions include:

  • Consultancy
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Front End Engineering Design FEED
  • Detailed Engineering Design
  • Full Process Engineering Plant Design
  • Supervisory Control Data Acquisition Systems SCADA
  • Project Management
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Green Building

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5. BS Egypt

BS Egypt is one of the water treatment companies in Egypt.

Being established in 2010, BS Egypt is an engineering company that specialises in the design, construction, installation, service and retrofitting of reverse water & wastewater of osmosis plants.

BS Egypt strives to satisfy the hunger for desalination and wastewater treatment all around the world and this is because of climate change and population growth.

With the hope that the future of the nation depends on a reliable and clean source of water that is both cost-effective and sustainable, BS Egypt provides these services.

This has propelled them to take the Egyptian market by storm exceeding all expectations in the fields of power supply and water energy.

They can sufficiently start, run and complete projects of brackish water and seawater reverse osmosis treatment plants in open skid version and containerized version starting from the selection of location, geo-electric survey,

drilling with percussion method, well design, gravel, pipe supplying, well washing and disinfection, deep well pumps coupling and hose supplying finally to install a safe and secure control panel with all the protection and safety in addition to water analysis.

BS Egypt partners with American and European suppliers to design, install and start up professional, durable and high-quality material seawater reverse osmosis desalination plants.

They are also a supplier of several brands of gasoline and diesel generating sets such as (Honda, Perkins, Volvo Penta, Cummins, john deere, Lombardini, Iveco Motors, Mitsubishi, Deutz) from 1KVA prime power till 3000 kva prime power, European manufacture, Egyptian assembly, Italian used generating sets, 1500/3000 rpm.

Open skid and canopy soundproof version, in addition, ATS panels and synchronization panels

BS Egypt is open to partnership with industries that use and consume water during their production processes including industries that need a reliable power source through potential gasoline and diesel generators.

BS Egypt not only supply this mechanical equipment, but they also deliver their spare parts as well and have the ability to recover any kind of missing or rare spare part through their numerous partners and distributors worldwide.

In a short period, BS Egypt can supply any part or equipment with their long experience in the import and export field and through BS logistics which is the company’s dedicated company for transportation, import and export, customs clearance and delivery.

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6. System and Technology

System and Technology is one of the water treatment companies in Egypt. They specialise in the manufacture and supply of pumps, filters and other engineering equipment in Egypt and other parts of North Africa and the Middle East.

Their engineering equipment can be used for various fluid handling, chemical processing, and surface finishing applications.

System and Technology is also a licensed GTI Engineering Inc. Partner which has been into the local fabrication and assembly of Filter Press systems since 2005. GTI Engineering Inc. Is an equipment and service provider for the hot-dip galvanizing industry, and air pollution control applications.

System and Technology (SAT) has a goal to always meet the need for high-quality equipment at a feasible cost.

They serve a variety of industries, including metal finishing, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and water and wastewater treatment.

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7. Environmental Services and Water Treatment (ESWTCO)

Environmental Services and Water Treatment (ESWTCO) is one of the water treatment companies in Egypt.

Environmental Services and Water Treatment (ESWTCO) is a technology and service provider majoring in the environmental service and water treatment sectors.

They focus on the design, building and operation of water treatment plants for various kinds of purposes delivering all kinds of electrical and mechanical infrastructural projects and all environmental consultancies.

Environmental Services and Water Treatment (ESWTCO has grown to be one of the best partners for all water services, projects and operations in Egypt.

They provide our customers with the latest technology solutions based on the recent world standards and environmental laws.

They support the industrial sector in complying with the environmental laws by the use of the latest technologies and processes helping their customers reduce the investment and operation costs.

Their water treatment units and sewage treatment station solutions are appropriate for various sectors, such as industrial, oil and gas, tourism, compounds, etc.

The company’s expertise developed its product portfolio with the most effective and efficient solutions at an affordable cost that will indeed reserve energy and lost resources which we all consider today.

Their long experience in this field ensures that it is the right time for a serious look at the surrounding environment and the use of renewable/recycled resources.

ESWTCO contracts for the construction of pools, fountains, lakes and water features as turnkey projects including all the engineering and execution phases for the private sector in Egypt and other parts of Africa.

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  1. EnvironMental engineering Group (EMG)

EnvironMental engineering Group (EMG) is one of the water treatment companies in Egypt. They specialise in consulting for environmental sanitation to improve the quality of the environment and reduce the amount of disease.

They do this with the desire to improve the living conditions of the people consequently reducing health problems.

They help manage water, solid and industrial waste as well as pollution.

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