18 Best Scholarships for Female Agriculture Students

Most professions have been dominated by men, some heavily so, while others are only moderately so. Many commercial and public organizations recognize the gender gap and want to close it, which is why they offer financial aid.

Agriculture, on the other hand, is one of those industries where men still hold a slight advantage, although women now account for 43% of the workforce. This suggests that the difference has narrowed over time; however, the majority of these persons are young girls who are still learning the trade of agriculture.

Many thanks to the numerous organizations that offer scholarships to female agriculture students. Even though the amount may appear little in comparison to the increase in school fees, the number of scholarships is beginning to expand as more women enter the agriculture sector.

There are two sorts of scholarships for female agriculture students.

Public Institutions

Grants and scholarships are frequently available at Midwestern state colleges and universities for students pursuing agriculture degree programs. Students are frequently considered for these scholarships merely by submitting financial aid applications.

Scholarships are typically given to individuals who demonstrate both financial need and intellectual potential. The scholarship award amounts vary depending on the type of scholarship and the state school.

Private Organizations

Scholarships are frequently provided by private organizations founded to promote the nation’s agricultural interests through education and training to members, those interested in becoming members, and those merely interested in improving their agricultural career aspirations.

So, we’ve listed the majority of these scholarships, but don’t stop there; attempt to apply for those offered by your school or other organizations as well.

Scholarships for Female Agriculture Students

The truth is that most of the agricultural scholarships for female students listed here may appear little, but you should realize that the majority of them come from alumni and non-profit organizations that want to help. You can, however, combine them with other scholarship applications.

  • Maxine Sampson Scholarship for Women in Agriculture
  • American Agri-Women Daughters of American Agriculture Scholarships
  • USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture
  • Kentucky Women in Agriculture Scholarships 
  • Land O’ Lakes Scholarship for Women and Minorities in Agriculture
  • Redbird Farmer’s Project
  • Red Ants Pants Foundation
  • The Monsanto Scholarship Submission
  • International Association of Agricultural Economists Scholarship
  • Jarvis Memorial Scholarship
  • Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture
  • Vermont Farm Women’s Fund
  • Virginia Doris Craig Scholarship
  • Animal and Dairy Science: Cynthia Curtis Scholarship
  • Margaret and Mark Garibaldi Award
  • The College of Agricultural Sciences at Penn State University Financial Aid
  • Joan M. Comanor Scholarship
  • The Jeannette Rankin Foundation (JRF)

1. Maxine Sampson Scholarship for Women in Agriculture

Through the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Iowa State University (ISU) offers a variety of scholarships to students seeking degrees in agriculture. The Maxine Sampson Scholarship for Women in Agriculture gives financial aid to incoming freshmen women pursuing a degree in agriculture.

Women receiving this award must have a minimum high school grade point average (GPA) of 2.5, be enrolled full-time in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, complete the Free Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA), demonstrate financial need, and be US citizens.

Applicants are evaluated based on their FAFSA submission by January 15th of each year. The ISU College of Agriculture and Life Sciences website has further information on this scholarship.

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2. American Agri-Women Daughters of American Agriculture Scholarships

The American Agri-Women Foundation is offering two Daughters of American Agriculture Scholarships:

  • Jean Ibendahl Scholarship (for ages 18-23)
  • Sister Thomas More Bertels Scholarship (for students aged 24 and up)

These two scholarships are available to any farm, ranch, or agribusiness woman or her daughter who wants to study approved courses in agriculture leadership, communications, rural sociology, medicine, or any other agriculture-related field. Applicants must be a farmer or rancher, or the wife, daughter, or close relative of a farmer, rancher, or other agricultural worker.

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3. USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture

Although the federal government does not subsidize farm company start-ups, it does sponsor several awards for women who want to work on initiatives that are in line with the organization’s objective.

Some USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) goals include promoting a safe, nutritious food supply for Americans and promoting sustainable agricultural approaches. Women farmers having a background in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics may be eligible for funds to work on initiatives that serve the USDA’s goal.

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4. Kentucky Women in Agriculture Scholarships 

In keeping with the organization’s objective of empowering women in agriculture through education, involvement, and action, Kentucky Women in Agriculture offers a scholarship for full-time women entering their junior year of college through graduate school.

Scholarship applicants must show that the degree they want is related to agriculture, that they have financial need, and that they are enrolled full-time. In addition, applicants must be female Kentucky residents with a minimum of 2.5 GPA. The scholarship is worth $1,000 and will be paid to the applicant in $500 increments over the semester.

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5. Land O’ Lakes Scholarship for Women and Minorities in Agriculture

This is another scholarship for female agriculture students offered by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at IOWA State University.

The scholarship is for incoming CALS freshmen who are female and/or minority students with a high school GPA of 3.0 or higher who want to work in agricultural production, including but not limited to dairy, crop, and livestock production, agribusiness, food industry, agricultural supplies, and business services.

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6. Redbird Farmer’s Project

A group of Kentucky women farmers founded the Redbird Farmer’s Project (RFP). While the organization does not provide free funding, it does offer free farming courses to help women farmers continue their education and training.

It also runs an equipment share program, which allows women farmers to “borrow” farm equipment that they could not otherwise buy. RFP houses a large free-lending library of agricultural training books and digital resources. Any lady is welcome to join the group.

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7. Red Ants Pants Foundation

This foundation’s objective is to enrich and develop rural areas, and they accept applications from women who share this goal. The Red Ants Pants Foundation offers grants ranging from $500 to $5,000 (grants are similar to scholarships but do not need repayment).

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8. The Monsanto Scholarship Submission

The Monsanto Fund provides several agriculture scholarships for women as part of Monsanto’s broader focus on agriculture innovation and investment. Among their scholarships are:

  • The Monsanto Fund 1890 Student Scholarship will provide ten (ten) $10,000 scholarships to undergraduate students each year.
  • The Monsanto Graduate Student Scholarship will provide ten (ten) $25,000 scholarships to chosen graduate students.
  • The Monsanto STEM Fellowship has committed $1 million over three years to help high-achieving racial/ethnic minority and female students seeking a Ph.D. in agribusiness or a STEM-related discipline.

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9. International Association of Agricultural Economists Scholarship

The IAAE will fund one Summer School scholarship of $4,500 for an African female graduate student or junior professional. The awardee must be an IAAE member, however, the scholarship can be used to offset the cost of membership.

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10. Jarvis Memorial Scholarship

This is one of the $500 scholarships for female agriculture students offered by Gloria Turnbull of York, Nebraska. It is non-renewable. Applicants must be female-born high school graduates, as well as having applied or been accepted (preferred) to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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11. Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture

Another organization that grants scholarships to women who want to learn more about agriculture and farming without getting a full-fledged degree is the Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture (BRWIA). The BRWIA provides scholarships to recipients who wish to attend farming conferences concentrating on sustainable agriculture.

These conferences encourage and teach sustainable agriculture approaches to farmers interested in shifting from traditional farms to more efficient and environmentally friendly farms.

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12. Vermont Farm Women’s Fund

The Vermont Farm Women’s Fund (VFWF) was established to support women’s farm businesses by providing grants to Vermont women farmers for a variety of agricultural activities such as incorporating sustainable farming practices and transitioning traditional farms to organic farming.

Women use grant money to attend conferences, classes, and other continuing education opportunities, as well as to perform research and development for new farming ideas.

Some grants are designated for the specific needs of women farmers, such as those whose farms have recently been devastated by significant floods; this grant is known as the New Flood Recovery Initiative.

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13. Virginia Doris Craig Scholarship

This is one of the financial supports available to female agricultural master’s students studying Vocational Technical Administration. Applicants must be enrolled in Arkansas State University’s College of Agriculture and have completed at least 18 hours of study.

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14. Animal and Dairy Science: Cynthia Curtis Scholarship

The Cynthia Curtis Scholarship is given to female students with a minimum GPA of 3.5 and a demonstrated interest in the animal agricultural industry, particularly the beef cattle industry.

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15. Margaret and Mark Garibaldi Award

The UCDAVIS College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is providing this scholarship. It assists one college student from California, with a preference for female students from the San Francisco Bay Area.

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16. The College of Agricultural Sciences at Penn State University Financial Aid

Penn State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences provides a variety of general scholarships for undergraduate students. Academic achievement and financial need are used to determine awards. Many of these awards will require applicants to demonstrate financial necessity to be evaluated.

Penn State also provides a variety of program-specific scholarships to students studying Animal Sciences, Forest Science, Toxicology, Wildlife and Fisheries Science, and Agroecology. The amount of the award varies depending on the course of study and financial need.

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17. Joan M. Comanor Scholarship

The University of Nevada, Reno’s College of Agriculture, Biotechnology, and Natural Resources offers the Joan M. Comanor Scholarship. It is valued at least $1,100 and is given to two female students with a minimum GPA of 3.00 at the University of Nevada, Reno.

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18. The Jeannette Rankin Foundation (JRF)

To honor the first elected Congresswoman, the Jeannette Rankin Scholarship Fund (JRSF) was established. Jeannette Rankin’s inheritance was bequeathed to mature, unemployed ladies after her death.

Money from her inheritance was used to start the scholarship fund, and the organization now relies on careful investments and donations to keep granting scholarships to mature, low-income women.

Even though Jeannette Rankin Scholarships are not expressly aimed towards farming and agriculture; nonetheless, agri-women may be awarded scholarships based on the criterion for scholarship awarding.

Applicants for the JRSF must be at least 35 years old, enrolled in an approved school, low-income, and a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. The candidate must also be studying technical or vocational training, a bachelor’s degree for the first time, or an associate degree.

The scholarship committee evaluates applications based on the applicant’s career aspirations, plans to accomplish those goals, and financial situation.

Women interested in returning to school to pursue agricultural or farming education may contact JRSF for application information. The foundation offers three types of scholar awards, which are as follows:

  • National Scholar Grant
  • Emerge Grant
  • Native Woman Scholar Grant

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As you can see, there are a few scholarships available for female agriculture students, albeit at a lower cost. At the very least, they can assist you in paying a portion of your tuition, and you can still apply for other scholarships offered by your school.


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