Top 10 Eco-Friendly Swimwear Manufacturers

Swimsuit shopping usually means that warm weather is on its way (or at least a warm weather vacation to escape the cold), and if you are anything like me, just the thought of picking out your wear from top eco-friendly

Eco-friendly swimwear manufacturers for hot days by the beach are enough to get you excited for summer! Shopping for swimwear can feel daunting and frankly a bit uncomfortable. From terrible dressing room lighting to trying to find a style we feel confident in.

The process leaves a lot to be desired. Add to that the fact that many swimsuits are made from unsustainable materials or with concerning ethics and manufacturing practices.

Swimsuit shopping can be tricky, but we are making the process a whole lot easier by rounding up 10 of our favorite eco-friendly swimwear manufacturers and the best sustainable swimsuits for everybody having your budget in consideration!

What is Regarded as Eco-Friendly Swimwear?

Eco-friendly Swimwear is sustainable swimwear, unlike regular swimwear which is made using low-impact materials by people paid fair wages in safe conditions.

It is often crafted from recycled fibers, employing circular waste processes and many sustainable swimwear manufacturers work hard to give back to local communities.

Emphatically eco-friendly swimwear are materials that are environmentally benign and won’t affect marine life.

Luckily today, there are sustainable and suitable swimwear manufacturers out there creating cute and comfortable swimsuits for all shapes and sizes of bodies.

These manufacturers prioritize sustainability and ethical manufacturing, and they make shopping online easy and, dare we say, fun.

Many of the below manufacturers also include unedited photos, real customer reviews, and wonderful support teams to help you find the perfect style and fit.

While most sustainable swimsuits will still be made using synthetic/plastic-derived materials (unless you are opting for a crocheted number), today some innovative and recycled textiles are changing the game when it comes to sustainable swimwear.

Top  10 Eco-Friendly Swimwear Manufacturers

For this list of eco-friendly swimwear manufacturers, we focused on compiling a complete list that took into account budget and size inclusivity. While no sustainable swimwear manufacturer is ever going to be as “cheap” as a fast fashion alternative.

I encourage you to think about investing in fewer swimwear pieces and saving so you can spend a little more on items that have been made ethically and are putting the planet and people first.

Here is a compiled list of your favorite sustainable, ethical & eco-friendly swimwear manufacturers for your next summer bathing suit with several of them having affordable swimsuits & bikinis, too! That took into account your size and budget inclusive.

1. Summersalt

Over 1.5 million body measurements were taken by Summersalt to ensure that their swimsuits can provide the perfect match for all body types when it comes to sustainable swimwear. Summersalt has so many cute styles to choose from!

Their swimwear is made of a super compressive, luxurious fabric crafted from 78% Recycled Polyamide. This type of fabric is crafted from recycled plastics, post-consumer materials, and nylon waste -like old fishing nets- pulled straight from the oceans.

While no sustainable swimsuit manufacturer will ever be as cheap as a fast fashion alternative. Summersalt cuts out the middle man to provide direct-to-consumer, designer pieces at the best price. Best For Comfortable fit, long torsos, color-block swimwear

Price Range | one-piece start at $45-50, and separates start at $95-100

The size Range is between XS–2X

Summersalt’s swimwear is just right for your body and your wallet.


2. Boden

Boden designs and manufactures sustainable swimwear in a wide variety of cuts and colors that will fit just about anyone’s swim style.

These stunning swimsuits include tankini tops, one-pieces, and bikinis which are majorly made from recycled plastics and polyester.

Boden is UK-made swimwear, recently Boden has committed to making all of its products more eco-friendly. This began with their new sustainable swimsuits line that is crafted from ECONYL regenerated nylon fabric.

Price Range | One-piece start at $85-98, Separate $38-42

The size Range is between XS-XL

Boden ships globally!


3. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is founded, designed, and produced in California. Vitamin A swimwear is inspired by ‘70s beach glamour.

The brand is leading the way with fabrics like EcoLux which is a technically and environmentally superior luxe fabric made from recycled nylon and plant-based fibers, a superfine matte jersey, as well as stretch-ribbed EcoRib, both of which are made from the same source.

Some other fabrics in their collections include EcoTex which emits fewer greenhouse gases and conserves water and energy in the production process and BioSculpt provides an organic alternative to fossil fuel-based nylon.

The prints are created, when possible, with water-reducing digital technology and the packaging boxes are fully recyclable and biodegradable.

There are hundreds of options to choose from and each one is as eye-catching as the next. They also launched an “Everything But Water” line as well that is made from recycled plastic water bottles.

Price Range | one-pieces start at $160-165, and Separates start at $80-86

The size range is between XS–XXL

It is best for mixing & matches bikinis


4. Patagonia

Since 1985, Patagonia has pledged one percent of its sales to the preservation and restoration of the environment. Patagonia active swimwear is made from recycled nylon and polyester.

Patagonia’s passion is equal-parts activewear and ethics, so you can expect high-performance bikinis, rash guards, one-pieces, and board shorts that are stretchy, secure, and sustainable.

From an active standpoint, this brand is probably one of the best to shop through. They create some of the best performance wear on the market, so if you love to surf, hike, boat, etc – you’ll find these swimsuits very practical!

Price Range | One-pieces start at $159-179, and Separates start at $49-55

The size range is between XXS–XXL

It is the best manufacturer of active swimwear.


5. Girlfriend Collective Swimwear

Girlfriend collective swimwear is the most size-inclusive swimwear manufacturer on this list, Girlfriend is a fan favorite in active wear.

The ever-popular Girlfriend Collective has won the Internet’s heart once again with its swimwear collection. Including simple tops, bottoms, and one-pieces made from recycled fishing nets and post-industrial waste, this inclusive brand offers extended sizing, vibrant colors, and affordable prices.

I’m so excited to see them come out with a swimwear line! Their bathing suits are very basic and come in many different colors. They also give back 1% to Healthy Seas. Girlfriend Collective is made from ECONYL regenerated nylon.

Price Range | Separates start at $38-40, and one-pieces start at $78-88

The size range is between XXS–6XL

It is the best size-inclusive swimwear


6. Bold Swim

Bold Swim just like the name implies is swimwear for the bold, unafraid, and unapologetic woman. Made from eco-nylon sourced from Brazil, these swimsuits are nontoxic, biodegradable, and UV-protected. Moreover, this BIPOC-owned brand crafts exceptionally colorful and cute designs, with sizes up to XXL. Heads will turn whether you’re rocking a cut-out one-piece or a pastel bikini.

Price Range | One-pieces start at $145-150, and Separates start at $90-95

The size range is between X–XXL

It is best for Colorful bikinis


7. Outerknown

Outerknown was founded by 11-time World Surf League Champion Kelly Slater one of the best sustainable outdoor manufacturers. He and designer John Moore joined forces to deliver apparel that reflects style, function, and values.

This sustainable outdoor swimwear is made with recycled polyester and recycled spandex(ECONYL) in a Fair Trade Certified facility.

Outerknown has been a trailblazer in many ways, like being the first brand to be certified by the Fair Labor Association (FLA) without ever shipping a product and being the very first brand to launch swimwear made out of ECONYL.

You can find sustainable swimwear for all genders from surf leggings to swim shorts to men’s trunks.

Price Range | Separates start at $70-75, and one-pieces start at $140-165

The size range is between XS–L

It is best for adult swim shorts


8. Wolven

Wolven probably has one of the most colorful collections of any swimwear line. Their prints are so vibrant, and perfect for under-the-sun activities.

Wolven was founded by Kiran Jade who draws her inspiration from her South Asian family’s background for its gorgeous patterns and textiles.

Wolven’s swimwear is made up of one-pieces and bikini sets which include mandalas and henna-inspired designs. Each piece is made from 80+ percent recycled plastic bottles with a bit of spandex for extra stretch, so you can run freely across the shores or cannonball into the pool.

Wolven orders are carbon-neutral, give back to environmental causes, and are sent in either recycled or biodegradable packaging.

Price Range | Separates start at $42-48, and one-pieces start at $128-148

The size range is between XS-XL

It is the best-patterned swimsuit.


9. Cosabella

Cosabella is made from Recycled polyamide sourced from Italy. Cosabella has spent the last 40 years perfecting Italian lingerie—and now its collection includes stunning swimwear as well.

Using recycled nylons and elastane, the Vita Marina line includes bandeaus, shirred bottoms, and one-pieces in three basic (but naturally rich!) colors.

The bandeaus in particular can be worn several ways, wrapped around the neck for extra support or tied into a front knot. Sizes go up to 40H for cups and 43.5” for bottoms.

Price Range | One-pieces start at $215-220, and Separates start at $99-105

The size range is between XS-XL

It is the best versatile swim top.


10. Jessica Rey Swimwear

Jessica Rey Swimwear designs swimsuits that are both modest and playful. It is made from recycled polyamide (sourced from rescued fish nets), and the designs are then cut and sewn in Los Angeles united states.

Paying living wages in sweatshop-free factories, Jessica Rey is not only dedicated to ethical production and sourcing practices, but to respecting its makers as much as it does the consumers

Price Range | Separates start at $52-56, and one-pieces start at $124-130

The size range is between XXS–1X

It is best for swim dresses.



Traditional swimsuits can be replaced with environmentally sustainable swimwear. It can be just fashionable and environmentally friendly during the production process. Reduce your impact on carbon by turning to eco-friendly swimwear made of recycled plastics like Econyl and bamboo.

Furthermore, if you access one of these items for an upcoming beach trip you will feel cool knowing you are not only wearing it for a swim but you’re helping protect the environment.


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