10 Environmental Organizations in Pittsburgh

There are hundreds of environmental organizations in existence, and the environmental organizations in Pittsburgh are no exception. Hence, in this article, we are going to take a look at some environmental organizations in Pittsburgh, Canada.

These environmental organizations are dedicated to protecting, researching, and affecting change when it comes to planet Earth and its inhabitants.

There are currently 248 environmental organizations in the greater Pittsburgh metro area.

However, we’ll take a quick look at major Environmental Organizations in the city.

Environmental Organizations in Pittsburgh

10 Environmental Organizations in Pittsburgh

Here we listed and discussed major Environmental Organizations in Pittsburgh as there are many of them out there advocating and creating awareness to make sure that the environment is protected and conserved.

  • Tree Pittsburgh
  • Audobon Society of Western Pennsylvania
  • Green Building Alliance
  • Pennsylvania Environmental Council
  • Riverlife
  • PennFuture
  • Field Environmental Instruments Incorporation
  • Sierra Club
  • Western Pennsylvania Conservancy
  • Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful

1. Tree Pittsburgh

Tree Pittsburgh is an environmental non-profit organization in Pittsburgh dedicated to strengthening and building community vitality by restoring and protecting the urban forest through tree planting and care, education, advocacy, and land conservation.

Its vision is to create a healthy urban forest for all by inspiring and engaging people to maintain, plant, and protect trees. The organization believes that everyone has the right to experience the many health, environmental, and social benefits that trees provide. A greener city creates more equitable and vital communities today and for the future generations who follow.

Tree Pittsburgh is dedicated to making our community a better place to live for everyone. Tree Pittsburgh stands against racism and hate, and this has made the organization fair, just, and equitable in its treatment of all races, cultures, national origins, genders, gender identities, gender expressions, religions, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic statuses.

2. Audobon Society of Western Pennsylvania

Since 1916, the Audobon Society of Western Pennsylvania has connected people to nature and, more specifically, birds. The society currently has three different properties: Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve (Fox Chapel), Succop Nature Park (Butler), and Todd Nature Reserve (Sarver).

Each of the properties hosts various programs and projects that are designed to motivate the public to become more involved in the natural world around us.

The organization is consistently updating and integrating new policies and regulations that will achieve more in terms of sustainable reconstruction while also respecting the traditional laws of a non-profit organization.

Each week at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the society hosts various nature-led walks that are free and open to the public.

3. Green Building Alliance

This is an environmental organization founded in 1999. Green Building Alliance advances economic prosperity by empowering people to create environmentally, economically, and socially vibrant places in Western PA.

Their mission is to facilitate green building practices and innovation in the built environment.

Green Building Alliance is committed to the vision of healthy and high-performing schools for all students within a generation through its Green and Healthy Schools Academy.

They also initiated the Pittsburgh 2030 District based on the national 2030 Challenge to transform the United States and global building sector into sustainable ones.

4. Pennsylvania Environmental Council

This organization has been around since the 1970s and continues to work with the core values it composed at its commencement.

PA Environmental Council (PEC) aims to rebuild and restore the original environments found in the Western Pennsylvania area. They do so through various initiatives in innovation, collaboration, education, and policy.

 5. Riverlife

This non-profit organization came into formation in the year of began in 1999. It is focused on creating a plan of action that would improve and sustain Pittsburgh’s riverfronts.

To do so, the staff had to be dedicated to communicating with landowners, elected officials, and other Pittsburgh developers.

In the last 15 years, Riverlife has been the leader of a $129 million investment for Three Rivers Park, one of the most remarkable destinations in Pittsburgh.

They continue to lead other initiatives that will broaden trails, parks, and other outdoor amenities for the public.

6. PennFuture

PennFuture has compiled an impressive list of priorities. These priorities include climate, energy, environment, and community. The group was established in 1998 as a statewide environmental advocacy organization.

They have a focus on the policy aspect of the environment and over the years have become well known for their legal services and enforcement of environmental laws.

PennFuture also aims to protect the health of the public, restore and sustain natural resources, and lead Pittsburgh to a future that is based on clean energy.

7. Field Environmental Instruments Incorporation

Field Environmental Instruments (FEI) has a bit of a different approach to promoting sustainable action in comparison to the organizations listed previously. FEI is a group that rents air, water, and soil monitoring equipment.

However, the group also has its inventory of eco-safety equipment. FEI has 11 different branches throughout the United States, but Pittsburgh is where the main headquarters operates and began.

Not only does Field Environmental Instruments offer the opportunity for rental but it also hosts focused remediation seminars for those interested in receiving professional consultation of the project they wish to complete.

8. Sierra Club

The Sierra Club was formed in 1892 and is among the oldest conservation organizations. It has more than 1.3 million members and is one of the most effective and powerful organizations when it comes to enforcing change in corporate and political America.

They fight for the preservation of forests and land, clean water and air, and many other issues.

9. Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy’s watershed conservation program works to improve the region’s water quality. Through several strategic projects and initiatives such as streambank restorations, in-stream habitat work, aquatic organism passage improvements, and riparian plantings.

The watershed conservation program works to protect and restore local rivers and streams. Improving wildlife habitats and increasing recreation opportunities while working to ensure that the Pennsylvania waterways remain healthy and viable for generations to come

The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy has protected or restored more than 3,000 miles of rivers and streams.

The programs of the organization include:

  • Natural Heritage and Conservation Science Program
  • Land Conservation Program
  • Community Gardens and Greenspace

a. Natural Heritage and Conservation Science Program

The program furnishes important conservation information and assessments to the organization as well as other partners.

The natural heritage program is part of a Pennsylvania state partnership program that collects and manages a variety of information concerning the status and locations of rare plants and animals throughout the commonwealth and shares that information to assist with planning, environmental review, and land protection.

b. Land Conservation Program

This program includes land protection and stewardship. The program focuses on the permanent protection and management of the region’s natural areas, as well as important farmland, historic properties, and outdoor recreational resources.

Western Pennsylvania Conservancy has helped establish eleven state parks and conserved more than a quarter million acres of natural lands.

c. Community Gardens and Greenspace

This program implements high-impact greening projects to promote attractive and healthy environments and livable places.

Supported by strategic partners and over 6,000 volunteers, the program annually facilitates 130 community flower gardens, 30 community vegetable gardens, and 1,400 urban floral baskets and planters along city streets, implements green infrastructure systems to help manage stormwater during wet weather conditions and executes greening and outdoor learning approaches to school grounds.

Since 2008, the program has planted 37,000 trees in Western Pennsylvania, including Allegheny County, Ligonier, Erie, and Johnstown.

10. Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful

Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful empowers Pennsylvanians to keep their communities clean and beautiful.

The organization directs program services for a variety of community improvement programs, including but not limited to environmental cleanup, youth, public, and consumer education, proper disposal, training and education for organizational stakeholders, technical assistance, support, and consultation with affiliate organizations and communities throughout the state.


Pittsburgh’s organizations have been working together to keep a clean environment as well as boost the livelihoods of the community members.

This shows that the efforts put in place to protect the environment are not only an individualistic effort but a collective effort.


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