9 Environmental Volunteer Opportunities in Boston

Help save the environment by taking one of the best environmental volunteer opportunities in Boston listed in this blog post.

Since the inception of the Industrial Revolution, the various spheres of the earth have suffered a lot of damage which sometimes, affects the whole earth’s systems in noticeable ways. This period saw our immediate environment experience a lot of physical and chemical alterations in various forms.

Climate change, rise in pollution levels, increased atmospheric carbon, decreased air quality, deforestation, and biodiversity loss are just the various signals that reflect the effect of anthropogenic activities on the environment. It is a typical reflection of how we treat and care for our environment.

Boston, like many urban areas, faces a handful of environmental issues ranging from increased pollution, biodiversity loss, and decreased air quality to climate change and rise in sea levels, etc., that stem from its rapid urbanization, population growth, and historical industrial activities.

An aboriginal proverb says; ” Look after the land and the land will look after you, destroy the land and it will destroy you”, and this implies the need to pay attention to our immediate environment and nature itself. Her ability to sustain natural resource production for human consumption is a function of how much care she is being shown.

Environmental NGOs (non-governmental organizations) engage in a wide range of activities and acts to address environmental issues and promote sustainability. Because this work isn’t a walk in the park, the help of Passionate selfless individuals in the personalities of Environmental Volunteers is always appreciated.

Environmental volunteers typically work with organizations, community groups, or government agencies focused on environmental issues. Many environmental volunteers find a sense of purpose and fulfillment in their work.

They derive satisfaction from knowing they are actively working to protect natural resources and address environmental challenges.

Becoming an environmental volunteer is also a good way to display your passion and love for your state or city, and if you are an environmental enthusiast who lives in and loves Boston and would want to see your city flourish in all the greenest and eco-friendly ways, then this opportunities isn’t such you would want to pass by.

Environmental Volunteer Opportunities in Boston

Here are some of the events and organizations through which you can offer volunteer services for the good of the environment around Boston and planet Earth.

  • The Trustees of Reservations
  • Charles River Watershed Association
  • Boston GreenFest
  • Boston Food Forest Coalition
  • Boston Tree Party
  • Friends of the Public Garden
  • Earthwatch Institute
  • Boston Harbor Now

1. The Trustee of Reservations

This non-governmental organization is deeply rooted in the business of protecting some special and endangered places of historical significance around Massachusetts.

For over a century now, they have been going around Massachusetts state to find communities and cities home to precious cultural relics, potentially endangered iconic landscapes, and places of ecological, scenic, and historical importance to maintain their integrity long into the future.

They pull their resources together to protect this biodiverse landscape and turn them into tourist reservations while managing the farmlands to increase their productivity.

Their major areas of focus include;

  • Land conservation and Stewardship
  • Coast and ecology
  • Agriculture and Horticulture
  • Arts and museums
  • Historic collections and archives
  • Advocacy

The activities of this experienced environmental firm is geared towards biodiversity conservation and environmental sustainability at large and as such, being a part of them as a volunteer in any of their area of focus is an opportunity to give back to nature.

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2. Charles River Watershed Association

Having been in existence since 1965, the Charles River Watershed Association is one of the oldest Nonprofit organizations whose primary concern is to protect and conserve Charles River and its surrounding watershed and its resources.

With their well-developed science-based strategies, they help increase resilience, safeguard public health, and advance environmental equity to prepare the surroundings and all that live in it for the changing climate.

These strategies are used to protect, enhance, and improve the Charles River and its watershed through advocacy, science, and the law.

Their major areas of focus include;

  • Climate Resilience
  • River science
  • Stormwater solution
  • River restoration
  • Education and outreach

The Charles River Watershed Association also opens its arms to environmental volunteers from various works of life and even goes further to appreciate and celebrate its members and environmental volunteers during their annual conference called ‘Champions of the Charles Gala’.

Environmental volunteers help out according to their skills in the environmental field by carrying out various activities that monitor various parameters of the vital components of the environment and the Charles River watershed, to avoid the degradation of the river or its watershed.

Environmental volunteer opportunities with this organization are an interesting way to grow in your field as an environmentalist while still contributing to the good of the surrounding watershed and Boston at large.

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3. Boston GreenFest

Boston GreenFest is the annual signature event of the local nonprofit Foundation for a Green Future.

This is the largest longest-running multicultural environmental music festival in the Northeast located in the city of Boston. Each year comes with a unique theme that still throws light on the purpose of the festival being one that promotes the good of the environment.

At this free event, you can enjoy live music and dance performances from more than 20 different countries, watch an eco-fashion show with local designers and models walking the runway in upcycled clothing, make a piece of community art, watch a green film festival, test drive an electric car, hear from motivational speakers, ride a bike that generates electricity, sample healthy international cuisines, enjoy a beverage in the beer and wine garden, and do a lot more.

Because this event is free, it requires a lot of environmental volunteers who will help the show through their services and various skills as well as financially.

The Funds raised help facilitate other environmental programs such as the Green Learning Center, Massachusetts Water Forum and Youth Summit, Evening of Sustainable Innovation, sustainable internship program, EcoArt and EcoFashion programs, international ecoForums, etc.

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4. Boston Food Forest Coalition

The Boston Food Forest Coalition (BFFC) is a community organization in Boston that focuses on urban agriculture, food sustainability, and the creation of food forests in urban areas.

Food forests are designed to mimic natural ecosystems and provide a sustainable source of edible plants, fruits, and vegetables. The BFFC seeks to promote food security, environmental education, and community engagement.

BFFC offers volunteer opportunities for individuals interested in sustainable agriculture, permaculture, and community gardening.

Volunteers can get involved in various activities, including planting and maintaining food forests, organizing workshops and events, and participating in community outreach efforts.

Volunteering with the Boston Food Forest Coalition is an excellent way to contribute to local food sustainability initiatives, learn about permaculture practices, and engage with like-minded individuals who are passionate about urban agriculture and environmental conservation.

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5. Boston Tree Party

The Boston Tree Party was a collaborative community initiative in Boston aimed at promoting urban forestry and sustainability by planting pairs of heirloom apple trees in civic spaces across Greater Boston, providing thousands of free apples for all.

The Boston Tree Party seeks to spark a movement that will work across divides to make nutritious, fresh food available to everyone, green our cities, plant fruit trees in public places nationwide, and come together to take care of these trees and the well-being of all residents.

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6. Friends of the Public Garden

The Friends of the Public Garden is an environmental NGO based in Boston, Massachusetts. This organization is dedicated to the preservation, maintenance, and enhancement of three historic parks in Boston; the Boston Common, the Public Garden, and the Commonwealth Avenue Mall.

The Friends of the Public Garden work to raise funds, advocate for these parks, and collaborate with the city to ensure their continued beauty and accessibility for the public. They engage in various initiatives, such as planting and maintaining gardens, organizing events, and promoting the historical and cultural significance of these green spaces.

Becoming a volunteer, or a “Friend” as volunteers are fondly is done in two ways;

  • By Donating to the organization to help facilitate its environmental conservation programs.
  • By joining as a member and offering your expertise in fund-raising as well as other professional skills needed for the conservation and maintenance of the parks and gardens in Boston

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7. Earthwatch Institute

Earthwatch Institute is an international non-profit organization that focuses on scientific research and environmental conservation.

Earthwatch Institute connects scientists and researchers with volunteers from around the world to work on field-based research projects related to environmental sustainability, biodiversity, climate change, and other pressing environmental issues.

The organization’s mission is to engage people in scientific research and education to promote a sustainable planet. Participants in Earthwatch expeditions have the opportunity to contribute to meaningful scientific research while gaining hands-on experience in the field.

These projects can take place in various locations globally and cover a wide range of ecological and environmental topics.

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8. Boston Harbor Now

Boston Harbor Now is a non-profit organization established in 2016 to ensure the revitalization and enhancement of Boston Harbor, its waterfront, islands, and surrounding communities. Their mission is to promote public access, recreational opportunities, and the overall health of Boston Harbor and its islands.

This environmentally inclined NGO offers a lot of volunteering opportunities which include assisting with waterfront clean-up efforts, participating in environmental education programs, supporting public events and festivals, and helping with various conservation initiatives related to Boston Harbor and its islands.

Volunteering with Boston Harbor Now can be a rewarding way to contribute to the organization’s mission of enhancing and preserving the Boston Harbor and waterfront for the community.

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An individual’s passion for the environment is displayed in his/her readiness to go the extra mile to partake in programs that promote environmental sustainability, climate change mitigation, pollution control, clean-up exercises, and other events that care for our planet in general.

Ultimately, being involved in environmental volunteer opportunities aligns with a broader commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable living. It allows you to take action on issues you care about while positively impacting the world around you.

Whether you’re interested in conservation, education, advocacy, or restoration, there are countless ways to get involved and make a meaningful difference in the environment.


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