13 Environmental Organizations in San Francisco

San Francisco located in northern California is home to several natural endowments that need to be preserved and enhanced for greater vitality.

The growth and advancement of man on earth have not been isolated from benefits derived from the environment for the environment serves as a copartner for man’s advancement due to the deposit of valuable minerals, nutrient-rich soil for agriculture, relaxation, etc.

Hence, the interest of the environment must be protected, environmental organizations, therefore, stands as Earth’s advocates and ensure the earth is protected from the harmful influence of man.

This article presents major environmental organizations in San Francisco where you can become an active participant.

Environmental Organizations in San Francisco

Environmental Organizations in San Francisco

Here are Environmental Organizations you can be a part of in San Francisco:

1. Sustainable Conservation

This conservation agency is focused on restoring the healthy ecology of California from the adverse effect of climate change.

Global warming led to a more frequent occurrence of drought, and freshwater supply has decreased greatly, these occurrence is affecting agriculture, air quality, water reserves, etc. Sustainable Conservation, therefore, works to ensure effective distribution and reservation of pure water.

Also, amongst its core activity is the resolution of environmental problems in a peaceful way by establishing a common ground for discussion with relevant environmental facts is amongst.

Before now matters of environmental health had to battle out in court but this environmental agency seeks to break that bridge.

One important ongoing project by sustainable observation is the watershed project which is concerned with restoring and scaling integrated water supply to drought-affected regions in California and other regions of California.

Sustainable and long-term water sufficiency is the aim of this project and preserving existing water channels and groundwater quality.

Also, addressing issues arising due to flash flooding through sensitization exercises on means to keep safe and preserve one’s property and investments.

2. Pacific Environment

With the current deterioration of the world’s climate and environmental health status. Pacific Environment is one of the Environmental Organizations in San Francisco focused on protecting life on the Pacific rim, securing Arctic indigenous communities and wildlife, and ensuring the oceans are healthy for it is well reported our oceans are dying.

With the firm belief that Communities should decide their futures, it gives community heads and everyone that wants to stand for the environment the opportunity to actively engage in decisions that have an impact on their lives, environment, and source of livelihood.

This is why Pacific Environment supports grassroots environmental education by offering direct financial assistance, and technical, scientific, and legal know-how to interested partners to create networks of activists.

Currently, Pacific Environment is leading a group of environmental activists to ensure the establishment and implementation of new international laws to secure.

3. Greenbelt Alliance

Greenbelt Alliance is a San Francisco Bay Area protection and preservation non-profit organization.

The Greenbelt Alliance is focused on ensuring the San Francisco Bay Area is thriving and communities in the region are resilient to natural disasters resulting from harsh climatic conditions and incidents.

Helping also for in developing recovery plans and exercise from wildfires, floods, and drought and helping the Bay Area to be resilient to changing climate.

Greenbelt Alliance is involved in climate risk research to increase climate resilience to polluting human activities.

Greenbelt Alliance undertakes fresh research projects to inform regional conservation and land-use advocacy, on policies that help manage climate risks and adaptation strategies.

Projects such as Bay Area Resilience Hotspots Research & Analysis which is focused on ascertaining areas in the Bay area with the highest climate risk factor and climate resilience advantage.

To increase awareness of these hotspots and the steps required to conserve these vital areas.

4. Endangered Species International

Endangered Species International is devoted to protecting endangered creatures, preserving wild areas, and reversing the trend of human activities causing species extinction!

46 sites have been established to safeguard wetlands, coral reefs, and over 225 endangered species. Thousands of endangered and native trees have been planted to restore them to the forest, and indigenous communities have been a voice to determine what happens to their environment.

Restoring and safeguarding rainforests, saving endangered animals, guarding coral reefs, and raising awareness of conservation and nature.

5. California State Parks Foundation

The California State Parks Foundation is a non-profit environmental organization funded by its members to sustain the natural beauty, biodiversity, and history of the 280 parks in California.

Providing upgrade pack systems, encouraging and stimulating a healthy park management system, employing relevant staff, fighting for sensible policies and regulations over parks, drawing funds and sponsorship for parks, and bringing people closer to the parks.

Through constant orientation programs, California State Parks Foundation educates the current and future generations on how essential parks are in the ecology to build and drive strong advocacy for the parks’ maintenance and health.

In 2020 California State Parks Foundation drove a petition for saving San Onofre State Beach which drew 28,191 signatures in support.

6. Rainforest Action Network

Through local collaborations from Frontline activists and calculated campaigns, Rainforest Action Network challenges corporate power and structural injustice to protect forests, safeguard the climate, and respect human rights.

The focus of the Rainforest Action Network is to give a voice to Frontline activists to preserve the rainforest, reduce climate pollution and go beyond what is feasible through the political will to establish structures to ensure the survival of the rainforest from loggers and illegal trading of endangered animals.

Rainforest Action Network in corporation with local environmental and other relevant authorities initiates strategic corporate campaigns, using techniques like public awareness campaigns, direct communication to its targets, nonviolent direct actions; media and social media campaigns; thoroughly researched and concise reports; coalition building; and effective negotiations — and dogged follow-up to ensure commitments are kept.

With these initiatives, Rainforest Action Network seeks to transform entire industrial sectors’ business practices and cultures rather than just the behavior of specific enterprises.

7. Earthjustice

Earth Justice is a nonprofit environmental law organization. Earth justice believes in the use of the force of the law and alliances among critical environmental health stakeholders to defend people’s health, safeguard forest terrains, and animals, promote clean energy and reduce climate pollution.

Earthjustice sees itself as the planet’s competent attorney. Earth justice offers the quality legal representation possible in their pursuit of justice, having served hundreds of clients ranging from well-known environmental bodies to solo activities, it has achieved justice to environmental challenges.

8. WildAid

WildAid environmental agency is fighting to bring a stop to the illegal and reasonable trading of wildlife around the world.

Wildlife is illegally traded around the world and has become a multi-billion dollar industry due to the growing demand by consumers.

WildAid works tirelessly to reduce the demand for these endangered animals in the market. Through public sensitization to address buyer behavior, WildAid presses to stop the demand by expressing the consequences of continual trade consumption of animals such elephants, sharks, parrots, sharks, etc.

Sensitization programs in China helped to reduce significantly the consumption of lower shark fin prices by 50–70% in November 2011 and the moment further pushing their efforts to stop the importation from Hong Kong its main trade center.

Programs like restoring the lion population in Nigeria are among its recent program.

WildAid also cooperates with governmental agencies to protect marine reserves from illegal fishing activities.

9. Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice

Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice was established in 1997, through the mobilization of community voices, this environmental agency pushed for the change of adverse environmental policies and practices to promote environmental and climate justice and health.

By collaborating with frontline activists to forge a powerful grassroots movement, social and environmental matters are handled like toxic waste pollution by holding the government or associated industries to account for their damages to the environment, forming cooperative legal action to change government policies that could be anti-environment and climate health.

Campaign programs such as A Zero Waste Future, No Dumping & Burning, Clean Air & Clean Water, Cleanup of Contaminated Sites, Community Empowerment & Education, Protection of Indigenous Lands, Energy & Climate Justice, and Environmental Justice & Civil Rights programs are engaged by this community.

10. The Goldman Environmental Prize

The Goldman environmental prize was established by Richard N. Goldman and Rhoda H. Goldman. Goldman awards earth defenders who are actively engaged in the most pressing environmental concerns of our day.

The recipients of awards defend threatened ecosystems and species such as forest reserves, raise alarm and push legal action against harmful health and environmental matters, develop green and sustainable policies and raise funding for frontline activists.

An international panel selects the winners after receiving private nominations from a reputable global network of journalists, academia, science, and environmental groups.

11. Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

Established in 1981, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy is focused on preserving Golden Gate National Parks, it builds a community of passionate conservationists to protect and preserve the parks and make tourism a sweet enjoyable experience.

The Golden Gate National Conservancy supports over 30 national parks located north and south of the Golden Gate such as Crissy Field, Marn Headland, Stinson Beach, Muir Woods, etc.

This organization has supported parks with over $625 million and has raised thousands of volunteers to support parks.

12. Save the Bay

Save the Bay was founded in 1961 by three women: Catherine Kerr, Sylvia McLaughlin, and Esther Gulick, this nonprofit organization is the largest regional nonprofit working to safeguard and rehabilitate San Francisco Bay.

Save The Bay fights to protect the bay from the establishment of new landfills, and ban plastic bags and salt flats, it works to protect the wildlife population of the Bay Area and the inland water bodies of the region

Save The Bay mobilizes supporters, activists, and volunteers throughout the region. The main goal of the founders is to restore and preserve the natural beauty of San Francisco Bay.

Save The Bay stopped San Bruno Mountain from being destroyed so that 27 miles of the San Mateo County coastline could not be filled.

Save the Bay has become a source of inspiration and a model for other environmental commissions such as the California Coastal Commission, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, etc.

13. Quantis

Quantis is a consultancy environmental agency to help businesses and organizations develop environmentally friendly processes as they go about achieving the purpose of their establishment.

Quantis accesses the environmental impact of businesses and recommends roadmap strategies to establish an eco-friendly practice.

Employing environmental science innovations in businesses quantis aims to help businesses live in synch with nature.

The achievement of climate goal, environmental health policy, and future ecological goals is a headache for most business to adapt to their function, quotes, therefore, comes in to help businesses by expecting opinions and recommendations.


Being a part of an environmental organization is very important if you are concerned about making an impact on the future of planet earth.


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