11 Best Water Softener Companies in San Antonio, Repairs and Installation

The process of water softening is important for households and businesses in Texas because of the adverse effects hard water can have on skin, hair, appliances, and pipes.

Water softener systems improve the quality of water in rural and municipally controlled areas. We understand every home and business has different needs, so these water softener companies in San Antonio offer tailored products to meet the diverse water treatment needs.

11 Best Water Softener Companies in San Antonio

  • Alamo Water Softeners
  • Kinetico Water Softeners
  • Jason’s Water Systems
  • The Water Man
  • Beyer Plumbing
  • Simple Water Softeners
  • Culligan Store
  • Pura Water Softener
  • Little Profit Water Softeners
  • Sweetwater Home Services
  • Alpha Filtronics Water Treatment

1. Alamo Water Softeners

Like many other businesses, water treatment companies prioritize their profits over the welfare of their employees. With the exception of Alamo Water Softeners, a company renowned for its integrity and commitment.

Allen Townsend, a native Texan and former US Marine, was the catalyst behind it all. Allen set out to make a difference after acquiring invaluable experience working with several industry titans in water treatment.

Allen established Alamo Water Softeners in 2009 with the goals of integrity, affordability, and superior quality. Together with the engineers, he developed a ground-breaking product line that would completely alter the water treatment industry.

No more shoddy equipment that requires continuous maintenance in an attempt to save money. Allen insisted on only offering premium, long-lasting systems—ones he would personally want installed in his own house.

Alamo Water Softeners prioritizes its clients by offering superior items that genuinely enhance their quality of life. Because of Allen’s customer-first philosophy, his business prospered and he left a legacy for his family and kids.

So, Alamo Water Softeners is available to you if you’re fed up with being duped and want water treatment you can rely on.

2. Kinetico Water Softeners

Kinetico San Antonio specializes in water softener sales and installation. For more than 40 years, they have designed and produced cutting-edge drinking water systems and water softeners to address a range of South Texas water issues.

To satisfy the many demands of San Antonio and the Hill Country, Kinetico consistently develops and provides products and solutions.

Reverse osmosis systems from Kinetico are available to supply your home with clean drinking water. These systems also enhance the quality of the water for all-purpose use, extending the life of your pipes and appliances.

Kinetico water softeners are designed for both private well owners and places served by municipal water supplies. Our team members get their owners’ passion for community involvement—Chris and Shay Knippa—from their local involvement.

They are committed to assisting the community in comprehending the global concerns around water safety and conservation. Several local charities in need have received high-quality water systems given by Kinetico San Antonio.

3. Jason’s Water Systems

Jason’s Water System specializes in sales, maintenance, repairs, and installation of water softeners.

The team at Jason’s Water Systems takes great satisfaction in being able to back up all of their claims and the things that their systems accomplish for the health and welfare of you and your family.

They are a family-run company that has been providing whole-house filtration and water softening systems in Texas since 1979. Their systems are of the highest caliber and are reasonably priced worldwide.

They put a lot of effort into making sure you have a great experience with Jason’s Water and that you would be happy to suggest their system and services to your friends and family.

Water softeners have been offered in San Antonio for many years by Jason’s Water Systems. Their group of skilled San Antonio water softener and water filter installers is aware of the homeowners in the area.

Being native to the region, they take great satisfaction in installing water softeners for friends, family, and neighbors in San Antonio.

4. The Water Man

Water and not much more should be in your home’s water supply. Sadly, hard and/or polluted water is a problem that many households face.

Hard water causes pipes and water heaters to become clogged with lime scale, sticky hair, unclean skin, and appliances that have to work too hard to wash clothing.

Drinking water can be spoiled by contaminants including chlorine, chloramines, and organic waste, which can also hurt your health.

As your go-to source for home water treatment systems in San Antonio, The Water Man can handle the issues.

Their water-softening systems, which are based on brine, extract calcium and magnesium from your water. Their water filtration devices remove impurities to produce purer, healthier water.

They provide sales, servicing, and installation of water softeners for homes and businesses in San Antonio, Texas, and the surrounding areas.

With more than 35 years of experience, their knowledgeable staff has been offering comprehensive water-softening solutions to San Antonio households and businesses.

They ensure that you always have access to clean, high-quality water by providing everything from reverse osmosis water softener system installation to water purity testing, water testing, and water softener rentals.

  • Water softener sales, installation, and maintenance; and rentals.
  • Advanced reverse-osmosis water filtration solutions;
  • Commercial and well water analysis and treatment;
  • Whole-house water refining systems;
  • A selection of practical sales and service packages

5. Beyer Plumbing

On February 1, 1990, Beyer Plumbing was established as a sole enterprise, employing only Perry L. Beyer Jr. Later that year, the company moved to its current location from its original garage.

Beyer Plumbing ensures that the customer is satisfied with their work and offers a warranty. Morrison Supply, Hughes Supply, and Ferguson Enterprises are some of their primary suppliers.

Their relationships with suppliers, employees, and customers, as well as their honest and high-integrity business practices, are what distinguish them.

ABC, BLE, State Licensed and Certified, BBB Accredited, PHCC, and C12 are just a few of the organizations that have certified and recognized Beyer Plumbing as the best in the residential, commercial, and construction plumbing sectors.

One of the biggest residential and commercial plumbing firms in San Antonio is Beyer Plumbing. Being a family-run company, they treat their customers like members of their own family, thus they provide the most attention and support possible for all of your plumbing requirements.

First and foremost, they credit the Lord for their success, but they also credit their outstanding staff and dedication to offering top-notch customer service.

6. Simple Water Softeners

For all applications, Simple Water Softeners provides premium water softeners and filtration systems. They save you money while matching the quality and service of competitors.

Simple water softeners are revolutionizing the market and simplifying the process of enjoying clean, comfortable water in your home.

You have the option to investigate the system’s components on your own to learn that they come from industry leaders in water filtering. They are an all-inclusive water softening provider.

Their objectives are to save you money on a high-quality water softener, offer prompt installation, and be accessible for dependable upkeep and repair. They would like to service your units if you have reverse osmosis and/or residential or commercial water softeners.

7. Culligan Store

For more than 80 years, the Culligan family has owned and run a business in San Antonio. Their group of knowledgeable local water specialists is dedicated to giving you the greatest service possible.

Culligan is committed to resolving your particular problems so that you can enjoy better water from every tap. Culligan has seen every kind of local water issue there is.

Emmett J. Culligan created a prototype water filter in 1936 by puncturing the bottom of a coffee can and using zeolite, a magnetic mineral that absorbs particles and smells like a sponge. He found that when he ran water through his apparatus, the filter also served as a water softener, eliminating particles and hardness minerals.

Selecting Culligan signifies making the greatest decision. They have been offering the best customer service and long-lasting, quality-tested products in the market for more than 80 years.

Along with neighboring areas in South Central and Western Texas, they serve the Greater San Antonio Area, which includes Bexar, Atascosa, Medina, and Frio Counties.

8. Pura Water Softener

In San Antonio, Pura provides some of the best-value and highest-quality water softeners. They want everyone in the San Antonio region to have access to clean, safe, and well-conditioned water, so they’ve developed several user-friendly solutions and procedures that make having excellent water simple and reasonably priced.

They offer easy options for Buy, Rent, or Rent-to-Own.

Residents in San Antonio can take advantage of all the advantages of improved water quality without having to pay for ongoing maintenance or repairs thanks to their simple and cost-effective rental option. For the duration of your rental agreement, there are no fees associated with any components or labor.

For your San Antonio residence, they also provide a rent-to-own option that enables you to buy the Pura product of your choice after six months.

On the date of your rent-to-own purchase, your monthly rental payments will renew the manufacturer’s warranty and be used toward the final purchase price of your unit.

9. Little-Profit Water Softeners

They have spent the last ten years working for one of the biggest water treatment firms in south Texas, offering installations, servicing, sales, and—above all—excellent customer care.

The core values of Little Profit Water Softeners are honesty, integrity, and first-rate customer service. Their softeners are of the highest quality and are water- and salt-efficient, with warranties ranging from five to ten years. They service most softener brands, including Kinetico, Clack, and Fleck.

They conduct basic softening testing and provide new homeowners with water softener orientation. They are passionate about water treatment, and holding licenses I, II, and III from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality demonstrates their dedication to providing customers with peace of mind when selecting a local water treatment provider.

Any problem affecting your water treatment, such as hard water, high iron, or odorous water, can be resolved with Little Profit Water Softeners. They also carry out installations, routine maintenance, media replacements, and filter changes.

10. Sweetwater Home Services

Few firms in Central Texas have been providing water softener services to households for as long as Sweetwater Home Services, even though there are many in San Antonio.

Since 1987, they have assisted homes in significantly improving the quality of their tap water. They take pleasure in providing high-performing water softening systems that are covered by some of the best warranties available on the market.

All of the water softening systems that they provide to homeowners have undergone testing and have been certified by independent specialists to meet or beyond industry requirements. This implies that you may rely on the newly installed water softener to deliver on all the promised advantages for your investment in your house.

Unlike some San Antonio water softener companies, they guarantee that all of our water treatment systems are professionally installed by trained personnel, so you can feel secure knowing that your new system will be installed correctly.

Every one of their installers holds a journeyman’s or master plumber’s license in addition to being certified by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

To satisfy the needs of residents in this area, Sweetwater Home Services offers a comprehensive range of water treatment solutions in addition to water softeners.

  • They provide whole-house water filtration systems to address issues such as water with high levels of sulfur, iron, or residual chlorine in addition to water softening systems.
  • Well-water disinfection and filtration services, so you may feel secure about the quality of your tap water, even if it isn’t municipally treated;
  • Under-the-sink drinking water filtration systems will enable you to break your dependence on bottled water.

11. Alpha Filtronics Water Treatment

The team at Alpha Filtronics, a family-owned company founded in 2001, takes great pride in offering its clients the greatest solutions at competitive costs.

They take great satisfaction in offering a wide range of solutions supported by a reliable service and parts department with a combined 60+ years of industry experience.

It can be challenging to decide which product or even which company is the best option when there are so many to pick from.

With over 20 years of experience as a family-run business serving the San Antonio region, Alpha Filtronics is aware of how crucial it is to safeguard your home and family.

For this reason, they established a business in which we ensure that you have solutions to suit both your needs and your budget. Their objective is to offer the majority of brands available in the market today at wholesale costs, together with proprietary systems developed in-house and custom-build possibilities.

With a combined 60+ years of experience, they not only have the best items on the market at the lowest costs, but their knowledgeable team and certified or trained experts are always available to assist you.


Certainly, there are a lot of good water softener companies in San Antonio and in Texas that it was hard to choose from but we have been able to combine the best in the water softener industry.


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