10 Best Water Softener Companies in Houston, Texas

Untidy, hard water can leave unsightly stains all around the house. Experts in water conditioning are aware of hard water conditions and that the best way to mitigate the damage is by using water softeners.

Water-using appliances in a home have trouble operating properly because of calcium, magnesium, and other unwanted invaders. Experts in water conditioners claim that these minerals can accumulate in the moving components of hot water heaters and dishwashers, significantly lowering their lifespan and efficacy.

The typical American cleans soap scum and hard water stains for at least six hours every month. That time is halved with a quality water softening system, which can also save up to 50% on harsh cleaning chemical costs.

In this article, we take a look at some of the best water softener companies in Houston, Texas.

10 Best Water Softener Companies in Houston, Texas

  • Culligan Water
  • Houston Water Solutions
  • United Water Softeners
  • Aqua Systems Difference
  • RainSoft Water Softener Systems
  • Quality TX
  • Mueller Water Conditioning
  • Met Plumbing LLC
  • AquaTex

1. Culligan Water

The longevity of your humidifier, coffee maker, dishwasher, and washing machine is extended with a Culligan water softener!

Their Aqua-Sensors and smart meter parts react instantly to variations in the water quality in your house. This indicates that, compared to other water softeners, theirs uses less electricity, water, and salt, which results in significant cost savings.

A Culligan Man, a qualified installation specialist, installs each and every Culligan water softener, ensuring that it starts working flawlessly right away.

A Culligan Man also takes care of their maintenance. They offer a lifetime warranty on all of our softeners in addition to a 30-day money-back guarantee to support their excellent service.

Their Dial-a-Softness valve allows you to change the softness levels from anywhere in the home, so your water feels just right. Your Culligan Man receives automatic service notifications whenever it requires maintenance. Additionally, their clever brine tank automatically checks the salinity.

Since 1950, Culligan has been providing the Texas Gulf Coast with water! They are committed to providing you with the greatest service and outstanding equipment at competitive pricing to improve the quality of your water.

You can feel secure knowing that their equipment is covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

A Limited Lifetime Warranty is included with the majority of Culligan equipment, so you can continue to enjoy improved water for a very long time.

2. Houston Water Solutions

The authorized dealer in the area for PENTAIR’s unique Pro EliteTM water conditioner system is Houston Water Solutions.

Similar to a magnet, the Pro Elite water conditioner system draws in minerals and other impurities that travel through an aged pipeline or pass through a city’s municipal treatment facility.

Because of the Pro Elite’s unparalleled value, Houston Water Solutions decided to sell it exclusively. Over time, the PENTAIR Pro Elite system proves to be cost-effective and generates a profit.

Additionally, home and business owners may feel secure knowing that they are getting a device that has undergone quality testing and is guaranteed to exceed meter-based systems thanks to its limited lifetime warranty.

The management team at Houston Water Solutions, which was established in 2014, has extensive experience in the water quality sector. They are now among Houston’s top water softener firms because of their experience.

Given that Houston is one of the hardest-hit hard water places in the country, their sales and service professionals are qualified to understand the particular requirements Houston houses have for water softeners.

In addition to its amazing 15 to 18 gallons per minute output, the Pro Elite comes equipped with a reverse osmosis drinking water system as a bonus. A house now has two lines of defense against pollutants.

3. United Water Softeners

With more than 20 years of experience in the field, United Water Softeners is a full-service water treatment business that is family-run. We provide the most dependable goods available on the market today along with servicing, sales, consulting, and training.

We can offer commercial and residential solutions that are suitable for you, your family, and your business because we hold a TCEQ (WTS III) license.

We are dedicated to offering every one of our clients unmatched support and solutions.

We are aware that not every customer’s needs can be met by a single system. The quality of the water can differ between neighborhoods. For this reason, doing an accurate water study and offering each client individualized remedies is crucial.

Gary Tompkins, the proprietor, began his career in the water conditioning sector in 1999 and received his training from Homer Blake, a reputable and well-versed individual who was a well-known cornerstone in the industry.

He eventually went on to work as a sales representative for one of the biggest producers of water conditioning systems in the US.

Under the supervision and leadership of Malek Abu-Shaaban, a pioneer in the production of water conditioning machinery with a focus on reverse osmosis, Gary was allowed to work his way up to the Commercial Grade Reverse Osmosis System Engineering position, where it became a signature system for the Mr. Abu-Shaanans Corporation.

Mr. Tompkins and United Water Softeners have the skill set necessary to supply you and your family with the system(s) and services you require with the honesty and integrity you deserve because of their work with industry heavyweights like Mr. Blake and Mr. Abu-Shaaban.

4. Aqua Systems Difference

Customers are what drive Aqua Systems to consistently provide the finest possible product offering. They work hard to provide high-quality service, as evidenced by the creation of their PureChoice reverse osmosis systems and SmartChoice water softeners, as well as a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Since every property has different water issues—well, city, hard, etc.—they want to make sure they are tailoring a solution to meet your particular requirements. What to anticipate from an Aqua Systems team member is as follows.

  1. Conduct a free water test to find out what’s in your water.
  2. Talk about the findings and the best course of action for your house.
  3. A thorough grasp of pricing is needed so you can choose your next reverse osmosis or water softening system with knowledge.

5. Lone Star Water

Serving the Greater Houston area and its environs, Lone Star Water is a locally owned and operated water treatment business. Lone Star Water takes tremendous pride in the work that it does.

You will have dealt with the best in the business from the moment you get in touch with them until the project is completed. We can treat any kind of water for any purpose thanks to their extensive technological knowledge in water treatment.

You can be sure that we will offer premium, skillfully installed products and outstanding service whether you require safe drinking water alternatives, whole-house water options, a solution for your well water issue, or water treatment for commercial & industrial purposes.

Not only can they offer their exclusive systems, but they can also create and tailor solutions to meet your precise requirements.

You will have dealt with the best in the business from the moment you get in touch with them until the project is completed. We can treat any kind of water for any purpose thanks to their extensive

technological knowledge in water treatment.

You can be sure that we will offer premium, skillfully installed products and outstanding service whether you require safe drinking water alternatives, whole-house water options, a solution for your well water issue, or water treatment for commercial & industrial purposes.

Not only can they offer their exclusive systems, but they can also create and tailor solutions to meet your precise requirements.

Only the greatest technicians in the area have to offer work at Nick’s, and they aim to give you the same kind of service that has earned us a great deal of internet and word-of-mouth recognition.

6. RainSoft Water Softener Systems

RainSoft Water Softener System has been committed to creating unmatched water treatment solutions since its founding in 1953. Their cutting-edge water softeners today are the result of years of improvement and adjustment.

Every RainSoft water softener is made to last a lifetime of exceptional performance and trouble-free use.

Bathing, laundry, and dishwashing are just a few of the many common household tasks that RainSoft water softeners notably improve by converting ordinary water into remarkable water.

Additionally, they can stop the need for expensive repairs or the early replacement of water-using equipment and plumbing that have been harmed by hard water.

Their residential water softening systems replace the calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate ions that cause hard water with sodium or potassium ions using an ion exchange process.

Sodium and potassium do not build up to form the soapy residue and scale that cause many of the issues related to hard water, unlike calcium and magnesium.

7. Quality TX

Since 1989, QHP of Texas has assisted families by offering the greatest goods for their homes. The same business has assisted more than 77,000 customers with solar and battery needs, water treatment, generators, and tankless water heaters.

QHP of Texas takes great satisfaction in offering the greatest products with the best dependability to our homeowners. Homeowners will then experience “peace of mind” knowing that the products they have installed function as intended.

8. Mueller Water Conditioning

Mueller Water Conditioning, Inc. is a privately held company that was established in 1969.

They have been designing, manufacturing, installing, retrofitting, and servicing various ion exchange, filtration, and membrane systems for more than 35 years.

Water treatment applications for commercial, industrial, municipal, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and chemical processes are their areas of competence.

They take pride in offering our consumers high-quality, reasonably priced items that are expertly manufactured and put together.

9. Met Plumbing LLC

The main objective of MET Plumbing LLC is to establish a lasting relationship with you by going above and beyond your expectations in every way.

They are dedicated to giving you excellent plumbing services that will maintain the cleanliness and functionality of your water systems, ensuring the comfort and safety of your family.

Their staff is prepared to deal with any plumbing problem you may run across, including noisy pipes and malfunctioning water softeners.

MET Plumbing LLC is a family-run plumbing business that serves Katy, Sugar Land, Cypress, and the surrounding areas. It specializes in offering full plumbing services, including installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance.

Their certified professionals are knowledgeable and equipped to tackle any domestic plumbing requirement you may have.

From small fixes like drain cleaning to larger jobs like repiping your entire house, installing a tankless water heater, or repairing a sewage line, they provide a wide range of services.

To earn their clients’ trust and build enduring relationships that will result in return business, MET Plumbing LLC places a high priority on resolving all of your plumbing problems the first time around.

10. AquaTex

Since its founding as an approved independent dealer for Kinetico quality water systems in 1981, AquaTex has improved the quality of water available to the Gulf Coast region of Texas.

For both home and business use, AquaTex offers, installs, and maintains water conditioning and filtration systems.

They provide the best water softeners and filters for your house or place of business, serving as the top Kinetico distributor in the state of Texas.

Whole-home water treatment systems from AquaTex improve all facets of your life, from reducing cleaning time to maintaining beautiful skin and hair to extending the life of appliances.

Kinetico home water softeners come with one of the broadest and longest warranties available on the market and are third-party certified to deliver on their promises.

Experts certified by the Texas Water Quality Association complete each installation.


Water softening is a way of water conservation as hard water can be useless to us prompting more wastage of natural resources. As we have seen from this list above, these water softening companies do their best to provide adequate water softening systems that can be useful for the softening of water by the people.


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