9 Best Water Softener Companies in Austin, TX—Repairs and Installation

There are a lot of water softener companies in Austin, Texas. One can say this is predominantly because the nature of the water in Texas is hard having an average hardness of over 200 ppm.

Some services they offer can include the sales, maintenance, repairs, and installation of water softeners, or a mixture of these services. In this article, we take a look at the best water softener companies in Austin that offer remarkable water solutions.

9 Best Water Softener Companies in Austin

  • Jason’s Water Systems
  • Culligan Water
  • Austin Water Treatment & Softener Systems
  • Austin Water Solutions
  • Aqua Systems
  • Sweetwater Home Services
  • S & D Plumbing
  • Champion AC & Plumbing
  • Abacus Plumbing

1. Jason’s Water Systems

In Austin, Jason’s Water System specializes in sales, maintenance, repairs, and installation.

The team at Jason’s Water Systems takes great satisfaction in being able to back up all of their claims and the things that their systems accomplish for the health and welfare of you and your family.

They are a family-run company that has been providing whole-house filtration and water softening systems in Texas since 1979. Their systems are of the highest caliber and are reasonably priced worldwide.

They put a lot of effort into making sure you have a great experience with Jason’s Water and that you would be happy to suggest their system and services to your friends and family.

Water softeners have been offered in San Antonio for many years by Jason’s Water Systems. Their staff of skilled San Antonio water softener and water filter installers is aware of the needs of local customers.

Being native to the region, they take great satisfaction in installing water softeners for friends, family, and neighbors in San Antonio.

2. Culligan Water

Culligan’s staff of knowledgeable local water specialists has been dedicated to the best service possible since 1936. Culligan is committed to resolving your particular problems so that you can enjoy better water from every tap. Culligan has seen every kind of local water issue there is.

Leading water softeners, filters, RO drinking water systems, bottle-less coolers, 5-gallon bottles, and other products are manufactured by Culligan Water.

They provide unmatched services for all types and models of water heaters, including installation, routine maintenance, repairs, and emergency service.

On a timetable that suits you, they may conveniently transport salt and water to your house or place of business.

In addition, they offer free findings in as little as thirty minutes for professional water testing, with advanced testing from their EPA-certified lab accessible.

3. Austin Water Treatment & Softener Systems

Being a top water purification company in Austin, Texas, they take great satisfaction in offering the top water treatment system manufacturers in the market.

They provide their customers with the greatest goods, supported by the best warranties available on the market, thanks to their certifications with Pentair, Clack, Viqua, Hydronix, PuRomax, Fleck, and Stenner.

Austin-based Hill Country H2O is a company that values honesty and professionalism above all else. They strive to achieve the best possible quality in their work.  You deal directly with the owner and their lead installers to receive the best prices and attention to detail because they are a small business without an intermediary.

Water Quality Specialists in Class III of the TCEQ are their installation technicians.

They create, set up, install, program, and configure the following (both for home and business use):

  1. Water Softeners (GE, Pentair, Clack, and Fleck)
  2. Water Conditioners
  3. Reverse Osmosis (under the sink)
  4. Whole House Reverse Osmosis Systems
  5. UV Light Disinfection Systems
  6. Pressure Tanks
  7. Booster Pumps

To meet the needs and desires of every customer, they provide a comprehensive range of water treatment alternatives at various pricing points. The following systems and brands are installed by them: They also design unique systems for customers.

4. Austin Water Solutions

The management team at Austin Water Solutions, which was established in 2014, has extensive experience in the water quality sector.

Given that water treatment is required in one of the hardest-hit hard water locations in the country, Austin Water Solutions’ sales and service professionals are qualified to understand the particular requirements of Austin, Texas, residences.

In addition to its amazing 15 to 18 gallons per minute output, the Pro Elite comes equipped with a reverse osmosis drinking water system as a bonus. A house now has two lines of defense against pollutants.

In the Austin region, Austin Water Solutions offers an unparalleled experience. Their staff helps home and business owners lessen the impact of harsh, unconditioned water. To combat Austin’s pervasive hard water issue, Austin Water Solutions is a wise pick.

5. Aqua Systems

At Aqua Systems, they are enthusiastic about water softeners and drinking water solutions that have been shown to solve your problems with water quality while also making the process of purchasing and maintaining them easy, transparent, and reasonably priced.

And for almost sixty years, they have been following this passion. To ensure you are receiving the finest results, they offer free water testing, drinking samples, and in-store demos.

They provide upfront pricing, lifetime, industry-leading warranties, and a 90-day money-back guarantee on all of their items. Additionally, their sales crew does not operate on a commission basis.

Their water softeners are made such that you won’t ever need to purchase another one. In addition, they provide drive-thru and home salt delivery services, making it simple to both obtain and maintain your water.

6. Sweetwater Home Services

In March 1987, Sweetwater Home Services launched its first branch in Austin. with just six workers. They have seen the highs and lows of the Texas economy over the last thirty-plus years, and they have always run their firm cautiously.

Their ability to support their clients at all times has been guaranteed by this strategy, which has also helped them expand.

With a little over 100 workers today, our goal is to serve over 35,000 clients with the greatest service in our sector while offering the best water treatment technology available.

We offer lifetime warranties on our drinking water systems, filters, and water softeners since they are long-lasting products. Furthermore, every one of our installers possesses a journeyman or master plumber’s license, or they are certified by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

We’ve had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for many years because of our dedication to quality. To put it briefly, Sweetwater Home Services has the expertise, commitment, and highly qualified staff to guarantee that we can continue to offer top-notch services for many years to come.

7. S & D Plumbing

Samuel and Daniel, the initials of our forefathers, are represented by the “S & D” in S & D Plumbing. When the name was chosen, Sam Jr. and Dan were only young children, and they both grew up in and around the company.

Their influence on S & D Plumbing endures even though they have both gone on to start other fascinating businesses.

Since its establishment in 1980, S & D Plumbing has advanced significantly. Their objective to improve the plumbing trade and the lives of those around them remains unchanged, but the methods and resources they employ to get there have changed throughout time.

To do the job quickly and effectively the first time, their team of qualified plumbers now expertly uses the newest cutting-edge leak-detecting equipment in addition to strong battery-operated hand tools.

Their staff of knowledgeable specialists guarantees your entire happiness and is trained to leave your house spotless while completing your job.

8. Champion AC & Plumbing

Their exceptional team of experts collaborates to deliver unmatched heating and cooling solutions. They think that morality should always come first. They provide trustworthy workmanship and warranties with no fine print.

Champion AC & Plumbing specializes in smart home security, air conditioning, heating, and plumbing services for both residential and commercial buildings. We take great pride in providing dependable, high-quality services that you can rely on every day.

The individuals holding their HVAC plumbing licenses have been serving Austin for more than 40 years. They were recognized for their exceptional work both inside and outside the workplace with the Angie’s List Super Service Awards in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Their mission is to give our customers the best possible customer service. With ongoing training and education, they will maintain their position at the forefront of the market.

By providing their clients with the best energy-efficient tools and methods available in the market, they enable their clients to save money.

They also provide water softening solutions to Austin, Texas, demonstrating their superior service in the water softener industry.

9. Abacus Plumbing

Established in 2003 by Alan O’Neill, a Master Plumber. Top-Rated, 5-Star Customer Service Provider Abacus Plumbing has received multiple awards from Angie’s List, the Better Business Bureau, Home Advisor, and more!

Abacus Technicians are required to uphold an exceptionally high level of client satisfaction with their work and customer service, and they are all licensed and insured. Every Abacus Technician needs to clear a stringent background investigation.

Because of this, Abacus can provide the greatest parts and labor warranties, along with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. One such warranty is the Abacus Exclusive Lifetime Warranty, which is available on certain premium Lennox HVAC systems.

Abacus also provides annual home inspection plans for peace of mind that include all of the plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems in your house, including the water softening system.


Though the Texas water situation might not be classified as an environmental issue, it is worth looking into as hard water can affect people in some way.


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