10 Best Environmental Charities in Canada

Canada has such a vast and beautiful landscape that is vulnerable and at risk of being damaged. These are our picks for the 10 best environmental charities in Canada.

We are confronted every day by new information about the degradation of our natural environment. Air, water, and soil pollution, global warming, climate change, destruction of habitats, and rising sea levels make it almost impossible to keep up, especially for those who want to give back and ensure their donations end up in the most effective hands.

In this article are the reports for the best environmental charities in Canada.

Best Environmental Charities in Canada

10 Best Environmental Charities in Canada

Below we have summarized the Best 10 Environmental Charities in Canada.

  • Be The Change Earth Alliance
  • Foundation for Environmental Stewardship
  • International Conservation Fund of Canada
  • World Wildlife FundCanada
  • Tomorrow Foundation for a Sustainable Future
  • Animal Alliance of Canada
  • Ecology Action Centre
  • SCIF Canada
  • The David Suzuki Foundation
  • The Charitree Foundation

1. Be the Change Earth Alliance

This is a top environmental charity organization which was founded by Dr. Lotta Hitschmanova, in 2005 to encourage effective, interdisciplinary environmental and social change in classrooms and communities.

Be The Change Earth Alliance has been “helping people help themselves” for the past 75 years and, more recently, helping farmers help themselves by strengthening their ability to grow crops, starting with the seeds they use.

The organization’s goal is to motivate, educate, and equip young people to take individual and group action for a society that is fair, resilient, sustainable, and personally gratifying.

This was fulfilled in their offering of eco-social education materials and seminars to secondary schools across British Columbia.

They have concentrated on eco-social classroom curriculum, professional development seminars, and other opportunities for teachers, students, and the greater community to strengthen their capacities more recently.

2. Foundation for Environmental Stewardship 

This is a youth-run, youth-driven, youth-serving organization dedicated to sustainable development. Foundation for Environmental Stewardship empowers youth to build a more inclusive, equitable, successful, and sustainable environment.

By empowering children, altering lives, and sharing compelling, effective stories through education, advocacy, mentoring, and training, which aims at building a sustainable future.

FES works to imagine a future in which each young person will mature and make decisions about their personal and professional lives that will take into account the effects of human activity on the environment.

3. International Conservation Fund of Canada

The International Conservation Fund of Canada was founded in 2007 to promote and ensure the global protection of biodiversity and the long-term survival of tropical ecosystems and other critical regions.

The International Conservation Organization in Canada (ICFC) is the most prominent charity conservation in Canada. Since 2007, ICFC has collaborated with regional conservation groups in Latin America, Africa, and Asia on initiatives in environmental conservation and on various projects.

They have the technical know-how on what must be done and how it will be accomplished.  Even though they don’t have any verified forest carbon credit initiatives, their activity nonetheless helps the environment greatly by safeguarding about 10 million hectares of the Brazilian Amazon.

It is a Canadian company that believes it has a legal claim and rightful owner of the world’s natural resources. Because of the biodiversity, tropical regions are more vulnerable to environmental degradation, conservation efforts are most underfunded, and money goes a long way.

4. World Wildlife Fund Canada

WWF-Canada is Canada’s largest independent conservation organization founded in 1967, with offices across the country, whose goal is focused on protecting the earth and ensuring that people and wildlife can live in harmony.

They are fighting to protect our forests, oceans, lands, and wildlife from exploitation. They also advocate against actions that trigger greenhouse gas emissions this is in the quest for us to meet the challenges of climate change.

WWF-Canada also works with the communities to help them adapt to a changing world.

5. Tomorrow Foundation for a Sustainable Future

The Tomorrow Foundation for a Sustainable Future is an Edmonton-based environmental charity organization founded under STOP (Save Tomorrow Oppose Pollution)in 1970.

They believe that every Edmontonian is empowered, connected, and actively involved in creating a thriving, environmentally friendly city.

They firmly believe that various voices can work together to build a society for the better. Through initiatives and programs, they include the people of Edmonton in the creation of connected, equitable communities, the improvement of local environmental awareness, and the advancement of ecological leadership at all levels.

 The Foundation in 2016 returned from an extended absence to launch three projects collaborating with Paths for People to advocate for and sensitize the public about the importance of high-quality bicycling and walking paths in Edmonton.

The initiatives, which included the development of the downtown bike grid, and the funding and preparation of a bike grid for the south side, led to a substantial change in Edmonton’s active transportation strategy ultimately making it more eco-friendly.

6. Animal Alliance of Canada

This is an environmental charity founded in 1990, that is dedicated to the injustices that animals face in Canada.

The organization is dedicated and focused on protecting animals from habitat loss, inordinate hunting, commercial farming, and even animal rescue.

Over the years, the Animal Alliance of Canada has created long-term legislation changes that benefit our wildlife and environment.

7. Ecology Action Centre

For over 50 years, the Ecology Action Centre (EAC) has been working on key environmental issues including climate change, and biodiversity conservation, as well as advocating for environmental justice. EAC excels at taking initiative and creating change.

EAC has a goal of creating a society in Nova Scotia that values and protects the environment and offers its residents environmentally and economically viable alternatives.

One of their successes was the aid in the commencement of the elimination of single-use plastic. A nationwide plastic waste policy was introduced in 2019, and there were efforts at the local and provincial levels to stop the distribution of single-use plastic bags.

8. SCIF Canada

The SCIF Canada charity was founded to support and operate initiatives in Canada that are devoted to the preservation of wildlife, education about the outdoors, and the provision of assistance to those in need.

The foundation partners with individuals, businesses, schools, organizations, and governments to help them understand the causes of climate change and how they can work towards solutions. 

SCIF Canada provides education programs for students and adults, as well as consultation services for businesses whose interest is in reducing their carbon footprint.

9. The David Suzuki Foundation

This charity organization is named after its founder David Suzuki who is a large Canadian icon who has fought for environmental rights throughout his entire career. 

David and his foundation aim to increase environmental rights, find various climate solutions, and increase and protect biodiversity. The foundation also funds environmental education and advocates for indigenous people’s policies.

This charity has been protecting and serving the Canadian environment since 1990 and has offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.

10. The Charitree Foundation

The Charitree Foundation is committed to teaching youth about the beauty of nature through her writing and her support of easily accessible environmental education programs for kids that are focused on nature.

This organization was founded in 2006 by Andrea Koehle and was given the name “Charitree” in honor of trees and the environmental benefits they provide.

Charitree organizes and participates in children’s environmental learning projects that involve tree planting and donating trees for planting in Canada and around the world.

They provide trees to schools, camps, and children’s groups across Canada and abroad and pay for their shipping.


As we fight to protect the environment we must not also forget the economic needs of the people These organizations are working hard to help the environment and as well as providing human services.

These organizations are advocating for Environmental Conservation and Protection both locally and globally, ensuring that we can all have access to a healthier life and a better environment.


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