10 Environmental Organizations in Los Angeles

The Environmental sector in Los Angeles, California plays a pivotal role in achieving a sustainable healthy environment and climate change. These organizations are well known for their generosity and philanthropy which is interwoven into their personal and work life.

Over the years till now these organizations have combined that philanthropic spirit with their technological proficiency and solid internet infrastructure to achieve a strong online technological usage that has helped in birthing favorable environmental campaigns on the media. This indeed has helped these organizations towards their clamor for a sustainable, healthy environment free from incessant environmental crises in Los Angeles and the United States in general. 

10 Environmental Organizations in Los Angeles.

Without many words, we are going to delve deeply into these non-profit Environmental Organizations; their, visions, what they stand for, and their areas of contribution.

Here, are some of the lists of these  top environmental organizations:

  •  Water Foundation
  •  Tree People Inc
  • Environmental Defence Center(EDC)
  • Mountain Restoration Trust
  • Friends of The Los Angeles River
  • Climate Resolve
  • LA Compost
  • Hollywood Beautification team
  • Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
  • Communities for a better environment

1. Water Foundation

Water Foundation is a Non- profit organization working to fundamentally transform how US citizens,( especially those in Los Angeles) manage their water resources. This cooperative organization identifies and acts on opportunities to effectively manage water and engage in thoughtful, strategic, Coalition building and engagement with environmental enthusiasts and decision-makers in other organizations.

Some of the strategies of this organization for tackling water problems are:

1. Changing how people move and share water.

2. Strengthening the stories people tell about water.

3. To secure the fundamental right to safe and affordable drinking water, and to stop climate-damaging fossil fuel extraction that threatens the water.

4. To address the inequities that exist among citizens which make it difficult for some individuals to access safe and affordable drinking water.

2. Tree People Inc

This organization supports and inspires the people of Southern California-(Los  Angeles) to come together and plant and care for trees, harvest the rain and revive affected landscapes.

According to research, Tree People Inc has involved more than 3 million people in planting and caring for more than 3 million trees over the past two decades. They have continued to unite, with communities to grow a cleaner, shadier, and more water-secured city at home, in neighborhoods, in schools, and local mountains.

As an organization, it aims at working with its volunteer leaders in influencing the government for a healthy, thriving environment in Los Angeles.

3. Environmental Defence Center

Environmental Organizations in Los Angeles

Environmental Defence Center is of the prominent environmental justice organizations in Los Angeles. This Non-governmental Organization works to ensure the protection and enhancement of the local Environment through education, legal actions, and advocacy.

Since its inception in 1977, it has continued to empower community-based Organizations toward advancing environmental protection. Their program areas include climate and energy, protecting open space and wildlife, clean water, and the Santra Barbra channel. EDC works within Santa Barbara, Luis Obispo, and Ventura counties.

As a non-profit organization, it has continued to provide legal counsel to other Non-profit Organizations and has thrived on the community support of its members both within and beyond.

EDC’s commitment to ensuring climate change action, and the protection of wildlife and clean water has played a significant role in the health and overall well-being of the environment and the Los Angeles community.

4. Mountain Restoration Trust

This organization works in collaboration with the community to protect, preserve and enhance the natural resources of Santa Monica mountain for the advantage of the environment and the present and future generations. Their partnership over the years has been able to achieve land acquisition, habitat preservation, conservation easements, restoration, research, and education.

Also, MRT works hand in hand with conservation agencies to bring environmental education on regional impacts including climate change, air pollution, water pollution, etc., to the general public of Southern California.

5. Friends of The Los Angeles River

This organization’s goal as quoted briefly is to “bring the people to the river and the river to the people”. This goal is behind the motivation and advocacy for an equitable & ecologically sustainable Los Angeles River that is a source of climate resilience and resource for the communities who need it most.

In a bid towards fulfilling its goal, FOLAR focuses on connecting communities to the river and building up ways towards ensuring that those communities are engaged civically.

They strongly believe in the education of the community; this assertion holds as this organization has over the years established a stewardship program known as K- 12 program which focuses on schools within the watershed. This program tends to expose students to nature experiences ranging from fishing, hiking, kayaking river trips, etc.

FOLAR remains keen on achieving a healthy ecosystem, river, and a safe US community.

6. Climate Resolve.

This organization fosters partnerships with communities, policymakers, and Organizations to address climate crises with local actions. This, they ensure by inspiring people at home, work, and in government to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for climate possible impacts.

Towards achieving its visions, the organization has resolved to make climate change relevant in the lives of its members and Members by promoting locally specific climate studies, promoting adaptive measures, deploying social media organizing events, and championing climate policies with policymakers.

Its other visions include:

  1. Developing communication strategies that make local climate impacts relatable to people.
  2. Building and developing strong partnerships to implement regional climate initiatives.
  3. To generally promote practical climate solutions for the benefit of Southern California.

7. LA Compost Griffith Park

Its establishment and operation began on January 29, 1996, and have since then been pivotal in achieving a sustainable and clean California environment.

Loa Angeles Griffith ensures the compost of organic matter produced in regional parks. This is achieved by collecting dropped leaves, trimmings from acres of landscaping, lawn clippings, etc. LA Griffith Park strives to provide high-quality compost by adhering to standards stipulated by the compost industry.

LA Compost Griffith Park aims at reusing zoo manures, green trimmings, and a small number of city biosolids to produce a compost product that will facilitate city parks and build healthy soils without establishing any kind of negative environmental effect on residents and Southern California in general.

8. Hollywood Beautification Team

Since its inception in 1992, HLABT has continued to improve the life of Los Angeles citizens and non-citizens by empowering them to change their environment for the better. This organization has continued to advocate for an improved environment through its unreserved efforts, job training for the young ones, and environmental education for the youths and communities.

This corporate organization serves the entire communities of California by planting trees, implementing conservation projects, and establishing college campuses, business districts, and the neighborhood. Through its enormous projects, LABT has been able to solicit community participation and provide educational workshops and vocational training to at-risk youths.

According to research, LABT plants more than 1500 trees and removes 2 million square feet of graffiti every year. Also, it has established 140 public schools, hired 2500 youths, and completed 250 mural walls all over the city of Los Angeles and beyond.

9. Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden promotes horticultural practices, botany, conservation, and education of the public and scientific community about California’s native Flora. This garden over the years now has continually promoted Botanical knowledge and landscape use of California native lands.

It is a Non- profit research and learning institution, with a large library, herbarium, and library facilities. The garden is also responsible for the botany program of the Claremont Graduate University research in evolutionary botany and as well the garden’s horticulture and community education programs.

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden aims at making impactful contributions to the enjoyment, appreciation, conservation, understanding, and thoughtful utilization of California’s natural heritage.

The garden is currently located on the same property as the Grow native nursery and has an active and determined research department specializing in systematic botany and floristics. In 1951, the garden was relocated to Claremont and was renamed ” California Botanic Garden in  2019″.

10. Communities for a Better Environment

Communities for a Better Environment is a non-profit environmental organization that promotes clean water and air and campaigns for toxic-free communities throughout California. Its connection projects primarily focus on youths in the less-privileged community of South East Los Angeles.

Most of its programs are geared towards educating the youths about the local and global impact of fossil fuel use on their communities. CFBE has used these programs to enable youths to carry out alternative energy projects such as the installation of photovoltaic panels and also allow them to get involved in local fossil fuel policy and regulatory processes.

Through its incessant campaigns towards ensuring a safe and healthy environment, CFBE has taken it up as a responsibility to curtail extreme nuisance effects such as noise generated from pollution emitting facilities, fowl odors, indiscriminate refuse to dump, and pollutants that affect the ability of Los Angeles residents to enjoy their life activities.


Having read this article from the beginning to the end and having understood what these environmental organizations represent in their interest and visions; it becomes pertinent that every one of us should arise (not just Los Angeles alone) and fight to take back our environment before its resources are truncated before our own eyes. This you can do by joining these organizations and their campaigns online or working privately anywhere from your location in Los Angeles and beyond.


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