Lawn Mowing Services in Orlando: The 9 Best Companies to Contract

Lawn mowing brings out the beauty of your green neighborhood but, you can have a terrible job done for you, which would make your surroundings detestable and not attractive.

We have brought you some solutions and this is through some of the top lawn mowing services in Orlando we have listed for you in this post. For the most recent information, it’s imperative to read the most recent reviews and ratings.

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Lawn Mowing Services in Orlando

  • TruGreen
  • LawnStarter
  • Massey Services
  • Weed Man
  • Greenwise Lawn & Pest Services
  • Florida Lawn Guys
  • Sun Power Lawn Care
  • Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife
  • Blades of Green Lawn Care

1. TruGreen

Not just in Orlando, but across the entire nation, Trugreen is the top lawn care company. No matter where you reside, TruGreen provides customized solutions to suit the demands of your outdoor living area throughout the year.

With a staff of highly skilled professionals, TruGreen guarantees that every service is carried out correctly, using the appropriate tools and products at the appropriate times to optimize efficiency.

With the TruGreen Guarantee, you can be sure that we’ll happily stop by your home as needed in between planned visits to make sure you’re satisfied.

They offer simple access to services and pricing through a mobile app. They recently teamed up with First Tee to offer scholarships and chances for professional growth to deserving students who want to work in agronomy, plant science, or other scientific fields.

The following services are provided by them.

Lawn Plans

  • TruComplete® Lawn Plan
  • TruHealth® Lawn Plan
  • TruMaintenance® Lawn Plan
  • Soil Amendment Services
  • Outdoor Nuisance Pest Control Plan

Tree & Shrub

  • Tree & Shrub Plans

Mosquito Defense

  • Mosquito Defense

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2. LawnStarter

One of the best lawn care companies in Orlando is LawnStarter; they offer comprehensive lawn care services, effective customer service, and knowledge to help clients choose the best service for their type of grass and surrounding conditions.

The following services are offered through their mobile app:

  • 5-Minute Setup: In five minutes or less, view prices, select choices, and schedule service.
  • Online Account Management: All transactions—payment, scheduling, feedback—are handled via a handy app.
  • All Services Covered: Fencing, weeding, pruning shrubs, fertilizing, and more.
  • Fully Insured Professionals: You’re protected. Liability insurance is a requirement for all LawnStarter professionals.
  • Quality Service: To make sure you are happy, they ask you to rate each service.
  • Hundreds of Raving Reviews: Some of their five-star Google and Shopper-approved evaluations are available for viewing!

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3. Massey Services

At Massey Services, they’re dedicated to providing top-quality services that guard your house against termites, stop pests from entering your house, and maintain robust and healthy landscaping all year round.

You can expect more because they believe in complete customer satisfaction with a no-nonsense money-back guarantee.

Pest Control Services

Their comprehensive initial pest inspection of your house, both inside and out;

  • Identification and eradication of any current pest problems;
  • Creation of a personalized pest control plan tailored to your house;
  • Sealing off any new entry points;
  • The application of targeted pest control treatments to the exterior of your property is all included in their pest control program.

Lawn Care and Landscape Services

Their all-inclusive Lawn & Landscape Programme consists of the following:

  • Intended weed, insect, and disease management and prevention;
  • Custom-blended fertilizer for the lawn applied in compliance with all county and state regulations;
  • Micronutrient application.
  • The exact chemistry of the soil in your lawn and landscape can be ascertained through pH soil testing.
  • An annual lawn aeration improves the flow of oxygen, water, and nutrients to the roots of the grass, giving it a greater resistance to heat and drought.
  • Make an appointment for a free landscape analysis now!

Termite Treatment and Control

Their program can defend your house against various termites and other pests that eat wood. Additionally, your home’s structure and contents are guaranteed by its termite protection program.

Irrigation Services

When performing routinely scheduled services, their state-licensed irrigation maintenance staff does more than just clean clogged sprinkler heads and realign nozzles. They detect issues with irrigation systems that are difficult to notice, so you might not even be aware that they exist.

They check for backflow and filtration, gauge water pressure, look over zone operation, and make any necessary corrections. After that, they give you a written report outlining our findings, letting you know about all the problems that have been fixed.

Mosquito Services

Massey’s skilled professionals go after mosquitoes in their habitats and breeding grounds. They design a unique solution based on your property’s characteristics, utilizing a range of tools and the best materials available to significantly lower mosquito populations surrounding your house so you can spend more time outside.

What Makes Massey Services Unique?

Approximately 820,000 clients trust Massey, and its dedication to service excellence, complete customer satisfaction, and ecologically friendly services are just a few of the reasons. If you’re not happy with your program’s outcomes, we’ll offer corrective assistance at no extra cost.

If your issue still doesn’t get resolved after 30 days, they will keep helping you for free until you’re happy, at which point we’ll return your last regular service money.

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4. Weed Man

Weed Man takes great satisfaction in offering top-notch lawn care services for more than 50 years. They can gladly satisfy your lawn care requirements because of their commitment to quality and service.

They want to convince you that they would take care of your lawn as though it were their own since they recognize how important your house is. Their reputation has been established for more than 50 years through a network of locally owned and operated franchises that take care of your neighborhood and lawn.

The worth of a promise has evolved. Promises just don’t seem to have the same meaning as they once did. At Weed Man, that is still the case.

A pledge has always been just that—a promise—in their minds. It’s an assurance that they will communicate with you honestly and openly and will take care of your lawn as though it were their own. They will always uphold the principle of the strength of a promise at Weed Man!

Their Services include

  • Fertilization
  • Weed Control
  • Surface Insect Control
  • Crabgrass Control
  • Mechanical Core Aeration
  • Overseeding
  • Grub Prevention & Control
  • Lawn Disease Control
  • Chinch Bug Management
  • Moss Control
  • Armyworm Control
  • Bermuda Grass Control
  • Fire Ant Management
  • Flea & Tick Control
  • Landscape Bed/Xeriscape Control
  • Dallisgrass Control
  • Mole Control Services
  • Nutsedge Control
  • Organic Lawn Dressing
  • Soil pH Control
  • Soil Revitalizer
  • Vegetation Control
  • Perimeter Pest Services
  • Mosquito Control Services

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5. Greenwise Lawn & Pest Services

Before launching Green Wing in 2011, Jeff, the creator, and proprietor of Greenwise Lawn & Pest Services, was aware that he needed to get knowledge from other professionals in the lawn and pest treatment industry.

Thus, he acted. He spent seven years learning every detail of lawn maintenance and pest control while working for a different company. He worked long hours, studied diligently, and discovered what aspects of the firm worked and didn’t work.

It was finally time for him to strike out on his own, having saved enough cash for his first service truck and passing all of the certification tests. He was the only one selling his services door to door during those first few years.

With over nine workers, Green Wing Lawn and Pest Services currently services over 2,000 homes and businesses in the Brevard and Melbourne regions. Jeff’s pride in the squad is beyond words.

Jeff makes it a point to consider his business and how he might better serve our neighbors as Green Wing grows.

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6. Florida Lawn Guys

Their goal is to be the top landscaping and lawn care provider in the whole state of Florida. Their goal is to give you the best possible service that you deserve and expect.

To keep your grass lush and healthy, they can provide you with fertilization, de-thatching, aeration, and grub control treatments.

Florida Lawn Guys provides lawn and landscaping services, new sod installation, irrigation system replacement, and tree care services ranging from routine trimming to tree removal and planting.

Are you trying to find a maintenance program that prioritizes client satisfaction? Florida Lawn Guys is the only place to look. Their landscapers take great pride in their work and are professionals at generating curb appeal and attractiveness. They provide services to homeowners, businesses parks, shopping malls, apartments, condos, and HOAs.

They are aware that both landscaping and maintenance programs depend heavily on appearance and quality. Florida Lawn Guys has been creating enduring partnerships and beautifying Southwest Florida since 2008.

While some businesses have suffered, others have flourished because they treat their customers fairly, provide excellent services, and go above and beyond to earn and maintain their trust.

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7. Sun Power Lawn Care

Since 2005, Tom Snogles, the company’s creator, has been in the lawn and garden industry. Since 2014, he has offered expert lawn care services in Gainesville, Florida. Sun Power Lawn Care is dedicated to providing outstanding service, prompt communication, and complete client satisfaction.

After receiving expertise in landscape architecture and horticulture, he moved to the United States from England in 2007 and settled in gorgeous Gainesville, Florida. He has made excellent use of my degree, industry knowledge, and client experience to serve every one of my clients.

Since Sun Power Lawn Care guarantees that you will be completely satisfied with their skilled work, outstanding communication, and friendly staff—as opposed to most lawn care companies—they have NO contracts and NO commitments.

Their services include

  • Lawn Service
  • Landscape
  • Sprinkler Repair

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8. Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife

The professionals at Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife are aware of the damage that pests may cause to their esteemed clients’ residences and places of business in Memphis, Tennessee.

For you to leave pest control to the professionals and feel secure in the knowledge that your property is in excellent hands, they work hard to deliver the finest possible outcomes and service. Since 1973, they have been offering pest control services to Memphis and the neighboring areas.

We have the abilities, know-how, and resources to handle any problem you may have with insects, rodents, or wildlife on a home or commercial property.
Selecting Dart Pest, Lawn, & Wildlife for your pest control means that you’re working with a team that:

  • Is locally owned and a part of this community;
  • Maintains an A+ rating from the Better Businesses Bureau (BBB);
  • Stands by their customers until the job is done;
  • Ensures that the job is handled thoroughly and safely.

Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife is the company to call if you need to get rid of pests.

They would be delighted to meet with you and talk about your specific requirements, whether you need continuing care, one-time assistance, or a personalized plan for a special circumstance.

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9. Blades of Green Lawn Care

Although they have expanded throughout time, they have remained true to their founding principles and dedication to quality. Six guiding principles that govern their business and interactions with clients and team members encapsulate these ideals.

  • Build: Create a lasting impression by consistently outperforming the opposition.
  • Loyalty: Loyalty is mutually beneficial to the team, the client, and the business. Never dump someone on the street.
  • Accountability: FulFulfillur commitments. Take ownership of it.
  • Dedicated: Commit yourself to elevating the commonplace to the extraordinary.
  • Excellence: Pay attention to the details. It’s all in the details, people.
  • Smile: “The positive effects of a simple smile are beyond our comprehension.” – Mother Teresa

Blades of Green’s commitment to the environment is fundamental to who they are as a business. Blades Green provides a $1,000 annual scholarship to high school seniors and current college students who are majoring in environmental studies or related subjects to promote a better vision of the future.

With more than thirty years of expertise, they have discovered that building enduring relationships with team members and clients is advantageous to all parties.

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Read through current client reviews, evaluate rates, and look for any specializations or extra services that a lawn care business may provide before selecting one.

To obtain first-hand accounts, it’s also a good idea to contact friends, neighbors, or local community organizations for recommendations. Ask about their insurance, licensing, and satisfaction guarantees, if any.


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