Top 10 Eco-Friendly Construction Companies

In recent years, there has been a major push by many companies to adopt green construction practices, projects, and technologies. To ensure adequate and proper environmental consideration, in this article, we are going to examine some eco-friendly construction companies that are striving to achieve this feat.

Construction and building codes continually upgrade green requirements, and energy costs continue to soar for building owners.

Statistics show that around 40% of man-made carbon emissions stem from construction and operations. Due to this, the construction industry is making record investments in new sustainable technology, materials, and processes to become more energy-efficient

Given the demands of today’s facilities and market trends, green construction solutions present a strong opportunity to capture value and cost savings while positively impacting the earth.

If implemented properly, green initiatives can pay off, not only in environmental impact and sustainable return on investment (ROI) but also in direct financial ROI, a more livable facility setting, and a higher property value.

Eco-friendly or ecological construction is building a structure that is beneficial or non-harmful to the environment and resource-efficient. Otherwise known as green construction, this type of construction is efficient in its use of local and renewable materials, the energy required to build it, and the energy generated while being within it.

Eco-friendly Construction Companies

10 Eco-Friendly Construction Companies

Due to the high level of carbon emission in the environment, companies have been working toward finding a more sustainable way construction can be made to save our planet. Here are ten examples of construction firms leading the charge toward net-zero emissions in their construction activities.

  • Korte Company
  • Mace
  • Cool Earth
  • Solares Architecture
  • Sustainable TO
  • Robert McAlpine
  • Laing O’Rourke
  • Lendlease
  • Skanska
  • Canary Wharf Group

1. Korte Company

Since 1958, this organization has dedicated itself to building smart and staying at the cutting edge of construction. Korte Company helped pioneer the design-build construction delivery method by first implementing it on a commercial project in 1963, 20 years before it emerged throughout the industry.

As construction techniques and materials evolved, this company also evolved. Today, they are seen as building green because it’s building smart.

This organization has completed more than 4,000 projects in the United States, always on time and budget, including a wide variety of sustainable construction projects that can aid the environment.

Korte Company has delivered a broad range of green projects, including those that reinforce corporate visions, maximize environmental impact, and deliver maximum return on investment (ROI).

2. Mace

This is one of the most eco-friendly construction companies. It has piloted more than 20 diesel alternatives and energy-saving digital solutions and wants to reach net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2023. It will offset outstanding emissions to the Gold Standard (the independent benchmark for carbon offsets).

Mace is a member of the RE100 commitment, a global initiative that encourages organizations to use 100 percent renewable energy.  Mace has implemented a ‘Strides without Footprints’ strategy to help employees achieve its goal by working to ‘Reduce, Transform, Investigate, and Influence’ disciplines.

3. Cool Earth

This is a 10-year-old firm based in Toronto, Cool earth has expertise in permaculture design, Passive House, and Net Zero projects. The company’s portfolio of work includes multi-unit buildings and heritage restorations, along with numerous LEED consulting projects.

This award-winning Ottawa firm includes a full-time sustainability consultant, five LEED consultants, and a large team that includes eight architects.

4. Solares Architecture

This Toronto-based company, run by a husband and wife team that focuses on sustainable residential design recently won a National Canadian Green Building Award for its construction, a heritage home renovation that resulted in 90 percent energy savings and LEED Platinum certification.

This company is best known for its work as a sustainability/LEED consultant for the Halifax Central Library, designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects with well-known local firm Fowler Bauld & Mitchell.

Constructed using sustainable wood and more than 20 percent recycled materials, the library also features a green roof with a rainwater collection that supplies water for the toilets.

Some of their projects include The off-grid sustainable retreat Concept House, Elgin Loft, in partnership with rammed earth specialist Aerecura, this firm completed Ontario’s first insulated, rammed earth home in 2012, which uses the energy equivalent of approximately 20 tea candles for yearly heating.

5. Sustainable TO

Sustainable TO is an energy-efficient architecture firm located in Toronto with a focus on lowering carbon emissions and creating a positive environment.

This award-winning Toronto-based architecture firm is currently working on the Egale Centre, a $10-million shelter for LGBTQ youth in Toronto. Green-roof vegetable gardens will top an 1870s home (to contain common space and offices) and a 1970s apartment building, which was designed by well-known local architect Jerome Markson.

After renovation, energy savings are estimated at close to 50 percent with the installation of solar panels, LED lighting, and energy recovery ventilators.

6. Robert McAlpine

Sir Robert McAlpine has carved out a sustainability strategy for the next four years that is focused on helping them achieve net-zero carbon emissions, efficiency in resources, ethical procurement, and social value.

The eco-friendly construction company also wants a year-on-year reduction in carbon emissions and has signed up to the Carbon Trust Standard to ensure they deliver on this pledge.

This company is also continuing to maximize resource efficiency and apply circular economy principles by using more modern methods of construction and collaboration.

7. Laing O’Rourke

Laing O’Rourke’s sustainability priorities are arranged within four  EPIC themes – Environment, People, Industry, and Community, as the company works to maximize performance in all of these areas.

The firm uses engineering tools or enterprises that integrate data about the structure, allowing them to develop a ‘virtual construction’ that reveals opportunities to reduce waste at all stages of the project lifecycle. This enterprise implements a sustainability strategy by meeting economic, social, and environmental challenges.

8. Lendlease

Lendlease has three pillars of its sustainability framework that are essential to the environment. They are sustainable economic growth, vibrant and resilient communities and cities, and a healthy planet and people. Lendlease aims to conserve water, reduce waste, source sustainable materials, use renewable energy, and purchase carbon offsets.

Lendlease as a construction company participates in the Task Force for Climate-Related Financial Financial Disclosures(TCFD) an advisory group for 2050 scenario planning.

In TCFD, a range of environmental, social, technological, economic, and policy indicators are used for the planning.

9. Skanska

Skanska is an eco-friendly construction company that does product and technology analysis to embed sustainability at all stages of construction, development, and maintenance.

In Skanska, environmental performance at all stages of construction is measured through its strategic tool and its patented Skanska Color Palette. This performance is a strategic indicator for waste, energy, carbon, materials, and water consumption.

It ranges from vanilla to deep green, reflecting the stages between legal compliance and near-zero environmental impact. This Deep Green project achieves zero environmental impact in at least three areas, covering energy, carbon, materials, and water.

10. Canary Wharf Group

With its aim to create a platform from which they can develop tech and places of the future to embed climate change mitigation, CWG has purchased 100% renewable electricity for the Canary Wharf Estate since 2012 with zero waste going to landfills from managed operations

Last summer, CWG was awarded the Plastic Free Communities Approved status by Surfers Against Sewage charity, in recognition of its efforts to reduce single-use plastic.


These construction companies and many more have been seen over time to be instrumental in promoting environmentally friendly methods or products in their construction techniques.

Which is essential in promoting sustainability, so that we preserve resources for future generations. It sounds pretty selfless, but being green is often cost-effective, too, which is better business not only for the environment but for the pocket.


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