7 Fastest Growing Trees in Australia

There is no doubt that trees can be a wonderful addition to a garden, provide shade, privacy, and can filter unwanted views, and create habitats and food for species of numerous sizes and shapes.

Some trees grow faster than others, and those that grow so fast usually get to a considerable height in around 5-7 years. Some of the fastest growing trees in Australia have become something to be talked about.

Planting a fast-growing shade tree is a sure way to guarantee that your landscape is protected during summer and opened to sunlight during winter. Planting these trees can equally be a huge investment for our future generations.

Having these trees in highly populated areas helps with the urban heat island effect by lowering the temperature in Australian cities. Planting these trees in big open spaces can equally help to cool down the landscape, especially in most Australian harsh summer seasons.

Fastest Growing Trees in Australia

Without mincing words, here are the 7 fast-growing trees that could be found all around the cities of Australia:

  • Magnolia tree
  • Tahitian Lime tree
  • Pin Oak tree
  • Red oak tree
  • Japanese maple treeĀ 
  • Plane tree
  • Dwarf flowering gum tree

1. Magnolia Tree (magnolia Grandiflora)

Fast growing trees in Australia

Magnolia commonly known as “Teddy Bear” is a tree that has glossy deep-green leaves with a bronze reverse, which grows into a compact, upright tree at just four meters.

It grows large white fragrant flowers in the warmer months and grows in most climates-even in coastal conditions. Although this tree is suitable for planting, however, failure to water it consistently could make it lose its lushness.

2. Tahitian Lime Tree (Citrus Latifolia)

Fastest growing trees in Australia

This tree is among the fastest-growing trees in Australia and thrives best under warm climates and well-drained soil. It grows to about three meters tall and is well known for its scented white blossoms and as well as beautiful limes.

To get the best out of this plant, mulching and watering are highly needed especially when the fruits are forming. For this tree to grow to maturity, it would require a high intensity of the sun, a protected position, and a bit of organic-based fertilizer once a month.

3. Pin oak Tree ( Quercus palesteris)

This huge tree grows up to 30 meters tall and 15 meters wide making it a statement in any landscape. During summer seasons, these trees are covered with nice bright lustrous green foliage that provides cooling and beautiful shades.

In autumn, the foliage of this tree changes to a reddish brown that lasts from the start of the winter and remains until early spring. Once there is spring, the new buds automatically emerge. Another intriguing fact about pin oak trees is that their leaves make an excellent home compost when shredded.

4. Red oak Tree ( Quercus Rubra)

This is another wonderful shade tree that could be found in Australia. It bears a height of about 30 meters tall and a width of 10 meters. This fast-growing deciduous tree could be planted in any garden, especially a larger landscape.

During summer, red oak tends to grow a glossy green dense foliage canopy which provides perfect shade. In autumn, the leaves turn automatically from rich red to deep burgundy, providing a fantastic show.

During the winter season, the bare branches allow sunlight to pass through the canopy, thereby providing much-needed sun to us humans.

5. Japanese maple Tree (Acer Palmatum)

There are numerous species of this fast-growing tree, and their delicate leaves and glowing autumn color make them an ideal choice for warmer-climate gardens. Among these species worth considering is the ‘Artropupereum’ which reaches a height of around 4 meters and has bronze-purple foliage in summer.

Other maple species such as coral bark maple, and Acer sango Kaku grow to about 5 meters tall and are renowned for their upswept branches and bright bark in winter.

6. Plane tree ( Platanus orientalis)

Plane trees are commonly considered excellent all-season trees. This tree has remained one of the choicest plants for growing in Australia, especially in Melbourne. It can grow to around 15 meters in height and 10 meters wide with a generous canopy to walk under and enjoy the shade during the summer and spring seasons.

One of the reasons why this tree is so popular in an urban environment is its capacity to catch nasty CO2 from the air and shed it through its bark, which gives the plane tree its unique mottled bark.

This tree has a bright maple-like leaf that appears lime green in color (during summer) and turns to buttery yellow in the autumn season.

7. Dwarf Flowering gum Tree (Corymbia ficifolia)

This beautiful tree is most popular in Western Australia. They can equally thrive outside of the State if grafted onto robust rootstock. They massively produce super-sized flowers for small-statured trees with colors ranging from pink and white to red and orange.

The height of this tree can reach 6-7 meters, depending on the variety. Its abundant nectar-filled blossoms followed by huge gum nuts, usually attract birds that feed on them.


Indeed, there are fast-growing trees in Australia that can make your day. Most of the trees that have been discussed above may not take up to 5 years before growing to maturity, unlike conventional trees.

Also, these trees can give your home nice shades and equally give your garden a gorgeous look. When next you are planning to plant trees that would grow easily in your landscape, consider these trees discussed in this article.


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