Water Treatment Companies in Germany

Water treatment companies in Germany have been able to adapt certain systems and processes to treat wastewater from a variety of sources and also to provide these services to consumers outside the country.

Germany has an available water supply of 188 billion m3. It is a country that is rich in water resources. In 2010, around 33.1 billion m3 of water was abstracted from groundwater and surface waters to supply both industries and private households. This is less than 20% of the available water supply, i.e. over 80% of the available water supply remains unused.

The mining sector and the manufacturing industry are the second biggest water users in the country, with the thermal power plants being the first. The agricultural sector uses the least amount of water in the country.

Over the past 20 years, water consumption reduced by at least 18% and this is due to the introduction of water treatment plants. In Germany, ensuring water supply is a mandatory duty of the state. A total of 10 billion m3 of wastewater was treated by water treatment companies in 2010, almost exclusively through biological wastewater treatment.

Water treatment is a paramount duty of the country as the major sectors that consume water also generate the highest volume of wastewater. This is where the need for water treatment companies come in. Rather than dispose of the wastewater from these sectors, the wastewater is treated and made available for reuse to these same sectors.

In all of Europe, Germany has the most efficient water management, as 96% of all its wastewater generated from industries and households is channelled to water treatment companies for purification.

Top 13 Water Treatment Companies in Germany

  • GWT – German Water Treatment GmbH
  • ROCHEM Water Treatment GmbH
  • BIODOS e.K. water treatment system
  • Chriwa Wasseraufbereitungstechnik GmbH
  • EnviroChemie GmbH
  • Akvola Technologies GmbH
  • FLUIDTEC Flussigkeitstechnologie
  • Watch Water Germany
  • Veolia Water Technologies Deutschland GmbH
  • Delphin Water Systems GmbH & Co. KG
  • ENEXIO Water Technologies GmbH

1. GWT – German Water Treatment GmbH

GWT – German Water Treatment GmbH specializes in water and wastewater treatment. The company is led by Mr Joachim Georgi. Their services include laboratory testing, pilot testing, contract research and development, feasibility studies, procurement, project management, operation, service and maintenance, design and construction of water treatment installations etc.

They have various process systems and applications that cover a wide range of wastewater, such as wastewater from industries (oil refineries etc.), municipal water treatment and municipal sewage water treatment. Their services also include the desalination of seawater.

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 2. ROCHEM Water Treatment GmbH

Rochem provides high-quality drinking water and environmentally friendly wastewater treatment systems. Some of their wastewater treatment systems have been specifically adapted to meet marine requirements on water vessels.

These systems are sophisticated enough to provide total desalination and sewage water treatment on submarines, surface vessels and offshore platforms. Some of these systems include the Rochem Bio-Filt system for grey and black water treatment and the Rochem reverse Osmosis-Freshwater unit.

Another area where this water treatment company excels is landfill leachate treatment. With over 40 years of experience, this water treatment company claims to bring unparalleled expertise to leachate treatment, as they promise to be able to meet any water quality standard for treatment. This company also engages in the maintenance and spare part replacement of water treatment modules.

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3. BIODOS e.K. water treatment system

BIOBOS is a German enterprise for engineering, designing, building and providing environmentally friendly technology for domestic, Industrial wastewater treatment, Brackish/Seawater processing and water bottling filling lines.

BIODOS is not a one-product company, it has five different business units, it develops and provides machines and plants for :

  • Reverse osmosis system for sea and brackish water desalination
  • River water purification
  • Sewage water purification
  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Water bottling.

The products and machinery designed by this company include but are not limited to; BMFF-VPMF filtration system, sewage treatment plant, containerized water solution, sludge dewatering system, greywater treatment, GRP tanks, oil separators, etc.

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4. Chriwa Wasseraufbereitungstechnik GmbH

This company focuses more on water treatment, water recycling/ water reclamation, wastewater treatment and reclamation of energy from waste and residues. Since their inception, they engage in the design, production and installation of plants and components for water treatment, polluted groundwater treatment decontamination, wastewater reclamation etc.

Their services also include aerobic and anaerobic wastewater treatment, biogas use and sludge treatment, basic training and intensive courses for operational personnel. Their scope of supply includes; surface water treatment, food and beverage industry, seawater/brackish water desalination, removal of arsenic, fluoride, radon, radium and uranium impurities.

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5. EnviroChemie GmbH

EnvironChemie supplies sustainable system solutions worldwide for all tasks involved in industrial water treatment and the treatment of process water, circulation water, cooling water, boiler water and wastewater.

This company which was founded in 1976 and has its headquarters in Rossdorf near Darmstadt, Germany has an impressive list of qualifications and memberships. It is part of a group of companies that focuses on various other aspects of wastewater treatment, such as industrial water and process water treatment.

Their services include consulting, planning, plant customization, operation management and contracting, water treatment products, digital solutions etc.

EnviroChemie has a diverse focus. This means that other than water treatment, they have a bunch of sectors that they operate in such as Food/beverage, Dairy products, pharma/biotechnology, power plants/ energy generation, etc.

They have proven solutions for physicochemical, biological and membrane water and wastewater treatment. Several different water treatment processes are used in water treatment depending on the type of wastewater. They include; precipitation, flocculation and sedimentation, neutralization, filtration/adsorption, ion exchange, advanced oxidation processes, membrane bioprocesses, aerobic and anaerobic processes.

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6. Akvola Technologies GmbH

Akvola Technologies is a water technology company that provides cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solutions to clean hard-to-treat industrial wastewater containing high concentrations of oil and suspended solids.

This company claims to be able to handle any refinery effluent, regardless of the oil and TSS concentration. Some of these effluents include; wastewater discharge, tank dewatering effluent, desalter effluent, wastewater reuse, slop re-processing. They quote in this statement “unlike conventional technologies, akvofloat can remove dispersed and emulsified oils. Their targeted contaminants include oil & grease, hydrocarbons, suspended solids, oil-wet solids, TOC/COD.

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This company develops and produce efficient water treatment and wastewater treatment plants. Their technology is based on a modular system of their process development. This enables them to offer comprehensive and interlocking system solutions in industrial wastewater treatment. ALMAWATECH develops, builds and supplies complete plants for wastewater treatment and process water treatment.

They are also involved in research work, to develop new processes for water treatment and wastewater purification and the development of hardware and software for the control of water treatment plants.

Their wastewater treatment plants and floatation plants are designed to have a life span of 30 years. ALMAWATECH has been operating its industrial wastewater disposal centre in both Brazil and Germany for over 15 years, this has given them a good amount of knowledge and experience to which they can always refer to when managing other facilities.

Their services include plant management, plant maintenance, analysis and consulting, electrical engineering and technicum. Since its foundation, the company has been independently owned by the German family of the managing partners.

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ATB WATER focuses more on the installation of small sewage treatment plants. The limits of these treatment plants are dependent on the requirements of the district water authorities. Since their inception in 1999, they have installed more than 100,000 small sewage treatment plants that reliably clean wastewater for more than 500,000 people.

These small sewage treatment plants are fully biological. They are used for the treatment of single and multi-family houses, hotels, restaurants, food processing companies as well as small villages. The sewage treatment plants are composed of some components such as aerators, mixers and decanters which use advanced processes for mechanical pre-cleaning, sludge treatment and hygienization.

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9. FLUIDTEC Flussigkeitstechnologie

FLUIDTEC has set itself the task of designing process engineering solutions for water treatment and water pumping for its customers ecologically and economically. The systems and products of FLUIDTEC are constantly being further developed with new and innovative technologies.

Their services include material replacement, maintenance and inspection, consulting and engineering, etc. Their products are divided into three major areas; Area of system components, consumables area, service and maintenance area.

These areas cover a broad range of products which include filter tanks, pipe fittings, delivery of filter materials, delivery of chemicals, replacing filter materials, refurbishment of filter tanks and pipelines, maintenance of installations, etc.

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10. Watch Water Germany

Watch water is one of the fastest-growing companies in manufacturing absorbers, scale prevention, filter media and dosing solutions for water and wastewater treatment industries.

This company uses some products and methods for water purification such as oxy treatment, filtration, adsorption, etc. they have also been able to develop instant products for water treatment that meets the global standard for water purification.

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11. Veolia Water Technologies Deutschland GmbH

The main focus of this company is on sustainable water treatment and wastewater treatment. Their major service involves the use of water treatment chemicals. Veolia water technologies offer a wide range of water treatment chemicals.

These chemicals are used to protect against deposits and corrosion of water treatment tanks and to reduce harmful effects on the environment. Their products meet all the requirements of national and international guidelines such as the biocide and REACH regulations.

Their “zero liquid discharge” plan aims to reuse the effluents after treatment in the factory. They also offer methanation solutions to harness the energy produced by the sludge from the plant’s water treatment. The biogas obtained in this way can be used within the plant or in the city’s energy network. The major goal of this company is the conservation of water and energy resources.

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12. Delphin Water Systems GmbH & Co. KG

DELPHIN water systems are one of the leading manufacturers of biological treatment plants with fixed-bed technology. Their portfolio ranges from small treatment plants for private households and holiday homes, to compact communal treatment for small towns. Their services include the installation, maintenance, optimization and operation management of their biological treatment plants.

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13. ENEXIO Water Technologies GmbH

In the field of drinking water and wastewater treatment, ENEXIO water technologies focus on biofilm and sedimentation processes. Operating for more than 4 decades, ENEXIO water technologies has built deep expertise in producing and designing functional surfaces for water and air treatment and cooling towers.

They have been able to design solutions for water and wastewater treatment, gas treatment, iron and carbon dioxide removal, biological exhaust air treatment, etc.

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