10 Best Environmental Blogs in the World

A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts).

Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page.

From business, family living, corporate world, to individual people, environmental blogs provide impressive ways to raise awareness about environmental matters, and above all.

It sorts of connects people with the same interests and drives the world toward environmental sustainability.

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What is an Environmental Blog?

Environmental blogs are platforms offering great ways to create awareness about various environmental issues including pollution and aspects of building a green community.

The most vital and beautiful thing about blogs is that it has a wide outreach, reaching millions of people across the globe.

Best environmental Blogs in the World

According to feedspot, the 10 Best Environmental Blogs On The Web

The top Environment blogs, as determined by traffic, social media engagement, domain authority, and freshness have been hand-selected from among the thousands of blogs available online. They include

  • Tree Hugger
  • Inhabitat Environment 
  • EWG.org
  • Grist 
  • Earth911
  • ClientEarth
  • Earth University | Columbia University | State of the Planet
  • The Ecologist 
  • HuffPost 
  • The Independent – Climate and Environment News

1. Tree Hugger

Located in New York, US.

Tree Hunger is a blog where you can find everything you need to know about living a healthy and eco-friendly life, with an emphasis on nature, science, and sustainable design.

They also focus on articles on green design & living news covering technology, architecture, transportation, and more.

They get to post 15 posts each month.

2. Inhabitat | Environment – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

Located in El Segundo, California, US.

Inhabitat is a website dedicated to green design, innovation, and the future of clean technology, cataloging great ideas and emerging technologies that will change our world for the better.

They post 1 post every day.

3. EWG.org | Environmental Connections To Public Health

Located in Washington, District of Columbia, US

EWG empowers people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment.

With breakthrough research and education, we drive consumer choice and civic action.

They deliver 11 posts each month.

4. Grist – A nonprofit news org

Located in Seattle, Washington, US.

Grist is a non-profit news org for people who want a planet that doesn’t burn and a future that doesn’t suck.

Grist has been dishing out environmental news and commentary with a wry twist since 1999 – which, to be frank, was way before most people cared about such things.

They deliver 2 posts every day.

5. Earth911 – More Ideas, Less Waste

Located in Dallas, Texas, US.

They provide Environmental news and content to help you, as a consumer, live a zero-waste lifestyle.

The site contains a community forum to share ideas and also information about environmental causes.

They deliver 3 posts every day.

6. ClientEarth | Environmental lawyers, environmental law

Located in London, England, UK.

ClientEarth is an environmental law activist group committed to securing a healthy planet.

They use environmental law to protect oceans, forests, and other habitats as well as all people.

They deliver 4 posts every month.

7. Earth University | Columbia University | State of the Planet

Located in New York City, New York, US.

State of the Planet is a website consisting of tapping experts in climate, geology, oceanography, ecology, sustainable development, global health, energy, food, and water.

State of the Planet captures stories of how the Earth works and how we can sustainably make our lives better.

They deliver 2 posts every day.

8. The Ecologist – Setting The Environmental Agenda Since 1970

Located in Devon, Pennsylvania, US.

The Ecologist gives information about news and investigations on the environment, climate change, farming, energy, food, health, green living, and eco-friendly product.

They deliver 2 posts every day.

9. HuffPost | Environment

The blog consists of all the latest Green news and opinion.

They deliver 2 posts every day.

10. The Independent | Climate and Environment News

Located in London, England, UK

They keep up with news and updates on Climate and Environment.

They deliver 18 posts every day.

Top 25 Environmental Bloggers Globally

Here’s a list of the top environmental bloggers globally

Add New
Environmental Bloggers
Greta Thunberg
Peter D. Carter
Mike Hudema
Prof. Eliot Jacobson
Dr. Margaret Bannan
David Satterthwaite
Peter Dynes
Vanessa Nakate
Mitzi Jonelle Tan
Roger Hallam
Peter Kalmus
Zack Labe
Vijay Jayaraj
Guy Walton
Eric Holthaus
Ruben Swartthe
Dr. Jonathan Foley
Josh Dorfman
Laura Fitton
Bill McKibben
John Mmbassga
Alexandria Villasenor
Laura B.
Martin C. Fredricks

Top Environmental Law Blogs in the World

According to Feedly, the following are the top environmental law blogs in the world

  • Environmental Law & Policy Center
  • Legal Planet
  • Journal Of Environmental Law Current Issue
  • Saxe Facts
  • GreenLaw
  • Environmental Law Reporter®
  • California Environmental Law
  • Law And The Environment – FOLEY HOAG
  • Climate Law Blog
  • Law360: Environmental

1. Environmental Law & Policy Center

They give information about protecting the Midwest’s environment.

They deliver 1 article per week.

2. Legal Planet

They are involved in delivering insights analysis on Environmental Law and Policy.

They deliver 4 articles per week.

3. Journal Of Environmental Law Current Issue

Journal of Environmental Law is an RSS feed of current issues.

They deliver 1 article per month.

4. Saxe Facts

Dr. Saxe is one of Canada’s most respected environmental lawyers, with 40+ years of experience writing, and litigating climate change in Toronto.

He delivers 1 article per month.

5. GreenLaw

GreenLaw is a blog of the Pace Environmental Law Programs. They deliver 1 article per month.

6. Environmental Law Reporter®

The Environmental Law Reporter: The Best Legal Resource on Earth. Provides the most often cited analysis of environmental law and policy.

They deliver 1 article per month.

7. California Environmental Law

They deliver insights and Information for the Environmental & Natural Resource Industry.

They deliver 1 article per month

8. Law And The Environment – FOLEY HOAG

They discuss issues relating to law and the environment.

They deliver 1 article per week.

9. Climate Law Blog

Columbia Law School’s Sabin Center for Climate Change Law develops legal techniques to address climate change and trains the next generation of leaders.

They deliver 1 article per week

10. Law360: Environmental

Legal news and analysis on environmental issues. Covers lawsuits, enforcement, pollution, emissions, toxic torts, cleanups, alternative energy, legislation, and regulation.

They deliver 66 articles per week.

 Top Environmental Blogs in the UK

According to Feedspot, the following are the top environmental law blogs in the world

The top UK environmental blogs are chosen from among thousands of others on the internet and evaluated according to their popularity, social media following, domain authority, and freshness.

  • Environment Journal
  • Envirotec Magazine 
  • The Independent | Climate and Environment News
  • Save the Planet
  • The Scotsman | Environment News
  • National Association for Environmental Education
  • Isonomia | Environmental Blog
  • GreenAlliance 
  • Ellendale Environmental Blog

1. Environment Journal

Located in Sheffield, England, UK

Environment Journal consists of News, analysis, and features on environmental management issues.

They deliver 2 posts per day

2. Envirotec Magazine | Technology in the environment

Located in Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Envirotec magazine provides the most comprehensive coverage of the UK environmental technology and services industry and delivers comprehensive news and current issues examined in informative features, profiles and interviews keeping its readers informed and up-to-date.

They deliver 4 posts per day.

3. The Independent | Climate and Environment News

Located in London, England, UK

This blog keeps up with news and updates on Climate and Environment from The Independent.

They deliver 18 posts per day.

4. Save the Planet

Save the Planet is a blog that consists of news and views on ecological initiatives from across the world.

They deliver 16 posts per day.

5. The Scotsman | Environment News

Located in Scotland, UK

The Scotsman has played a vital part in forming and reporting national opinion for nearly 200 years delivering news and updates on Environment.

They deliver 29 posts per month.

6. National Association for Environmental Education

National Association for Environmental Education, NAEE has been promoting all forms of environmental education so that together we can understand and act on the need to live more sustainably to protect the future of our planet.

They deliver 2 posts per week

7. Isonomia | Environmental Blog

Located in Bristol, England, UK

They help take action without independent ideas from environmental experts.

They deliver 1 post per quarter.

8. GreenAlliance | Leadership for the environment

Located in London, England, UK

Green Alliance was launched in 1979 to ensure that the political priorities of the United Kingdom are determined from an ecological perspective.

It is now the leading UK think tank working on environmental policy and politics.

They deliver 9 posts per year

9. Ellendale Environmental Blog

Ellendale Environmental Limited was established in 2010 to focus on the provision of specialist ecological services to both the public and private sectors and provides high-level ecological support and assistance on a wide breadth of projects covering all sectors.

They deliver 1 post per year.

Top Environmental Blogs in India

The following are the top environmental blogs in India by IndiBlogger.in

  • Terra Incognita Indica, archetypesindiablog.blogspot.com
  • The Green Messenger, chlorophyllhues.blogspot.com
  • The Urban Progression, urbanfailure.blogspot.com
  • Kavitha’s blog, kavithayarlagadda.blogspot.com
  • GreenGaians, greengaians.blogspot.com
  • A feast for Green Thought, feastforgreenthought.blogspot.com
  • The Woodpecker Film Festival and Forum, thewoodpeckerfilmfestival.blogspot.com
  • Contemporary Thoughts, punitathoughts.blogspot.com
  • The Blogger’s View, fortheplanet.wordpress.com

Top Environmental Blogs in Australia

According to feedspot, the top environmental blogs in Australia

The top Australian Climate Change blogs, as determined by traffic, social media engagement, domain authority, and freshness have been hand-picked from among thousands of blogs available online.

  • Climate Council News
  • Greenpeace Australia Pacific Blog
  • Environment Institute Blog
  • CSIRO Blog – Climate Change
  • The Fifth Estate – Climate Change News
  • Climate Analytics Blog
  • Australian Marine Conservation Society – Climate Change
  • Environment Victoria – Safe Climate
  • ClimateWorks Blog

1. Climate Council News

Located in Potts Point, New South Wales, Australia.

The Climate Council is Australia’s leading climate change communications organization.

They provide authoritative, expert advice to the Australian public on climate change and solutions based on the most up-to-date science available.

They deliver 1 post per week.

2. Greenpeace Australia Pacific Blog

Located in Ultimo, New South Wales, Australia

Greenpeace is an independent global campaigning organization that acts to change attitudes and behaviors to protect and conserve the environment and promote peace.

They deliver 2 posts per quarter.

3. Environment Institute Blog

Located in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

The Environment Institute blog brings you the latest news, research, and events from within The Environment Institute.

The University of Adelaide established the Environment Institute in 2009 to tackle some of the most serious environmental challenges facing Australia and the world.

They deliver 2 posts quarterly.

4. CSIRO Blog – Climate Change

Located in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

This particular section focuses on how climate change is triggered by different factors and also gives more insights into its harmful effects.

CSIRO is Australia’s national science agency. We solve the greatest challenges through innovative science and technology.

They deliver 4 posts per month.

5. The Fifth Estate – Climate Change News

Located in Glebe, Tasmania, Australia

Climate Changes news from The Fifth Estate.

The Fifth Estate is Australia’s leading business newspaper for the sustainable built environment and the people and issues that surround it.

They deliver 2 posts per week.

6. Climate Analytics Blog

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Climate Analytics was formed in 2008 to bring cutting-edge science and policy analysis to bear on one of the most pressing global problems of our time: human-induced climate change.

They deliver 4 posts per month.

7. Australian Marine Conservation Society – Climate Change

Located in Queensland, Australia

The climate change section on the blog focuses on how climate change affects sea life, coral reefs, fishes, and more.

The Australian Marine Conservation Society is the voice for Australia’s ocean wildlife.

They deliver 3 posts per month.

8. Environment Victoria – Safe Climate

Located in Victoria Park, Queensland, Australia

The Safe Climate section focuses on the environmental problems which harm and boost climate change as well as increase global warming.

Environment Victoria is an independent charity, funded by donations and together we campaign to solve the climate crisis and build a thriving, sustainable society that protects and values nature.

They deliver 2 posts per month

9. ClimateWorks Blog

Located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Climate Works Australia is a non-profit organization that develops expert, independent solutions to assist the transition to net zero emissions for Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

They deliver 1 post per week.


Located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

The Greenie Watch blog is by John Ray who gives insights on climate change and other environmental problems such as global warming and more.

They deliver 1 post per day.


Top Environmental Blogs in Canada

According to feedspot, the top environmental blog in Canada

The top Canadian Sustainable Living blogs have been hand-picked from the thousands of blogs available online and are listed below in order of popularity, traffic, social media engagement, and freshness.

  • The Eco Hub
  • Reworks Upcycle Shop – Sustainable Living Blog
  • A Greener Future Blog
  • Reep Green Solutions
  • Random Acts of Green
  • Sustainability at Brock
  • A Sustainably Simple Life
  • Evergreen
  • The University of Waterloo » Sustainability
  • Green City Living

1. The Eco Hub

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Whether you are looking for information on zero waste living, ethical fashion, green beauty, natural cleaning, or sustainable living, The Eco Hub has got you covered with its exceptional list of articles.

They deliver 2 posts per week

2. Reworks Upcycle Shop – Sustainable Living Blog

Located in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

Reworks Upcycle Shop is passionate about living life as sustainably as possible without sacrificing comfort.

That’s why they post all the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the past decade and showcase projects and issues that they think are relevant and important.

They deliver 1 post per week.

3. A Greener Future Blog

Located in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

A Greener Future works hand-in-hand with local communities to promote environmental preservation through organized litter cleanups, educational programs, and events.

Our expanding family of volunteers is committed to creating a clean, healthy environment that can be sustained for generations.

They deliver 1 post quarterly.

4. Reep Green Solutions

Located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Reep Green Solutions is an environmental charity that has been helping people in Waterloo Region live sustainably for 20 years.

Its mission is to empower the community with the practical tools, knowledge, and capacity for action to make sustainable living the norm.

The 1 post per day.

5. Random Acts of Green

Located in Ontario, Canada

Random Acts of Green is a social enterprise with a vision to build a glocal (global-local) climate action community where everyone is empowered to take action together and promote environmental sustainability.

They deliver 5 posts per month.

6. Sustainability at Brock

Located in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada

This blog gives sustainability news at Brock University. Climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, forest degradation. If hearing these terms sparks feelings of fear, dread, anger, and sadness, you are not alone.

The 1 post per month

7. A Sustainably Simple Life

Located in British Columbia, Canada

A Sustainably Simple Life was created by Krista and Alison.

They use this blog to share their journeys-the mistakes and the successes.

They deliver 1 post per week

8. Evergreen

Located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Evergreen has been facilitating change in communities through connection, innovation, and sustainable actions.

We work with community builders across sectors to solve some of the most pressing issues cities face: climate change, housing affordability, and access to nature and public spaces.

They deliver 3 posts per month.

9. The University of Waterloo » Sustainability

Located in Ontario, Canada

As the University continues to grow, its commitment to sustainability is reflected in its operations, including ongoing efforts to minimize waste, reduce emissions, and shrink its environmental footprint.

They deliver 1 post per month.

10. Green City Living

At Green City Living Co, we make it easy to switch from disposables to reusable, biodegradable, or eco-friendly products. Every small, eco-conscious change in our daily lives will collectively lead to a cleaner, greener, and healthier world.

They deliver 1 post per week.


Starting up an environment-related blog post is not a big deal but to be considered one of the top environmental bloggers in the world, takes consistency.

Best environmental Blogs in the World – FAQs

How do I start an environmental blog?

Here are some brief and easy steps in starting your environmental blog.

  • Pick your niche-it should be an environment-related topic.
  • Pick a name for the blog.
  • Buy a domain link.
  • Choose a blogging platform (WordPress is one of the most used blogging platforms)
  • Pick a template for your website and make it unique.
  • Start writing-write your first post.
  • Create a newsletter for people to keep up with what you do.
  • Create a contact email-for easy contact for brand partnership.
  • Link your blog to social media.

Become consistent and seek ways to grow your blog.

What are the hottest topics about the environment?

Below are the hottest topics about the environment. Air, Global Warming (cap and trade, sequestration, carbon credits), Water supply, potable water, wastewater, wetlands), Sustainability (energy efficiency, conservation, green building, recycling, water reuse, waste to energy, waste minimization), Land (brownfields, landfills, remediation), Waste (handling, transportation), Ecosystems / Ecology (watersheds, endangered species), Industry Trends (M&A, Partnerships, Promotions, & People, certification/accreditation, safety, risk). Of all hot topics about the environment, climate change is the most popular.

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