14 Best Environmental Volunteer Opportunities for High School Students

One of the most enlightening and cool things every high school kid should do is volunteer, and this is through environmental volunteer opportunities for high school students since it gives them the chance to meet new people, get adjusted to a new culture, develop life skills, and give back to mankind.

The passion and motivation to make a difference, create a purpose, and connect with nature are strongest in young, impressionable brains. Therefore, volunteering is a wonderful way to give back to humanity and effect change.

Students in high school who participate in various volunteer programs receive real-world workplace experience, hone their social skills, and discover their life’s purpose.

Even though you’re eager to make a positive impact on the world, being in high school may mean that you’ve encountered difficulties when attempting to participate in projects that address the most pressing problems in other countries.

Perhaps you’ve had to contend with the many volunteer abroad programs’ tight age restrictions, your parents’ worries, or the constraints of your school schedule.

But you don’t have to choose a volunteer program that you’re less enthusiastic about to fulfill your volunteer requirements.

Best Environmental Volunteer Opportunities for High School Students

  • Global Vision International (GVI)
  • Arcos Journeys Abroad
  • GoBeyond Student Travel
  • Projects Abroad
  • The Experiment in International Living
  • Volunteering Journeys
  • Academic Programs International (API Study Abroad)
  • Broadreach
  • IVHQ
  • AmeriCorps Volunteer Search
  • Do Something
  • Keystone Club
  • Teaching English Virtually
  • VolunteerMatch

1. Global Vision International (GVI)

Through education and training programs on sustainable development projects all over the world, these summer volunteer programs for high school students address important local and global challenges. Even renowned worldwide partners like Save the Children, WWF, the Red Cross, and PADI collaborate with GVI programs.

By participating in the GVI program, you can:

  • Support Nepal’s community development
  • Participate in South African sports volunteering
  • Become completely engrossed in Costa Rican culture
  • Aid in the preservation of the Costa Rican rainforest
  • Earn a PADI certification while volunteering in Mexico for marine conservation
  • Participate in Greek marine conservation efforts
  • Contribute to Seychelles Island conservation
  • Visit Thailand to contribute to marine conservation
  • Go to South Africa with your conservationist goals.

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2. Arcos Journeys Abroad

High school students who combine an authentic immersion experience with leadership abilities will have an advantage over their peers when applying to colleges and finding future employment.

These international summer adventure programs emphasize the acquisition of lifelong skills, the expansion of one’s perspective, and the acquisition of new languages.

Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, and other well-known nations host this program. They are primarily active in public works and wilderness projects.

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3. GoBeyond Student Travel

The greatest approach for high school kids to develop the skills they need to thrive in a world that is more diverse, interconnected, and competitive is through complete cultural immersion.

These high school summer volunteer programs overseas encourage the kind of cross-cultural sensitivity, respect for one another, and civic engagement necessary for long-term success.

This program has been held in several well-known nations, including Australia, Thailand, Ecuador, and the British Virgin Islands. They are mostly interested in community service, orphanage work, and conservation efforts.

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4. Projects Abroad

With excellent in-country support from program professionals to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, high school students can volunteer abroad in extremely meaningful and worthwhile projects in developing (and safe!) nations.

Popular locations for this program include Fiji, Belize, and the Philippines. They mostly work on programs related to teaching sports, conservation, and public health.

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5. The Experiment in International Living

In addition to teaching students important cultural skills, these high school summer volunteer abroad programs also help students develop a greater understanding of and sensitivity to global issues.

The knowledge, connections, understanding, and new abilities that students gain are priceless and will enable them to succeed in a variety of contexts.

Argentina, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica are a few of the well-known nations where this program is held. They mostly work on sustainability, community service, and development projects.

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6. Volunteering Journeys

Students who live locally with the people they are assisting have authentic high school summer volunteer experiences abroad.

These initiatives emphasize fostering connections, demonstrating the importance of personal development, and demonstrating the significant real-world learning that can be gained via high school service learning overseas.

Popular nations where this program is held include Sri Lanka, Nepal, and India. They mostly work on issues related to sports coaching and sea turtle conservation. 

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7. Academic Programs International (API Study Abroad)

These excellent, reasonably priced summer volunteer abroad programs for students are created to provide them with worthwhile travel experiences that will change their lives while also changing the lives of others.

Ecuador and Costa Rica are two of the most well-known nations hosting this program. They mostly work on conservation, farming, and sustainability projects.

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8. Broadreach

Students who participate in responsible, practical volunteer work abroad develop new perspectives on the world and their own identities.

Additionally, as tangible evidence of their accomplishments (and yet another great line on their resumes), these programs assist students in obtaining applicable certifications (scuba, sailing, first aid, etc.).

Popular locations for this program include the Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe, and the Bahamas. Some of the well-liked initiatives you can get involved in are community service, development, and marine conservation.

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9. International Volunteer HQ

When it comes to teen volunteer abroad possibilities, IVHQ is a major player with programs in places like Madagascar, Bali, Sri Lanka, Peru, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ecuador, Laos, the Philippines, Vietnam, and even Portugal.

Therefore, IVHQ is sure to have a program that’s perfect for you, whether you envision yourself accruing volunteer hours in Europe, Latin America, Asia, or Africa. Turtle conservation, building, remodeling, and child development are a few of their well-liked undertakings.

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10. AmeriCorps Volunteer Search

This is an AmeriCorps-hosted in-person volunteer program that primarily serves residents of the United States. You may sort possibilities by distance, causes, talents, and age after entering your zip code into this convenient volunteer gateway.

There are many different summer volunteer programs available, including ones for camps, teaching, translating, leading tours, gardening, food delivery, and more. Just be aware that some of these opportunities might require you to submit to a background check.

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11. Do Something

This website offers high school students the chance to volunteer both online and in person.

You can select issues that are close to your heart on the website, such as mental health, the environment, voting, gun safety, etc. Then after that provides you with action prompts and suggestions, some of which are modest (organize a concert at a senior facility) and others more ambitious (post surprise messages in public places to enhance self-esteem).

Some of the suggested courses of action are tied to particular places, such as volunteering to work the polls. You may sort through all of the campaigns by kind, cause, period, location (physical or virtual), and location.

You have the choice to become a proactive changemaker while accumulating volunteer credit hours through the Strength Through Service program. This website is excellent for inspiring you to bring about the changes you wish to see in the world.

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12. Keystone Club

Students ages 14 to 18 can join the Keystone Club, a leadership and community service organization. The Boys and Girls Clubs of America is the host organization.

You have the option to join an existing club or form a new one with as few as 6 participants in this in-person volunteering. You evaluate the “sparks” or passions of the group as a team, and then you jointly develop and carry out a civic initiative that helps your neighborhood.

Your project might offer entertainment, instruction, or another kind of charitable service. The program occurs both during the academic year and during the summer, and you collaborate with an adult advisor.

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13. Teaching English Virtually

This online volunteer program run by Meaningful Teens is a fantastic way for you to share your love of reading and English with underprivileged youngsters.

You will be matched with one of roughly 15 different projects, some of which are in Ukraine, Kenya, and India, after signing up and responding to a few questions. Through Zoom, you’ll meet new people, discover various cultures, and offer a priceless service.

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14. VolunteerMatch

This volunteer hub (VolunteerMatch) enables you to filter possibilities based on geography, issues, format, and age. It functions similarly to the AmeriCorps Volunteer Search, and in some situations, they even share postings.

You can search by organization, which is important since it might show you many options within the same institution, which is one significant difference from the AmeriCorps site.

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Alright! Now that we understand the benefits of encouraging our kid’s interest in teen volunteer summer programs abroad, we feel at least a bit more at ease regarding the safety issue.

Finally, the essential list of organizations that not only provide excellent overseas volunteer opportunities for teens but also run such programs has arrived.


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