9 Environmental Organizations in Dallas, Texas

Currently, 63% of Americans believe that local areas are being impacted by climate change. There are many paths you can take if you’re a Texan hoping to lessen that effect.

One would be to become a member of or assist a local environmental group. We decided to highlight some of the top environmental groups in Texas because they are diverse in terms of size and goals.

Texas residents with the freedom to choose can help the environment by switching to a renewable energy plan in addition to helping these wonderful charities.

9 Environmental Organizations in Dallas, Texas

Here are 9 environmental organizations in Dallas, Texas

  • Texas Conservation Alliance
  • Keep Texas Beautiful
  • Sierra Club Lone Star Chapter
  • Texas Campaign For The Environment (TCE)
  • EarthShare Texas
  • Trinity Park Conservancy
  • Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation
  • EarthXS
  • The Texas Trees Foundation

1. The Texas Conservation Alliance

Texas Conservation Alliance

Primary Work: Protecting Texas wildlife, habitats, and environment

For 50 years, the Texas Conservation Alliance (TCA), a nonprofit organization, has battled to safeguard Texas’ species and their ecosystems. The Texas Conservation Alliance (TCA) has advanced some concerns to benefit the Texas environment via education and collaboration with other conservation organizations in the state.

For instance, the TCA advocated against the Marvin Nichols Reservoir. This reservoir would inundate 66,000 acres of ranch land and woodland, despite being built to deliver water to the expanding Dallas-Fort Worth region. The TCA highlights the fact that there are less harmful and more affordable ways to distribute water to the metroplex.

2. Keep Texas Beautiful

Keep Texas Beautiful

Primary Work: Ending littering and improving recycling

The nonprofit organization Keep America Beautiful, which promotes clean, green neighborhoods, has an affiliate called Keep Texas Beautiful. It largely accomplishes this through cleanup efforts and recycling initiatives.

Community volunteers go to collect rubbish and litter during its cleanups. The Don’t Mess with Texas Trash-Off and the Great American Cleanup are two of its events. Keep Texas Beautiful cleans up street sides, parks, communities, and rivers through these programs.

Additionally, Keep Texas Beautiful informs Texans about local recycling initiatives. It collaborates with a list of affiliates in the recycling industry and also gives funds to certain of these affiliates.

Another important objective of the organization is to inform Texans about Keep Texas Beautiful’s initiatives. You can start beautifying your own Texas town by using the tools on this organization’s website, including information on volunteering, state projects, and more.

3. Sierra Club Lone Star Chapter

Sierra Club Lone Star Chapter

Primary Work: Combating climate change and promoting clean and healthy environments

The Sierra Club has numerous state and local chapters that you can join while being a nationwide organization. The Sierra Club is one of the biggest grassroots environmental organizations in the US, with 3.8 million members.

The Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club works to sway Texas state law. It is based in Texas. The Lone Star Chapter lists several objectives for 2021, among them the protection of the Texas community from pollution, the promotion of renewable energy, and water conservation.

The Sierra Club promotes environmental protection in addition to encouraging outdoor activity, highlighting the advantages for both physical and mental health. For people to appreciate the natural world that they are protecting, the organization organizes hikes and trips there.

4. Texas Campaign For The Environment (TCE)

Texas Campaign For The Environment (TCE)

Education, canvassing, and legislative change are the main tasks.

A nonprofit organization called The Texas Campaign for the Environment (TCE) strives to inform Texans about the significance of addressing climate change. To involve Texans in the conversation, organizers either contact them or knock on their doors during canvassing.

TCE has aided in the passage of various pieces of legislation with the aid of these canvassing efforts. Some of its more recent accomplishments are listed below:

  • New Landfill Regulations – State regulators must certify that the information on these applications is accurate, increasing the cost of permits for the corporation proposing to build a new landfill (something the public used to pay for).
  • New Recycling Projects – Austin, Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth have all had recycling initiatives put into place with the aid of TCE.
  • Encouraged Businesses To Use Safer Materials In Their Products – For example, it worked with Best Buy to remove hazardous plastics and chemicals from the devices they sold.
  • Supported the filing of lawsuits against bad actors – TCE has filed cases against businesses that were illegally violating Texas pollution limits and regulations.

5. EarthShare Texas

EarthShare Texas

As one of its “member charities,” several Texas environmental organizations work to receive funding from EarthShare Texas. EarthShare Texas screens these member organizations to make sure the donations are used wisely.

Every organization on this list is either an EarthShare Texas member charity or is associated with one. However, there are a lot more than those mentioned here.

  • Bayou Preservation Association – Works to maintain and safeguard bayous in the Houston area.
  • Audubon Texas – Protects bird populations in Texas.
  • Addressing children’s risk and exposure to dangerous environmental pollutants is the mission of the Children’s Environmental Health Institute.
  • State of Texas Alliance for Recycling (STAR) – Promotes the recycling industry in Texas and seeks to inform Texans about the environmental and financial benefits of recycling.
  • Clean Water Fund Texas – Protects Texas’s water quality.

With 93 percent of its total expenses going to its initiatives, EarthShare Texas is quite effective with the funds it receives. The majority of businesses fall well short of this.

Therefore, giving money to EarthShare Texas can be the best option for you if you want to support a wide range of incredible environmental groups in Texas. Visit EarthShare Texas’s website to learn more.

6. Trinity Park Conservancy

Trinity Park Conservancy

A nonprofit organization called Trinity Park Conservancy promotes new relationships between Dallas residents with the Trinity, an underutilized natural resource.

They serve a special purpose. They provide a comprehensive vision of riverside areas that benefit the neighboring communities, safeguard the environment, and offer a comfortable gathering place for all Dallas residents by involving the community in the process.

The Conservancy will actively participate in realizing the vision of the Trinity River as we collaborate with residents and towns, guided by the Balanced Vision Strategy, a coordinated plan designed for the Trinity River Corridor. We will direct the process to create Harold Simmons Park as one of the first significant initiatives in the area.

The Park will provide access to the river and its natural ecosystems for plants and animals while tying neighbors together. To connect the two sides of the river, it will also offer new access via extra trails and river crossings.

The Conservancy is looking forward to working with residents of Dallas to re-imagine our Trinity River as a fantastic natural environment and place to visit. They have been able to establish a history with projects like the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, the Margaret McDermott Bridge, and the Ronald Kirk Pedestrian Bridge.

7. Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation

Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation

The goal of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation is to assist the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) in preserving Texas’ natural creatures and landscapes for the enjoyment of all Texans, both now and in the future.

Since 1991, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation has generated money from private sources to promote the state’s longstanding outdoor traditions and protect its natural resources. Their goal is to ensure that all Texans have access to the wild animals and landscapes of our state for the foreseeable future as well.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation, which was established in 1991, is the state agency’s recognized nonprofit partner. The foundation, which is run by a professional staff and is governed by a board of trustees, has raised more than $220 million since it was established. All Texans will be able to take advantage of, explore, and be inspired by Texas’s lands, lakes, and wildlife thanks to the money they contribute.

8. EarthXS


In Dallas, Texas, EarthX was established in 2011 to commemorate Earth Day. Since then, it has developed into a global nonprofit environmental organization whose mission is to inform and motivate individuals and groups to take initiatives for a more sustainable future.

Since 2011, EarthX has brought together the most prominent environmentalists, economic and governmental figures, and members of the general public to unite around our shared passion for the priceless and vulnerable ecosystem we call home.

They are on a mission to enliven and inspire the world’s population in ways that foster the sustainability of the planet for all living things as well as the improvement of its quality for present and future generations.

Its mission is to constructively influence our globe for a sustainable and conservable future by serving as the premier global connector and environmental forum.

EarthX founded the EarthX Film Festival and EarthxTV with the conviction that one of the best ways to preserve the environment and create a more sustainable future is to enthrall people with tales and images highlighting the wonder, beauty, and diversity of planet Earth.

The world’s leading environmentalists, conservationists, activists, political leaders, and business influencers active in the environmental space today attend EarthX conferences.

A reflection of EarthX’s distinctive mission to foster a forum based on mutual trust and sincere, good faith engagement and debate, these leaders and influencers represent a broad spectrum of initiatives and efforts around the world and come from a wide range of disciplines, interests, and perspectives.

A global environmental and media organization with 501(c)(3) nonprofit status, EarthX is committed to fostering inclusive community involvement and education as well as a cooperative business, academic, NGO, and unbiased cooperation.

9. The Texas Trees Foundation

Texas Trees Foundation

Through innovative, research-based plans that inform and inspire the public to take advantage of the social, economic, environmental, and health benefits that trees and urban forestry offer for a higher standard of living, the Texas Trees Foundation (Texas Trees) acts as a catalyst in the creation of a new green legacy for North Texas.

The Texas Trees Foundation’s goals are to:

  1. protect, enhance, and create more public green spaces;
  2. plant trees on public streets, boulevards, and rights-of-way; and inspire others to do the same through educational programs that emphasize the value of creating and preserving the “urban forest” now as a legacy for future generations.

For our neighborhood, The Texas Trees Foundation has a vision. It is a community with lovely, well-kept parks, shaded, tree-lined streets and boulevards, hiking, biking, and nature trails, as well as other outdoor amenities that come together to create a living and working environment that boosts the neighborhood’s and commercial area’s economic value and fosters the health, safety, and quality of life of all its residents; a community where its residents actively participate in creating and maintaining its “urban forest.”

The Foundation will act as a spark for the development of such a community.

One of the most difficult metropolitan climates in the country is found in North Texas. The Dallas Metroplex is plagued by harsh summer heat, scant rainfall, deficient soils, and one of the worst air pollution issues in the country. In addition to increased energy prices, the urban heat island effect is causing temperatures to rise. Residents require a solution as they are in danger.

Through several initiatives, programs, projects, and collaborations, Texas Trees Foundation offers education, trees, and other support needed to develop more livable communities and better land stewards.


Environmental groups in Dallas work to make sure that the city complies with the laws that are in place to safeguard both the environment and human health.


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