What is The Honor Society Foundation

This article is about the Honor Society Foundation, many would ask; what is the Honor Society Foundation? Is the Honor Society Foundation real? Honor Society Foundation scam? All of these questions will be answered here.

What is The Honor Society Foundation?

The Honor Society Foundation is a non-profit organization primarily based in America, that is dedicated to the distribution of scholarships to high achievers, the creation of educational opportunities, and the preservation of honor society history, they recognize your achievements and build a framework for future success.

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Is The Honor Society Foundation Legit?

The honor society foundation is a very legit and real organization, but for the fact that they charge money for membership, many think they are scams. The Honor Society Foundation however is a legit organization simply there to ensure your academic achievements don’t get forgotten forever.

Honor Society Foundation Meaning

Honor Society Foundation means a society, foundation, or organization that is established for the purpose of recognizing and establishing those who achieve academic feats all over the world and preparing them for a better tomorrow.

Is The Honor Society Foundation Scam?

The Honor Society Foundation is in no way a scam, it is platinum-rated on Guidestar, although so many people are trying to raise scam networks behind the screen. Always make sure to visit honorsociety.org and don’t believe in any email that tells you to follow any other link.

If you have a G.P less than 3.2 and you receive emails from the honor society foundation, then know it is a scam and don’t fall for it or follow any link in the email so as to avoid the financial loss because you will surely get scammed if you do follow them up.

Are Honor Society Emails Legit?

Honor Society emails are legit only if the link it contains directs you to the honorsociety.org domain, honor society emails may come to you at different times and from different addresses but that doesn’t matter the only thing that matters is the name.

 Honor Society Email – What it Looks Like

This is one of the emails I have received from the Honor Society Organization, take a look at the sample:

Dear Chibuike,

Congratulations! You are invited to join the Honor Society. Our records indicate that you have not yet accepted your Honor Society membership and benefits

Accepting this distinction connects you with like-minded high achievers from your region and across the nation, both in person and through our society’s web portal. Our network helps connect you with leaders from high-profile universities and employers across the nation. The upcoming deadline to activate membership and apply for scholarships is June 30, 2021.

The Honor Society Foundation is a platinum-rated non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the distribution of scholarships to high achievers, the creation of educational opportunities, and the preservation of honor society history.

Honor Society recognizes your achievements to date and builds a framework for future success.


How To Get Honor Society Membership

The Honor Society Membership membership is not an accolade or recognition you can get with money or by simply participating in any activity, rather the Honor Society membership is what you get on merit, specifically passing major exams.

Particularly I started getting emails from the Honor Society as soon as I wrote my O’level exams and got my results, of course, I was thrilled but I doubted the reality and originality of this organization, I decided to conduct research on it when I received the latest email which I already shared with you; six months after the first 2 emails arrived.

Although you have to pay to receive your membership, you don’t have to pay before you asked to become a member. One may ask ‘why do you have I have to pay for honor society membership?’, this answer to this question is not yet clear to me but I think it is also one of their ways of raising funds for scholarships.

As it stands, I think it is unreasonable to pay for something you got by merit and so do many others think, this factor is the only reason I haven’t activated my membership with them.


Does Honor Society Give Scholarships?

The Honor Society organization does provide scholarships for its members but sadly enough being a member of the Honor Society doesn’t guarantee one a scholarship.

The society also collaborates with scholarship bodies and organizations to give first-hand information about scholarships to its members and also make it easier for its members to apply for and to get scholarships.

Honor Society Foundation Reviews

The Honor society foundation has a platinum review on Guidestar, this alone is a big plus to them and their reviews, the society also has excellent reviews across many other platforms, places, and agencies, therefore, I think they can be trusted.

Benefits/Privileges of Honor Society Membership

As a member of the Honor Society Organization, you will have full access to:

  1. Exclusive scholarship listings and information.
  2. Dining discounts at about 18,000 restaurants nationwide.
  3. Honor Society regalia( Honor Society tassels and cords).
  4. Career Insider Guide tools and books from vault.com.
  5. Hearing, dental, and vision health discount plans at 200,000 access points nationwide.


This article has been written to answer the questions: what is the Honor Society Foundation? Is the Honor Society Foundation real? Honor Society Foundation scam? How do I get the Honor Society membership? And many more.


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