10 Best Environmental Organizations in the Philippines

The Philippines is a fascinating nation with many amazing natural beauties, yet many of these resources are in decline as a result of environmental issues.

As a result, the Philippines‘ environmental organizations work tirelessly to preserve and safeguard the country’s natural splendor.

10 Best Environmental Organizations in the Philippines

The Philippines is home to ten noteworthy and inspirational environmental organizations that work hard to improve the nation’s environment and give its residents a healthy atmosphere.

You might be wondering what these groups are. You’ll get to know these organizations as you read on and discover their environmental goals and strategies.

Without further ado, here are the environmental organizations in the Philippines.

  • World Wide Fund for Nature
  • Waves for Water
  • Save Philippine Seas
  • Earth Island Institute
  • Greenpeace Philippines
  • Haribon Foundation
  • Rare
  • Mother Earth Foundation
  • Philippines Biodiversity Conservation Foundation
  • Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines

1. World Wide Fund for Nature

World Wide Fund for Nature

The organization’s name is self-explanatory. Their programs include wildlife, food, water, and the environment.

They protect the rarest and most endangered species in the nation through effort. Their goal includes changing lives by offering programs for a living as well.

Since 1997, WWF-Philippines has operated as a national affiliate of the WWF network.

As the network’s 26th national organization, WWF-Philippines has been successfully carrying out numerous conservation initiatives to help safeguard some of Asia’s most vital ecosystems.

By developing climate change solutions, offering sustainable livelihood initiatives, and protecting the nation’s most valuable marine and terrestrial environments, WWF-Philippines seeks to enhance the lives of Filipinos.

Email: eampanda@wwf.org.ph

Website: wwf.org.ph

2. Waves for Water

Waves for Water

Imagine if the country runs out of water; a drought would ensue, causing the food supply to decrease as well as damage to the environment and crops.

You might want to work with Waves for Water if the prospect of this makes you squirm. To supply communities both domestically and overseas with clean, potable water, the organization collaborates with stakeholders and partners.

The guiding principle of Waves For Water is to “do what you love and help along the way.” It’s about listening to our hearts and fusing our passions with purpose.

The aforementioned group promotes humanitarianism and charity work as a way of life rather than just a means to “give back.”

The mission of Waves for Water is to ensure that everyone who needs it has access to clean water. You can support Waves for Water Philippines in many different ways.

To mobilize a project for the aforementioned organization, you can either acquire a supply of water filters and distribute them to a community, organize a fundraiser, or contribute to an ongoing one.

Email: info@wavesforwater.org

Website: www.wavesforwater.org

3. Save Philippine Seas

The country of the Philippines is bordered by water. It only makes sense for us to safeguard them so that they can safeguard us against potential damage.

Promote community empowerment, environmental education, and shark protection as part of Save Philippine Seas’ advocacy. The organization also launches citizen-led initiatives to encourage Pinoys to adopt new behaviors.

The Save Philippine Seas campaign encourages collective action and behavior modification among Filipinos to protect the nation’s coastal and marine resources. In 2011, in reaction to a case involving illicit wildlife trade, it started as a social media campaign.

Shark protection, community empowerment, and environmental education are among their projects and activities.

On their website, you can volunteer, make donations to their projects and campaigns, and spread the word about their causes by sharing or retweeting their social media posts.

Website: www.savephilippineseas.org

4. Earth Island Institute

Earth Institute Foundation

A multinational organization called Earth Island Institute kickstarts grassroots and hyperlocal environmental activities. The

International Monitoring Program (IMP), which is implemented by its local affiliate, makes sure that the leading tuna businesses in the nation follow accepted industry norms. The group also organizes campaigns against dolphin hunting and captivity.


5. Greenpeace Philippines

Greenpeace Philippines

Greenpeace is an independent, international campaigning group that works to protect and conserve the environment, foster peace, and alter attitudes and behavior.

Their principal objective is to safeguard the environment and reveal dangers to natural resources. This volunteer-run organization not only advocates ecological farming but also organizes campaigns to combat air, water, and land pollution.

The main objective of Greenpeace Philippines is to defend the environment against dangers such as dangerous trash imports, coal projects, and illegal logging.

This volunteer-run organization not only advocates ecological farming but also organizes campaigns to combat air, water, and land pollution.

A few of the volunteers with Greenpeace Philippines are activists, interns, online activists, and local group members.

Email: info.ph@greenpeace.org

Website: www.greenpeace.org.ph

6. Haribon Foundation

Haribon Foundation

The Haribon Foundation also referred to as the Haribon Foundation, is an environmental organization in the Philippines that strives to safeguard the nation’s natural resources.

The name “Haribon,” which refers to the Philippine eagle, which is regarded as the nation’s national bird, was given to the organization in 1972.

The organization has been working for 45 years to safeguard and preserve the Philippines’ lands and forests. The group has prioritized the preservation of forests, birds, and the ocean, and has created some environmental initiatives and programs to protect the nation’s natural wonders.

The Haribon Foundation uses its well-known platform to educate and empower people while also saving various bird species and protecting their habitats. To preserve biodiversity, they collaborate with a variety of organizations and local government bodies.

The Haribon Foundation’s initiatives and projects include planting native trees, safeguarding and conserving Dulungan hornbills, engaging with communities and educational institutions, and promoting sustainability.

The organization invites locals to help by donating money, joining conservation-minded organizations, and participating in their environmental application and restoration projects.

Email: act@haribon.org.ph

Website: www.haribon.org.ph

7. Rare


Rare is a global organization that supports initiatives aimed at resource management and sustainable fishing. To promote ethical and proper fishing techniques, they collaborate with neighborhood organizations. We may all aspire to cleaner oceans and more abundant seas thanks to their efforts.

Email: info@rare.org

Website: www.rare.org/philippines

8. Mother Earth Foundation

Mother Earth Foundation

One of nature’s greatest foes is garbage. Mother Earth Foundation works with local authorities to advocate for zero-waste practices to address this grave issue. They organize events in barangays and schools to advance environmental education and effective waste management.

Mother Earth Foundation is a non-profit organization that works to increase public awareness of environmental challenges and inspire action to address them.

It participates actively in the Eco Waste Coalition, ZWIA (Zero Waste International Alliance), PNCC (Philippine Network for Climate Change), GAIA (Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives), and IPEN (International POPs Elimination Network).

The Clean Air Act and the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act were both pushed for by Mother Earth Foundation. They played a key role in the title’s change from “Integrated” to “Ecological”.

Website: www.motherearthphil.org

9. Philippines Biodiversity Conservation Foundation

Philippines Biodiversity Conservation Foundation

The Philippines Biodiversity Conservation Foundation promotes public awareness of wildlife protection by restoring natural habitats and preventing harm to species. They have already finished efforts to preserve endangered species like cloud rats, Calamian deer, and Philippine bats.


10. Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines

Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines

In December 2009, the Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines (MWWP) launched a Facebook page. Its main purpose was to provide access to knowledge and information on the marine fauna of the Philippines, especially the enigmatic and fascinating dolphins, whales, dugongs, sea turtles, sharks, and rays.

The Facebook page acted as a central hub for news, videos, images, and other details on Philippine maritime animals. The Facebook page amassed a sizable following for two years.

Thus, on September 13, 2010, MWWP was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as Marine Wild Fauna Watch of the Philippines, a non-profit, non-stock conservation organization.

Since then, MWWP has taken part in some initiatives and activities that seek to increase understanding of the maritime environment, its ecological processes, and how it impacts everyone locally.

The Philippines could be regarded as the global center of marine biodiversity due to its advantageous position. If we don’t take action now, many of the species of sea creatures we have could become extinct shortly. Thankfully, Marine Wildlife Watch works hard to safeguard these animals from poaching and illegal trade.

By reporting any unlawful transaction or capture of marine species that are protected, Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines is inviting you to assist in protecting our water buddies. You may do this through their Facebook page.

Email: info@mwwphilippines.org


10 Best Environmental Organizations in the Philippines – FAQs

What is the first environmental organization in the Philippines?

The first environmental organization in the Philippines is called Haribon. The organization, which was founded in 1972, played a crucial role in the establishment of other environmental organizations in the nation, giving rise to the Philippine environmental movement as a whole.


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