10 Environmental Organizations in Toronto

Interestingly, many environmental organizations in Toronto are working hard to make our planet a better place for both living and non-living things. In this article, we will be looking at some of the environmental organizations in Toronto.

An environmental organization is a non-profit group that’s dedicated to protecting the environment. They can do this in several ways, from advocating for sustainable policies to cleaning up polluted areas, or through the promotion of awareness of environmental issues and provision of education and training on how to be more sustainable.

Over time, it has been proven that sustainability and environmental awareness are directly tied to the health of our bodies, minds, and communities.

Most importantly, environmental organizations help to connect people with nature. They create opportunities for people to get involved in conservation projects, and they provide a space for people to share their love of the environment.

Toronto as a big city, has so many amazing environmental organizations, which makes it a bit difficult task for you to figure out the best. That’s where we come in! We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular ones, so take a look and see if there’s one that speaks to you.

Environmental Organizations in Toronto

10 Environmental Organizations in Toronto

Toronto has many environmental organizations that help the city and its residents be more environmentally friendly.  Here are 10 of the top environmental organizations in Toronto that you need to know.  

  • Ecology Action Centre
  • Toronto Environmental Alliance
  • Environmental Defence
  • Toronto Renewable Energy Co-op
  • Greenpeace Canada
  • Nature Conservancy of Canada
  • The Urban Nature Project
  • Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation
  • Ecology Ottawa
  • Clean Air Partnership

1. Ecology Action Centre

This is one of the most illustrious in Canada that demonstrates concern for the environment. Ecology Action Centre was established in 1971 and since then, it has been taking action and raising awareness about environmental issues.

It is an Ontario, Toronto-based non-profit environmental group. The organization has established a formal leading role to provide leadership on essential environmental issues ranging from protecting the natural environment to climate change to environmental justice.

EAC’s goal is to trigger change as well as inspire Canadians and the Nova Scotia community to live more sustainably while contributing to environmental conservation.

The Ecology Action Centre’s work is focused on the areas of marine, coastal, and water protection, the creation of green, clean, and healthy built environments, and the promotion of sustainable transportation and energy.

The organization’s earliest environmental campaigns and projects were Composting, Energy saving, and recycling. Today, the organization has grown in size and continues to develop programs to protect the environment from pollution.

EAC also addresses critical environmental concerns by promoting innovation, ideas, and methods that help to protect the environment.

2. Toronto Environmental Alliance

Toronto Environmental Alliance is a non-profit organization founded at 33 Bloor Street East, Suite 1603 Toronto, that works with local governments, businesses, and individuals to create sustainable, healthy, and livable communities

For more than 30 years, the Toronto Environmental Alliance has worked to promote and raise environmental consciousness in Toronto. It has campaigned locally to find solutions to Toronto’s urban environmental problems, thereby being an essential environmental group in the creation of Canada.

It advocates for all Torontonians for a green, healthy, and equitable city. It acts as an environmental watchdog at City Hall and works with residents and communities across the city, encouraging the participation of local people on local issues.

A cleaner, greener, and healthier Toronto was made possible by collaborating with a diverse collection of individuals, businesses, community groups, and workers committed to encouraging their fellow citizens to participate in the fight against environmental concerns.

They work with the public on recycling programs, climate change, air quality monitoring, and other initiatives for a greener future.

To take action, the group develops several environmental projects, such as the Zero Waste High-Rise Project, and organizes activities in which the community can take part, among other things. In addition to climate change and toxics, the Toronto Environmental Alliance also tackled trash reduction and waste minimization as issues.

The Toronto Environmental Alliance is a coalition of over 60 environmental organizations in Toronto. Which work together to advocate for environmental policy change.

3. Environmental Defence

Environmental Defence is a Canadian environmental organization founded in 1984. It has worked on environmental concerns to provide a green and healthy environment for Canadians

This amazing environmental group was tasked with conserving Canada’s freshwater and protecting Ontario’s environment, both of which fell under its purview.

Environmental Defence works hard to safeguard and make clean water, a safe climate, and healthy communities available to everyone.

Some of the topics covered by the organization’s numerous environmental projects, programs, and research range from climate change to endangered species and natural resource protection.

The group has also helped establish livable communities by reducing community exposure to harmful chemicals by removing toxic chemicals from items that are used daily, as well as promoting a clean economy and putting a stop to plastic pollution.

As a result of developing innovative solutions, the organization was able to address the environmental issues facing Canada and its communities.

The solutions that the organization develops are put into practice and taught to the surrounding community.

4. Toronto Renewable Energy Co-op

The Toronto Renewable Energy Co-op (TREC) is a non-profit corporation established by a group of residents committed to reducing their environmental footprint by using renewable sources of energy and educating the public on the benefits of green power.

The Toronto Renewable Energy Co-op provides members with renewable energy technologies and services.

5. Greenpeace Canada

Greenpeace is an environmental organization that has its international headquarters located in Amsterdam, They also have offices in 25 countries around the world, such as Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, etc.

The organization was established to create a clean, green, and healthy future. The organization’s purpose is to ensure the capacity of the environment to sustain life and provide a healthy home for all of the diverse people living in it. This environmental organization believed that a billion acts of courage could spark a brighter tomorrow.

 Her Canadian branch is located in Toronto. Greenpeace Canada is among the inspiring independent environmental organizations in Canada. They have been at the forefront of defending the environment for decades and their work continues to make a difference today.

The organization works to raise environmental awareness and create resolutions to address environmental issues

In addressing and creating a solution for environmental problems, the organization uses wise, creative ideas and solutions to present and address the global environmental problems.

Their campaigns are designed to protect the air, water, and wildlife from toxic threats such as coal plants and oil pipelines

6. Nature Conservancy of Canada

The Nature Conservancy of Canada is a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to environmental conservation and preservation. It is located in the city of Toronto, Canada. The organization is focused on protecting Canada’s most significant natural areas, including the Great Bear Rainforest.

Natural lands, lakes, and wildlife are all preserved under the umbrella of the conservancy, which is reflected in the organization’s name.

The Nature Conservancy has assembled a team of conservation scientific professionals to assist with researching and developing strategies for conserving and executing protection plans in Canada’s natural areas.

7. The Urban Nature Project

The Urban Nature Project is an environmental organization located in Toronto that aims to connect people with nature through interactive learning experiences.

The Urban Nature Project offers activities for all ages and abilities that explore the natural world.

8. Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation

For more than three decades, Friends of the Greenbelt has led the fight for preservation and continues to advocate for stronger legislation through research, public engagement, and educational initiatives. It is a community-based volunteer organization dedicated to protecting and preserving Ontario’s Greenbelt.

9. Ecology Ottawa

Ecology Ottawa is a non-profit organization that focuses on environmental advocacy and awareness. They are one of the environmental organizations in Toronto that is committed to making the environment cleaner, more sustainable, and better for future generations.

10. Clean Air Partnership

The Clean Air Partnership is a non-profit organization in Toronto that strives to protect and improve the health of all Canadians.

Their goal is to reduce air pollution by encouraging people to drive cleaner cars and use less electricity for heating and cooling their homes.


Many environmental organizations in Toronto are doing great work to make the city a more sustainable place as well as create a sustainable future for generations to come.

From keeping the air and water clean to promoting renewable energy, these organizations are making a real difference. These groups can do everything from recycling goods to educating people about living green, and they’re all worth getting involved in.

If you’re interested in getting involved with environmental activism or if you want to learn more about what’s going on in your city, these organizations are a great place to start.


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