7 Importance of Environmental Protection Organizations in India

Since the eyes of man were opened to the destruction he causes to his environment, a few of them have been very much involved in the conservation, restoration, and protection of his environment. India is no stranger to these changes.

In India there are organizations that have come out in many parts of the country to help in environment protection and this has done a lot to conserve our resources, and protected our environment even the once endangered species. you too can be one of them, it’s all about interest.

Before we consider the importance of environmental protection organizations in India, let’s shed light on what environmental protection is.

What is Environmental Protection?

Environmental protection is the activity of preserving the natural world and its resources for the benefit of both the environment and people. It entails safeguarding our immediate environment so that we can live healthily. We need clean air, plenty of clean water, food, a good climate, and other living things nearby to live healthily.

The key to conserving animals is environmental protection, which is crucial for human health as well. The secret to better living on earth is a healthier environment. We must preserve the environment if we want to live well. Our environment is fast-degrading in this world due to development; therefore, we must start taking steps to conserve it for our benefit.

Environmental Protection Organizations are majorly non-governmental organizations that play a major role along with the government in working towards a sustainable society. It is a social service organization or a legally constituted organization which were created by a voluntary organization or people.

These NGOs create awareness among the public on the current environmental issues like pollution or consumption and give proper solutions to them along with government plans. They are not alone in this as they involved the local people of the religions or urban areas etc.

They assist various administrative officials in preparing, applying, and exhibiting various programs or projects on this environmental protection against pollution, overconsumption of resources, etc.

A famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi says,

The Earth provides enough to satisfy every mans need but not for every mans greed.

This has been the lifeline of many environmental protection agencies via the need to protect the environment via the greed of every one of the people who is overconsuming the resources, destroying their resources, es and making them unfit for living.

Importance of Environmental Protection Organizations in India

The importance of environmental protection organizations in India include

  • Protect Environmental Resources
  • Raise Environmental Awareness
  • Examine and Observe Environmental Quality
  • Help Prevent Mass Extinction
  • Produce Data on Natural Resources and Village History Timeline
  • Assist Different Stakeholder Groups in Participating in the Discussion of Environmental Issues.
  • Prevent Climate Change

1. Protect Environmental Resources

One of the importance of environmental protection organizations in India is that they help protect environmental resources and to ensure their economic and equitable use while safeguarding natural resources.

They help protect the available environmental resources so they can be used efficiently and these resources can remain sustainable for the present as well as the future generation, not just for the present generation alone.

2. Raise Environmental Awareness

They are involved in the organization of courses like lectures, seminars, and focus groups in schools and colleges to spread environmental awareness.

Through this, the younger generation is informed and can help out in environmental protection making the environment a good and healthy place to live in. They help raise public awareness of contemporary environmental problems and solutions.

They also create informational materials like newsletters, brochures, booklets, articles, publications, pamphlets, essays, and audiovisuals which contain much content based on environment protection thereby increasing information dissemination.

3. Examine and Observe Environmental Quality

These environmental protection agencies also work in their host communities by analyzing and monitoring the environmental resources in the region, especially the indigenous ones.

In addition to this, they also conduct sampling and analysis of the air, soil, and water comparing them to the surrounding communities and various environmental standards to establish their quality.

After doing this, they make the results of their findings available to the state or central pollution or environment protection board knowing that they cannot work alone.

They also check for pollution of air and water surroundings and report to the various government and other regulatory agencies and provide a proper solution or take steps of the government to follow the law which is framed or based on.

4. Help Prevent Mass Extinction

The environmental protection agencies in India provide information on fish-killing or various animals which are endangered or endemic in the environment not noticed by the state board and, make it known to the state government to protect them effectively to prevent the extinction of these species.

5. Produce Data on Natural Resources and Village History Timeline

They also help provide statistics on various natural resources and their timeline which have shown recently the decline in some of our major resources in the environment.

Environmental protection agencies have been involved in whistle-blowing following the decline of the statistics of the water, forest, and other major resources in India.

They also assist the administrative staff in the communities with project planning, application, and execution for environmental protection.

6. Assist Different Stakeholder Groups in Participating in the Discussion of Environmental Issues.

They assist different stakeholders in discussions that pertain to environmental issues, and in achieving a clean environment. This also includes being active in defending people’s rights to a clean environment especially the marginalized in society.

7. Prevent Climate Change

Global warming is brought on by the massive use of fuels such as oil, gas, and other fossil fuels. These environmental protection organizations in India are involved in conducting several campaigns to halt climate change. They have been researching to slow global warming and advance clean energy options.


These environmental protection organizations are so special that they help protect the environment effectively and make it a very place for the present and future generations.

Nevertheless, you can as well join an existing environmental protection agency in your locality or even create one yourself.

I wouldn’t say if you are interested, you can join or create one, I would say get interested by creating one or joining an existing one because we are all going to be affected if we fail to act now.


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