7 Best Animal Rescue Organizations Globally

With the rate at which animals are being bullied and maltreated globally animal rescue service is the only way out that helps protect animals from hazardous circumstances that often necessitate abuse and cruelty that these animals are facing in society.

It is very interesting how animal rescue organizations take vital responsibilities in our community and the globe at large in rescuing these animals.

Made adequate provisions for animals by sheltering them, rehabilitating them, and securing them from brutality and extinction.

These organizations have taken it upon themselves to care for, protect, and rescue animals from destruction.

These animal rescue organizations see it as their duty to preserve and protect these animals from harm.

Some of these organizations are firm in protecting and rescuing different kinds of animals, be it domesticated pets, farm animals, or wildlife.

Meanwhile, other animal rescue organizations prevent animals from suffering in industries such as bullfighting or using them for experiments in the labs.

These organizations are committed to ensuring that animals are secured and rehabilitating the ones that are rescued because these animals make our world a better place.

These pet rescue organizations vary in their goals and mission,  it’s important to comprehend their varieties.

So, in this article, we made a list of the best these organizations around the world that are focused on animal rescue.

Why is it Important to Rescue Animals?

1. No Animal Deserves to Be Maltreated

Animals are living beings and they have emotions just like every liking being. They should be treated with care and love putting both their physical and mental well-being into consideration.

It is so sad that they are the most maltreated and neglected across the globe, so rescuing these animals is very essential to help reinstitute their safety has been neglected for years.

2. Wild Animals That Get Away Can Be Destructive to Society

Animals can be life-threatening, especially the wild ones.

This is because they can cause physical harm through bites, scratches, and physical force but also some other animals that are not wild can be disease vectors and transmit parasites or transmit other diseases to society.

They must be rescued and rehabilitated to prevent them from causing harm to society.

How to Volunteer for an Animal Rescue Organization

Below are the steps to being a volunteer in an animal rescue organization:

Step 1 – Find the Animal Rescue Organization closer to your location

The Internet is the best means to find animal rescue organizations close to your locality. via google, you can find the one that is within your location.

Step 2 – Contact them via call or chat

As animal rescue organizations vary that is how they have their different policy for choosing volunteers.

So, after finding the animal rescue organizations near you, the next thing to do is to contact them either you Call or write to them and they will let you know their requirement for you to have in mind.

Though it differs, in some animal rescue organizations you be allowed to send an application form that was downloaded from the internet and they will be the ones to get back to you via call or text. On the other hand, they may assess the skills of the potential volunteers.

Step 3 – Enrol for volunteers Training

There is a need to be trained. The animal rescue organization’s training is not the same.

They differ, Some of these organizations will make training courses available, to give you the relevant knowledge of the work you are to execute, their goals and objectives, the mission statement of the organization, and what department you will be in the organization.

You need to go through their training to enhance your knowledge and skills.

Best Animal Rescue Organizations Globally

The following are the names of the best animal rescue institutions that made it to our list.

  • International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
  • Animal Welfare Institute
  • The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
  • Best Friends Animal Society  (BFAS)
  • Brother Wolf Animal Rescue
  • Mountain Humane
  • The Marine Mammal Center.

Let’s look at who the Seven animal rescue organizations are, what is their mission, their awards, and their accomplishments.

1. International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

The IUCN officially known as the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources is one of the animal rescue organizations. Is the world’s substantial global network of both governmental and non-religious organizations.

Its mission is to enhance the knowledge of public, private, and non-governmental organizations on the progress of human, and economic improvement, boosting wildlife conservation.

Its strong conviction is that this development cannot occur separately from each other.

International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) (Source: rajaguruias academy)

IUCN has over 1200 members of non-governmental and governmental organizations in 160 countries. These organizations work hand in hand to gather data on biodiversity.

They have obtained via the data collected that 40% of the world’s oxygen is from rainforests, 50% of chemical medicines are situated in nature and 100% of our food is from nature.

In 1974 IUCN was entangled in securing the agreement of its members to sign a Convention which was on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora whose secretariat initially lodge with the IUCN.

IUCN was founded in 1948. It was then called the International Union for the Protection of Nature and Natural Resources (1948–1956) and was formerly known as the World Conservation Union (1990–2008).

2. Animal Welfare Institute

Animal welfare institute is a nonprofit animal rescue organization that was established by Christine Stevens, Animal welfare also known as AWI started in 1951.

Its major goal is to put an end to animal cruelty inflicted by people. The organization is one of the best animal rescue organizations and commits to decreasing the rate of cruelty that is inflicted on animals via the actions of government by humans

Initially, they were just rescuing animals from being used for experiments in the laboratories but presently it has been extended to protecting the lives of animals from any form of destruction and ill-treatment. Their quest is for animals everywhere irrespective of where they are to be treated properly.

some of their goals are abolishing inhumane factory farms, finding alternatives to animal experimentation, and protecting pets from cruelty.

Animal Welfare Institute
Animal Welfare Institute
(Source: Facebook)

In 2020 AWI initiated the Passing the past act, a program that denounces the infliction of pain on horses’ hooves and limbs and they brought out a bill that bans wild animals from traveling to shows.

AWI representatives regularly attend meetings such as the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) to combat the safety of threatened and endangered species.

Also, they attend meetings of the International Whaling Commission to oppose to keep the ban on commercial whaling and work to keep all marine life against the increase of ocean noise that is caused by humans.

You can assist AWI to keep animals safe through donations. AWI stimulates you to take measures through their Compassion Index program.

It helps you to find and communicate with your local legislator to lend your voice and worries for the animals. You can as well join as an intern at one of their several departments.

3. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, otherwise known as ASPCA is one of the best organizations that has been combating animal cruelty in North America since 1866. It was established by Henry Bergh.

ASPCA is one of the first and most substantial charitable animal rescue organizations set up to save guard animals globally. Its mission is to rescue, protect and provide placement for animals.

It’s dedicated to ending animal cruelty and rescuing animals from their bullies, ASPCA has programs like establishing good animal shelters, hospitals, and rescue hotlines that look at the protection of animals.

It has a Behavioral Rehabilitation Centre to treat and take care of devasted and rigid dogs. Their animal relocation program has made a massive impact on animals in 2020, it has given over 28, 000 animals new homes.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
(source: ASPCA)

According to records they’ve helped endangered animals in 104,000 cases and saved 370,590 animals in their Animal Poison Control Centres across America.

On top of rescue and protection, they have carried out over 49,000 neuter/spay surgeries.

You can also be of great assistance to this non-profit through one-time or monthly donations.

You can also make a difference by giving some of your time as a volunteer,  making transportation easier by donating a good vehicle, or adopting a pet.

4. Best Friends Animal Society  (BFAS

Best friends animal society (BFAS) is on the list of the best animal rescue organization it was established in 1993 as a vow that was made between some friends to build a safe house for animals that are deserted.

it is one of the American charitable animal rescue organizations.

BFAS organizes outreach nationwide with sanctuary, rescue groups, and members to stimulate pet adoption, no-killing of animal rescue, and spay-and-neuter practices.

It was awarded a 3-star rating from Charity Navigator, and also has a Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar.

BFAS initiated the Save Them All movement as the result of merciless killing in sanctuaries across America.

Their mission is to end the killing of animals in American shelters and to get to a time where there will be no more homeless pets.

Best Friends Animal Society  (BFAS) 
Best Friends Animal Society  (BFAS) (Source: DH News)

Due to the high rate of animal elimination in shelters BFAS to reach a No-Kill America by 2025 by initiating a movement that the use as a means of advocating and educating society and sanctuaries to embrace humane practices like adoption, and fostering or neutering, or spaying the animals.

BFAS is committed to protecting lives and obtaining No Kill partners all over America.

Following their impact report, It has gotten up to 1000 shelters that have become No-Kill since 2016, which made it about 44% of US shelters no-kill. In 2019  Best Friends and their allies have saved the lives of about 63,000 cats and dogs

You can support Best Friends by donating on their page, which the organization can use to organize outreach and provide for animals. You can also adopt from their organization as the case may be.

5. Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

Brother wolf animal rescue made the list of best animal rescue organizations established by Denise Blits North Carolina.

Since 2007 they have greatly impacted society, majorly on numerous animals. Their major focus is Pet

It’s a charitable animal rescue institution that is community-focused to preserve the lives of many animals in the community and as well as impact the animals positively.

The mission of this animal rescue firm is to better the lives of companion animals and those that care for and love them.

GuideStar has awarded Brother Wolf with a Platinum Seal of Transparency and was rated 4-star rating by Charity Navigator.

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue
Brother Wolf Animal Rescue (source: Brother Wolf Animal Rescuing)

Brother Wolf is so dedicated to their No-Kill rescue, ensuring that the lives of threatening animals in the community are preserved.

The organization has an adoption center and foster-care system for animals such as cats, dogs, rabbits, and small animals, it also has mobile clinics that are so cheap and affordable for medical services.

As to their report in 2020,  they have impacted approximately 9000 animals in countless measures and they have more than 1,600 animals been adopted to their new homes via their adoption service with about 605 new volunteer foster homes, and over 5,800  animals are been spayed or neutered.

The best way you can support Brother Wolf is via donations. They use your money to give good food, shelter, and medical service to the animals in distress.

You could also sponsor a business or volunteer your time. You could also adopt a pet.

6. Mountain Humane

Mountain humane is one of the best animal rescue organizations formerly known as The Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley, a charitable organization that has made a great impact on the community since 1972.

They happen to be the first initiators of the No-Kill shelter in Idaho and with their adoption and foster services, affordable clinic services, and educational programs. They have impacted the animals and community greatly.

Mountain Humane has been awarded a Platinum Seal of Transparency and also awarded an overall 4-star rating from Charity Navigator.

Mountain Humane
Mountain Humane
(Source: Mountain Humane)

Its mission is to transform lives by connecting pets and people. The organization takes it upon itself to provide for the animals and community in every area.

They did not just stop at the No-Kill by 2025 movement, they are committed to offering free neuter/spay services available in their office.

They started a pet food bank with their partners called “Paws for Hunger” for those that do not have anything. They also made provision for dog training for those who own dogs in the community.

When we looked at Mountain Humane’s 2020 annual report, they have been of service to 1,864 animals at their center. They have also given out pet food to more than400 families that could not afford it.

It is recorded that 33% rise in pets in foster homes, while more than  500 animals were adopted into new homes. All of this impact in 2020

You can contribute to Mountain Humane to help their work to progress or continue effectively through donations.

You can also be a volunteer in the organization, so you can work directly with the animals or any of their retail and administrative side. You can join their foster team, which offers extended-, short-term, or adoption options.

7. The Marine Mammal Center

Marine mammal center also made the list of best animal rescue organizations established in California in 1975. It was founded to rescue, rehabilitate and release marine animals.

It is also among charitable organizations. They have rescued approximately 24,000 animals

The Marine Mammal Center has been given a Silver Seal of Transparency from GuideStar and has an overall o 4-star rating from Charity Navigator.

They focused mainly on animal care, research, and education

The Marine Mammal Center
The Marine Mammal Center (Source: Viator)

The organization also organizes educational programs for marine scientists. They have rescued thousands of animals,

As to their 2019 impact report, They saved more than 320 sea lions and pups from deprivation of food and destruction.

You can contribute to this organization by donating, giving a gift, or Adopt-A-Seal to help save future animals.

You can also work with centers located in California and Hawaii as a volunteer. Or join a virtual event to assist them.


There are many animal rescue initiatives globally but in this article, we focused on seven of them which are the best according to our research.

These animal rescue organizations listed here have one thing in common. They have dedicated their time and resources to rescuing and protecting animals from cruelty in the community.

Best Animal Rescue Organizations Globally – FAQs

what animals are being rescued the most?

According to record Dogs and Cats are the most rescued animals

How do I know which animal rescue group to donate to?

The best way to know the animal rescue group to donate to, is to look at for the below who they are and what they do google them visit their facilities Do they need your donation Do they meet with your mission


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