106 Best Environmental Management Courses Online

This article gives the list of the 106 best environment management courses online. You can simply take these courses from the comfort of your home.

Anyone desirous to know about the environment can enroll in any of these environmental management courses online.

Knowledge about the environment is a necessity for all. It is as important as knowing our human body. All processes that take place in the environment affect us in one way or the other. These include manufacturing processes, maintenance of infrastructure, disposal of waste, and provision of services. Even the raw materials used in satisfying our needs are extracted from the environment.

What is Environmental Management?

Environmental management is the application of management principles in solving environmental problems. These management tools include planning tools, controlling tools, allocating tools, directing tools, supervising tools, and delegating tools.

Generally, examples of these environmental management tools are environmental policies, environmental management systems (EMS), eco balances, environmental reporting, lifecycle assessment, auditing, environmental charters, etc.

Environmental management can be applied in our individual lives, industrial activities, day-to-day business, and national and global levels. A company can apply environmental management in reducing the volume of waste released into the environment through its activities.

Can I Learn Environmental Management Online?

Yes, you can learn environmental management courses online. There are a lot of them available to you at every level. There are environmental management courses online that are suitable for undergraduates, postgraduate students, policymakers, government officials, lecturers, consultants, etc.

At every stage of learning, there are environmental management courses online that you can take. There are courses for beginners,  courses for learners in the intermediate and advanced stages.

Importance of Online Environmental Management Courses

  • Learning at self-pace
  • More Knowledge with less money
  • Learn according to your budget
  • Lifetime access on mobile network
  • Reduced  running cost of business activities
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Reduced environmental risks

Learning environmental management courses online provides you with an opportunity to learn from real-world experts.
Imagine having to take courses from dons in the field of environmental management. These real-world experts may not be available to you in your local institution but with the aid of the internet, you can learn from the best anywhere in the world.

Learning at a Self-pace

Another importance of learning environmental management courses online is that you will have the luxury of learning at your own pace. This is very important because, with learning at your pace, you can take each lesson as much as your brain can understand at a time. You can also fix your classes to suit your busy daily schedule.

More Knowledge with Less Money

When you learn environmental management courses online, you can take as many courses as you wish to as long as you can afford them. You don’t have to spend years, time, transportation fare to acquire a certificate in the desired field.

Learn According to yo your Budget

Taking environmental management courses online gives students the privilege of choosing among a wide range of varieties, a course or courses they can afford.

Lifetime Access on Mobile Network

Taking environmental management courses online students unlimited access to course content. This is because these courses are always available on the internet.

Reduced Cost of Business Activities

Knowledge and application of environmental management by businesses in areas such as manufacturing processes, waste disposal, sourcing of raw materials, infrastructure, packaging, and transportation will reduce running costs for them. It has been proven by industries that improving environmental performance reduces costs.

Compliance with Regulations

Environmental management courses enlighten whoever takes them about legislation guiding environmental aspects. This solves the problem of ignorance in the lives of those exposed to such courses. When the knowledge gotten from these courses is applied, we automatically carry out activities in compliance with legislative standards. This also improves the relationship of citizens, businesses, and governments with regulators.

Reduced Environmental Risk

Added: Risk assessment is an aspect of environmental management. A company taking a course on this enables them to understand how to carry out a risk assessment before deciding on a project or process to take. With this, low-risk projects and processes replace those that could have adverse effects on the environment.

106 Best Environmental Management Courses Online

There are a whole lot of environmental management courses you can take online. These courses can be on environmental problems, solutions, environmental regulations, and policies, etc. Topics can be on climate change, wastewater treatment, solid waste management, air pollution, sustainable development goals, natural disaster management, sustainable agriculture, freshwater management, etc.

Online environmental management courses like every other online course have a duration that runs from hours into years. Minimum of 5 hours and maximum of two years.

Before you decide on which of the environmental management courses you will take, it is important to consider some factors. Consideration should be made on the following factors:

  • Time
  • Cost
  • Tutors
  • Field


How long are you willing to take these courses and how much time are you willing to put into them? Are you looking for short-term courses or long-term courses? If you are already undergoing an undergraduate degree program in an institution, it is advisable to go for short-term courses that you can devote your time to. Make the right choice.


How much is your budget? Some courses are free, for some, there are scholarship offers. For others, you might have to pay for the full course or your certificate. Most undergraduate and postgraduate courses will require your payment of certain fees. You also have the option of applying for a full or partial scholarship.


For those environmental management courses online that are offered by universities, your tutors will be lecturers from those universities. For those available on online learning platforms such as Udemy, tutors might be individuals, university staff, or members, etc. To ascertain the proficiency of tutors handling your environmental management courses online, you can make brief background research on them.


Selecting a field of study depends on your area of interest.

Here are some fields you can choose courses from

  • Climate change
  • Sustainable development
  • Environmental management tools
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Renewable energy
  • Environmental modeling
  • Pollution control

Climate change

Climate change can be said to be the most popular environmental problem. Scientific bodies, environmental agencies; both governmental and non-governmental all over the world are seeking ways to address this problem. Taking a course on climate change will keep you in a good spot in solving the most prevalent environmental problems.

Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is a core aspect of environmental management. It is the use of resources in ways that will meet the needs of the present and future generations.

Environmental Management Tools

There are a lot of policies, guidelines, regulatory standards, etc guiding environmental aspects and the use of certain environmental resources. These are collectively referred to as environmental management tools. They are set on international and national levels. Taking environmental management courses online on these management tools will be very beneficial to policymakers.

Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management is a great challenge in urban and rural areas, developing and developed countries, cities, and the countryside. It is an ideal course for one seeking environmental management courses online.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a solution to the problems associated with fossil fuel-generated energy and energy generated from other non-renewable sources.

Below is a list of the top environmental management courses you can take online

1. Building Climate Resilience through Ecosystem-based Adaptation Planning

2. Mastering National Adaptation Plans: from Start to Finish

3. An Introduction to Climate Change and Human Rights

4. Introductory Course on Energy Efficient Ship Operation

5. Climate Change Negotiations and Health

6. Climate Change, Peace and Security: Understanding Climate-Related Security Risks Through an Integrated Lens

7. Climate Change: From Learning to Action

8. Integrating Climate Risk Information into NAPs

9. Fundamentals on REDD+

10. Advancing on REDD+

11. Introductory e-Course on Climate Change

12. Open Online Course on Gender and Environment

13. Climate Change International Legal Regime

14. Carbon Taxation

15. Children and Climate Change

16. Cities and Climate Change

17. Human Health and Climate Change

18. Financing Local Adaptation to Climate Change: an Introduction to Performance-Based Climate Resilience Grants

19. Finding the Money – Financing Climate Action

20. Making the Right Choices – Prioritizing Adaptation Options

21. Climate Information and Services

22. Integrated planning for climate change and biodiversity.

23. Keeping the Taps Running in a Changing Climate

24. Climate Policy and Public Finance

25. Climate Responsive Budgeting

26. How to Review IPCC Assessment Reports: Webinars and Guidance for Climate Experts

27. Green Economy

28. Introduction to Green Economy

29. Green Transition in Eastern Partnership Countries

30. Green Industrial Policy: Promoting Competitiveness and Structural Transformation

31. Sustainable Consumption and Production in Africa

32. Introduction to Sustainable Finance

33. Sustainable Diet

34. Indicators for an inclusive green economy: Introductory course

35. Green Economy and Trade

36. Green Fiscal Policy

37. Indicators for an inclusive green economy: Advanced course

Visit https://www.unitar.org/free-and-open-courses to take the courses above.

38. Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries – Policy and Legal Implementation

39. This course covers topics on the following

40. EAF legal requirements

41. International and national policy and legal instruments relevant for an EAF

42. How to assess the alignment of the policy and legal instruments with an EAF

43. Designing an EAF implementation roadmap

44. Managing climate risks through social protection

45. Sustainable food systems: Concept and framework

Visit FAO at https://elearning.fao.org FAO eLearning Academy to take the above courses and more.

46. Solid Waste Management

47. Green Industrial Policy.

48. Resource Efficiency

49. Environmental SDG Indicators

50. Implementing the Child-Friendly Cities Initiative (CFCI) (Basics)

51. Introduction to Results-Based Climate Finance (RBCF)

52. Monitoring and Evaluation of Climate Mitigation Initiatives

53. Climate Change: From Learning to Action

54. Water: Addressing the Global Crisis

55. United Nations SDG 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation

56. Climate Change: The Science and Global Impact

57. Finding the Money – Financing Climate Action

58. Hydropower Projects

59. United Nations SDG 14 – Life Below Water

60. Air Pollution – a Global Threat to our Health

61. The benefits of Geospatial: Socio-economic impact assessment

62. Investing in Quality Infrastructure for a Green, Inclusive and Resilient Recovery

63. Watershed Management Knowledge & Learning Platform

64. e-Learning course on Smart City

65. Climate Resilient Transport in Small Island Developing States

66. Strengthening Geospatial Information Management: Using the Integrated Geospatial Information Framework

67. Water Utility Financing (Self-paced)

68. Integrated Urban Flood Risk Management (IUFRM)

69. Passive Urban Cooling Solutions.

These courses are available on https://olc.worldbank.org/

70. Global Environmental Management

71. Environmental Management & Ethics

72. Environmental Management: Social-ecological Systems

73. The Science Advisory Toolbox for Environmental Management

74. Innovative Environmental Management Models: Case Studies and Applications

75. Environmental Management for Sustainability

76. ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management system

77. Environmental Challenges: Justice in Natural Resource Management

78. A Look at Environmental and Social Risk Management in Projects Financed by the IDB

These courses are available on Class Central at https://www.classcentral.com/tag/environmental-management

79. Air Dispersion Modeling for Environmental Management

80. Data Science and Statistics for Environmental Professionals

81. Environmental Science & Hazardous Waste Management Course

82. Learn how to calculate Carbon Footprint

83. How to implement ISO 14001 in your organization

84. Environmental and Ecology Management

85. Introduction to Plastic Poll

86. E-Waste Management

87. Types of Pollution in Environment

Visit https://www.udemy.com/ to enroll in these courses.

88. Introduction to Sustainability

89. Environmental Safety

90. Introduction to Environmental Law and Policy

91. Act on Climate: Steps to Individual, Community, and Political Action

92. Global Environmental Management

93. Exploring Renewable Energy Schemes

94. Human Health Risks, Health Equity, and Environmental Justice

95. Circular Economy – Sustainable Materials Management

96. Sustainable Tourism – promoting environmental public health

97. Environmental Management & Ethics

98. Geospatial and Environmental Analysis

99. Environmental Hazards and Global Public Health

100. Renewable Energy: Resources and Technologies

101. Electric Vehicles and Mobility

1022. Municipal Solid Waste Management in Developing Countries

103. Dairy Production and Management

104. Sustainable Agricultural Land Management

105. Introduction to Faecal Sludge Management

106. Water Resources Management and Policy

107. Disaster Preparedness

108. Sustainability of Social-Ecological Systems: the Nexus between Water, Energy, and Food

109. The Age of Sustainable Development

110. Exploring Our Responses to Climate Change

101. The Effect of Fires on People, Property and the Environment

102. International Water Law

103. Climate Adaptation in Africa

104. Introduction to Indoor Air Quality

105. Planning & Design of Sanitation Systems and Technologies

106. Introduction to Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage

These courses are available on https://www.coursera.org/courses?query=environmental

What is an environmental management course?

An environmental management course is a set of classes on any of the environmental management principles or tools.

How long does it take to complete an environmental management course online?

There is no specific timeframe. However, courses are covered within hours and other years


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