10 Environmental Organizations in Vancouver

There are a plethora of environmental organizations in Vancouver that are doing great work to make the city a more sustainable place. From reducing reliance on fossil fuels to protecting local wildlife, these organizations are making a real difference.

They have been founded to improve and take care of the environment.  It can be through increasing awareness throughout communities and educating locals on the most effective strategies to rescue our planet.

However, with so many options to choose from, it can be a tough choice for anyone who wants to contribute to a good environment to know the best one to join. That’s where we come in.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the most reputable environmental organizations in Vancouver, and we’ll give you a brief overview of what they’re doing to help make our city a better place

These organizations are putting forth their best efforts to fight the environmental problems of their state and the planet. These groups thrive on discovering answers to these concerns as quickly as possible.

Environmental Organizations in Vancouver

10 Environmental Organizations in Vancouver

You might be wondering who are these environmental organizations and what they are up to.

You might ask what precisely is their objective, and what specifically they do to achieve it. Just take a quick survey on this list of 10 environmental organizations listed below.

  • Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC)
  • Ecojustice Canada – Vancouver office
  • Burke Mountain Naturalist
  • ForestEthics Solutions Society
  • Earthwise Society
  • Friends Uniting for Nature (FUN) Society
  • The ChariTREE Foundation
  • Animal Advocates Society of BC
  • Cowichan Green Community Society (CGC)
  • The BC Lake Stewardship Society

1. Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC)

Society Promoting Environmental Conservation is a local, grassroots, and volunteer-driven environmental organization in Vancouver, Canada. Their mission is to provide practical solutions for urban sustainability. With the use of interactive programs and activities to enable lasting behavior change within local communities.

SPEC is focused on achieving a healthy, just, and vibrant urban life that enhances local and global ecosystems.

In order to reach its goal of creating a truly healthy, livable environment, SPEC works together with citizens, government, and industry

They also collaborate with other community members and organizations as a way to strengthen the community and increase the organization’s impact on the conservation of the environment.

2. Ecojustice Canada – Vancouver office

This is one of the leading environmental organizations in Canada. It was established to build a safer and healthier place for the communities in Vancouver, Canada, to live. The organization works and goes to court to have a legal fight to protect the natural resources.

Ecojustice Canada values providing a life where everyone can enjoy clean air to breathe in, clean water to drink, and a safe climate for humans and animals.

The organization runs and raises environmental awareness and innovates answers to environmental challenges with the help of locals, volunteers, donations, and continuous support.

The organization also raises awareness to teach communities and drive Canadian governments to take action and see how environmental problems such as climate change, pollution, and imbalance of biodiversity need urgent action.

3. Burke Mountain Naturalists

The Burke Mountain Naturalists, a non-profit environmental organization, was founded in 1989 by residents who called for the protection of critical habitat areas such as Colony Farm Regional Park on the lower Coquitlam River and local mountain slopes referred to as Greater Vancouver’s ‘backyard wilderness,’ now Pinecone-Burke Provincial Park.

Today, BMN remains an active group of people interested in conserving local green spaces and promoting a more sustainable way of life.

4. ForestEthics Solutions Society

ForestEthics Solutions Society is an environmental organization located in Vancouver,  that is focused on the continuous implementation of the Great Bear Rainforest and Canadian Boreal Forest Agreements.

Its mission is to protect endangered forests, wild places, wildlife, human well-being, and the climate from the threats posed by logging and the pursuit of extreme oil such as tar sands. Their campaigns challenge corporations and catalyze environmental leadership in industry, governments, and communities.

Over time, industries have been transformed, and more than 65 million acres of forest have been protected as a result of their campaign victories and strategic partnerships with their international partners.

5. Earthwise Society

Earthwise Society focuses on instructive environmental programs. This includes an Earthwise Garden that promotes chemical-free gardening, composting, reduction, reuse, and recycling activities, in addition to an organic Earthwise Farm on a three-acre site in Tsawwassen.

This unique facility models the importance of sustainable growing practices and puts the local community in touch with food, where it comes from, how it grows, and the ecological costs of getting it to our tables.

This organization was formerly known as the Delta Recycling Society,

6. Friends Uniting for Nature (FUN) Society

This is a dynamic, youth-driven organization dedicated to delivering fun programs to help inspire and empower young Canadians to preserve and protect the environment through education, leadership, and teamwork.

Their FUN camps (a summer day camp), take place in Victoria and on the UBC campus in Vancouver.

The program shows kids how to spend most of each day outside (ditching screen time for nature time), how to build a fort in the woods, get scientific with stream restoration, make solar-powered mini cars, and enjoy physical activities like gardening, rock climbing, and paddle boarding.

7. The ChariTREE Foundation

ChariTree was founded on Earth Day in 2006 and is located on Bowen Island. Its mission is to help the planet by creating and supporting tree-planting projects designed to benefit kids, teach them about nature, and empower them to take steps to protect their planet.

ChariTREE has given thousands of trees to children across Canada and around the world, plus to continue their ecological responsibility, they source the correct species for the specific region and ship the trees at no cost to the schools, organizations, teachers, and students.

According to their website, the trees children receive are called “wish trees” because when they plant their tree, they get to make a wish for the world.

8. Animal Advocates Society of BC

The Animal Advocates Society of BC is a non-profit environmental organization located in North Vancouver that was founded in 1992.  It is an all-volunteer registered charitable organization funded solely by donations and dedicated to the rescue, fostering, and rehabilitation of animals that official agencies will not help.

They advocate for getting laws passed to stop animal cruelty and already have made several legislative changes. It is a no-kill organization, which means they see every rescue through.

9. Cowichan Green Community Society (CGC)

Since 2004, the Cowichan Green Community Society has been focused on environmental sustainability in the Cowichan Region, creating change through education and regenerative projects.

For over half a decade, its mandate has revolved mainly around improving food security by developing strong relationships with local food producers and increasing urban and rural food production.

10. The BC Lake Stewardship Society

The BCLSS is located in Kelowna and is dedicated to the preservation, protection, and restoration of B.C. lakes. The organization is focused on clean, healthy lakes that provide quality habitat for aquatic life, wildlife, and people.

BC Lake Stewardship Society helps in educating the community about lake issues and helps to restore shorelines throughout the region. The BCLSS can also be a valuable resource to landowners who want to make their property more ecologically sustainable.


We hope you found this list useful in finding the best environmental organizations in Vancouver. If you’re looking for more information about other environmental organizations in Canada and other parts of the world, you can do well to check up on our previous articles.

This will help you acknowledge the roles several individuals have been playing to ensure that the environment is sustained and conserved as we have only one planet that gives us one future.


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