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Climate Change Organizations in Canada – With their website contacts

This is a comprehensive list of climate change organisations in Canada that are still functional and also have an online presence.

These organisations look into matters concerning the environment, climate, changes in climate, their causes, results and probably how to stop harmful climate change effects.

Climate change has been one of the major impact of atmospheric pollution and scientists and environmentalists are putting hands together to fight against this in other to enable a safer environment for all.

EnvironmentGo is in its own little way ensuring it reaches out the world in awareness. We are keen about letting everyone know about the importance of keeping the environment safe. It is a collective task, every hand should be on deck, not just the government or maybe, a few environmental organisations.

The life is ours and so is the environment so the task of securing it is ours too.

Climate Change Organizations in Canada

  • Climate Action Network – http://www.climateactionnetwork.ca/
  • Climate Change Network – http://www.climatenetwork.org/
  • Climate Change and Air Pollution Group
  • EcoPortal Canada – http://www.planetfriendly.net/ecoportal.html
  • The Pembina Institute Canada – http://climate.pembina.org/
  • David Suzuki Organisation – http://www.davidsuzuki.org/Climate_Change/
  • International Institute of Sustainable Development – http://www.iisd.org/climate/
Where ever you find yourself, try to be environmetal friendly.

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